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John Textor’s Michael Jackson

John Textor, being a veteran of the entertainment industry has worked on many projects and has provided plenty of great visual effects for people to enjoy on the big screen. He has founded his company, Pulse Evolution which takes visual effects to the next level. He has progressed the industry towards recreating actual celebrities. He has progressed to creating holograms of late celebrities like Tupac and Michael Jackson. This has definitely presented audiences with a new type of entertainment as they get to see entertainers that they have grown up with, but has passed on. They not only bring out the entertainers, but the different eras of the entertainer.

For instance, a recent show has featured a hologram of Michael Jackson as he was in 1991. This has brought a lot of cheers from crowds. This has also brought forth a new type of tour called the Late Legends tour. Many promoters are contacting John Textor and his company in order to bring out more tours with other late legends. There is clearly a new industry for the great legends of previous eras. Many people wan to know what it was like going to one of their performances, or get to relive their experiences.

Among the people that are being considered for the “resurrection” are Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, and Frank Sinatra. However, they are looking for a stage presence that is based on some kind of a story. They do not intend to have Elvis Presley just singing songs while sitting on a stool. There has to be some kind of creativity present for it to work for the audience. Even if they see their favorite legends, they will walk away if it is a lazy attempt. They want to know that the presenters love and respect the artist as much as they themselves do.

This whole idea for holographic legends tour came forth when they presented Snoop Dogg alongside a holographic Tupac. There are people that go to shows in order to see a celebrity live, but at the same time, it is the experience of sharing music with others that brings the show to life for fans. In the end, it is just about the music and performance for some people. However, nothing is ever going to match the experience of seeing a live artist perform on stage and even have the chance to meet the artist in person.

Purina PetCare is Moving Pet Nutrition Ahead

Purina PetCare is a top notch pet food company that is a subsidiary of Nestle. Purina sells dog food, cat food, litter, and healthy and nutritious cat and dog treats. You may be wondering what makes Purina a better food choice for your furry friend. Well, the proof is in the morsels and kibbles on Purina news!

Unlike other brand-name dog and cat foods, Purina is one of a kind. Purina pet food is inexpensive all while still providing your pup or kitty with the nutrition and vitamins they need to thrive. For other expensive brands of dog or cat food, you may be paying close to $50.00 for a 16.5 lb bag. Purina, on the other hand, offers their 16.5 lb bags of pet food for anywhere between $20.00 to $30.00. Purina is definitely a great choice if you’re on a budget but you still want to give your pet the very best.

Most high-end quality dog and cat food is made with all-natural ingredients and real meat, fish, or poultry. Purina is no exception. Purina foods are made with either poultry, fish, or meat and they are always the first ingredient. Their food is also known to be packed with both Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s. These omega fatty acids are proven to help your pets immune system. Beyond this, Purina foods are made with energy rich carbs and dozens of vitamins and minerals that can help your pet maintain a radiant coat, strong teeth, healthy joints, and a healthy heart.

Furry Friends Love It
Of course, picking a certain brand of pet food is totally dependent on whether or not your furry friend actually enjoys the taste. Purina is both dog and cat approved! Pets just cannot get enough of this brand of food. Even if you have a very picky dog or cat, you can be sure your furry friend will enjoy one of the Purina pet food lines. Purina offers multiple pet food lines for dogs, including: One, Beyond, Pro Plan, and Beneful. They also offer multiple pet food lines for cats, including: Fancy Feast, Cat Chow, Friskies, and One.

Whether you have a kitten, puppy, adult cat, or adult dog, Purina is definitely a pet food that is less costly, high-quality, and made with smart ingredients that work together to provide the best kibble or soft food for your furry best friend.

Susan McGalla: An Inspiration to Working Women Everywhere

Susan P. McGalla is a strong female force in the corporate world. Through many years of hard work and determination, she has become an astronomical success through P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a company for which she is the founder.

However, McGalla wasn’t always a corporate executive. She started out in East Liverpool, Ohio, where she grew up with two brothers and her father, who happened to be the local football coach. Her family did not offer any lenience just because she was a girl; she was raised to work hard and earn her own place in this world. McGalla is a well-educated woman, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Mount Union College.

McGalla has created a successful career for herself, which started out at the well-known retail chain, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters during the year 1994, where she was the only female with an executive position. As she rose through the ranks at this retail chain, Susan McGalla eventually earned the title of Chief Merchandising Officer. This position held her responsible for revenues of more than three billion dollars and assets.

