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The Work of Dan Newlin

As a attorney, dealing with accident and injury cases can be difficult and stressful at times but it can also be quite rewarding. Lawyers that work with accident and injury clients have to get concrete evidence to make their case and prove that what the person said occurred actually happened. There are many injury attorneys in the United States but there are a select few that are exceptional at their job. Dan Newlin is a highly successful injury attorney with offices in Orlando, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. Dan Newlin and the other attorneys work with many cases and many clients. Their practice works with a variety of cases such as car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, social security disability, medical malpractice, pharmacy malpractice, work-related injuries, airbag malfunctions, birth injuries, slips and falls, family law and many more.

Dan Newlin and his team has won hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements. Many of his cases has garnered media attention due to the nature of the cases. In 2014, in Orlando Florida Dan Newlin won a case on behalf of a teenager with a brain injury. The settlement amounted to $100 million. The teenager suffered from a serious bran injury and was in a coma since 2012. The settlement included payments for past and future medical bills, the teen’s pain and suffering, punitive damages, loss of companionship and emotional distress. Check out this article on Findlaw.

Dan Newlin’s team is comprised of a set of highly skilled individuals. On his team there are former State Prosecutors, a board certified trial attorney and a retired board certified surgeon. Dan Newlin’s law firm has been selected to appear in the Super Lawyers magazine, a highly regard publication in the law industry. Dan Newlin opened another boutique law firm in Chicago, Illinois to help individuals in the midwest. With the opening of the new law practice in Chicago, Dan Newlin and his team are also licensed to practice in Chicago.


When you hear the story of Andy Wirth, words like courage, bravery and perseverance come to mind. However, he would likely sooner attribute these words to a high class of military personnel. And now his efforts are to aid in assisting them and their families.

In October of 2013 Wirth, an avid skydiver, was making a jump with some friends. Weather conditions forced him to land in a vineyard, where a pole holding up the vines severed his arm. Although he knew he was losing enough blood to put his life in danger, Wirth managed to remain calm until help arrived. He was rushed to a hospital where the arm was miraculously reattached. Then the long journey back to health began.

After three months in the hospital, Wirth was back home in Lake Tahoe and looking to resume his fitness routine. It just so happened that a Navy SEAL team was in his town doing their winter mountain combat training. Wirth quickly befriended many of these men. He credits their spirit and counsel as an integral part of his recovery. Their stories and courage motivated him on the long road back to elite physical shape.

Now, having gotten as close to what he’d call “normal” as he’s been in his whole recovery, Adam has his eye on the Ironman Triathlon. As he trains, he’s got a new cause to motivate him. He’s assembled a team that includes a close friend from college as the cycler, a new Navy SEAL friend as the swimmer and himself as the runner. Calling themselves the Special Warfare Warrior Support Team, they are out to not only win, but raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Established in 2000, the Navy SEAL Foundation provides ongoing support for the Naval Special Warfare Community. Navy SEALS are required to spend much of the year training and serving overseas, leaving their families behind. Many return with lost limbs and illnesses. Some give their lives in sacrifice for their country. The foundation provides critical support for Navy SEAL families in such times. It also develops programs to assist family members with health, welfare and education.

You can help. Adam Wirth and his buddies have a goal of $30,0000 to raise for the Foundation. Visit the Crowdrise web page at and donate today. Your contribution will help to support the members and families of a branch of military that has done so much to protect our everyday life here at home.

The Art Of Collecting Local Art

Anyone can collect local art, and they can do it intelligently. That’s the truth. Anyone can collect art without previous knowledge of the art world or a degree in art history. The main ingredient is love and appreciation for fine art, and a desire to collect without regret after you become familiar with a few simple techniques. One of the best places to learn is by visiting local art galleries and talking with local artists. Local art galleries usually have a wide selection of international artists as well as local artists. Some galleries focus on just one artist or a small group of artists, so those galleries are great information centers too. When you can look at different time periods, and study artists from different countries you get a feel for a couple of the things local artists do.

Most local artists draw inspiration from a certain period or one or two well-known artists, and then they develop a style that fits them. Local artists usually work with oil, watercolors or mixed media presentation, and that gives new collectors a feel for the types of art that should be in any collection. The type of art is also important. Studying local contemporary artists is a great way to understand that particular limitless form of art. Adam Sender, the hedge fund manager turned full-time art collector, amassed a huge contemporary art collection in New York, and he did it with the help of a gallery curator. Adam Sender also has an IMDB profile.

