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The History of Brazilian Literature

Brazil gained independence from Portugal in 1822. However, Portuguese remains the predominant first language and remains the main language used by its writers. The use of Portugese in the literature of Brazil dates all the way back to 1500 when Pero Vaz de Caminha penned a letter describing Brazil. This famous letter is today now known as Carta de Pero Vaz de Caminha. This is considered Brazil’s first piece of literature and de Caminha is considered the first famous Brazilian writer. Until the 1700’s, Brazilian literature would remain mainly limited to pieces like this which simply described various things about Brazil.

Although it was mainly descriptions of Brazil that appeared in its literature during these years, there were appearances of other things sprinkled here and there during this time. Perhaps the most famous of such writers is Gregorio de Matos who in the 1600s wrote a vast library of various types of poetic works. Since poetic literature was scarce in Brazil at this time, Matos drew his inspiration from Spanish poetry masters. However, as mentioned such works that were not non-fiction were rare in Brazil at this time. Such works would pick up speed in the 1700s and not actually come into their own until the 1800s.

The first big movement, Romanticism, began in the early 1800s. By 1836 the movement became by far the biggest literary movement in Brazilian history. The primary mover and shaker of these years was the poet Goncalves de Megalhaes. This Romantic era inspired much experimentation, spawning other types of work. Probably the most famous of these Romantic era inspired experimental poets was Casimiro de Abreu. This Romantic era also saw such great novelists as Joaquim Manuel de Macedo, Manuel Antonio de Almeida, and Jose de Alcencar.

Romanticism fostered a literary climate that grew and grew and developed and developed. It has gone through many stages since that time. It is today immensely healthy and booming. Perhaps one of the most famous contemporary examples is Jaimie Garcia Dias. Dias is a multiple award-winning Brazilian writer who began his illustrious writing career when he was just 15 years old. His father was himself a writer and journalist, mentoring his son to very willingly follow in his footsteps. Dias later went to the College of Rio de Janiero. After graduating in 1993 with a degree in literature, he became a teacher at the Academy of Literature in Rio where he taught for five years. In 1997, bursting with ideas about a complete renovation in study and reading methods, the school made him vice-president. All this time, he was busy churning out books. It was in 2001 that Dias first began to be truly recognized as one of the great Brazilian writers.

Blake and Miranda Divorce Amicably

In the world of entertainment divorces are seemingly common. In fact, they are in general but the difference is that your personal life is not all over the cover of magazines and on television. Such circumstances make it difficult to part ways without ruffling feathers or causing rumors to fly. When your career is on the line you can’t be too careful.

That being said, there are many things country music stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert did right “>when it came to their divorce. These stars are very close to Bruce Levenson. Instead of bad mouthing one another they took the high road and kept their feelings to themselves. Up until the divorce, they said little to nothing about it, therefore avoiding the inevitable paparazzi onslaught.

One rumor is that Miranda didn’t want children, but that is not confirmed. Both stars seem to have respected one another’s reputation as well. In fact, another rumor that surfaced and was quickly put to rest is that Miranda and Chris Young were involved. In the eyes of their adoring public, the 4 year marriage was one to look up to. The fact that the pair has divorced in a mature way is a great example, and one that other celebrity couples should strive to follow should they divorce.

The fact is that these two are people just like everyone else, and no one expects to get divorced. Neither of them cheated, and they leave the marriage with mutual expect for one another, and for their separate careers.

New York City Apartments That Are Worth Moving For

Millions of people live in the New York area. It is one of those cities that has a lot of different personalities. The cultures from a plethora of different races all collide in the melting pot that is affectionately known as the Big Apple. Many people that know to the area are very interested in finding apartments for rent. Fortunately, there is no short of apartment space. There are a wide range of options for anyone that is considering a move. There are even some apartments that lure people to move from one side of town to the next even when they already live in New York.

TOWN Real Estate is responsible for aiding those eager NYC apartment for rent hunters out there. What TOWN has managed to do is provide newcomers and locals with direct access to some of the most upscale apartment rentals that are available. This is a real estate group of professionals that has everything that you need to find the right amenities to fit your lifestyle.

