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Philip N. Diehl’s Excellent Enterprise Radio Interview

Enterprise Radio features intriguing interviews with a host of different people from the world of business. Philip N. Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, visited the program to discuss a topic dear to his heart: gold coins. Specifically, he talked about the value of gold coins as they relate to investing. PR Newswire summarized some nice highlights from the interview. Listening to the entire interview is strongly suggested.
What makes Diehl’s interview so engaging is he does not try to make a huge sales pitch for gold. Instead, he discusses a number of reasons why gold investing is so popular. One reason is people are (wisely) worried about the policies of the Federal Reserve. Weak monetary policy could lead to currency devaluation which, in turn, means a loss of net worth. Gold acts as a hedge against weak currencies since gold is a precious metal. Ironically, gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint are legitimate currency backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

Diehl, a former Director of the U.S. Mint, suggests gold coins make a good investment when they are backed by a government. Obviously, legitimately minted U.S. coins are not going to be deemed lacking in any claimed value. Diehl reveals imports of bars and bullion, sadly, are sometimes counterfeit. People paying thousands of dollars for these dubious assets eventually found out they are worthless. And they find out the hard way. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl does note some of the interest in gold is due to buying and selling on the part of speculators. Diehl does caution about following in the steps of a trader. He feels gold is best served as an investment put away for many years. Diehl is not into trading or flipping gold for a quick profit. He feels such an approach is just a bit too risky.

Whatever the reason one chooses to invest in gold, buying from the right seller is always a good idea. U.S. Money Reserve sells a host of U.S. Mint-produced coins and this should put customers at ease. Additionally, U.S. Money Reserve puts a lot of emphasis on good customer service. Everything from the initial inquiry to the eventual shipping is done with a sharp emphasis on making sure the customer is happy. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

Diehl notes he was one of the few Directors who really pushed customer service while at the U.S. Mint. Under his leadership, the U.S. Mint achieved an exceptional amount of distribution growth. Diehl brought his deep commitment to keeping customers happy to U.S. Money Reserve. Things are working well and customers are thrilled.

The interview is an intriguing one. Those wondering about how the gold market works definitely should give it a listen.

Venezuela’s Hunger Games

At least 400 people have been arrested by Venezuelan state police after the latest scourge of looting and rioting due to the country’s persistent food shortages. The Venezuelan Observatory of Violence reported that at least 10 episodes of looting happens on a daily basis in the country. And according to Aserne, a handful of people have been shot and killed by police and soldiers in this week alone.
Amidst the chaos President Nicolás Maduro is accusing opposition parties of waging an economic war against him in an attempt to overthrow his regime. He has made similar grandstanding claims in the past, but so far for expert Manuel Gonzalez has done virtually nothing to quell the violence that is spreading like wildfire across the country. Even if voted out of office, his vice-President would take over, meaning the political party in power now would still remain in power even after being symbolically ousted by the voice of the people.

Why Is George Soros Stubbornly Increasing his Investment in Gold?

It has always been safer to invest in Gold especially when risks for other investment options are escalating. Most economists say that if you want to sit turbulence, do it with gold. In an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Billionaire investor George Soros is reported to have taken a bet on gold of US$264 million. George Soros bought the shares in the Canadian gold miner hence increasing to 1.7% his stake in the gold miner company.

George Soros is known for taking investment risks and making crazy bets. Though not all his bets pay off, most of them have paid off and making him so much wealth. In him growing his stake in Gold investment, George must be up to something, and that is what every person keen on investment trends wants to understand. George Soros historical interest can be traced to the fact that he is Hungarian born. He fled Budapest just before the start of World War II to London. Some people have interpreted his bet on gold as betting against the Euro and the European Union unraveling.

