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Entrepreneur Josh Verne Offer His Business Tips

Josh Verne, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, recently offered his tips on how to conduct yourself in business and life in general. He says to be a leader instead of a boss; you earn respect through leading by example and respecting others. He says that in negotiations everyone should come out a winner. Another tip is to speak less and listen more; the less you speak the more people will listen when you do have something to say. He also says life is a balancing act so find a mix between work, family, and hobbies that fit your needs. His last tip is to figure out what you’re passionate about in life and pursue that because that’s where you’ll find the most success.

Josh Verne founded in order to provide a way for college students to talk among themselves about issues that they care about. The discussion covers a wide breadth of subjects such as classwork, fashion, tv shows, music, sports, Greek life, and sex. The site features articles, blogs, videos, and memes.

Another business that Josh Verne had founded was in 2012. This is an e-commerce site with tons of brand names that employed people can buy with no financing charges or fees. Instead, the customer makes the payment either directly from their bank account or through a payroll deduction from their place of employment. Josh Verne successfully sold this company at a profit to San Diego-based Global Analytics in 2014.


Getting to Know Bruce Levenson the Businessman

Bruce Levenson has always seemed to be easy to admire. His hard work and determination has paid off and that shows through his professional advancements. Based on Atlanta, Georgia, Levenson founded United Communications Groups with Ed Peskowitz, his business partner, in 1977. This was above his father’s liquor store. He continues to be a huge part of the company’s growth looking over the practices and making sure that they maintain the values intended when the business was built. This comes through the educations he has received at multiple amazing colleges such as Washington University and American University. He even worked as a journalist for the Washington Star, which many people may not know about him.

In 2004, he began his co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. This was a true testament to how hard he has worked for his entire life. In a truly admirable businessman move, he sold the Hawks in 2014 for 27% less than what his bankers told him he could get. Goldman Sachs was hired on to gauge how much the team was worth and overshot it a great deal. Though they believed he could get a billion dollars for the team and the rights to usage of the sports arena, he ended up selling for $730 million according to Forbes. There were various prices that were forecaster. Some of them much higher than $730 million, but in the end he sold the team to a group run by Antony Ressler. This group includes NBA royalty such as Grant Hill and the owner/founder of Marquis Jet Jesse Itzler.

Levenson knows how to sniff out the best professional opportunities and is not afraid to go for the gold. He has the strength, the intellect, and the fearlessness necessary to move mountains and get exactly what he wants. He takes pride in his lengthy career in both the business and sports worlds. As of 2015, he became a board member for TechTarget, Inc. He is also known for his philanthropic endeavors. Most recently, along with his wife, starting The School of Philanthropy and Non-Profit management at the University of Maryland. With a varied, deep educational background with a multitude of interests, Levenson’s goal is to make life better for all people.

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OSI Group: The Best In Custom Food Solutions

Did you know that many of your favorite foods that line the shelves of your favorite grocery stores and retailors come from food providers? Most people think that each and every store has it’s own personal farm from which it selects food items, but this notion is far from the truth.

One of the leading food sourcing organizations in the world is located right in the U.S. and it’s known as OSI Group. OSI has over 20,000 employees that work in up to 65 facilities. Also this organization span across 17 countries worldwide making it one of the largest privately held companies in the country.

With so much extensive capabilities, OSI can produce custom food products, supply global chain management, processing as well as distribution. Types of foods? OSI Group can give you pizza, hot dogs, beef patties, vegetables, dough products, pork, fish, and bacon. The options are endless here and if you’re in need of something special, this company can produce the very best in custom foods. There are too many benefits to name, but here are a few to help give you better insight on this extraordinary company.

Top Notch Food Safety & Quality Assurance
Precise Custom Food Solutions
High Quality Culinary Skill
Worldwide (Global) Flavor Knowledge
Innovative Research That Bring Ideas To Life
And many more

OSI Group started out as Otto & Sons nearly a century ago. This once small family meat market was founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. McDonald’s was one of it’s first major clients as the company supplied this eatery with fresh ground beef. As of today, OSI Group has many high profile clients such as KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and many more. Being such business savvy, OSI has made many acquisitions to strengthen it’s network. BAHO Foods, Flagship Europe, and Tyson Food plant are now apart of this global team. The future of food sourcing is much more promising and OSI Group controls most of it.

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Vinny Parascandola Has Come A Long Way In The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry provides insurance products and services for millions of people. There are many types of insurance that people are interested in purchasing. There are various reasons why people are interested in purchasing insurance, but one of the main reasons is because insurance provides a sense of security for people related to unexpected events that may occur in their lives.

Some of the most popular types of insurance that people have an interest in purchasing include home insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance, and health insurance. Each type of insurance has a unique purpose that it serves. While insurance has many types, people have a general understanding of what type of insurance they need or want. However, sometimes people need help determining the specifics of the insurance they want or need.

In these cases, there are many insurance companies that can help people determine what options are best for their particular insurance needs. An insurance company that ranks as one of the top insurance brands on a yearly basis is AXA Advisors. The company is a French multinational company that has offices in countries around the world. Created in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. The company has changed names on several occasions throughout the years. The current name of AXA Advisors was established in 1985.

With offices in numerous locations, AXA Advisors provides insurance products and services that provide people with a variety of options. As a multinational company, AXA Advisors has top executives across the world who help the company at the various offices. One of the main offices for the company is located in New York. A Senior Vice President at the New York office is Vinny Parascandola. Known throughout AXA Advisors as an outstanding executive, Vinny Parascandola provides leadership in various aspects of business operations regarding the company.

