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The Consequences of the Rise of the Collar in the View of Ricardo Tosto

The year 2015 started turbulent for the Brazilian economy. We are living with the slightly pessimistic news. And the result is real, with the pardon of the pun. High inflation, unemployment, deceleration of production due to lack of demand in almost all sectors. One of the causes of rising inflation – which is already surpassing the government’s target – is the rise in the dollar. We are importing a lot, and this obviously drives up prices. The producer undertakes to pass on the costs to the consumer. In turn, high prices startle the buyer.


According to Ricardo Tosto, in this scenario of high exporters are practically the only ones to be benefited. On the other hand, if inflation rises too much will also be high interest, which ends up neutralizing the beneficial effect. “Bad is even for the consumer who sees the loss of their buying power every day,” summarizes Tosto.

Political setting

Faced with the current political scenario, with the government trying to make the necessary fiscal adjustments and facing defeats in Congress, it is expected that this year the situation will tend to get worse. The rebalancing of the public accounts is a decisive factor for the country to regain credibility so desired by investors. But the proposals put forward by the government suffer hard blows from the oppositionists, and it will not be easy to achieve the objectives headed mainly by the Minister of Economy Joaquim Levy. To complicate matters, President Dilma’s popularity came down from the double-digit house, demonstrating the population’s dissatisfaction even in areas considered approving clusters, such as the Northeast.

Is it time to buy or sell dollars?

In Ricardo Tosto’s opinion, the situation varies from case to case. Example of who already had a trip marked abroad or who needs to make a box. It should be remembered that the dollar is not an investment and that if the multiple factors that are causing this increase are being overcome, such as fiscal adjustments and the resumption of investments in infrastructure, the tendency is to stabilize and even fall.

Does the crisis in Europe aggravate the scenario here?

Brazil is currently a substantial exporter of products to the EU, and the economic crisis in some European countries, such as Greece, can generate a cut in spending by European nations, which will lead to a drop in imports of Brazilian agricultural products. This will shift our trade balance to the import side. In addition to unbalancing Brazilian foreign trade, this process will lead to an increase in interest rates and a decrease in credit. Fragile and unstable economies tend to be seen as vulnerable and dangerous; and interest rates, tend to increase. As a result, a national currency devalued, says Ricardo Tosto.


For the exit of Brazil does not return to be the airport, as it was played in the past, it is believed that the main actors of the political and economic scenario are not: individualistic, corporatist, defending slices of power and having in their decisions an ideological bias. This was done to protect the collective and make Brazil a good place to live. A country with its balanced accounts, controlled inflation, and a strong currency, believes Ricardo Tosto. Thus, even unfavorable external conjunctures will not depart into an entire nation.

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Amicus Therapeutics

Miracles happen every day, and lives are constantly being changed for the greater good. Now they are being helped even more with organizations like Amicus Therapeutics.

Located in Cranbury, New Jersey, Amicus Therapeutics is a biotech company that specializes in the development of treatments for rare and orphan diseases. Amicus has provided its technology for a number of families who all attest that without their research and technology, they would not have been able to lead the normal lives that they are able to. Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Through the years Amicus has gone through several phases of development. From not having a way to manufacture its products, to now manufacturing its products through contract manufacturing, Amicus uses their research and partnerships with other companies to get the necessary treatments out to the public.


Amicus has received grants from such organizations as the Michael J Fox foundation, due to their phenomenal treatment method research that has touched numerous lives effected by such diseases as Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders. So many patients have come forward to tell their stories of how their lives have been altered for the better, even though they live with such illnesses. They pay homage to the research and treatment methods that Amicus Therapeutics works so hard to accomplish every single day. From being stuck in a hospital for years, and then finally being able to leave because of Amicus, to being able to live long term with the illness. Amicus has changed lives for the better. Learn more about the company at

Equities First Holdings UK

There are many unique places out there that one can go to if they wanted some advice on finance. Whether that advice be how to conduct business talking, meaning they want to learn the language. Or if they just want to be their own personal finances. One of the main companies that offer this service is Equities First Holding UK. This is an American based company that offers a verity of services and is fully prepared tphelp all of their customers with any problem they might come across. The company is best known for its ability to not only help the individual but to also juggle local business and cooperation alike. If you need any sort of finical assistance then this is a great place for you to checkout. The company is also available to shareholders. Shareholders are able to receive money based on how well the company performs in a certain quarter.

