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Dick DeVos Appoints New CEO to The Stow Company

Dick DeVos recently announced he was appointing Phil Dolci as Chief Executive Officer of the Stow Company, one of the private companies controlled by his holding company the Windquest Group. The Stow Company is a large firm in the custom home storage sector. It’s based in Holland. The prior CEO, Frank Newman, is retiring, but will continue to serve the company on advisory boards.

Although just 48 years old, Dolci has many years of experience in the marketing and manufacturing of consumer products. Dolci comes from the Crosman Corporation, where he also served as CEO. Crosman is a leader in the global shooting sports industry. He also worked for U.S. Playing Cards, Kraft Foods, Sanford, ConAgra Foods and Dean Foods. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in economics, and earned his MBA from the Kellog School of Management at Northwestern University.

The Stow Company was founded in 1984. It has two manufacturing plants, one in Holland and one in Indianapolis. Combined, they employ 280 people. Its sells products under four separate brands: ORG Home, Easy Closets, Easy Track and Distinctive Wine Cellars. DeVos said Dolci would bring the kind of knowledge and experience that would drive the Stow Company to grow in the home organization market in the coming years.

DeVos formed the Windquest Group after leaving Amway as CEO. It owns a portfolio of private companies. Besides the Stow Company, Windquest owns Boxwater, Neurocore and The Reserve, a restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan. The Stow Company is one of the largest companies within the Windquest Group.

Dick DeVos became first known as the son of Richard DeVos, co-founder of the network marketing company Amway. Not counting how he helped ship off packages of products from their basement while he was still a child, he went to work for Amway out of college. He worked his way up, taking over the international section and within just a few years growing it so large its profits almost equalled those the company made in the United States. Eventually he took over as President and CEO from his father. He spent three years as President of the Orlando Magic. DeVos and his wife Betsy are well-known in Michigan.

They are active and generous contributors to various charitable and conservative political causes. DeVos is also a prolific author of books on success in business, including Believe! about Amway and his values.

India Comes Up With New Proposal To Help Venezuela’s Debt

According to, the Commerce Ministry in India has proposed a solution to solve the issue of dues that have been paid by Venezuelan importers. Venezuela has yet to approve this proposal.
Venezuela has seen a fall in oil prices, which is very significant as a big part of Venezuela’s economy is based on oil exports. The Venezuelan currency has been impacted by the oil price, as it has dropped to record lows. Under this new proposal from Ms. Norka Luque, importers will require that a fraction of the payment will be held by an Indian public sector bank in Venezuela. The money will stay in an account where it will be converted to Indian currency.

The importer will authorize the Venezuelan bank to release the payment. The payment will be debited from the account. Indian’s exporters have decided to hold over concern in the Venezuela market. Venezuela still has the leverage in the trade balance.


Use The Internet Right With Better Reputation

Suppose you were to meet a nice girl at the bookstore. You exchanged information (names and phone numbers) and had a very pleasant conversation about the books that you were reading. But then you never heard from her again. You know that she did not give you a fake phone number and was probably interested at the time of the encounter. Something happened later to change her mind. She did a Google search of your name and found something that an ex-girlfriend of yours posted on the Internet. You have the reputation of a scoundrel. This article reminds us of how important it to have a good reputation on the Internet. A few poor remarks can compromise everything.

This truth extends beyond the personal life. Your friends may have a laugh at your expense and you may have to explain things to future girlfriends. But more critically, when you go to a job interview or in your business endeavors, all of these negative remarks that are posted on the Internet will severely damage you and follow you for the rest of your life. The article pointed out that this is why it is important to use a company who knows how to market your name. If you have a poor Internet reputation, or if you are uncertain about your Internet reputation, you need a company such as Better Reputation who can answer that question for you and help to recover your public perception. You will no longer have to worry about whether somebody will perform a Google search of your name.

It should first be pointed out that they offer a free assessment of your Internet reputation. This should indicate that they have quite a bit of confidence in their services. After all, everybody has had something negative about them posted on the Internet. Better Reputation knows how to overcome that. When people search for your name, they should see something positive. They should see a professional, who loves to laugh and work hard. That is what Better Reputation can provide for you. They can help you to acquire a new reputation.