Sender had the resources to buy expensive works of art, but the way he collected can be done on any budget. Adam currently lives in Miami, and he has sold pieces of his 20-year-old collection for millions. He has already recouped his original investment plus an incredible profit on paintings that weren’t that old. Sender got his start buying local artists. Sender expanded his awareness using advice, vision and a love for local contemporary art. The art of collecting local art can turn into an international art adventure that never ends.

Christina Broda, Pioneering Economist

Economists are those who pursue the field of economics either academically or professionally. Economists are also an integral part in developing and deploying a government’s economic policy. There are a myriad of sub-fields within the field of economics. Meaning that an economist can specialize in any number of specific economic studies. The qualifications of an economist have been generally agreed upon as an individual who has attained a Ph.D. in economics, currently teaches or has taught any sub-filed of economics and has had their work in economics published. One such individual is Christian Broda, an exceptional economist.

Broda is an economist and financial professional who is based in New York. Broda began his study of economics at the University of San Andres in Argentina. After completing his undergraduate studies he went on to pursue his masters degree in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT. After receiving his masters degree he continued his graduate work at MIT eventually receiving his doctorate. Broda’s intellectual acumen is also apparent his numerous publications regarding economics and economic theory. He continued his academic pursuit while at the same time teaching aspiring economists at the University of Chicago. Broda’s work, in addition to his myriad of publications, deal primarily with economics in how they apply to international finance and trade. The research he has done has garnered much acclaim. His research has been featured in “The American Economic Review”, “The Quarterly Journal of Economics” and has also been featured in mainstream media. His economic acumen has also earned him grant money from the National Science Foundation so that he may continue his research. Broda currently serves as the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management. In the past he has served as Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers and as the Head of International Research at Barclays Capital. He has also spent time at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and at Columbia University. In addition to his publications, Broda served as an associate editor for the “Journal of Development Economics”, he also was a faculty fellow of the “National Bureau of Economic Research”, he acted as co-editor of the IMF Economic Review and was an active member of the “Latin American Association Economia”. Among his other successes are Broda’s awards. Broda was a James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar, awarded multiple grants and served as a member of numerous prestigious economic organizations and journals. Broda’s plethora of experience, research and awards in the field of economics speak volumes about his capabilities. All of Broda’s academic success in addition to his ability to apply his knowledge of economics to the real world illustrate that he is an exemplary economist and financial professional.

Stephen Murray Offers Philanthropy and Business Skills

A Well Rounded Individual
Stephen Murray of CCMP Capital on is a well rounded individual who has offered his ideas and skills to the world with a strong passion. He is indeed an educated man with many interests. He has lived his life with a large amount of valuable experiences in many areas. This is an interesting person who is definitely well rounded.

He Gives Much to Give to the World
Stephan Murray has given so much to the world through his philanthropy efforts and endeavors. He has a long list of establishments and foundations that he has been involved in and supported. He is a person who has made this world a better place for all of us. He has done this by giving much of his time and himself to people who may be in need of assistance. He is a man who ought to be commended for his compassionate nature. The following are included in his philanthropy efforts. These include:
*the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York
*the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County
*Stamford Museum
*Columbia Business School
*Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Boston College
Mr. Murray has gone above and beyond when it has surrounded his philanthropy choices and involvement. This is a passionate person who has the ability to jump in when others are in need.

A Finely Tuned Education
He has a degree on economics. He graduated in 1984 from Boston College. He was even able to earn his master’s degree. He did this at Columbia Business School. This was for business administration. It is safe to make the claim that Stephan does have an education that is finely tuned and make him an impressive and highly qualified individuals in many areas.