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Dr. Mark Holterman’s Contributions to Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman has a passion for helping find solutions for chronic diseases. His love to help drove him to be among those who founded the Hannah Sunshine Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that has put its focus on the use of cellular and regenerative therapies for children with rare health conditions. Sarah Hughes was among the three young adults who were an inspiration to the organization. Sarah has an isolated condition that only affects ten to twenty percent of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, a sub-type of the JIA not only affects the joints but other major organs like the heart and liver. Unfortunately, the disease has no cure and management is the only solution. Read more at to know more about Dr. Mark Holterman.

The Program

Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of the American Diabetes Association. The organization formed a joint venture with American Psychological Association to do the Mental Health Provider Diabetes Education Program. As diabetes management has psychosocial challenges, the program educates the professionals on how to deal with it. It has two parts: an online course for five hours and seven-hour seminar. Once one completes the course, the person is listed on the ADA website so that anybody looking for treatment can easily have access to them. Since being launched the program has received over eight hundred million dollars from Helmsley Charitable Trust.


About Dr. Holterman

Currently, Dr. Mark Holterman holds several high positions in different organizations. He is a pediatric surgeon at the OSF HealthCare, the Chief Medical Officer of the Mariam Global Health and a Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois, College of Medicine. Dr. Holterman is also an attending surgeon at theSt. Francis Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital of Illinois and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He is a member of the American College of Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatrics and ADA among others.

Dr. Mark Holterman has experience in pediatric surgery of over twenty-five years. He attended Yale University and earned a Bachelor of Art, Biology major. He later did his MD and Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology at the University of Virginia. Dr. Mark Holterman did his residency in general surgery at the University of Virginia Health Sciences.

Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Brewing Company

The most popular and favored alcoholic beverage in Canada is beer, and there are many great brands out there that produce excellent Canadian Craft beer. Propeller IPA, Pump House Blueberry Ale, St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, and La Fin Du Monde are just a few of the preferred breweries to get delicious Canadian Craft beer from.

Steamworks Brewing Company is one of Canada’s most famous and well-known producers of Canadian Craft beer thanks to the impressive CEO Eli Gershkovitch. After obtaining a degree in law, Eli Gershkovitch became extremely passionate about craft beer in 1987 on a European tour that followed his graduation from the University of Toronto’s law school. Follow Eli Gershkovitch on Twitter.

Eli Gershkovitch first began his business at a location in Gastown which had a steam heat system. The steam heat system was used as a source of energy for the brewing and also provided the company with it’s unique name. Unfortunately it took several months to solve legal issues that had resulted due to the location of the business, but with his skills and large group of supporters, Steamworks was finally able to take off. Visit to know more about Eli Gershkovitch.

The Steamworks Brew Pub quickly became so popular and successful that Eli Gershkovitch expanded the company with several additional businesses, all offering Steamworks drinks. Some of the favorite beverages include Steamworks Pale Ale, Lion’s Gate Lager, and Flagship IPA. Not only are Steamworks products sold in Canada, but Eli Gershkovitch helped them to become available to purchase and enjoy in 14 U.S. States. Steamworks even became so successful that Eli Gershkovitch had the original location gradual expand from 184 seats to 754 seats. The company has even been given awards and recognition for their beloved beverages. Two years in a row Steamworks won for Best BC Craft Beer by the BC Craft Beer Awards, and even won a gold medal at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards.