From his recent comments, Soros seem to believe that the American economy could have a repeat of the crisis experienced in 2008. There are already risks threatening to take the economy back there like the Chinese Yuan revaluation and Italy leaving the Euro. According to Soros, the situations remind him of the 2008 crisis. George Soros could be safeguarding himself from the losses that can be brought about by such risks.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The big question remains whether Soros is betting on a decline in the United States stock market, or he is just trying to hedge his portfolio by use of these options. The market is also watching to see whether he will reduce his Stock investment further. According to Todd Salamone, Schaeffer’s Investment Research senior vice president of research there is not such a significant risk in the stock market. He says that either Soros made a significant bet against stocks or if his aim is a hedge Soros doubled his caution.

Born in Hungary and holding two citizenships (Hungarian and American), George Soros has been known to make money whether markets are going up or down. His market observation is therefore trusted, and many investors give an ear to his market interpretations. He rose to fame in September 1992 when he risked $10 billion speculating on a single currency the British pound. On a single day, he generated profits of $1 billion. Due to this, he is famously known as “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

George Soros is also known for running the Quantum Fund, which generated an annual return of over 30% when he was at the helm. Apart from being a renown investor, George Soros is an author and a philanthropist. He has fourteen books to his name advising on investment and challenges facing the European Union. Soros philanthropic activities started in the 1970s when he began funding black students in South Africa to attend the University of Cape Town.

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Wen by Chaz passes the test

Infomercials have always been designed to make a product look great. These tactics may cause a product to look amazing even if it does not measure up to what they are advertised to be. Knowing this, many of us are skeptical about ordering anything off of the television. According to a recent article one consumer felt this particular way about the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner. She felt the advertisement was too good to be true and so she decided to give the product a test.
Emily McClure was the skeptical buyer that decided to order the WEN hair cleansing conditioner that she had seen advertised on Ebay. McClure described her hair as being thin and wasn’t really sure that a conditioner would be able to change that.

McClure goes through the motions of trying the product [] while she showered. One of the first things that she noticed was how much of the product was required to put in her hair. The instruction called for 10-16 pumps on short hair, 16-24 on medium length hair, and 24-32 on longer hair. McClure followed instructions and was pleased at the results. According to McClure, the thickness of her hair began to change in the shower and she also notice that less of her hair was being shed as the water rinse through it.

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner received a stamp of approval by McClure. Her seven day journey with the product allowed her hair to become luscious and thicker.

WEN Cleansing Condition was created by Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is a hair stylist located in California. His passion and love for his work led to him developing techniques and products that increased the health of hair. His expertise allowed him to become popular even among celebrities. His first celebrity client was Nicollet Sheridan. He has also worked with many actors from popular shows such as Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210.

Reversal of Fortune for Laidlaw and Its Principals?

A complaint was filed some months ago within Nevada district courts by Relmada Therapeutics. The complaint was since been amended and a temporary injunction has also been filed. Relmada claims that Laidlaw is in breach of contract and also seeks restitution against this company for unpaid costs and fees. While this seems on the surface to be an adverse finding, Laidlaw remains strong and unbowing in its dedication to stockholders and its company. A letter sent to shareholders concerning this matter reflects this and focuses on moving forward positively. Learn more about this here, “Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern“.

Some people may not be aware of Laidlaw and Company this far. With solid figures at the helm in James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, Laidlaw has blazed a path to the top and created a noted presence in the work of stockbroking and shareholding alike. While occasional setbacks have occurred in the past with some clients, Laidlaw has been quick to address any such items and to resolve them with payments to meet customer satisfaction goals.

James Ahern (Laidlaw) is a recognized figure in New York as well. Ahern attended college in New York. He has also been in business within the world of finance for over a decade, and his clients know him for being both considerate of their interests and sharply intuitive in business at the same time. While these complaints seem to pose temporary roadblocks for Laidlaw, the future is looking bright and promising for these trailblazers to forge on ahead!

