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Perry Mandera, Seeks to Demonstrate His Good Desire for the People In His Community

Having worked in the transportation industry in the states for more than 30 years, Perry Mandera outstanding work hasn’t gone unrecognized. He has recently been named one among the best 100 executives of the millennium, in the transportation industry in the United States.

Perry Mandera is the owner of The Custom Companies, Inc., which is located in Northlake, Illinois. He started the company in 1986. Follow Perry Mandera on

Perry In ITA

Being a member of the board of Illinois Trucking Association, ITA, Perry and other members of the organization, have been pressing for political action in favor of the bills concerning the transportation industry. ITA has been concerned about the presence of the Commercial Distribution Fee, which taxes a 14.53% of the sale of every truck license plates. The association has been recently supporting the Illinois Senate Bill 662, that would cancel the fee or rather reduce it.

The revenue of this particular tax is placed in the general fund of the state, other than being attributed for issues related to transportation, despite it costing the transportation industry a wholesome annual amount of $50 million. In fact, this tax affects only heavy commercial vehicles with the weight range of 8,001-80,000 pounds.

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Perry affiliation to the ISCC.

Other than being committed to his profession in the transport industry, Perry also lends a hand to the Illinois State Crime Commission, a nonprofit organization working right behind the Police Athletic League. ISCC awarded Perry in 2011, the Citizen of the Year Award. He was also the winner of the Bishop Sheil Award from the same organization, in 2010.

ISCC work is to offer training and programs that help in crime reduction and juvenile delinquency. They enhance a positive co-relation among the members of the society and law enforcers. Working mostly in Chicago, ISCC has been dedicated to offering cost-free hands-on training and seminars, to help combat the crime activities affecting the area. They have been working to reinforce the already existing law, as they ensure that sex offenders to the underage, domestic violence and drug abuse especially among the juveniles is under control.

Perry Mandera engagement in the betterment of the community through support and presence, have made him an envy of the society around him. Follow Perry Mandera on Twitter.

Fabletics: Finding Balance

It’s no surprise that social media has a big impact on a company’s success. If a company has the right social media presence, it can easily outperform powerhouses that have dominated the markets for years. That’s exactly one of the strategies used by Fabletics to find success in the activewear market.

When people used to think activewear, they thought of brands like Nike and Under Armour. Now, Fabletics is one of the first names they think about. Over the last four years, Fabletics grew over 200 percent to a $250 million company. It’s one of the most successful brands that’s a part of the TechStyle Fashion Group conglomerate.

Activewear is a growing trend that’s most popular with millennials. Millennials are more health-conscious than their parents and love being able to go from the gym to running errands. Activewear perfectly combines the functionality of fitness wear with the comfort and style of everyday attire.

Fabletics’ use of social media and online awareness attracted millions of millennials. To date, Fabletics has over one million paying members and more than 20 million followers on Twitter. That online success also spurred the company to open 18 retail stores nationwide, and they plan on adding more in the coming years.

To succeed in the future, Fabletics will have to rely on the power of the crowd. The power of the crowd is a relatively new consumer behavior, but Fabletics is capitalizing on it perfectly. Today’s consumers don’t trust traditional advertising and marketing like their parents and grandparents did.

To more digital consumer uses online research to determine final purchases more than often. In fact, most studies show that people rely on online reviews more than anything. They even trust these online reviews as much or more than personal recommendations from people they know.

Fabletics found success by leveraging this new consumer behavior in their favor. When customers feel they can trust the brand in today’s society, the customer loyalty is off the charts. Using a review-centric strategy is the best way to succeed in any industry these days. Companies that don’t embrace the power of the crowd don’t last long.

The trust between companies and customers was broken by greedy companies who cared more about profit than selling quality products. According to most, the power of the crowd is only growing. It’s showing no signs of lessening or going away anytime soon.

Ricardo Guimares, BMG President Supports National Sports

The president of BMG Ricardo Guimarães is known for many things including being a successful businessman with a soft spot for Brazilian sports. Due to the consistent financial support offered by Ricardo Guimarães to aiding the growth of the country’s sports sector, on April 18 the business tycoon, was awarded the diploma of Honor to Merit at The City Hall.

Councilman, Daniel Nepomuceno from PSB was partly responsible for the president of BGM to receive this accolade due to a recommendation, yet it is impossible to dispute that over the years, the work done by Ricardo Guimarães has spoken great volumes about his dedication to his cause. In 2004, this dynamic business leader had received the Great Collar of Legislative Merit, and he was also a crucial part of assisting the team of Club Atlético Mineiro with funds when the situation was slightly dire and grim. Ricardo Guimarães did not stop here though; he decided to go a step further and funded the construction of the “Rooster” training center which is now considered to be the most equipped center to train athletes.