Drew Madden is Passionate About Building Successful Teams

If it is the first time hearing this name, Drew Madden, you’ll be familiar with why he is one of the role models in the community. He has a decade-plus experience optimizing, advising, implementing, as well as managing EMR projects. His skill to combine a technical EMR experience with his skills in project management, as well as consulting services, help healthcare IT establish successful Epic implementation teams.

Drew began his career at Cerner Corporation. Here he spent a total of four years (2002-2006) implementing inpatient healthcare solutions at two major hospital systems in Chicago. Drew joined Healthia Consulting in 2005 (Ingenix Consulting acquired it in 2007). Drew spent four years there in implementing roles before transferring to a Business Development position.

Drew served as the president of Nordic Consulting from June 2011 to April 2016. Nordic is the most prominent Epic Consulting firm. It has received several KLAS awards for consulting success; it includes number one ranking for Epic implementation services in 2012 and 2014. He was responsible for recruiting, client relationships, consulting operations, and client relationships for the biggest Epic only consulting company in the nation. He is responsible for maintaining relations with Epic customers across the country and internationally. During his time at Nordic, the firm grew from 10-725 employees, 3-159 client partners, and $1M-$130M in annual revenue.

Before joining Nordic, Drew worked at Ingenix Consulting from December 2009 – December 2010. Now called Optuminsight, the firm is a subsidiary of United Healthcare. Drew was responsible for sales and business development of GE, Epic, and Allscripts consulting services in the Midwest.

Drew is passionate about building successful teams, attractive and unique company culture, and trusted client partnerships. According to Drew in 2014, he said he was eager about Electronic Medical Records, and he has spent more than ten years working with the brightest and best in the industry to optimize, implement, troubleshoot, and solve the complex challenges that come with EMR projects. He holds a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering with a major in Medical Systems from Lowa College of Engineering. He has excelled in every position he has held which makes him one of the best.

How Greg Secker Changes Lives Through Trade Coaching and Philanthropy

Greg Secker is the founder of the Knowledge to Action Group and the Greg Secker Foundation where the former is a for-profit business conglomerate, and the latter is a non-profit. He is popular amongst upcoming businesspeople in London, Sydney, Manila, and Johannesburg because he has dedicated time and resources towards coaching and motivating them in their entrepreneurial journey. He also uses his non-profit organization to donate to charity and to help the needy navigate their way out of poverty. How he manages to do all that at only 42 is what makes him stand out among other entrepreneur and philanthropists.

Ideamensch’s Interview

Greg’s achievements make him a highly sought after personality, with many people wanting to hear his opinion on different topics, or to hear his journey story, and others interested to know who Greg is outside his public self. Ideamensch recently caught up with the legend and asked some of those questions on behalf of its readers. He explained that among the motivations that made him join entrepreneurship was boredom and the urge to educate people on the little that he knew about business. According to him, working in a bank was not as inspiring for him; it was boring to spend all day with only a computer to interact with. He quit his job and started coaching people through a premier coaching firm in England. To this end, his success is out for all to see.

Ideamensch also sought to know how Greg Secker efficiently cultivates his dreams and ideas to fruition. He said that he first ensures that he falls in love with his idea before he starts implementing it. He creates an illusion of the idea from the first step of the implementation process to the last, and that enables him to come up with a good strategy.

About Greg

During his life as an employee, Greg Secker worked for Thomas Cook Financial services where he ran the Virtual Trading Desk™ and Mellon Financial Corporation where he was a senior executive. It’s after quitting Mellon that he decided to start Learn to Trade.

Under the leadership of Greg, Learn to Trade has won many awards, including Best Educator by World Finance Magazine in a couple of times.

Tony And Cynthia Petrello Invest In The Well Being Of The Community

Oil and natural gas exploration is exceptionally lucrative due to the potential benefits that the products provide to the world. As a result, the venture has attracted the interest of billionaires and the well-off people in the society. Those who invested long time ago such as the shareholders of Nabors Industries are reaping massively.

