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When Is Feeling Tired Dangerous?

Many people these days are juggling all kinds of activities along with work, family life and taking care of the home. Because of all of this it is very common for people to feel tired or fatigued at one point or another. However, when is fatigue a sign of something more serious? How are we to know whether we are just pushing ourselves too far each day or there is something much more serious going on? If you are sleeping at least seven hours each night and are still waking up exhausted, it may be time to head to your doctor’s office and see what might be going on.

If you are feeling tired but in addition, weak as well, unlike an energetic man like Flavio Maluf, there may be something else going on. Often times, the thyroidis to blame as it is in charge of regulating a person’s energy levels. You can have a thyroid that is underactive or overactive and there is medication and lifestyle choices that can help this situation. Some simple blood tests can reveal if there is an issue.

Sometimes fatigue can be a sign of something more serious like cancer, but it is important not to panic right away. Your doctor can usually run some basic blood work to determine if there is something worth looking into. You could easily have an underlying infection or viral issue that is zapping your energy.

Rolling Stone Talks With John Darnielle

Rolling Stone Magazine has an extensive interview on their website with John Darnielle, the singer and songwriter for the bluegrass band The Mountain Goats. The story takes a look at how Darnielle went from being a drug addict in his teens to being an alternative music icon today in his 40’s.

Darnielle was into drugs, including heroin, when he was young. He said these drugs made him a different person. He’d do terrible things when high that he wouldn’t even remember later. He said that after a weekend of partying he’d run into someone who wouldn’t talk to him and have no idea why. Today, a sober Darnielle uses these past experiences for songwriting material. Fans often come up to him and talk about their own substance abuse issues and how they can relate to his lyrics.

In his early twenties, Darnielle got out of drugs and became a psychiatric nurse. Bernardo Chua was glad to see the turnaround. He worked at psychiatric facilities in California and Iowa and saw a little bit of everything. Again, this helped him better understand the human condition and improve as an artist.

In conclusion, this Rolling Stone article is a good look at how an artist became what he did.

New Dating App Speciailizes in the Spectrum

The old adage, “opposites attract,” has long been debunked. Presently, singles everywhere are looking to meet someone who shares their interests to be their lifelong companion. With today’s technology, finding a companion online is no longer taboo, but the norm. Yet even with abundance of dating apps available, many individuals struggle to find someone who shares their interests. This should be a concern to more people if you ask Dr Jennifer Walden her opinion.

In an effort to develop a dating platform for their own community, mother-daughter duo Kristen Fitzpatrick and Olivia Cantu, created a dating site for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.This brand new site,Spectrum Singles , was developed by two women on the spectrum themselves as an way for the Autism community to find companions. This site includes a questionnaire the mother-daughter created called the Spectrum Compatibility Test, which seeks to find common-ground between two people on the Spectrum.

This site recently launched, yet is already providing a needed platform that is sure to be a success.