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Bernardo Chua: Bringing Health To The World One Cup At A Time

Bernardo Chua is a world class salesman, renowned businessman and the founder of Organo. Organo was founded by Bernardo and co-founder Shane Morand in 2008 under the name Organo Gold, but was rebranded to Organo in 2015. The company’s product line includes coffee and tea beverages that are enhanced with ganoderma lucidum, a potent mushroom that enhances the immune system

. Other product lines include supplements enriched with the mushroom including spore powder and grapeseed supplement. His tooth paste line and beauty soap are enriched with ganoderma lucidum as well.

The success of Organo can be directly attributed to Bernardo Chua. He realized early in his career that direct sales was the best way to bring his products to the market and to build a profitable business. Organo’s business model is a multi-level marketing company and is operating in over 50 countries.

The company’s headquarters are in Canada and has over one million distributors worldwide. Organo was named as the 55th largest selling company in the world by Direct Selling News in 2013.

Prior to Bernardo Chua establishing Organo, he was the co-founder and general manager for Gano Excel Philippines. In 1999, he took charge of Gano Excel’s Operations infrastructure, and held this position for nine years. Beginning in 2003, he took on the dual role as President of Gano Excel U.S.A. division until 2008.

Bernardo was born in the Philippines and studied the benefits ganoderma lucidum under his mentor and founder of Gano Excel Malaysia Leow Soon Seng.

Bernardo is a philanthropist who wants to see people thrive. OG Cares is a non-profit foundation created by Organo. OG Cares helps youth gain useful skills by giving them access to training, tools and other needed resources to help them be successful.

Bernardo brings his passion for prosperity to the world by helping to support children in need and by supporting his Organo sales force.

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AviWeisfogel Discusses His Entrepreneurial Journey OnIdeamensch

AviWeisfogel is the founder and owner of Dental Sleep Masters. This is a company that that he founded in 2014 that teaches dentists how to treat sleep related disorders such as sleep apnea through the use of oral appliances. Dr. Weisfogel also founded Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012. This company educated dentists on how to diagnose and recognize sleep related illnesses in their patients. It also taught them how to better serve patients afflicted with a sleep disorder and how to increase revenue serving such patients at their practice.

Yet another sleep disorder treatment business that AviWeisfogel established is called Healthy Heart Sleep. This company provided consulting service on the creation and management of sleep labs. These are practices designed to address the needs of patients who have sleep related disorders.

Before getting involved in the business of treating, managing and educating others about sleep related illnesses, Dr. AviWeisfogel was a dentist for over a decade. He had his own dental practice called Old Bridge Dental Care in Old Bridge, New Jersey. AviWeisfogel is a certified dentist with a doctorate dental surgery from the New York University College of Dentistry. He also holds a bachelorsdegree in biology and psychology.

Some Highlights OnAviWeisfogel’s Interview On Ideamensch

Ideamensch began the interview by asking AviWeisfogel where he got the idea to start his current business called Dental Sleep Masters. Avi’s response was that he was always fascinated sleep medicine. He combined his medical knowledge along with his marketing knowledge and found that he could tap into a niche market that no one had before him for more info: click here.

The next question given to AviWeisfogel was how a typical day unfolds for him on the job. Dr. Weisfogel responded by saying that he begins his day with a prayer and then talks to his his life coach. All of this is done before he begins his workday which lasts from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. During that time he is busy with calls, meetings and working with team members. AviWeisfogel says that he writes almost everything down to keep himself motivated and organized.

Reasons to Get a Physical Through Lifeline Screening

An essential responsibility that people share is the necessity to take good physical care of yourself. Most people know that they have to exercise, eat a healthy diet plan, and limit liquor and drug use. However, there are other activities that individuals should do to ensure they are healthy and fit. One of the main things that folks should do is get a normal checkup from your physician or physical testing service.

Obtaining a checkup, or going right through a physical screening process, is an essential step in making certain it is possible to live an extended and healthy lifestyle. While disease and fatality won’t be totally avoidable, a lot of the most frequent health problems can be averted. Today, practically 7 in 10 people perish of cancer illnesses, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. All three of the problems can be averted if individuals were to get them at a youthful age. As a result of this, having a complete health check and review with an gross annual basis is vital as they can help identify risk factors before they are more serious.

If you are seeking to have a physical done, among the finest options is to get one done by Life Line Screening. Life Line Screening is a kind of physical that works to recognize medical issues that remain in their first stages. This process includes meeting with a physician who offers you a complete physical and also review a blood sample. To know more about Life Line Screening click here.

Predicated on the overview of the physical, Life Line Screening may possibly also offer you tips how to live a wholesome lifestyle. They’ll give tips about which kind of diet you should follow, how often you should exercise, and exactly how you could package with stress in an improved manner. Many of these should enable you to live a wholesome lifestyle.

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Cassio Audi: A Company Executive Fine-tuned for Success

Cassio Audi is a company experienced company executive whose vast experience, solid academic background and multiple skills and talents have fine-tuned him for professional success. He is not only a bilingual with proficiency in Spanish and English; he is also an excellent project planner and strategic planner. His open leadership style and cross-functional team leadership skills make him an excellent corporate leader. He is also an excellent change manager and financial planner with a keen eye for company valuation, valuation and carrying out due diligence.