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US Money Reserve New Website

U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and since its launch, they have grown to be one of the world’s biggest companies that privately distributes U.S and foreign gold, silver, and platinum that the government has issued as legal tender products. It is them that many clients across the country, in their thousands, that rely on them when they want to diversify their assets. For those that want their physical assets to be converted into some precious metals such as gold and silver coins, then the number one people to contact are the U.S. Money Reserve.

The U.S. Money Reserve consists of a team that is highly and uniquely trained. The teams include coin research and numismatic professionals. These teams are equipped with expert knowledge that they use to locate products that give the best returns regarding profits to all potential metal buyers at every level. U.S. Money Reserve has put in place measures that ensure they go above the market and industry standards to ensure all their customers are well served. They are doing this so that they can retain a long term relationship with all their current and future customers. Their headquarters are based in Austin, Texas.

US Money Reserve recently launched their new e-commerce website that is a catalog of for the gold, silver and platinum coins that they have. The new website delivers the ultimate user experience and is very friendly to use. The website has been built to include intuitive functionalities and detailed product information.

The website was officially launched in early 2016 and is the new online face of the company. The website has a new look that reflects the status of the company who are the leaders in the industry. The first impression that one gets when they visit the new website is the core values of the company that is trust and commitment aimed at delivering world-class customer service. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

New impressive photography has been added to the site and one of them is that of Philip N. Diehl U.S. Mint Director and current president of U.S. Money Reserve. One of the things that have been added on the website is information to educate consumers about the benefits of owning the bullion that is issued by the government. It has also been made to enhance the experience of purchasing the precious metals and gold coins. Read more: US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most

According to Ryan Buchanan, the new website is fully responsive and allows the company to generate quality content across all platforms. Besides, they are able to interact with the clients. Customers can access the precious metals through the secure online storefront. The online shop is growing and is providing live competitive pricing for gold and silver bullion.

For more information, visit the CBS 19 website.

Beauty Blogger Takes 7-Day WEN Challenge To Boost Limp Locks

We all love a good hair day, and when our tresses fail to perform, it can ruin the entire time. You feel less confident, insecure and just not showing your best self. That’s why WEN By Chaz was developed, to cleanse hair the proper, healthy way and to ensure that your locks look gorgeous.
Emily McClure is a beauty blogger for with fine hair. She was looking to give her mane high shine and a volume boost, so she decided to take a 7-day Wen challenge, documented with photos for the website.

The WEN system has been called revolutionary, because it thoroughly cleanses the hair, conditions it, untangles strands and leaves your locks manageable and all without using shampoo. Popular celebrity stylist Chaz Dean developed the unique cleansing conditioner to allow women to wash their hair without harmful detergents that strip the hair and render it dull and dry.

Emily chose the Fig cleansing conditioner for her 7-day no-poo challenge. The beauty writer admitted immediately, that she prefers washing her medium-length hair at night since she can get lazy and her schedule busy. She followed directions and began her shower on the morning schedule.

Emily was amazed that 10 pumps of WEN cleansing conditioner was required for her length of hair, but also blown away by how thick and luxurious her locks felt in the shower. She blow-dried, styled her hair and it looked fab.

Emily’s hair was looking glossy each time she used WEN on the same routine, but when she attempted to skip a day of cleansing or showering at night instead, her hair fell flat and greasy.

When Emily returned to her daily no-poo shower cleanse, the results were great and friends even noticed her healthy hair.

WEN works by letting your hair adopt the routine.

Visit to get more info about Wen.

Helane Morrison & the Ultimate CCO During these Changing Times

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Helane Morrison is known for being the CCO, Managing Director, and General Counsel at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She has been doing this since 2007. She is a lawyer, businesswoman, and former regional director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She has been a businesswoman and in law since 1984. Her education consists of earning a bachelors of science degree in journalism from Northwestern University, and a Juris of Doctorate degree in 1984 from the UC Berkeley School of Law. And in 1987, she was accepted by the State Bar of California.

More Highlights of her Career

In 1984, Morrison became a law clerk for Richard A. Posner, Seventh Circuit United States Court of Appeals. In 1985, she was the law clerk for Harry Blackmum of the US Supreme Court. And in 1986, she became employed with at a San Francisco’ law office called the Law Firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She became a partner with this firm in 1991, and she stayed with them until 1996. And during that same time, she joined the SEC, and served as the head of regional enforcement activities for San Francisco Office. In 1999, Morrison was promoted in this office as the head of office with the title of district administrator, and later on she was promoted to regional director. For more information on Helane Morrison, click here.