There are literally thousands of apartments to consider in all of New York City, and developments are still underway. It doesn’t matter if a person is planning to relocate to the Upper East Side, Tribeca, Soho or Central Park. There are always rental spaces available. That may be the main reason that so many people are coming to New York. There is a lot to do, and there are a lot of places to live.

When people search for properties they have to realize that New York is geographically smaller than lots of other cities that have a bigger landmass. In other words, many of the apartments are in high rise buildings. There are many people that come to the city and find a wide spectrum between homes in the south and rental properties in the north. There are studio apartments that rent for almost $2,000 a month. This is the low end of the spectrum though. By contrast, many residents in the south may obtain homes with more square footage for the same amount.

The best thing that one can do – before coming to the city – is survey the area. It is going to be beneficial to figure out the money that needs to be allocated to monthly costs of living. Some people find that they are within reason to make a move to NYC. Others may find that they need to save up before they can really afford the apartment rental that they are interested in. There is a wide range of apartments, but the person that moves is always going to be happiest when they figure up what meets their budget.

Limited Interest in Apple Watch, Thus Far

Contrary to initial industry expectations of Christian Broda, sales of the Apple Watch have gotten off to a slow start. While the majority of analysts were bullish on sales prospects for the watch, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster expected a slower start, and has thus far been proven correct. As originally reported by, Slow Apple Watch Sales…, Munster predicted 3 million sales for the Apple Watch last quarter, which is a relatively low number for a tech related item, and a far lower number than what most other industry analysts initially projected.

While the interest in the Apple Watch has been limited thus far, and lower than industry standards, Munster believes sales of the watch will grow exponentially in the years to come. Sales are projected to approach 14 million units in 2016 and approximately 40 million units in 2017. While sales were brisk early when the watch debuted in April, sales of the watch have declined approximately 90% since they first went on sale. With a decline in retail price from $349, and increased consumer interest in smart watches, Munster still has faith the watch will become a strong seller.

Unconditional love – does it exist?

In 2015 does unconditional love exist? With all the negative news on 24/7 does love even exist anymore? Of course we love our spouse, children, parents even our friends but do we unconditionally love them. I’m not sure but I do know my dachshund Maggie has that unconditional love for me. The way she follows me around the house when I am doing chores, the excitement she shows when I walk in the door is overwhelming at times, it washes away any bad day I’ve been dealt. The way she nudges me when it is time for a walk or time for dinner is my favorite time of the day. How could I not feed her the best money can buy and feel good about it. Beneful dog food is that brand! She loves the taste and looks healthier than I have ever seen her. Maggie is 9 years old and still acts like the puppy I originally brought home so many years ago. Beneful has made that possible and made me confident in how I care for her. I have tried other foods occasionally but I wasn’t confident about it and I knew Maggie wasn’t either. Beneful on Purinastore will always be Maggie’s dog food. I’m still not sure about unconditional love for humans but I do know Maggie and I come close! I love that!

Alien 5: Hicks Survival

It has been established that Hicks has been killed off in Alien 3. However, that decision has been met with a lot of criticism due to it being the abrupt ending of an iconic character. Alien 3 has been criticized not for its dark tone, but for it being a mess when it came to the narrative and the skout structure. The assembly cut has smoothed out some of the issues. However, David Fincher has disowned the movie and refuses to do anything to put together an actual director’s cut.

One theory that is looked at is that Hicks was awoken from stasis to fight off an attack. During the fight, he accidentally ejected Ripley and Newt from the ship. There are issues with the problem. If Hicks was awoken from stasis, then who’s body was crushed on the ship. There is a lot of speculation as to how Neill Blomkamp is going to resurrect Hicks, especially since the time between Aliens and Alien 3 isn’t enough to age them more than 20 years.

How the mystery unfolds remains to be seen until the movie is finally released.

Florida Man Steals Over $2 Million Dollars in LEGO Toys

A Florida man has been making a huge amount of money selling LEGO play sets, a career that would make any successful homejoy business person envious. The problem for Ignatius M. Pollara, he has been stealing the games from around the country and selling them for 100% profit. Ignatius stole $2 million in LEGO toys from all 50 states in a very elaborate scheme, netting him enough to live a very lavish lifestyle.