After her long and strengthening career with American Eagle, McGalla on  went on to become a private consultant for various investment opportunities and companies. As she continued to work hard and excel within this career, she earned her place on the Board of Directors. She soon moved on to become the chief executive officer for yet another well-known retail chain: Wet Seal. McGalla has an admirable work ethic that is seen throughout her career, earning her the top positions at prestigious and well liked companies nationwide.

Following these positions, McGalla decided it was time to create her own company. P3 Executive Consulting was the result of her decision. A very prestigious and successful company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC offers financial consulting services to the top people in the Finance industry. With her abundant experience, Susan McGalla is able to provide insight into the world of retail and investments. Her many successes are a result of her ability to work hard, and pursue goals with much determination.

Throughout her career, McGalla has faced large challenges in the business world, simply because of her gender. McGalla has never let this stop her, because she was brought up to work hard regardless of the circumstances. McGalla is an inspiration for aspiring businesswomen all over the world. It is time to consider that people are hardworking and strong, regardless of gender. Anyone can be successful if they dedicate themselves to working hard.

Environmental Law Insights

Legal profession entails studying, developing and applying the law. To get into this profession, one will first have to obtain a law degree or get a legal education. Practicing law involves offering advices to clients and if necessary, representing them either as a private practitioner or in a law firm. In most nations, it is mandatory for law graduates to undergo some sort of an apprenticeship, membership in a professional organization and acquire a license. Law profession is very broad and its areas of practice Include:-
I. Administrative Law
II. Banking Law
III. Insurance Law
IV. Competition Law
V. Constitutional Law
VI. Corporate & Commercial Law
VII. Medical Law and compliance
VIII. Environmental Law
IX. Municipal Law
X. Family Law

However, as a field, environmental law is an overall term for a wide range of treaties, statutes, regulations and common customary laws meant to address the effects of human activities on the natural environment. In broad terms, it is sometimes called environmental and natural resource law. As we know, environment entails the conditions or surroundings in which a person or any other living organism lives. Why is it necessary to protect the environment? It has been proven beyond doubt, that if we destroy the environment or pollute it in any way, we as its habitat could be the first casualties of its wrath. As aforementioned, a much common way of destroying environment is pollution. This is the act of introducing contaminants or pollutants into the natural environment. Pollutants can take the form of chemical substances or energies such as heat, noise or light. These pollutants may deteriorate the quality of air or ozone effectiveness, both of which could result into deaths and diseases.

To protect the environment from these devastating effects of pollution, many countries have enacted legislations to regulate various types of pollution as well as to mitigate theses effects. Environmental lawyer are there to offer custodial services to these regulations. They uphold these regulations and advocate for more policies to clean air, water, land use and global warming. These lawyers develop policies and engage in lawsuits to protect environment, compel waste filtration, and pursue compensation for victims of environmental contamination. By doing these, they prevent the government and corporations from engaging in practices that could hurt the environment or local residents. They could also represent government agencies or companies by working on environmental impact planning and sustainable growth development.

Typical cases in the environment field are; a builders use of toxic paint,an irrigation system’s harmful impacts on endangered fish species or a company’s contamination of groundwater used for drinking among others.Practicing law involves much more than emotionally charged trial proceedings of courtroom. They spend most of their time in office since most cases pertaining environment are settle before trial.

One known Attorney is Frans Schoeman. He is the director of Phatsima Diamond located in Cape Town Area, South Africa. Mr. Frans is a graduate of university of Free State and UniversiteitVan Die Vrystaat. He is described as a highly motivated attorney with a remarkable stamina and expertise knowledge of Commercial and business law.

Beauty Products are Easily Available

It’s a fact that everyone wants to look beautiful all the time. That’s why People are always striving to get something that will make them look young and glamorous. The modern beauty product industry has seen the need to put these products within our reach, so that we can reach our goal.

It is possible to change ones look, but first, it is important to put some key considerations in mind. Many people, especially women love experimenting beauty products on their skin sometimes as a way to express their feeling or even to add abit of glamour I their everyday life.

There are very many beauty products that are available in the market today. These were manufactured so that we can enhance our looks, and make us feel always young and beautiful. These beauty products include;

  • Skin care products; these are products which are made especially for the skin.
  • Hair products, which are made for the hair like shampoos.
  • Overall body care products, which are general products for the body like the perfumes.

When we use these beauty products, our bodies feel revitalized our self-esteem goes up and we get rid of our imperfections.