Federal Agencies Applying Heat Under Compliance Officers Feet

As of late, and according to a recent survey of DLA Piper, 81 percent of compliance officers are more apprehensive due to their personal liability in corporate misconduct situations, since federal agencies are turning up the heat in enforcement and investigative activities.

Some of the most important findings, thus far, include CCOs being under scrutiny due to the questionable sayings about priorities coming from Washington. This includes Hui Chen, compliance counsel of the Justice Department, and the release of the Yates Memo outlining a plan to incentivize reforms and prosecute sum corporate employees. A great majority of survey respondents predicted of more scrutiny of Chen. Additionally, 77 percent of them think that Chen will increase in going after CCOs, and 99 percent of them think she would increase the overall scrutiny of compliance programs.

Learn more about Helane Morrison‘s career on Crunchbase

Brian Boar Successful Creation of Unique Dinning Experience at Bellamy’s

The best place for a person seeking a memorable dining experience is in San Diego and specifically Escondido. Unlike other places where all restaurants go for an ultra modern and almost sterile look, Escondido offers the old fashioned country look and cuisine. Most reputable is the French laced cuisine from the renowned French Chef Master Patrick Ponsaty.

Ponsaty is one of the two chefs in San Diego who hold the prestigious title Master Chef of France. He describes his style as French. In his career life, he has received honors. He has been responsible for training Gavin Kaysen who became 3rd in rank for the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry in Paris. Ponsaty earned his prestigious title when he was working at Rancho Bernardo Inn.

Patrick Ponsaty is now the chef at Bellamy’s and will move to Ranch at Bandy Canyon upon its completion. These two places are part of the mini-empire that the renowned business leader Brian Bonar is creating. Bonar started with creation of the bistro Bellamy. He sought staff for his restaurant from El Bizcocho at Ranch Bernardo Inn.

El Biz had announced plans for making major changes for its staff and style and Brian Bonar seized the opportunity to acquire the best chefs and staff in town. He had grown fond of the cuisine at this restaurant and thus he sought the renowned chefs. He hired Trevor Da Costa and Mike Reidy as the executive chef. Bellamy offers California cuisine that is laced with French style.

One can expect a great menu and mouth watering dishes at Bellamy’s. An article published in San Diego Magazine with regards to Brian Bonar describes part of the dishes as, corn soup ‘blended with crème and given Basque treatment with espelette peppers, the liquid silk is served cold over a scallop ceviche with ginger, cilantro, lime juice and olive oil.’ The serving includes parsley-cream risotto with poached salmon and shaved summer truffle that is made crunchy with sea salt.

It is only at Bellamy that you can get an exclusive mille-feuille that is topped especially with bruleed apple slices over layers of smoked eel and liver confit in pork fat. This is a creation of Ponsaty and Reidy. The servers at Bellamy’s are courteous and provide a well informing description of the course they serve with some helpful tips on how to perfectly eat a certain meal.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar’s latest project is the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. The ranch is a 144 acre property which dates back to the 1880s. In his remodeling project, Bonar maintained the adobe structures. He aims to turn this property into a four-star event destination. He employed Ponsaty as the marquee chef and Ponsaty is already designing his dream kitchen there. Bonar is a successful entrepreneur and financial executive with a background of Technical Engineering.

Igor Cornelsen Right on the Money For Smart Brazilian Investment

If one understands global finance on, then the name of Igor Cornelsen should sound familiar. He’s a well-regarded Brazilian banker and investment professional. When he speaks, many people listen, because he knows exactly how Brazilian banks weather the storm when bad economic times strike.

According to Igor Cornelsen, choosing to invest in the biggest South American country is a wise option for a number of reasons. Consider the burgeoning population of Brazil as the largest country on the continent and its ready abundance of natural resources with a demanding need for infrastructure development. The country happens to be one of the major food producers in the world, and these strong features make Brazil an ideal market to do business in.