Brian Bonar: Still Going Strong

After thirty years of professional management experience in the financial sector, one might think that Brian Bonar would get tired of the job. Maybe he would get burnt out or look towards retirement. That isn’t Brian Bonar, however. He is always burning the midnight oils, putting in the extra effort, and putting himself out there. He isn’t looking to just take it easy, kick back, and say, “Well, I’ve done my job. Let me relax now.” In fact, it is the opposite for him. He is looking for ways to improve, expand, grow, and become even stronger and better. That is proven by his recent award, which was the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. Keep in mind, now, that only two men and two women get this award every year.

Brian Bonar is always looking to keep things fresh and interesting. He doesn’t like to get comfortable or content. In his mind, those are two of the worst things that a CEO or a Chairman can be. This award will not change his style, his approach, or how he runs his business. It will make him work even harder to prove that the award was given to him for a reason and he has earned it. That is Brian Bonar, though. He likes to work for things. He doesn’t want anything to be given to him on a silver platter. He prefers to roll up his sleeves, get down and dirty, and keep working as hard as possible.

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His hard work is what has gotten him to this point, where he is looked at as a leader. Leadership, in fact, is one of the things they look for when they give out this award. They don’t make leaders like Brian Bonar that often. They have just the right leadership style that works and allows the company to succeed, grow, and become better, each and every day. When Brian wakes up in the morning, he can’t wait to tackle whatever task is thrown his way. He doesn’t believe in problems. He believes in solutions and finding the right one for each and every problem.

That’s the thing about Brian. He is like a great quarterback in the fourth quarter. He is ready to step up, make the throw, and lead the charge. He doesn’t crumble under the pressure or hand off the job to someone else. The man also doesn’t like to take days off or take it easy. He knows that you have to keep working at it and you can’t stop. There is always someone out there, some competition, and he wants to defeat the competition and stay on top.

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Dick DeVos Appoints New CEO to The Stow Company

Dick DeVos recently announced he was appointing Phil Dolci as Chief Executive Officer of the Stow Company, one of the private companies controlled by his holding company the Windquest Group. The Stow Company is a large firm in the custom home storage sector. It’s based in Holland. The prior CEO, Frank Newman, is retiring, but will continue to serve the company on advisory boards.

Although just 48 years old, Dolci has many years of experience in the marketing and manufacturing of consumer products. Dolci comes from the Crosman Corporation, where he also served as CEO. Crosman is a leader in the global shooting sports industry. He also worked for U.S. Playing Cards, Kraft Foods, Sanford, ConAgra Foods and Dean Foods. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in economics, and earned his MBA from the Kellog School of Management at Northwestern University.

The Stow Company was founded in 1984. It has two manufacturing plants, one in Holland and one in Indianapolis. Combined, they employ 280 people. Its sells products under four separate brands: ORG Home, Easy Closets, Easy Track and Distinctive Wine Cellars. DeVos said Dolci would bring the kind of knowledge and experience that would drive the Stow Company to grow in the home organization market in the coming years.

DeVos formed the Windquest Group after leaving Amway as CEO. It owns a portfolio of private companies. Besides the Stow Company, Windquest owns Boxwater, Neurocore and The Reserve, a restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan. The Stow Company is one of the largest companies within the Windquest Group.

Dick DeVos became first known as the son of Richard DeVos, co-founder of the network marketing company Amway. Not counting how he helped ship off packages of products from their basement while he was still a child, he went to work for Amway out of college. He worked his way up, taking over the international section and within just a few years growing it so large its profits almost equalled those the company made in the United States. Eventually he took over as President and CEO from his father. He spent three years as President of the Orlando Magic. DeVos and his wife Betsy are well-known in Michigan.

They are active and generous contributors to various charitable and conservative political causes. DeVos is also a prolific author of books on success in business, including Believe! about Amway and his values.