At the time Ricardo Guimarães was given the diploma of Honor to Merit, Léo Bourgeois from PSDB took a few minutes to express his happiness to pay homage on a personal level to this businessman. On various occasions, Ricardo Guimarães has been referred to as the patron of the national sport, a sponsor who is dedicated to aiding the social development of the country and, being one of the entrepreneurs who has been consistently investing in a significant way to the sports sector.

During the entire ceremony of receiving the diploma to Merit, Ricardo Guimarães stayed humble. He stands by his belief that the tradition was initially started by his grandfather. He also stands strongly with the belief that BMG is the bank that contributes most in funding for the country’s sports division. As a family owned and a privately run financial institution, BMG has been an essential part of the Brazilian financial industry since 1930. The BMG bank has supported a long-standing family tradition of valuing talented sports teams and athletes of the state of Minas Gerais and Brazil. BMG has also offered various types of sponsorship programs over the course of time.

For both Ricardo Guimarães and BMG, support does not end at funding football teams; it also extends to investing in talented Olympic gymnastics teams, versatile tennis players and avid volleyball athletes with an interest to win and make their country proud.


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Trabuco: The Medieval World’s Ultimate Siege Engine

Trabucos were large, primarily medieval-era siege engines capable of launching a diverse assortment of payloads a great distance. Large stones were used to breach enemy walls and fortifications, ceramic firebombs employed against infantry formations, and even the remains of diseased cows in certain recorded siege scenarios.

Trabucos and their variants were regularly employed around the globe, including by almost every major military force in Europe from their adoption by the Byzantines up until the invention of gunpowder. Their legacy continues to capture imaginations to this day.

First invented in China in the 4th century B.C.E., the earliest trabucos were based on the designs of old slingshots according to They slowly spread westward along with the nomadic Avar people, who were continuously displaced across the steppes of Central Asia until settling in what is today Hungary’s Pannonian basin. Adopted by the Byzantine Romans by the 6th century C.E., over the following centuries the technology would spread to other newly forming European polities.

There are several different types of trabuco, but unless otherwise specified, the term is generally recognized as referring to the classic counterweight model. In this layout, a heavy counterweight is put at the short end of a lever arm, perpendicular to the ground, that is allowed to swing upwards of 180° freely on an axle. A sling is attached at the long end of the arm, which could be loaded with an assortment of projectiles. Based on modern recreations on, it is estimated that most trabucos were capable of launching a 36-kilogram payload up to 300 meters.

Though the appearance of gunpowder spelled the end for widespread use of the trabuco, it continued to find sporadic use in the hands of creative, or often desperate commanders. One of the latest recorded uses of a trebuchet in combat comes from the 1521 Spanish siege of Tenochtitlan, when Hernán Cortés constructed one in order to conserve gunpowder reserves. Apocryphally, the stone flew straight up and landed on the trabuco, crushing it – putting a definitive cap on the weapon’s long history on


Nathaniel Ru Makes the Concept of Healthy Eating a Viable Option

Sweetgreen is becoming a favorite restaurant of so many people that are accustomed eating healthy food from a source where the ingredients are fresh. this is something that was created by Nathaniel Ru. It falls in line with a environment that many people may look at and think of a place like Panera Bread.

The reality, however, is that sweet green is a much healthier choice because people do not have the temptation of all of the baked goods like cinnamon rolls and oversized cookies. Nathaniel Ru wanted to create something where the menu would provide a host of healthy eating options that would keep people in line with low calorie meals that would fit inside of a diet plan.

Nathaniel really wants to create an environment where healthy food choices will be in abundance. He also wanted to create a safer restaurant environment, and he has started to do this with the concept of the cashless restaurant. Nathaniel has been up to a lot of different aspects of changing what has been known as the typical fast-food environment.

He wanted a casual environment where people could go and get healthy meals, but he still wanted this to be affordable. What he essentially done with these restaurants that are spaced out and California, Illinois and New York is create something that was trendy.

Nathaniel has created an environment where people have access to something that is healthier than a dollar food menu item, but it is still going to be within the range of the price for a super sized or extra value meal.

This is what he wanted people to be able to see. He wanted consumers to realize that eating healthy was not as expensive as they may have assumed in the past. He wanted people to feel that they had options for eating healthy without making excuses.

This is why the prices have remained low even though the quality of the food is obviously higher than many of these processed burgers and greasy fries from typical menus and fast food establishments.