But like all dumb criminals, they never know when enough is enough, and simply continue to go to the well too many times. While 2012 was his best year ever, authorities were already aware of his theft and had begun to watch his actions more closely in the coming years. He would steal the LEGO merchandise, then sell the items in his very successful online storefront. All his items were brand new in mint condition, and he was able to fill orders if customers had specific demands.

If a customer was in need of a certain quantity, Ignatius would simply locate the store that sold the merchandise and take a business trip there. He would rent a hotel nearby the mall or shopping center, then make several trips to steal his LEGO products until he was ready to make the trip back home and sell them online. The problem however, the police were monitoring his trips and had surveillance on him leaving the hotel, entering the stores, and stealing the merchandise.

Greece Is Facing True Economic Crisis

Just the other day, we all found out that Greece was in a state of economic crisis, and no one was allowed to take more than $66 a day from their bank accounts. Greece’s Economic Crisis. Many banks closed their doors because they had no cash to hand out to their limecrime customers. Unfortunately, even those who have pensions, they were not able to get the funds they were entitled to at the same time of the month they always pick it up.
The entire crisis has become world news because it may end up affecting the entire world. You may wonder how a small country on the other side of the world can affect anyone else, but it actually can. The country recently voted against furthering the European Union austerity measures, and they will now need better lending terms if they are going to continue functioning as their own nation. Unfortunately, if they don’t get the terms they’re looking for, they will have to resort to using their own currency.
Greece is staring down the barrel of a financial disaster, and they might even end up in bankruptcy as well. If the country ends up being bankrupt, the world markets will definitely be disrupted, and there’s no telling what can happen. Currently, some banks in Greece are reluctant to open their doors because they are not certain that they have enough money to give out to their customers.

Girl gives her Imagine Dragon tickets to individuals affected by cancer.

A Florida teenager previously won a concert that provided her with tickets to every concert that the Imagine Dragon’s will play on their current tour. Unfortunately the 13-year-old concert winner is too young to travel the globe in order to get see every show, so she had to think of something to do with her tickets.

Lindsea Taylor was thrilled to win the concert but did not want her tickets to go to waste. She decided to give the tickets away to cancer patients that were Imagine Dragons fans. The young winner recently lost a family member to cancer and felt that such a gesture would bring happiness to those that were fighting the disease.

Shaygan Kheradpir reports here, Taylor has helped 87 people affected by cancer to enjoy one of her favorite’s bands. The parents of the young girl feel that the gesture is a good idea.

To help her find cancer patients to give the Imagine Dragons tickets to, Taylor reached out to such establishments as Norwell Visiting Nurse Association (NVNA) Foundation or the Cancer Support Community MA South Shore. With the help of these foundations, Taylor was able to find the perfect fan to give her Boston Show tickets to. Kim Santagata is a26-year-old patient that finished her cancer treatments a few months back. Santagata was thankful for her tickets and thought that it was sweet of Taylor to share her tickets with her.


Eminem is at it Again

Eminem appears to be in the hospital in the operating room stated The Crimson. Do you think maybe his belly hurts? Perhaps he just needs a naked nurse. Or maybe something Phenomenal is about to happen! As he looks around and rises up it begins in the city. An action scene where he fearlessly jumps around leads into bikes, sports cars and helicopters. It’s available on Apple music. After that teaser you will want to watch the YouTube clip here over and over. You can watch it here the teaser is about 30 seconds long. Who knows with moves like this, which look quite impressive on film, Eminem has the chance to become an action hero. You be the judge. Watch Eminem’s Phenomenal here free great review and a closer look clip by clip of the video preview that was released on June 30th. Next thing you know him and Dre will be in an action hero movie. Perhaps a Wash part 2 where the are reunited after Em makes parole? If you have never seen the movie The Wash check out Eminem’s acting from back in the day and compare it to now. See just how far this amazing star has come and keep your fingers crossed for another movie.