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The Chatter In The Dog Parks Is Pets Are Finally Eating Like Their Owners

Dog and cat food quality is moving up the ladder and is now referred to as ‘gourmet food’ for the pet. Improved meals is good news for pet owners and their pets because they will have healthier, happier companions, with more energy and will live longer. It looks like a win-win for both pets and their owners.

Recapping an article that appeared in the Daily Herald explains this change in pet food. Several pet food manufacturers are adding a gourmet food line to their already established choice of products. The Freshpet manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has a gourmet product that they say “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” This meal is packaged in a plastic sleeve and requires refrigeration, but is made of fresh chicken and turkey, vegetables, added nutrition and antioxidants.

Many companies have already been blending lamb and salmon into their specialty foods, preparing organic foods that pets love and are grain-free. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights produces two specialty dishes, Beef Stroganoff, and Lasagna for the ultra gourmet pet. Big Heart Pet Brands have two new products that have become extremely popular, and they are Grilled Beef Burger Treats and Duck Jerky, produced without artificial flavors or coloring.

One of the largest manufacturers of pet food, Nestle’s Purina Beneful has consistently improved the nutritional aspects of their pet foods. They have hundreds of scientists dedicated to the health and longevity of pets. One area on the Beneful website owners can order special blends of foods for their pets. The owner simply completes a brief questionnaire about their pet’s health, weight, and likes. Beneful then captures these specifications and creates a special blend for that pet and ships it directly to the home. Purina recently bought Merrick Pet Care, adding this certified organic pet food producer to their gourmet agenda. The Backcountry Line is part of this purchase, containing such appetizing entrees as Game Bird and Pacific Catch.

Pet food manufacturers  like Beneful are constantly working to improve their blends of meals for pets while adding more beneficial nutrients for improved health.

The chatter heard in the dog parks translated into English is “We’re eating like our owners.” Ruff Ruff



White Shark Media Reviews all Customer Feedback to Create Better Services

White Shark Media is an online search marketing agency that has offices in the United States, Denmark and Central America. The company was founded in 2010. Today, White Shark Media has grown to become one of the premier online marketing firms offering services to over 600 active clients. The firm employs about 144 fulltime employees and enjoys a client retention rate of 8-10 percent. It is run by Gary Garth as the CEO and Andrew Lolk as the Chief Marketing Officer.

As a digital marketing agency, White Shark Media, provides Adwords Management services, Web Services and SEO reviews to small and medium businesses. The company is keen on growing all its customers’ awareness around the globe. It has a lot of experience in e-commerce and Shopify platform. Due to their great services, the company enjoys relatively high customer retention rates.

Client Reviews

Any business must receive both positive and negative reviews at one point in time. It is these views that allow the business to know how it is performing and what areas it needs to improve on. White Shark Media has an active online presence and welcomes all reviews from clients. The company takes all the reviews it gets seriously and looks into them to ensure that it continuously improves its services.

The aim of the company is to attract more business and retain the current clients that is has. Since its inception in 2010, the firm has gotten many compliments from satisfied clients. In the same period, it has maturely received and worked on complaints in a bid to move forward constructively. Additionally, it has maintained a high level of professionalism all through.

Improved Effective Communication

White Shark Media has put a lot of emphasis on excellent communication among staff members, with clients and the general public. As a marketing firm and consultancy agency, effective communication is very important to the company. The company ensures that new clients understand how all their products work. In addition, current clients are personally informed about new campaigns and how they work. This has helped to reduce confusion and create transparency in all its product offerings.

The firm has scheduled monthly communication using GoTomeeting. This is an online conferencing tool that allows the company to communicate with clients while reviewing reports and AdWords accounts with them. This has been highly appreciated by older clients.

The company has created a direct extension phone system that has allowed clients to directly communicate with their contact person. Upon signing up, clients are given the contact information of their contact person and their immediate supervisor. White Shark Media has continued to improve on its communication and services to ensure it remains on top of its game.

New Memorial Statue To Debut In Hawaii U.S. Money Reserve Funds

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest companies that is responsible for selling and trading gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals in the country. They provide a service to customers in the United States that no other company can support. Their coins are backed with guarantees that they stand firmly behind, and their customers get to feel a strong sense of confidence when they buy from the U.S. Money Reserve because they know that the precious metals are real. There are plenty of fraudulent companies out there today, so it is important to only work with those that can be trusted.

New Memorial For Pearl Harbor Anniversary

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor reported, the U.S. Money Reserve is teaming up with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation to place another statue of the Lone Sailor in Hawaii. The first statue was placed in Washington, D.C. in order to commemorate the men and women who served in sea services. This statue will be seven foot tall, and it will contain bronze metal as well as some metal from a ship that fought in Pearl Harbor.

The face of the statue was originally modeled after one of the biggest contributors of the original statue placement. The procurement was brought to the D.C. area in 1977 when Rear Admiral William Thompson set out to build the memorial. This time, the statue is in Hawaii, and the funds are coming exclusively from the U.S. Money Reserve. A large part of the funds that are being raised to support the placement of the 75th anniversary statue of the Lone Sailor in Hawaii are coming from the coins that the U.S. Money Reserve is selling to commemorate this anniversary.

In an article from Yahoo News about this developing memorial effort, the president and CEO of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation, John B. Totushek, speaks about the celebrated effort. He claims that this statue being built “represents an important inflection point in our nation’s history.” If you would like more information on the memorial, visit Yahoo News’ article.

George Soros Discusses European Economics

George Soros recently spoke to the about the economic situation in Europe, and he has troubling news for the EU. He is closely watching is going on, and he has ideas that will help solve the problem quickly. This article explains what George believes is the problem in Europe, his solutions for the problem and his own background in economic observation.

#1: The EU Moves Too Slowly On Their Problems

George has long been critical of how slowly the EU dealt with the debt crisis in Greece, and he believes that the continent is waiting for the migrant crisis to work itself out. He sees many similarities in what happened in Greece and today, and he is hoping that EU leaders will step up to solve the problems. George believes that Germany is key, and he is waiting for Angela Merkel to handle the problem from her seat of leadership.

#2: Migrants Come With An Economic Responsibility

Migrants who are streaming out of Syria and into Europe are causing economic troubles of the continent. Every migrant can contribute to the economy when they get settled, but the migrants must be cared for before they can settle down. Fearmongering in Europe about terrorism is making it difficult for every country to care for their own migrants, and the migrants will be worse off if they are shipped to other countries. George wants to see leaders in Europe take responsibility for every migrant to ensure that every migrant fits into the European economy.

#3: Europe Is Struggling With Currency

Europe has been struggling with currency values as nearly every country in the EU adopted the Euro. The Euro has been sliding in value, and George made most of his money in speculating on currency. He can see that the currency is not doing well, and he knows that he could easily make another billion dollars on the Euro alone. The EU must make changes to ensure that the Euro is healthy before the leaders may go on with other policies.

#4: George Sees An Imminent Collapse

The trouble with the EU at the moment is that the union could fall without anyone in the union noticing. Countries around Europe are trying to decide if they want to stay in the EU, and the UK is seriously considering backing out. The UK has a large economy, and their loss would mean the end of the EU.

George Soros is asking people to be cautious when looking at the EU and the Euro. The migrant and currency crisis alone could sink the union, and George hopes that people around the world will take notice before it is too late.