One of the companies that make great beauty products is the Lime Crime on dollskill. The company makes products that cover more than just our imperfections. When using their products, you are able to express your personality .the company makes products for everyone. It is an independent company that is made up people who love makeup. The Lime Crime company is based in Los Angeles, and it is committed to producing the best cosmetics in the world

With the use of improved technology and the use of science, it has become very easy to analyze the ingredients in the body products that we are using. Sometimes, some beauty skin products can contain Harmful ingredients like chemicals are easily absorbed by our skin. When you discover that the product you are using contains such, it is important and wise to replace them by using natural and herbal ingredients that are recognized to protect the skin and also offer added benefits. Some of these added benefits include lightening of acne marks and any other pigmentation on the skin. The beauty industry has also managed to introduce various beauty products that actually help to maintain smooth wrinkled skin and also delay the signs of aging.

These beauty products are manufactured by various cosmetic companies all over. Many of these companies have actually adhered to the set regulations in order to provide us with better, effective and safe products. Every product they make should cater to every need and mood, and should be favorable to different skin types.

There is good news to those people who are not able to afford expensive products. Nowadays, there are easy-to-make products. These are available at almost every book store and in the Internet. The ingredients for the beauty products are found in every kitchen, so we don’t have an excuse not to take care of our skin.


Boraie Development LLC, New Jersey’s Finest Real Estate Firm

Boraie Development LLC is one of the finest real estate developing firms in the state of New Jersey, with high concentrations of work in New Brunswick, Newark, and Atlantic City. Boraie Development was co-founded by Mr. Omar Boraie, along with his brother, Wasseem, a man of Egyptian descent who was “brain-drained” to America in hopes of earning a doctorate degree in chemistry. Mr. Boraie was drawn away from the thought of earning his doctorate when he decided to enter the real estate market.

Boraie Development has been wildly successful after making good out of a New Brunswick market who offered the real estate market little room to succeed, turning a stagnant market into a booming market.

Boraie Development LLC purchases existing buildings, apartments, condominiums, and homes as well as funds the construction of new projects. The Boraie brothers have recently funded the construction of a large, high-end skyscraper at One Spring Street. Boraie Development has paired with a very well known, top-of-the-line architect in Costas Kondylis & Partners, which happens to be the very same firm that designs many of Donald Trump’s buildings.

In 2015, officials in Atlantic City came together for a meeting in hopes of advancing the city’s development. Boraie Development has an apartment complex that recently finished up construction in the South Inlet, and is planned to have 250 units. Much like New Brunswick, the Boreia brothers have helped turn Atlantic City’s real estate market around, for the good of the community.

Boraie Development LLC also is active philanthropically. In 2014, Boraie Development donated $25,000 to the Boys & Girls Club in Atlantic City. $25,000 is not the extent of how far Boreia will donate, as they plan to be involved with the Club for the foreseeable future.

Another one of Boraie Development’s housing complexes they have funded is The Aspire. It is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and is seventeen stories tall.

Boraie Development LLC has helped turn the real estate market of New Jersey around, not only for their own success, but for the city and its constituents. Everyone in New Jersey benefits from Boraie Development in one way or another, whether it is the kids that directly benefit from the donations provided to the Boys and Girls Club, or prudent, established investors whose business are brought more business from the large amount of people Boraie Development is responsible for housing.

Smartphones Are Welcome On FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services

What is a smartphone? A smartphone is a very updated phone that tends to be a touchscreen phone, but some smartphones do not have touch screens. In the past, Blackberry made a smartphone that didn’t have a touchscreen. Blackberry came out with one of the first smartphones that didn’t have a touchscreen, and blackberry phones were extremely popular in the past. Nowadays, most people are looking towards Android phones because of the capabilities that they have. Android is one of the most popular smartphone software out there next to the iPhone. All iPhones are considered smartphones, and iPhones are extremely popular, and most cell phone networks can use the iPhones these days.

A smartphone should be able to have high-speed Internet connected to it like FreedomPop, so the person can easily browse the Internet at fast speeds. It’s important for a smartphone to have high Internet speeds, especially if the person will be streaming music, videos, or doing downloads with their cell phone. Many cell phones these days are so advanced that they even have a CPU inside of it, which is the same thing a computer has. The very good smartphones can help a person conduct all their business right from their phone, instead of them having to use a tablet, laptop or a computer.

A smartphone has to have a great cell phone service in order to function properly, and to have a smartphone without a good service is similar to having a stadium without any fans. A smartphone absolutely needs great service to keep up with everything that it can do, especially for the Internet service. Anyone with a smartphone should look up a company, find the phone number, and then dial the phone number they choose right from the Internet. If a person has a great smartphone as well as great service, such as that from FreedomPop, then they are more likely to stick with the service and phone they have. It’s necessary to have great service for a smartphone so that the phone can be used for its intended purpose as well as being fast.

