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OSI Group has Appetite for Growth

According to the article on the News Version, the OSI Group is continuing to grow its multibillion-dollar status in the industry of food manufacturing with acquisitions of other food companies aligning well with the values and goals of the company. As a world leader, the company provides quality products and custom solutions for retail brands and food service. The productivity of OSI in 2016 alone shows the company’s emphasis on growth with a total of seven new facilities for production and processing worldwide.

OSI Group president, David McDonald explained, saying that he acknowledges the appetite of the company for growth not just in capacity. OSI product development is offering more to customers. By partnering with its customers on products that could help them expand their business, OSI Group is encouraging its suppliers to assist them to achieve increased sales. The company partnering method is giving demanding consumers more alternatives to getting what they need, including organic and natural foods, plus the potion of selecting premium specialties versus the ones that are hardly affordable.

McDonald credited the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, with pushing the organization to create the energy, making it grow, provide more food choices, and becoming more significant to clients. The company’s growth plan allows it to run in 16 nations outside the U.S. According to the daily newspaper, Chicago Tribune, OSI paid 7.4 million dollars for a former Chicago-based Tyson Foods plant. An OSI Industries spokesman stated that the facility, which is 200,000 square feet, provides help for continued business expansion. The line of the company includes beef items like hamburgers and meatballs, along with bacon, hot dogs, as well as other pork items, plus vegetable and poultry products.

According to Forbes, after more than 100 years in business, OSI Group is ranked among the largest privately-owned companies in the world. With the acquisition of Flagship Europe, OSI Group can provide resources for its new customers in international markets for a business that is already successful. The line of Flagship Europe includes various products ranging from pies to frozen poultry to sandwich fillings, dressings, sauces, marinades, and dips.

Since OSI Group opened its first family-owned meat market in 1909 in Chicago, one thing has remained constant, which is their steadfast dedication to their client’s success. That’s why many of the leading brands in the world regard them as their leading global food provider. The leading brands trust OSI always to deliver solutions of leading-edge food for their most critical processing needs and product development. Solutions that deliver value, quality, and also streamline processes while optimizing prices.

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David Giertz: Retirement Investment Measures

According to David Giertz, the best way to plan for your retirement life is by planning on investments. Not just any other investment, but an investment that is will assure you of a stable income throughout your retirement life. Saving accounts are considered to one of the best options as a retirement plan, but this may not necessarily be the case. In as much as it is a viable plan, it won’t give you the much-needed stability to last you for many years. It is for this reason that David Giertz suggests that, such plans should be complemented by smart investment initiatives.

A brokerage account is one of the smart decisions that one can make. It will go a long way in supplementing your savings. A brokerage account will give access to investments in the stock, forex and bond markets. Such platforms will enable you to buy and sell particular commodities and make some profits. A brokerage account has the advantage of allowing you to invest and withdraw your investment or profits in a very simple process.

Another saving account that should be seriously looked at is the health savings account. This can be very helpful since medical conditions once a person has reached the retirement age are more likely to occur. Such a situation could strain your financial status very much. Since old age usually comes with high demands in terms of health care, a medical savings account is a worthy investment. Given the medical bills are likely to be huge, such a plan in the early life is crucial as a preparatory measure for the retirement age.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is a financial advisor. He currently works for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. The corporation has offices in Dublin, Ohio. David Giertz has a huge experience in this field having been ion the industry for 31 years.

David is registered as a broker with FINRA. As a broker, he works as an intermediary between clients and large brokerage firms. The brokerage firms he works for are involved in buying and selling securities, that include stocks, currencies, and bonds.

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Michel Terpins’ Successful Sports Venture

The 25th edition of Sertoes Rally comprised of more than 3,300 kilometers. With more challenges at every stage, this has always been the most awaited and enjoyed the race in Brazil. This long track rally race trans-versed through Goias, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul states. Autodromo International de Goiania was used as the support pack. All competitors arrived at Bonito. Pilot Michel Terpins and his navigator Maykel Justo modified their car. The modifications included a V8 engine in ethanol. As a result of these modifications, the car was more powerful and fast during the race.

Michel Terpins began his racing career in 2002 in the bikes category. He later joined his brother Rodrigo Terpins in the track rally category. According to his navigator Maykel, Michel Terpins is believed to have a vast experience (ten years), and they both make a perfect team. Michel has been in the Sertoes Rally competition for more than a decade. He has won more than four awards in these competitions. These two individuals make up a perfect team.

Michel’s Setbacks at the Sertoes Rally

During the 25th edition of Serteos rally competition, this Paulitas pair won two stages in Prototype T1, giving them a lead in the cumulative category, they were also ranked as one of the fastest competitors at that time. During the final stage, the pair could not be as fast as they were due to some mechanical problems. Their racing car’s gearbox got broken and could not be rectified in real time. Just like we mentioned earlier, this is a team of vast experience. They managed to maneuver and came fourth and 10th positions in the Prototype T1 and overall respectively.

An overview of Michel’s Family Background

Michel Terpins has been in the forefront in the sports leadership in Brazil. He is the head of Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. He follows the footsteps of his father and elder brother. His father Jack Terpins was a renowned basketball player in the 60s and 70s. He instilled the importance of taking part in sports to his children at a tender age. This enabled his children to work towards being successful sportsmen, which they are today.