Nathaniel Ru wanted to do something that was different by bringing people into an environment and introducing them to things like warm bowls where a combination of vegetables and meats were put together to create an entire new meal concept.

With these local account emails Nathaniel Ru is still proving that he can revolutionize fast food concepts.

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Meet José Auriemo Neto, one of Brazil’s entrepreneur

José Auriemo Neto is the chief executive officer for the real-estate company called JHSF Participacoes. He has looked over numerous projects, and in charge of one of his most ambitious projects, Cidade Jardim or garden city. This projects brings in the big three of real-estate into one area. The Cidade Jardim is a mix of a living center, a shopping mall, and a work area all rolled into one area.

José Auriemo Neto took over JHSF from his father, one of the youngest executives to be at JHSF. When entering into the business, Neto wanted to focus on the incorporation aspect of real estate instead of construction. This led him to start on projects like malls, hotels, and other commercial buildings. After shifting the focus of his company in 1999 towards incorporation, JHSF revenue is now 91% from incorporation alone.

Some of the major projects that José Auriemo Neto has worked on include were the Metro Santa Cruz and Tucuruvi station shopping malls. He also worked on the project for the Paris building located in Vila Nova Conceição. He even has worked on project on an apartment complex in New York, located near Central Park.

He started at JHSF from the age of 17, working as an officeboy. At the age of 27, Neto was promoted to president of JHSF. From the beginning of his work day to the end, Neto interacts with each department in the company. José Auriemo Neto seems to take an active role in all his projects. He oversees the construction of projects to make sure things are moving safely, timely, and in a quality manner. He also likes to interact with the sales team, and help them close sales that are vital for the company. One of José Auriemo Neto’s motto is “This business is 10% inspiration and 90% sweating”.

Oncotarget Is Here And On The Ball

Oncotarget is helping in the fight against thyroid cancer. They are providing people with a way to deal with it so that they can survive. Oncotarget has looked into various ways to handle the problem.

Oncotarget has a podcast out that you can look at. Refer to Stitcher, Player.FM and iTunes to get a chance to see what it is all about. Oncotarget is really proud of the research that they have done, and they are constantly looking into more and more of it. Anything that they find in order to solve the problem of cancer is worth their efforts. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

With Oncotarget, people know that they are getting the best of it all. They know that the researchers are completely educated and professional. Since they are dedicated to what they do, they are able to make sure that people are safer if they do develop cancer. It has been proven that it works, and it can save lives with the findings.

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Any type of cancer is a difficult ordeal for anyone to go through. It is important that a person find the proper counseling that can help them get through those difficult times. Since they will need all the people that they know and love to show their support, it is important that the people that love them are around them during their difficult times. With the research that Oncotarget has done on thyroid cancer, this can make it an even less difficult time than it used to be. Because of their dedication, they have been able to help those that are in need to get the help that they deserve. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

The End of DACA Creating a Double Crisis in the US

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established a few years ago by the Phoenix-based journalists Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The Frontera Fund has been funding and helping organizations and groups to promote and protects the human rights of minorities such as immigrants, refugees, LGBT members. The organizations that the Frontera Fund has been supporting also provide undocumented individuals with legal representation, medical attention, and more.

The Frontera Fund has been supporting the organization of DACA since Lacey and Larkin established it. Earlier this year it was made clear that DACA will no longer be in operation. The devastating news sent a wave of horror through more than 800 000 people across the United States of America as there are nearly one million immigrants under the protection of DACA.

The organization of DACA has been carrying great importance both for immigrants and for the United States. The youth under the protection of DACA has been able to live in the United States to study and work in the country.

At the same time, the United States of America has been benefitting significantly from the presence of the youths. The extra million people working in the country has been bringing down the unemployment rate, and thus they have been increasing the GDP of the United States by a few billion every year.

DACA will not be around anymore because Trump decided that the United States should be ”purged” of immigrants, as he put it. He stopped DACA from operating and now nearly one million people are losing their jobs, their education, and their lives in the United States. They are facing imminent deportation as Trump refused to provide any chance to those to keep their lives in the United States. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin |

As a result, the states are loosing so much money that Trump single handedly has created a new economic crisis that has began. According to experts, the prognosis is rather grim. Th United States will lose more than $400 billion the next ten years all because Trump wanted to remove immigrants from his country.

Another enormous problem that the United States is facing is in the education sector. Most of DACA youth was training to become teachers. The United States has been facing a significant shortage of teachers over the past year, or so, we are talking tens of thousands of teachers short across the states.

The teaching staff has been leaving their jobs because the government does not invest money into the profession.