India Comes Up With New Proposal To Help Venezuela’s Debt

According to, the Commerce Ministry in India has proposed a solution to solve the issue of dues that have been paid by Venezuelan importers. Venezuela has yet to approve this proposal.
Venezuela has seen a fall in oil prices, which is very significant as a big part of Venezuela’s economy is based on oil exports. The Venezuelan currency has been impacted by the oil price, as it has dropped to record lows. Under this new proposal from Ms. Norka Luque, importers will require that a fraction of the payment will be held by an Indian public sector bank in Venezuela. The money will stay in an account where it will be converted to Indian currency.

The importer will authorize the Venezuelan bank to release the payment. The payment will be debited from the account. Indian’s exporters have decided to hold over concern in the Venezuela market. Venezuela still has the leverage in the trade balance.


Use The Internet Right With Better Reputation

Suppose you were to meet a nice girl at the bookstore. You exchanged information (names and phone numbers) and had a very pleasant conversation about the books that you were reading. But then you never heard from her again. You know that she did not give you a fake phone number and was probably interested at the time of the encounter. Something happened later to change her mind. She did a Google search of your name and found something that an ex-girlfriend of yours posted on the Internet. You have the reputation of a scoundrel. This article reminds us of how important it to have a good reputation on the Internet. A few poor remarks can compromise everything.

This truth extends beyond the personal life. Your friends may have a laugh at your expense and you may have to explain things to future girlfriends. But more critically, when you go to a job interview or in your business endeavors, all of these negative remarks that are posted on the Internet will severely damage you and follow you for the rest of your life. The article pointed out that this is why it is important to use a company who knows how to market your name. If you have a poor Internet reputation, or if you are uncertain about your Internet reputation, you need a company such as Better Reputation who can answer that question for you and help to recover your public perception. You will no longer have to worry about whether somebody will perform a Google search of your name.

It should first be pointed out that they offer a free assessment of your Internet reputation. This should indicate that they have quite a bit of confidence in their services. After all, everybody has had something negative about them posted on the Internet. Better Reputation knows how to overcome that. When people search for your name, they should see something positive. They should see a professional, who loves to laugh and work hard. That is what Better Reputation can provide for you. They can help you to acquire a new reputation.

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US Money Reserve New Website

U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and since its launch, they have grown to be one of the world’s biggest companies that privately distributes U.S and foreign gold, silver, and platinum that the government has issued as legal tender products. It is them that many clients across the country, in their thousands, that rely on them when they want to diversify their assets. For those that want their physical assets to be converted into some precious metals such as gold and silver coins, then the number one people to contact are the U.S. Money Reserve.

The U.S. Money Reserve consists of a team that is highly and uniquely trained. The teams include coin research and numismatic professionals. These teams are equipped with expert knowledge that they use to locate products that give the best returns regarding profits to all potential metal buyers at every level. U.S. Money Reserve has put in place measures that ensure they go above the market and industry standards to ensure all their customers are well served. They are doing this so that they can retain a long term relationship with all their current and future customers. Their headquarters are based in Austin, Texas.

US Money Reserve recently launched their new e-commerce website that is a catalog of for the gold, silver and platinum coins that they have. The new website delivers the ultimate user experience and is very friendly to use. The website has been built to include intuitive functionalities and detailed product information.

The website was officially launched in early 2016 and is the new online face of the company. The website has a new look that reflects the status of the company who are the leaders in the industry. The first impression that one gets when they visit the new website is the core values of the company that is trust and commitment aimed at delivering world-class customer service. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

New impressive photography has been added to the site and one of them is that of Philip N. Diehl U.S. Mint Director and current president of U.S. Money Reserve. One of the things that have been added on the website is information to educate consumers about the benefits of owning the bullion that is issued by the government. It has also been made to enhance the experience of purchasing the precious metals and gold coins. Read more: US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most

According to Ryan Buchanan, the new website is fully responsive and allows the company to generate quality content across all platforms. Besides, they are able to interact with the clients. Customers can access the precious metals through the secure online storefront. The online shop is growing and is providing live competitive pricing for gold and silver bullion.

For more information, visit the CBS 19 website.