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Norka Luque: The Latin Pop Artist Making a Name for Herself in the Music Industry

Norka Martinez Luque was born on 7th February 1986 in Caracas Venezuela. Ms. Martinez relocated to France soon after she graduated from high school. She resided there for four years as she studied Business Administration.

Apart from her studies, Norka Luque also pursued her dream of becoming a professional singer. She joined a music group, Bad Moon Rising as a soloist. This music group performed alternative tunes.

Ms. Martinez returned to the United States after she realized that it was only in the United States where she could make it big as an artist. She started the journey as a professional singer by performing in the nightclubs in the South Beach region. It was during one of her performances that she was recognized by the producer, Emilio Estefan Jr.

Estefan together with other key personalities in the Latino music community worked on her first album. Some of the major tunes from the album include “Como lo haces tu” which was released in 2011. “Como lo haces tu” was so successful that it got Norka Luque a nomination at the Lo Nuestro Award. She was nominated for the Best Pop Female Artist of the Year.

Another solo from the album was “Milagro.” This single was released in three phases; salsa, urban remix and dance version. All these versions were very successful. They were played on big radio/TV stations and clubs in countries such the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Her latest single is “Tomorrowland.” This single was released early this year. It is also doing very well in music charts.

Norka Luque is a strong woman; she has proved that miracles do come true even amidst a personal crisis. In 2007, she gained too much weight after suffering epilepsy, a life-threatening condition. The weight she gained negatively impacted her career. She then opted to hire a personal trainer to help her lose weight. She successfully lost 32 kilograms. Today, Ms. Martinez is mindful of what she eats.

Besides her career in the music industry, she loves tennis. If she is not making music, you will find her in the court playing tennis. Norka Luque is very active on social media; follow her to learn more about her and her work.

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Desiree Perez Presents a Hustlers Mentality


Jay-Z, in his early recordings, talks about this hustler mentality. This is how he started in the rap game. It has taken him quite far, and he knew that he would need someone else with the same hustler’s mentality to move Tidal to where it needed to be.


No one expected this company – with an African American leader – to be at the top of the game so soon. Music listeners are always in a place where they have more than one option. A premium service like Tidal didn’t seem like it would be a hit at first. It is like premium apps. People that have smart phones would not necessarily download a lot of premium apps if they can get similar apps for free that do the same thing.


That is the difference though. Perez has made people see that they cannot get the same thing with other music streaming services that they get with Tidal. What she has done is make people realize that the exclusive content can be worth the subscription price. This is a move that Jay-Z has always spoken about in his rhymes. He has made people see the value of serving up a product that would be unique. Jay-Z has also talked about the loyalty of those customers that he supplied products to. Dez Perez understands this, and they both seems to understand one another. That is what has made this music streaming service popular.


It is also good to have the money to make people take a look at what his company has to offer with classic albums. Prince, for example, was very close to Jay and Beyonce before he passed. Tidal has already given members access to some remastered Prince albums, and Jay-Z may have access to the Prince vault material at some point down the line. If this all comes down to the highest bidder Jay-Z and Beyonce may put up the highest amount to draw more people to Tidal. This is another way that he can keep himself on the island in music streaming. He can stand out from the rest and attract more people this way.


Desiree has been able to help him realize that this is the way to go. He could conform and copy what everyone else is doing. Jay-Z had other plans. He wanted to stand out and present music streaming in a different light.

Women Can’t Help Falling In Love With The Results Provided By WEN

Women all over the world ave been falling in love with the hair care line WEN by Chaz Dean. It has been out for a while now, but still continues to get a lot of praise today. This is because the special formula used to create WEN allows it to be effective on all types of hair, regardless of what problems might be at hand. Bustle Magazine blogger, Emily McClure, tested out the product herself to see if all the good things were actually true about WEN hair, followed by published a review based on her results.

Emily had set her test period for a weeks time, to see if the Guthy-Renker produced brand would produce any results. This ended up being more than she actually needed to see an effect on her hair, which luckily, did exactly as it promised. Within a few days, Emily was seeing more shine in her hair and it felt thicker to run her fingers through. With so many failed products in the past, Emily was delighted by the success she had seen with Wen hair. It was even enough to add it to her hair care routine permanently. Inside her review that she posted for her readers on Bustle, she showed off her hair in before and after pictures to prove it works.

