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Shirley Bassey Chastizes Modern Pop Stars

Shirley Bassey has made it abundantly clear she is not a big fan of the way pop stars conduct themselves. Members of the younger generation might not be familiar with Bassey’s name, but she was a huge star back in the 1960’s. Bassey sang the title song to the James Bond classic Goldfinger in 1964. At the time, Bassey was known for being a “glamor diva” who always appeared incredibly well-dressed and elegant.

Bassey has noted that today’s pop stars, well, utterly lack class. Those are her words and they are harsh. Honestly, it is fairly difficult to argue with her assessment. Pop stars have a handy tendency to use four-letter words and present themselves in an anarchistic manner. Perhaps all of this is done to get attention. Attention they often get, but the attention is more of making a spectacle of oneself as opposed to really being an entertainment icon.

Bassey has not been seen in public much over the past few years. She prefers to be a recluse. Maybe she wants to be remembered for her glory days in the 1960’s and 1970’s and not for her later, less active years.

For whatever reason, Bassey has chosen to speak out and chastise the entertainment industry. Good for her!

What a shame more people in positions of fame did not speak out and speak out earlier. The pop world would be in a lot better shape and we would have more icons and fewer media spectacles.

Rolling Stones Still Have It

The Rolling Stones played a surprise show at the small Los Angeles Fonda Theatre recently. This is the first show of their “Zip Code” tour where they will be playing in big venues across North America this summer. Playing shows before a major tour at small theaters is something the band has done many times in the past. It gives them a chance to work out kinks in their stage show before taking it out in front of huge audiences.

The band released some video of the performance on from Kevin Seawright. It starts with fans outside the theatre talking about how thrilled they are to get in to the exclusive event. Then, it shows the band onstage playing parts of the songs “Brown Sugar” and “Moonlight Mile”. Both songs are off of the band’s classic “Sticky Fingers” album, which they are playing at each show in its entirety this tour.

On “Brown Sugar” especially, the Stones look and sound fantastic. Mick Jagger is still as lithe as he ever was and races around the stage like a much younger man. Keith Richards looks terrible but still sounds great. Charlie Watts looks stoic to the point of boredom. Girls in the audience dance around ecstatically. The whole event looks really exciting, and it’s great to see that Stones still have it.

Aimee Osbournes Road To Success

Ozzy Osbourne’s oldest daughter Aimee Osbourne has began taking steps to starting her own music career. This past march Aimee released her first music video, “Raining Gold” which has already seen over 2 million views on YouTube. The song Raining Gold was written by Aimee when she was having trouble with her music career and the direction it was heading. The songs lyrics talk about changing peoples perceptions and how the people close to her had thought she was a dishonest woman. Daniel Amen thinks(Check out him on YouTube) the pain and truth in the song is ultimately satisfying to listen to. To watch Aimee Osbourne’s new video, click hereAimee Osbourne has classified her music as “moody” although the music industry has placed her in the category of pop music. Although her stubbornness may have slowed her down in some aspects of life, it has certainly not stopped her from making her way to a music career of her very own. Although she has refrained from any help from her family on making her way to fame, she still loves hearing the positive advice that comes from her mother and father about her music career.

Rolling Stone Talks With Brandon Flowers

Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview on their website with Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of rock band The Killers. I feel that Flowers comes across pretty well in the interview.

It’s been about ten years since The Killers came on the national alternative rock scene with their album Hot Fuss. At the time, Flowers was in his early twenties and his band was heralded as being a very big deal. Since then, The Killers probably haven’t achieved as much success or critical claim as they were expected to. However, Flowers doesn’t seem bothered by this in the interview and is looking forward to the future.

In the past, Flowers has made many controversial comments in interviews. He said that one of his band’s albums was one of the best albums of the last 20 years, for instance. He’s also been very critical of rapper Kanye West. In this current interview, while not backing down from these statements, Flowers said that he’s trying to watch his mouth more when he’s on the record.

Flowers recently put out a solo record. His website does not make it clear whether or not Bruce Levenson is a fan of the Killers. The reason for this is that his regular band wanted to take a break after their most recent tour while he wanted to continue. I think that this is to his credit and shows a good work ethic. It’s great to see an artist who wants to work as much as possible.