He has over 20 years of insurance industry experience that covers numerous aspects of the insurance industry. One of the jobs that Vinny Parascandola has held in the insurance industry is as an insurance agent. His job as an insurance agent was the first job that he held in the insurance industry.

James Dondero’s Contributions to the Legacy Campaign of the Family Place

The Texas-based Family Place is a large agency specializing in helping family violence victims. The organization arrives at this aim by utilizing effective intervention, proactive prevention, and extensive community education advocacy as well as supporting families of victims besides the victims themselves. Recently, the agency embarked on a mission to raise $16.5 million to support the construction of a central family violence in Dallas, Ann Moody Counselling Center.


The Family Place required raising $2.8 million to achieve its target in the drive. On October 4, the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, made a timely announcement of a $1 million challenge grant with the aim of matching 50 percent of the amount collected towards the fund drive until April 4, 2017. James Dondero made this profound announcement at a Hilton Anatole-held luncheon in Dallas, Texas. This was during the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards of the Family Place.


The James Dondero-announced grant will be offered through the philanthropic unit of Highland Capital Management, the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. David Brown, the Dallas Police Chief, and the Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlins, made a call to action requesting the Dallas community to make positive contributions to solving the family violence menace. According to James Dondero, his firm was proud to be part of such a fundamental initiative and acknowledged The Family Place for their constant efforts in the Dallas area.


James Dondero has served in the credit and equity markets for more than three decades. He has mainly focused his effort in high-yield investment as well as distressed investment. He attended the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. At the institution, James earned dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He made his career debut in 1984 as an analyst with the Morgan Training Program while still in college. He has additionally served as a portfolio manager with the American Express.


In 1993, James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management alongside Mark Okada. The investment company is SEC-registered and manages nearly $19million in assets. The company features an extensive reputation for being among the few enjoying the services of James who is a leader in Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) and an experienced international alternative credit manager. James Dondero is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).


Lori Senecal Representing Women In Power

They say that if you want something done ask a woman and Lori Senecal is a woman doing things that matter and moving the world with her strong leadership skills. We are celebrating Lori for more than her position as a CEO of CP+B; we celebrate her because she yarns and fights for more despite being a very shy woman and mostly termed as an introvert.

Lori Senecal who is mostly in black suits is indeed sensational, and one would want to pic her brain and get to know how she does what she does. The last eight years has seen her getting top jobs at top companies, at top two of MDC’s most prized shop she got appointed as a CEO and being able to run KBS successful got her an appointment to run CP+B ( Crispin Porter + Bogusky). That is not all she is doing, Senecal is being called upon during critical periods of transitions where not just a globalization strategy is a need but where creative darlings are needed for purposes of getting paths that are evolutionary for creating efficient future businesses.

Talk of women empowerment then you will find Senecal right in the middle says Huffington, together with Karen Kaiser VP of Domino’s Pizza are quietly working to ensure women careers in LA thrive by bringing marketing female executives together.

She is totally creative, competitive, a team player and focused on running an ad network that is global requires nothing less. She is also regarded as an innovator for launching a marketing unit TAG for young adults which became a led in Coke account globally and in a span of three years she was named the president of the New York Office.

Senecal admits she was raised in a very competitive environment where she hard to fight for a position being a fourth born in the family. She joined sports, and excelled to even being a couch in gymnastics. She studied business at Montreal’s McGill University and specialized in marketing. After school, she joined Vickers & Benson as an agent pushing her out of her comfort zone thus ended up developing social skills. This was a right push for her as she faced her fears right on the face and has since grown into a more confident woman.

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George Soros Warns The World Against Underestimating The Trump Administration

The global political situation has always been a subject legendary hedge fund manager George Soros has had an interest in; over the course of his career Soros has used his knowledge of the ever changing political situation in the world to make risky, but extremely profitable moves on the global financial markets. Even though George Soros was a major backer of Hillary Clinton and made pre-election moves on the U.S. markets based on his hope for a Clinton victory his hedge fund still made a five percent profit across 2016 to continue his impressive returns as a financial expert.

Over the course of his life George Soros has seen his own safety and future threatened by the establishment of various restrictive regimes; in fact, the early years of the life of the 86 year old were spent in Hungary and included the Occupation by Nazi German forces on Forbes. As a member of the Jewish faith the problems faced by his family were many and included the arrival of Socialist governments in the wake of the German loss of World War II.

In a bid to make sure further issues with dictatorships and restrictive regimes were not seen around the world George Soros has established his own Open Society Foundations that works to educate people on the benefits of democracy. The problems faced by minority groups across the planet have a special place in the heart of George Soros, who has backed programs on with some of his own fortune to aid the causes of LGBTI and those affected by drug addiction to the tune of more than $12 billion in charitable giving by the U.S. citizen.

At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland George Soros made an appearance he used as a way of warning the world of the coming dangers he feels will be faced by the world during the Presidency of Donald Trump. Even though he has made his reputation by making bold moves on the stock market based on an understanding of the political situations across the world, George Soros stated he had arrived at Davos with little way of knowing just what Donald Trump planned to do during his Presidency as the next four years had not been planned by the real estate mogul.

Soros believes the building of the Trump brand was the initial purpose of the candidacy of the newly installed President who was now being advised by people who had an interest in exploring the possibilities of building a dictatorship on The close relationship forming between Trump and dictators, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin have the opportunity to destabilize the global political and financial situation as restrictive governments are made legitimate through their close relationship with Trump’s Administration.