The process involved with creating WEN was a long one, and probably frustrating with all the trial and error required to make it happen. In the end, Chaz Dean ( was happy with the product he created, and rightly so, because it is highly effective at treating peoples hair. The special formula also allows people to replace other products with WEN, as it does the job of typical conditioners, shampoos, detangling serums, and more. The best part is WEN is affordable on most budgets and is extremely easy to use. Once per day when showering, and it is applied like any typical shampoo. To learn more, visit the WEN hair Facebook page.


Securus’s Agents Recognized For Worldwide Status Training

In the wake of understaffed facilities prisons have had to turn to private companies to fill the void that their staff can’t. Prison guards are forced to pay attention to the over populated inmates that are housed in jail and have no time to deal with the activities and products that are available to prisoners. These spaces are where private companies have come to fill in and help with the unsolved issues. For example, things like clothing, food, and phone services have been outsourced to these private companies that focus on just assisting prisons.


One of the top leaders in this segment of the business market is Securus Technologies, a company that supplies prisons with technology that solves security issues in public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring. The company has made great success in the field supplying the prisons they service with top of the line products that help monitor the prisoners inside to minimize the amount of crime that can happen within their walls. This has made the job much easier for prison guards because they can now see the danger before it even happens. The company has was recognized by its ability to help prisons when eleven of its agents received internationally recognized certification. This means that they have done and passed training that has taught them the current tricks of the trade for security on a worldwide status. These eleven have basically passed the elite level of security testing that few achieve. Through their training, Securus Technologies can now continue to achieve the excellent work that they have done in the past, except now they have the most up to date and advanced information to work with. This commitment to their clients helps to show why Securus Technologies is at the top of their field.


The SOLVY System for Getting Homework Done

There is a totally free online math homework platform for students, teachers, and schools called SOLVY. Students can use SOLVY to access math problems that have customized for them by their teachers.

Teachers can take advantage of this technological advancement and assign mathematical exercises for their students based on the student’s interest and needs. The teachers will then be able to receive notifications when their students require extra support.

SOLVY was designed with not only the students being taken into consideration but also their teachers. Teachers can use SOLVY and save time when it comes to helping students individually. They can provide real-world context to their classrooms while using their time efficiently.

Like all modern technology is nowadays, SOLVY can be accessed on a lot of different devices. Students can interact with a graphing tool and their teachers can see the student’s work for solving the problems. By visibly seeing their student’s problem areas, they can focus their efforts on pointing out errors and misunderstandings, rather than re-teaching an entire lesson and hoping the students understand.

SOLVY is intended for high school students and their schools. It generates homework assignments according to parameters set by the teacher. Teachers have full access when it comes to creating and administrating customized learning exercises in a most timely and effective way.

One of the main attractions of SOLVY is that there are no multiple choice questions. Students must arrive at their own answers and input it into the problem. It encourages students to look for and learn from their mistakes.

A Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Alexei Beltyukov has always had a drive about him. In 2013, he formed Endemic Capital. Alexei Beltyukov founded it as a way to provide angel funding for Russian start-up companies. Although his entrepreneurial drive pulls at him constantly, he is also a very passionate philanthropist.

Alexei Beltyukov has formed and supported many different organizations that aim to help other Russians who are looking to start businesses or attend business school. Alexei Beltyukov also helped to establish a Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD.

Online Stock Trading

Trading stocks is one of the most exciting careers that anyone can have. There are a lot of private equity firms that employ professionals to conduct this job. Over the long term, this can make a huge difference in someone’s quality of life. If you can help someone build wealth and plan for retirement, they can start to have hope in their life again. Raj Fernando is someone who has had a great career in the field. However, he has not been without his share of challenges. This is the type of career that takes a lot of your time and energy, and he has had to sacrifice a lot to get to this point.