Why Grapeseed Oil is More Than Hype

Grapeseed oil is the talk of the health supplement industry right now after receiving support form Organo Gold founder Bernardo Chua. It’s no secret that grapes, as a member of the fruit group is is a healthy food item. Learn more about Bernado:

The small bite size fruits are also tasty and abundant, growing on vines in many parts of the world in clusters. A lesser known fact about the scrumptious fruit is the health benefits its seeds possess. three seeds can be found in each individual grape.

The chemical compound rich oil is extracted from grape seeds. The extract contains high traces of Procyanidolic Oligomers (PCOs), a strong antioxidant that can rival the effectiveness of both vitamins C and E. Traces of resveratrol, flavonoids, and Linoleic Acid can also be found in the extract.

Bernardo Chua believes grapeseed oil has more potential than just being used for its antioxidant properties. He believes the extract could be used to treat an assortment of health issues plaguing people around the world.

It has already been discovered that the vitamin E in grapeseed oil can strengthen the immune system by increasing white blood cell production. The extract can also be used in the treatment of breast cancer. It does so by inhibiting abreast tissue enzyme that when left unchecked can lead to breast cancer.

About Bernardo Chua

Chua established himself as a successful businessman working in multi-level marketing at companies like Gano Excel. It was with Gano that he first realized the marketability of the Ganoderma herb.

It is also where he honed his skills in the direct sales industry. He would eventually leave Gano Excel to start his own company, Organo Gold in 2008. His transition from employee to boss was relatively easy considering he was already an experienced businessman with networking and marketing skills.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America still working to make cancer treatment even easier on patients and doctors

In 2016 Cancer Treatment centers of America, Nanthealth, and Allscripts started working together to help make it easier for all of the doctors helping their patients with cancer through the electronic health records. The Clinical Pathways program is going to work with the doctors by helping to inform the doctors of the latest research available that pertains to that patient, help to plan treatment plans, and therapies for the patient. This program is going to help the doctors work quickly to come up with the custom treatment plans each of these patients need. It will also offer comparisons in the available treatment options, and have the capabilities of a safe and efficient means of entering orders for the patients. As well as so much more.

Cancer Treatment Center of America has five hospitals located throughout the United States in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix. Were they offer personalized state-of-the-art care for patients with cancer. As well as offering the conventional treatments they also offer supportive therapies to help with side effects. Cancer Treament of America prides themselves on not only treating cancer, but helping their patients to live as comfortable as possible while being treated. As well as having those five hospitals in the United States they also have organizations in Mexico, the middle east, the Caribbean, and Latin America to offer patients in those regions the opportunity for treatment in the United States.
Richard Stephenson founded Cancer Treatment Centers of America in 1988 after his mother died of cancer. He was so unhappy this his mother’s treatment options that he opened his own hospital in Zion, Illinois. The other four hospitals opened between 2005 and 2012. In 2015 Cancer Treatment Centers of America opened their first international information office in Mexico.

Agora Financial Helps People Build Sound Wealth

When it comes time for people to retire, many people have not worried about building a nest egg to get them through the golden years. Many professions provide people with the financial possibility to invest their money, but they often lack the knowledge of how to do it effectively.

The factors of Where, When and How of wealth building can be difficult to deal with. The uncertainties of conflicting councils are not easy.

Many that would like to take away your money such as Bankers, Brokers, Taxmen, The Fed, Politicians and Insurance Companies as well, are eager to get their hands on your money.

Agora Financial is credited with helping individuals to protect and increase their wealth for over a decade. Agora Financial offers books, documentaries, free newsletters, online publications and seminars, which one million and growing subscribers have already made of great use.

Agora Financial offers specific profile modes for your investment. Each mode is designed to work well for an individual’s specific investment preferences, featuring tips on quick growth opportunities, secrets of creating income, and wealth protection approaches. Agora Financial’s research is never biased and always independent. Its analysts travel to find investment opportunities, unlike several other firms whose analysts almost never leave their offices. With Agora Financial’s strategy, they are able to come upon opportunities before they reach being successful companies and investments no longer offer the same spread.

Agora Financial’s qualified team is composed by an Ex-Banker to the Presidents, an Ex-Hedge Fund Manager, and an Award winning Filmmaker, a three-time New York Times Best selling author, a Pulitzer Prize nominated Journalist, the world’s leading bond experts, a self-made Billionaire and Philanthropist as well as a Harvard Trained Geologist prepared to find superb investment opportunities. Agora Financial has been predicting a number of major investment opportunities in gold, housing, medicine, and oil, Since 1999.

Agora Financial is a consolidated leader in the financial counseling market. Agora Financial has been providing amazing resources, helping people make surprisingly successful investments for over two decades.

Agora Financial offers a complete range of financial approaches and investment ideas in addition to over 14 publications about natural resources, penny stock opportunities, and other sorts of investments. Agora Financial is dedicated to helping you to protect and build your wealth.


Is Martavis Bryant a WR1 in Fantasy Football Rankings?