Investment banking

Banking is the foundation of our financial system. The stock market crash of 1929 and the subprime mortgage and credit crisis show that when banks do not function correctly, the economy follows. Over the centuries, banking has changed (Beattie, 2015). Among its many developments is investment banking.
Investment banking is a kind of banking that provides financing for business enterprises and investment services and solutions for corporations, governments, and individuals. They create capital and provide solutions and strategies. They finance Initial Public Offering (IPO) launches, Private Placement, Bonds, Mergers and Acquisitions, and other services. Other services include investment, portfolio, and risk management, FICC (Fixed Income Clearing Corporation) services, equity securities and trading of derivatives. Some successful investment banks are: J.P. Morgan & Co. ($94 billion), Bank of America Merrill Lynch ($85 billion), Goldman Sachs ($40 billion), Morgan Stanley ($34 billion), and Citigroup ($76 billion) (“Top 10 Investment Banks”, 2015).
Some influential investment bankers have been Mayer Rothschild, Junias Morgan, and Amadeo P. Giannini. Rothschild, in the 1700s, overcame usury laws to establish the first international bank. His children invested in infrastructure, such as railroads, that would lead to the industrial revolution. Morgan brought true finance to America, helping George Peabody strengthen ties with England’s capital markets. The credit he secured led to fast industrialization. His son J.P. supervised financial reorganization and consolidation that allowed American production to increase greatly in the 20th century. Giannini changed the banking system from an elitist institution only for the wealthy to one accessible to ordinary people. After his retirement, Giannini came out of retirement to fight a Wall Street raider for control of his bank. He won and is remembered for democratizing banks and as one of the few non-Wall Streeters to challenge and defeat a Wall Streeter (Beattie, 2015).
One modern, very successful investment banker is Kenneth Griffin. The richest person in Illinois with a personal fortune of $6.6 billion, Griffin is founder and CEO of Citadel LLC (“The Richest Person In Every State”, 2015). Griffin earned his wealth in hedge funds and scores 8 (out of 10) on Forbes’ list of self-made billionaires (“Ken Griffin”, 2015).
He began trading while a student at Harvard in 1987. In 1990, he founded Citadel. The group includes Citadel (an alternative asset manager), Citadel Securities (a liquidity provider in American capital markets), and Citadel Technology (providing solutions for investment management technology) (“Kenneth Griffin”, 2015).
The “Kenneth Griffin” (2015) website states that Griffin contributes to several charitable organizations and serves on the boards of several business and civic organizations.
Investment banks create capital for other companies. They do this by underwriting equity securities and new debt for corporations and providing guidance regarding stock issue and placement. They also assist in the sale of securities, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, and broker trades. These services are available to private lenders as well as institutions. They also may trade securities for their investments (“Investment Banking”, 2015).

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Susan McGalla And Talent Management

When a person realizes that he is good at doing a certain thing or in a certain field, the same should be mentored so that it can be put to a better use. Talent management is mostly common in companies and organization especially in the human resource departments as way of improving the business value through strategic planning of human resources. Organization which are keen at achieving its targets take the issue of employees’ affairs very seriously and will go extra miles to ensure that the employees are well taken care off as way of maximizing their work output as well as ensuring that they also enjoy personal growth. It is also a way of retaining employees in the organisation. The organisation therefore saves on the cost of training new entrants by ensuring that the already experienced workers do not leave the company.

Organizations have therefore come up with a system to support talent management which is not only supported by the human resource department but the whole organisation. Managers at all levels of production should ensure that their subordinates are comfortable while undertaking their duties. They should also assist in the sourcing, attracting, training, developing, retaining, promoting and orienting employees into the organisation. An organisation that follows the talent management system benefits through customer satisfaction, increased productivity which results to increased revenue and quality of the products or services offered. The key reason why organisation put more focus on talent management is to ensure that they retain employees who have undergone through training in his field of operation and is good at his job. This cuts the cost of the company especially at these economic times when the cost of production is high. Talent management also assist the employees to utilize their skills to the highest level which increases organization’s productivity.

Susan McGalla is a known businesswoman who was born in Ohio’s East Liverpool and attended school at Mount Onion College where she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the year 1982 to 1986. She is currently the director of strategic planning and growth at Pittsburgh Steelers located in Pennsylvania which she joined in February 2005. She has also worked for other organisations at different positions such as American Eagle Outfitters Inc where she was the president and Wet Seal Inc where she was the chief executive officer. She is also privileged to sit in different boards such as HFF Inc and Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation where she offers advice on marketing and branding. She also advises companies on finance matters which include various ways of marketing products and services as well as branding products so as to attract customers. With her experience and expertise, she is in demand by companies who want to improve their productivity by reaching out to more customers through rebranding and advertisement. She also provides other services to organizations such as team building, sourcing, strategizing, trend analysis and inventory management.