Igor Cornelsen advises folks not to dive in but to learn some of his basic rules before adding Brazilian stocks to their portfolios. Then, one will understand how amazing and profitable investing there can be. Not only are people excited about the Summer 2016 Olympic Games in Rio but anxious to see the country’s finances get back on track and watch Brazil return as a key player in world economics.

Igor Cornelsen suggests to merely look at the power players present in Brazil. The largest S.A. country features 10 major privately and state owned commercial and investment banks. Then, he advises watching the new finance minister shake things up a lot differently from President Dilma Roussef’s populist philosophy. Joaquim Levy leans heavily to the private sector and is unafraid to enforce some hard policies.

China also comes into play when Brazil’s economic climate is on topic, because the markets are closely connected. China remains the country’s largest trading partner, so it’s quite simple, Igor Cornelsen suggests. “A stronger Chinese economy means good prices for Brazilian raw materials.”

Keeping the real stable is vital for the Brazilian economy on, says Cornelsen, because at the moment, Brazil maintains an overvalued currency. He is hoping that the new Roussef administration will allow devaluation of the real to resume at a controlled pace, igniting more investments in industry and improving competition in the export of manufactured goods from Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen wants to assure potential investors that Brazil’s market is on the upswing and plenty of work continues, but that the country also remains in a delicate status. He believes the pay-offs will be great ones for those who enter the market now.

How Wikipedia Helps You Increase Your Sales

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia which has millions of articles written by thousands of Wikipedia editors who have volunteered to build the site and to maintain it. Millions of people across the world visit one of about 300 Wikipedia’s language versions. However, most of these language editions are either small or incomplete. It is against this backdrop that computer scientists have carried out an experiment and as a result have tripled the creation of articles by advising the editors about the missing links.

Most of Wikipedia visitors search for articles written in English or any other widely spoken language. More than half of the population of the world is reported to be monolingual. This means that there exist knowledge gaps to one language edition to another. This is why computer scientists at Stanford in collaboration with the Wikipedia Foundation have come up with a recommendation tool that serves the purpose of identifying very important Wikipedia business page creation which are not available in a particular language. In case the editors are not multilingual, the tool redirects them to a second familiar language to help them translate the article to the missing language.

Wikipedia is one of the useful marketing tools, if used in the right way. It is a free and open source encyclopedia meaning that it is accessible by many people. If your business has a Wikipedia page, you are guaranteed of high number of visitors. This is because Wikipedia pages are usually among the top five results in Google search results.

There are many benefits of having a Wikipedia page for your business. The site allows you to create, edit a Wikipedia page that you would like to pass to your customers. Having a Wikipedia page adds to the prestige and credibility of your business. The increased traffic to your business ultimately translates to increased sales and revenue.

Learning how to make a Wikipedia page is not an easy job especially if you are not an experienced Wikipedia writer. This is because there are many requirements before your page is approved and is available for Wikipedia users. It is therefore inevitable that you need to hire Wiki writers such as Get Your Wiki’s experts from the site Get Your Wiki. The veteran writers from Get Your Wiki make sure that the articles in your page are supported by reliable sources, written following Wikipedia manual and are properly formatted. 

Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing company that also includes a monitoring service that monitors the edits done on your page. This is because Wikipedia is an open-source community which can be edited by anyone. Some of the Wikipedia edits are not done in good faith and can lower your business reputation.

The Mysterious Disappearance of 28 Miners in Venezuela

In a report published by The New York Times, the mystery of the disappearance of 28 miners, working illegally, in the jungle district of Bolivar was analyzed. Relatives of the miners have protested and said that their family members, the miners, were murdered and dismembered by a faction who, apparently, had legal right to mine the area in this dangerous part of the Venezuelan jungle.

The story which was retold by Osio, has gained interest in Venezuela, and the government is investigating.
This compelling story has proved two things. The first is that Venezuela has areas which are remote, dangerous, and junglelike where the rules of law are not enforced, an area where something similar to the American sense of frontier justice from the 19th century West may take place, and secondly that all readers are compelled to read about a grisly mystery and the more sensational the news story, the larger the reading audience.
Sadly, one is reminded of the disappearance of the 34 students that disappeared in Mexico and whose bodies were eventually discovered. We hope that these miners will be discovered alive and well and that this mystery will be solved. Read the total account here.