Martavis Bryant started his career off a little oddly; he really wasn’t putting up the numbers in the preseason and he had a lingering issue that bled over a few games into the actual season, much to the dismay of fantasy football rankings.

About half way through, he came out with a bang, which including a long touchdown right out of the gate, proving those who compile fantasy football rankings raise an eyebrow.

The second season was like the first, though this time he was sidelined because of a failed drug test. When he finally got back, Big Ben was injured and he had backups throwing to him.

As expected, his results weren’t there, again to the detriment of his place in the fantasy football rankings. The third was even worse; he was suspended for the whole season.

In this new season, he seems healthy and ready to be a great compliment to Antonio Brown, should he and Big Ben can stay together and really put in some work.

So, the talent is there, which makes him again an intriguing target in fantasy football rankings circles.

James Dondero Work in Dallas

Dallas is one of the leading areas of economic growth in the United States. Over the years, the city has grown rapidly as people move to the area. Many people who live in Dallas are looking for a place to get financial advice.

Highland Capital Management is a financial planning firm that has worked in the Dallas area for many years. James Dondero is the leader of the company, and he is passionate about providing value to clients in any way that he can. He is excited about all of the work that he is doing in the area. This is a company that has proven to have the best interests of customers in mind.

Early Life

James Dondero has always had a passion for personal finance. When he was in college, he majored in finance and business. When he got his first job, he did not love working for a large company. Although he enjoyed the work, he was not able to work directly with people like he would like.

James Dondero decided to start Highland Capital Management many years ago. He wanted to make sure that his financial planning firm was different from others in the area. Instead of concentrating on selling investment products, he wanted to provide great customer service to clients who needed it.


James Dondero is excited about the growth of Highland Capital Management. The company is always working to improve itself, and James Dondero invests money from the company into the local community. He strongly believes that a strong city makes for a better place to live. In the coming years, James Dondero has a lot of growth plans for his business. Not only is he investing in a new website, but he wants to offer an additional location as well.

Greg Secker knowledge in Forex Trade

Greg Secker is famed to be an entrepreneur, Forex trade educator, and a futurist. He possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in trading. He is the figure behind the establishment of Knowledge to Action Group. The company is the central pillar to auxiliary branches like Greg Secker Foundation, Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade and Capital Index. The Knowledge to Action Group focuses on teaching persons on how to set business and come up with a healthy lifestyle.


Before becoming a professional trader, Greg Secker began his career journey as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. His role was to develop foreign exchange trading systems. His tenure as a trading technologist expanded his mind and gave him vast experience. Greg Secker left the Thomas Cook Financial Services and joined the foreign exchange trade. In his new venture, he established The Virtual Trading Desk which made him receive an award for innovation from the British Telecom in e-commerce. The Virtual Trading Desk offers online Forex trading. It helps the operators to receive quotes and tips for trading in foreign exchange trade.


Greg Secker was a VP OF Mellon Financial Corporation, the world leading finance company in the US. It is in Mellon Financial Corporation where Greg Secker acquired exorbitant knowledge in international trading. From the acquired knowledge and expertise he began, Learn to Trade before working for an extended period. He started by training the family members and friends and then went further to referrals.


Learn to Trade aims at providing individuals with knowledge of how trading is done. Learn to Trade has developed a global approach with offices in Australia, London, South Africa and the Philippines. In its thirteen years of operations, it has grown and expanded to reach higher bars. The firm has trained more than 200,000 persons through seminars, online and workshops.


Greg Secker believes that making money is not difficult through trading. He wants people to get knowledge on how to trade and know the best time when it comes to trading so that they can benefit and improve their living standard. Greg has been Trading since when he was 27years old.


Who Was Jim Larkin?

This may be the first time that you have heard of the name Jim Larkin, but his is a name that you should remember. What you might have heard is this phrase, “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” Jim Larkin used it often.

Jim Larkin was originally from Ireland where he created the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. While he didn’t have much in the way of education, as someone who worked hard throughout his younger years, he realized that many of his fellow workers and he, himself, were paid unfairly.

He also felt that working conditions weren’t fair and thus he decided to join the NUDL, which taught him a lot about unions.

He led many strikes in his time, but one of the biggest and most important ones was the one that became known as the Dublin Lockout in 1913. It took months and hundreds of thousands of workers joined the strike, but the result was exactly what they wanted—fair employment. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Jim Larkin went through a lot in his lifetime, from being convicted as a criminal in the U.S.-for his involvement and plans to fight the British and being accused of being a communist-and then being deported back to his country three years later.

He was passionate about what he believed in-communist or not-and never stopped working towards trying to change and improve conditions for workers in his country.

Jim Larkin was somewhat of a remarkable individual for his time with a sincere dedication and commitment to his role as an activist and with a strong belief in communism. He was known to say many deep things about how he felt about doing what he did.

Back in Ireland, he continued to organize unions and one of the highly recognized ones from his return was the Workers’ Union of Ireland.

Despite what many considered to be a highly controversial and prolific career, Jim Larkin still had time to marry and start a family, raising four children. He never stopped working towards a better Ireland and a better world and kept going, even until his death in 1947.

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