FreedomPop has smartphones for sale, but a person can easily take an existing smartphone and transfer it to the FreedomPop services. Not only does FreedomPop have great cell phone service, but it’s possible to get the service free of charge as well. FreedomPop also has an unlimited cell phone service that can work with most smartphones, and the service includes unlimited talk, text, and data. Those who are looking for a home to switch their cell phone service to, but they don’t want to leave their smartphone behind should consider FreedomPop’s cell phone services, especially the unlimited cell phone service for only $20 monthly.

Joseph Bismark: The Man of Mind and Body

Released through Reuters was an article titled, “Joseph Bismark Featured in Latest asPire Magazine Issue”. In this article Bismark shared many regimes that keep him in shape, feeling well and being well all together. He shared a variety of apps he uses on his phone, Luminosity for example, of which aid his mind to be as sharp and enduring as his body. He also expressed his authenticity explaining that he “walks his talk” by working out, practicing yoga exercises, cycling and swimming. Not only does Bismark practice yoga but also instructs it to others at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark also announced another app he uses when cycling named MapMyRide that includes a training log that records duration, distance, speed and calories burned. Just when you thought that was enough physical endurance for one practice, he shares how he also has a keen interest in martial arts. Bismark says, “I am a staunch advocate of holistic health and wellness.” He definitely proves this statement by how open he is to sharing his regime for sustaining such a healthy and well rounded lifestyle.
For those of you that are not aware of who Joseph Bismark, this is a great resource. Bismark is a founding director of the QI Group of which he now holds the position as the managing director. He is known for his amicable choices that regard the well-being of himself and others. Living by the quote, “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things” expresses the positivity he sees in everybody. What he gains by his actions holds the weight behind his words. Previously mentioned, Bismark is a yoga instructor for the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. This position was more than likely obtained through his thirst for knowledge with the will to think. This part of his character ties in well with how firm he is on spiritual growth. These two traits attribute for his interests as a Vedic philosopher. Bismark can carry the title of a true renaissance man. He is caring enough to want to learn and witty enough to put it all into practice. This is a man we can all learn from in a variety of ways.

The Rise and Spinout of CCMP Capital from JP Morgan Chase

CCMP Capital is an American firm whose services focus on growth capital and leveraged buyout areas of equity investment. The firm employs many investment bankers to ensure quality service delivery to its clients. Its offices are in New York, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong. The New York office also serves as the company’s headquarter. As of 2007, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wsj was the 17th largest private equity fund worldwide. Since inception, the firm has invested over $12 billion in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was founded as Chemical Venture Partners by Chemical Bank in 1984. The firm was to serve as the venture capital and private equity arm of the bank. The first major growth of the firm was in 1996 when Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank. The acquisition provided the firm with an increased client base and new business territories. The firm adopted the name Chase Capital Partners.

In 2000, the group acquired JP Morgan & Co. The private equity firm had to change its name to JP Morgan Partners to reflect the acquisition. Other smaller firms that the group had acquired by that time were Robert Fleming & Co, Manufacturers Hanover, Hambrecht & Quist, and The Beacon Group.

When JP Morgan Chase acquired Bank One in 2004, JP Morgan Partners’ fate changed. The group decided to use Bank One’s One Equity Partners as its private equity investment arm. JP Morgan was faced with a tough choice. The firm decided to spinout of JP Morgan Chase.

The spinout was announced in March 2005, but was completed on July 31, 2006. As a part of the spinout, JP Morgan Chase sold its interest in the company to new investors. At the time of the spinout, JP Morgan Chase’s share in the private equity investment firm was valued at $925 million.

Stephen Murray is one of the JP Morgan Partners that worked hard to ensure successful spinout of the firm from JP Morgan Chase. He joined the firm in 1996 during the acquisition of Chase Manhattan. He became the President and the CEO of CCMP in 2007. He holds an economics degree from Boston College, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

On July 31, 2006, CCMP Capital was born. The acronym represents all the former entities of the company. The firm did a fundraising just after the spinout, and managed to raise a staggering $3.4 billion from institutional investors. Apart from the fundraising, CCMP also sold Medpace in February 2014 for a staggering $900 million.

The company currently has investments in a number of companies such as Renovo, Smurfit Kappa group, Brake Bros Ltd, and Berry Plastics. It has continued to grow exponentially and has successfully established itself as an international private equity investment firm. This has been attributed to its quality services that ensure clients’ investments remain profitable.