How Jeffry Schneider Implements His Wellness Plan

Having a wellness plan in your life primarily as an employee or employer is one of the most important things. A wellness program always helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle and makes you focus on accomplishing your goals. Jeffry Schneider believes in a wellness plan for high productivity in his daily commitments. He thinks that for people to be consistent in a wellness program, it must be flexible, enjoyable and sustainable. According to him, a better wellness program is choosing a plan that works well for you. Some of the benefits of having the best wellness program include the following:


  1. Results in improved productivity

Some employees always go to the office as a routine and not to work. Low productivity is achieved through poor eating habits, being tired or being distracted in different ways. Employees can improve their productivity by eating well and exercising a lot. Wellness activities make you energized, motivated and focused.


  1. Brings happiness

Working without engaging in any wellness activity makes you feel unsatisfied with the type of job you do. Employees are always advised to take part in wellness activities of the company that will make them happy and satisfied with the kind of work they perform.


  1. Employees incur less health care costs

People who engage in wellness activities always lead a healthy lifestyle. In most cases, they are not sick or do not get injured as a result of them being fit. By engaging in wellness activities, less health costs are incurred regarding buying drugs, having frequent visits to the doctor or checkups. Ensure you participate in wellness activities to live a healthy life.


  1. Improves behavior habits

This is the most critical thing a wellness program is always designed to do. Most people who get involved in wellness programs begin to have improved behaviors which result in fewer health risks. By engaging in a good wellness program, people need to check on their diet, drinking, smoking, stress and other negative behaviors.


  1. Improves and sustains employee morale

Working consistently without taking a break in most cases becomes boring, draining and repetitive. This leads to employees having low morale in their workplace and tends to reduce productivity. It is, therefore, important to always take a break from work and engage in wellness activities that interest you like most. By doing so, you’re boosting your working morale, which as a result makes you more productive and ready to accomplish many tasks in the office.


  1. Contributes to weight loss

Most people have bad eating habits and continue performing their daily activities without involving themselves in any wellness activities. Bad eating habits always make people gain a lot of weight which later results in several health complications. For you to lose some weight, it’s vital that you join wellness activities provided by your company. These events will train you how to involve yourself in good eating habits without straining.


  1. Physical fitness

Being physically fit is the most important thing because you will not have to visit your doctor now and then. For you to be physically fit, it’s important always to create some time for the gym or yoga classes. Most people tend to assume they need to be fit until it dawns on them they have certain complications.

Jeffry Schneider has experienced the above benefits through his wellness plan. He is always ready for his commitments thus he has to hit the gym first before engaging in other daily activities. Jeffry also loves reading The Blue Zones Solution book which has helped him to choose a better diet for himself. Other things that have helped Jeffry lead a better lifestyle are waking up early in the morning, believing in the present, and eating healthy foods from the farms together with family and friends. It is, therefore, essential to have a wellness plan for you to lead a better lifestyle both health-wise and in the office.


Barbara Stokes as a construction Expert

Barbara Stokes as a construction Expert

It is not always common to find women in the construction field due to the society’s way of thinking that such kind of work is mostly for men. Barbara Stokes is one of the few women who are in the construction industry. She is a proficient and a professional leader in Disaster Relief construction contracting. Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC.

Green Structure Homes offers services such as building construction, designing, it delivers and offers on-site construction of portable and modular commercial and housing structures in North America. Green Structure Homes also provides in-house project management skills and engineering, and for over 30 years it has been involved in development, inspection of commercial and residential structures, installation, foundation and general planning. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a BSE in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. Stokes recently announced the creation of jobs in eight states located in communities in Florida, North Carolina, Texas Minnesota, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.GSH of Alabama LLC offers solutions to both the Government and the private sector customers. It uses the proprietary state of the art design, manufacturing and engineering techniques to do its construction work, therefore providing excellent services to all customers.


Barbara is also skilled in project management, construction, manufacturing, government contracting and project engineering. With these skills, Barbara Stokes works with her team using state of the art technology to provide for fast modular transport erection, mildew resistant and hurricane-rated structural integrity up to 130 mph. The structures are made of wood and light steel which makes such homes to be energy efficient and also environmental friendly. Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes founded GSH in 2008 and together with senior management they have 30 years of experience in disaster relief whereby GSH quickly provides safe and innovative homes in times of disasters such as the hurricanes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes also was the founder and president of the Biomedical Engineering club in 1999 to the year 2000.She has also received awards such as the Engineering education-Transfer scholarships. Despite having lots of experiences, Barbara has published Pendulum Research Summer 1999.Earthquakes in Middle Georgia