Raj Fernando

From the time he was young, Raj Fernando was always interested in numbers. The natural progression to finance was easy for him. When he was in college, he saw that he could make a lot of money helping other people in this area. If you want to take things to the next level, this is a great way to do so. Raj Fernando knows how to invest in his business, and that is why he has done so well over the past couple of years. If you want to get financial advice from someone who has experience in the field, he is a great person to go to. One of the great things about his advice is that it is simple to follow. It is not always easy, but it is simple for people to understand.

Future Plans

In the future, Raj Fernando plans to continue to work in his field. A recent article talked about how he is one of the best at chopper trading. This is essentially an event where someone buys and sells a stock quickly. Over the long term, this can make a huge difference in the amount that can be accumulated. Raj Fernando knows how to invest to build wealth for the future, but he can also do it in the short term. If you want to start investing for the future, he is a great person to work with.

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Devco And New Jersey Cities Are Partnering For The Future

Devco has been reported by the Press of Atlantic City for being the perfect place to get municipal loans for development. The company spends a lot of money every year to help all its clients get the loans that they need, and every loan has a purpose. Devco works with the client trying to find out what that purpose is, and then they will make sure that they give the city the best plan. There are many people who are going to get jobs because of development, and that is why Devco does what they do.
Devco knows that they can create a loan and plan for building that will put up a large new hotel or casino. The hotel or casino will instantly have other businesses coming into the area because of the fact that they want to get in on the new business in the area. Retail companies want to sell to all the new customers that are in the area, and the commercial industry wants to move in because they are in a nice location. Industrial companies can move in because they are close to new clients, and the city can build housing for the people who live in the area.

Someone who did not have prospects for the future has them now because of the fact that they saw a loan from Devco take shape. According to Atty. Chris Paladino, Devco will help the city figure out how much money they can make the pay their loan back, and they can show them what they can do in the future after the loan is paid off. Rebuilding old neighborhoods is very easy, and that is because Devco has made them very easy to build. They have created only the best loans for their clients, and they have earned tax dollars in several communities.

How Jose Borghi is Transforming the Brazilian Advertising Industry

Jose Borghi has made a name for himself by being one of the most renowned advertising executives in Brazil. He has helped creation of numerous captivating ads. Mr. Borghi serves as the co-Chief Executive Officer of Mullen Lowe Brasil. He rose to prominence after creating Mammals Parmalat, an ad that featured kids dressed up like stuffed animals. Since then, his career has grown in leaps and bounds.

Borghi was born and brought up in Presidente Prudente on He studied at PUC Campinas from where he holds a degree in advertising. Despite the success that he has had in the industry, Jose embarked on his career accidentally. He developed an interest in advertising during his high school years. This is after he accompanied his sister to watch a performance at a theatre on The star of the show was a presentation that featured commercial Vts. Watching the performance made young Jose to make up his mind about pursuing advertising as a career.

Before venturing out to form his own ad agency, Jose Borghi worked at Standard Ogilvy where he was a screen writer. He had further stints at FBB, Talent, DM9/DDB, and Leo Burnett. His interest helped him perform roles assigned to him in a judicial manner. Besides this, he was able to learn about what it takes to establish a successful advertising agency. The lessons that he learnt while working at the aforementioned firms, have helped redefine his career as an advertising executive at Mullen Lowe Brasil.

Entrepreneurial Success

Together with fellow advertising guru Erh Ray, Jose Borghi co-founded Brazilian advertising firm Borghi Lowe in 2006. Having worked in the industry for many years, he felt that he was ready to venture out, and set up his own agency. However, he was faced with a myriad of challenges. Key among them was lack of funding. No bank was ready to give them a loan to set up operations. However, they worked with the little resources that were available, and managed to turn the firm into one of the most successful Brazilian ad agencies.

Borghi Lowe recently joined forces with Mullen Group to form Mullen Lowe. This has catapulted both firms to greater success. Borghi’s stature in Brazil’s advertising industry has similarly grown. At the moment, he is Mullen Lowe’s co-CEO. The company’s client list includes major corporations such as Delta Airlines. Borghi intends to use his experience in the industry to help the firm stamp its authority on the global market. It has already established itself in several South American countries.