These skills have enabled him excel as a specialist in startups. His specialization in startups saw him lead the process the restructuring and reorganization of a startup in Brazil. The move saw the company value rise exponentially during his tenure at the company’s financial docket. Cassio Audi’s efforts also saw Gillette (Brazil) increase in value during his tenure at the company, which attracted the attention of P&G. P&G bought the company as a result. He also excelled in his role as a senior financial analyst at Dow Chemical and across various companies where he worked in the financial docket including Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. and JP Morgan Chase where his decades of experience began in 1992.

Academic Background and Interest in Music

Cassio Audi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Universidade Católica de São Paulo where he graduated in 1994. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Universidade de São Paulo where he graduated from in 2000.

Other than corporate management and financial services advisory, Cassio Audi also has a strong passion for music having played the drums for Vipers. He performed with the pop and rock band for close to four years before from 1985 before leaving in 1989. He not only played the drums; he was a song writer and arranger. He joined the band in 2016 in a live performance of one of the songs he helped write, arrange and perform.

White Shark Media Review Shows Promising and Dedicated Service

White Shark Media is on of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in North America thanks to their continuous growth and dedication to customer service. As discussed on the White Shark Media blog, they focus on helping medium and small businesses to improve their media, online, and website presence. They are able to provide such impressive service by use a cost effective method of Search Marketing which allows them to pinpoint exactly where a particular company would have the most success in advertising. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, they have been able to help their clients become more successful and competitive within their market.

White Shark Media finds their success is achieved due to their carefully crafted algorithm that allows them to find the best way to market a company online. They are able to do this by using Google Analytics, market intelligence, proprietary reporting computer programs, and call tracking that is based on keyword usage. With this formula, they are able to keep a careful eye on their clients business in order to determine the best plan for them. They cater every plan to the specific business that they are working with. Another thing that White Shark Media prides itself on is its team’s dedication to customer service and providing them with all the help and assistance that they possibly can.

White Shark Media was created in 2011 by three entrepreneurs that all had previous success and experience in the online marketing industry. They wanted to create a company that was able to use their groundbreaking technique to break into the SMB market. They have a bilingual group of employees which allows them to better provide support for their clients in Latin America. White Shark Media already has over 150 employees that are located in three different counties. Each employee is experienced in online marketing and fluent in Bing, Google Analytics, Display Advertisement, and more. In 2014, White Shark Media was awarded with the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership Award due to their collaboration with Google. White Shark Media’s CEO, Alexander Nygart, is confident in the future of the company since they continue to grow and flourish.


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A New Dawn At Highland Capital

One hundred and forty-seven million dollars may sound astronomical, but that is the figure that Highland Capital has injected into its new healthcare fund albeit with some backing from South Korea NPS.

Founded in 1990 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, in a joint venture with Proactive Life Insurance, the two directors have continued to steer the company’s growth and expansion. Such huge leaps in expansion have been fueled by the burning desire to conquering fixed income markets. Today the company which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, is also present in New York City, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Seoul with an employee base of over 180 men and women.

Highland Capital offers services that include pension plans and endowments but not limited to these, and is continuously seeking new opportunities while safeguarding client interests and investments. The new health fund, Highland’s Capital latest investment, aims at North America’s and Asia’s middle market. Matt Jameson, The managing director and the co-head of private equity at the firm, said: “The healthcare industry in the U.S. faces a number of disruptive forces that acutely affect companies in the middle market.” This fund will certainly come in handy here.

While Highland Capital specializes in credit strategies as well as alternative investments, probably it is the company’s philanthropic projects that the directors are most proud of with an annual budget of over Three Million Dollars! These funds are managed by Mary Jalonick, President, and CEO of Dallas Foundation. Some of the charities supported by Highland Capital include American Heart Foundation, Museum of Nature and Science and Capital for Kids.

Highland Capital is “Experienced, Disciplined and Bold.”

College Basketball’s Yanni Hufnagel On His Way To Becoming A Head Coach Someday

Yanni Hufnagel was born a Jewish boy in Scarsdale, New York on August 26, 1982. He grew up playing with his action figures, but war wasn’t his game. It was basketball. Yanni was acting out plays that he learned from the countless books he had read. As a child, he read as many books about coaching basketball as he possibly could.

Yanni Hufnagel carried his passion for coaching basketball everywhere he went in life. While attending Scarsdale High he became an anchor for his local TV station. There, Hufnagel provided commentary for his High School’s basketball games.

While attending Cornell University, Yanni Hufnagel became Basketball Manager for the “Big Reds.” His drive would also earn him a summer internship with the New Jersey Nets. After receiving a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2006, a Nets colleague of Yanni’s referred him to University of Oklahoma’s head coach, Jeff Capel. Capel made Yanni a Graduate Assistant Coach.

Capel went on to recommend Yanni Hufnagel to Harvard’s head coach in 2009. Despite having an unpaid intern’s salary, Yanni started to recruit high school kids immediately after being hired.

Yanni Hufnagel eventually earned a Master’s Degree in Adult Higher Education, with an emphasis on Intercollegiate Athletic Administration, from Oklahoma. He has also been an Assistant Coach for Vanderbilt, the University of California at Berkeley, and most recently for the University of Nevada at Reno.

At the University of Nevada in Reno, Yanni helped head coach Eric Musselman lead the men’s “Wolf Pack” basketball team into the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament. Yanni and the University of Nevada mutually split ways after the 2017 season. With his experience and passion for coaching, Yanni will surely continue to leave an impact anywhere he coaches.

Bruce Bent II Entrepreneurial Skills

Bruce Bent II is the current Vice Chairperson of Double Rock Corporation. His entrepreneurial drive motivated Bruce Bent’s idea to invent Double Rock. Bruce developed some of the most relevant and influential products in technological development. Some of the products include an enhanced cash sweep system and improved FDIC insured programs. Bruce Bent’s invention has helped develop the FDIC insured management of funds. Currently, the cash management landscape of FDIC is one of the most successful in the business industry. The cash management receives over $1 trillion.
Bruce Bent II has other leadership positions in Double Rock Corporation. Bruce is the senior executive to each of the subsidiary companies of Double Rock. The subsidiary companies include Access Control Advantage and the Island Intellectual Property. Access Control Advantage group has brought several innovative developments to the retirement market. Island Intellectual Property LLC is a financial service industry that engages in patent licensing. Under the leadership of Bruce Bent II, the two firms have been widely recognized in their specific markets as innovators.
Before establishing Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II was the President of The Reserve. The Reserve’s headquarter in New York. The Reserve was one of the most productive companies in New York. It employed over 300 people including professionals in sales nationwide. Bruce Bent’s management skills provided The Reserve with a platform to improve its product and distribution channels.
Bruce Bent has participated in various entrepreneurial ventures. Bruce has taken part in asset management, financial technologies, business consulting, intellectual property and consumer goods. Bent values working with young people. Bent is a member of a peer networking group known as Young President’s Organization. This organization connects almost 10,000 young business leaders globally. Bruce Bent’s intention is to pass down his entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to young people who will keep the business industry running.
Bruce Bent’s day at work is fantastic. Bruce states that he can be productive from any place as long as he has his phone and computer. Bruce also values teamwork. Bruce is most excited by the communication trend. Bent believes that communication will evolve and be productive over the years.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: Premier Brazilian Lawyer

In Brazil, the law is dictated by different things but the biggest deciding factor for different laws is the Brazilian Constitution. This was put into place by the government and it is something that all people are required to follow no matter what they are doing or what they plan to do in the future. Thanks to the options that people have with their lawyers, they can choose who will represent them in this type of law and many people opt to go with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho as their lawyer. This is something that has happened for many years and continues to be a big factor for people who are deciding on different lawyers. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has long been considered one of the best lawyers in Brazil and he continues to hold that spot because of the way that he represents people with the different law options that they have.

Throughout his career, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been working to make sure that he can help people and that they will always be able to get everything that they need out of the processes that go into law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho wants to make sure that people know what they are doing and that they are able to get the best experience possible when they finally make the decision to hire an attorney to represent them for the different things that are going on in their lives. It has been a huge help and something that has made it easier for his clients to feel more comfortable with their legal cases.

While Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has many different people who he represents on an individual basis, he also represents businesses and corporations. He is confident that he is able to help people get what they need out of the different things that are going on and he knows that he is good at winning cases. Because of the way that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been able to bring opportunity to other people, he knows the right way to help his clients.

ClassDojo Provides The Best Conference Experience


Parents communicating with teachers often need multiple ways to reach the parents they need to see. They want to give parents a way to reach out when they have little time on their hands, and they hope to give their parents a way to do so with ClassDojo. This article explains how ClassDojo serves a generation of busy parents and busier teachers.

#1: The Video Conference System

The video conference system that was created by Class Dojo is an important one that ensures all people involved may see and hear each other. The video conferences may be started online at any time, and the ClassDojo portal allows the teacher to create a conference that everyone may participate in. It is quite important for someone who needs to speak to the teacher to know that they may see them, and teachers may reach parents just as fast.

#2: The System Is Simple

The system was created to ensure that parents and teachers could meet to discuss the progress of their children, and the system helps everyone get on a video call that involves all parents and teachers. These conferences may be set up at any time, and a large schedule of parents and teachers may be built using the system. Someone who wishes to use the system to ensure that they see everyone who needs an update.

#3: Schools May Use The Syste,

The system may be used by any school at any time, and the schools may set up a conference schedule using the ClassDojo system. ClassDojo was made to ensure that all parents and teachers may speak to each other on their schedule. They may communicate about the schedule, and they may work out a time when all parties may get together to discuss a child’s education.

There are many parents and teachers who benefit from ClassDojo, and they are given every opportunity to have productive conversations about a child’s education. The children who are learning the most are those who are given help through conferences that were schedule with ClassDojo, and a video conferences allows the adults to make informed decisions.


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