Tony Petrello is the man behind the successful investments made by the firm, which focuses on the exploration of oil and natural gas worldwide. However, at the moment, the company is targeting potential areas to maximize profits. Nabors Industries has specialized in the oil drilling business for many decades, and it is has managed to exploit the gap in the market that was utterly untapped.

Nabors Industries is a multi-million firm, and before it undertakes drilling operations, it studies a region to ensure that maximum profits can be obtained. When the company was started, it was known as Anglo Energy. However, it later changed its current name to what is now known as Nabors industries.

Mr. Petrello has an excellent working history. His resume indicates the successful ventures in which he has involved himself. Tony Petrello initially worked for Baker & McKenzie. His successful engagement in the entrepreneurial world stems from the strong educational background that he was able to acquire when he was studying at Yale and Harvard University where he successfully obtained a mathematics degree from the former and a masters in law from the latter.

Tony Petrello has a wife named Cynthia Petrello. He has previously given out $5 million to agencies mandated to research on cerebral palsy so that a proper cure for the mental illnesses can be obtained. Their eight-year-old daughter, CarenaPetrello, was born prematurely, and she has a similar condition.

Due to his immense support in charitable ventures, he has been tasked with an enormous mandate of being part of the Texas Children Hospital Board of Governors. Additionally, he works for Steward and Stevenson where he is also part of the managerial team. Tony Petrello is a wealthy man due to the different tasks that he has taken up. In 2015, he was able to receive around $27,512,939. Tony Petrello is among the few wealthy individuals who succeed in a world where there is massive competition.

The current global economy relies on energy to facilitate the production of goods and services. Therefore, companies such as Nabors Industries that are specializing in the exploration energy products stand to benefit greatly. Tony Petrello’s leadership style is considered to be phenomenal, and he secures success in all sectors of life.

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OneLogin: the Ultimate Standard for Visitor Registration

OneLogin is a platform that eases the identity and access management for apps, users and any other device for a well-secured enterprise. Through its IAM platform situated in the cloud, it has gained the trust of an array of users through its sophisticated software granting secures access to all cloud-to-cloud devices. The provision can also be extended to other on-premise applications so long as the two platforms are well synchronized.

Automating Entry for Visitors

One of the many state-of-the –art invention has been this kind of software that allows visitors to an office facility to sign in using their iPad. This latest technology has just replaced the old ‘logbook’ system that proved outrightly insecure and backward. The software then allows for an admin to the facility to simply automate the processes such as signing in, verifying visitor badges and photos for the visitor. Courtesy of the System for Cross Domain Identity Management (SCIM), an envoy is bound to have his data safe as this OneLogin only implements a protocol that avails access to the user. Since user provisioning has been eased through SCIM, clients can fast track their desired application by an automated and a continuous synchronized process that ensures their profiles remain updated whenever changes occur.

The Efficiency of the Envoy Visitor Registration

Through this venture, OneLogin has increased their clientele bases some that include tech-forward companies that have come to appreciate this technology to enhance their security and general outlook in a technological perspective. One enjoyable truth is that through Envoy, stale data just whitewash the experience that any visitor’s experience to a facility. Also, the employees can use the Envoy Visitor Registration (EVR) provision to create any visitor invite since their records are updated and manageable. They can also get notifications whenever their visitors arrive and therefore make necessary arrangements for them while around the premises. The visitors are also assured of smooth and friendly processes when they are asked to sign in. With the OneLogin integration, managing employees becomes less cumbersome, and all systems can run smoothly. With The EVR, visitors ensure that they can only search for existing employees instead of wasting time on non-existing ones.

Omar Yunes, taking Mexico to the global map

In 2015 5th December, Omar Yunes was the proud winner of the Best Franchisee of the world competition which took place in Italy, Florence to be precise. He won the title thanks to his contributions to the Japanese food chain which he represents. Commenting on the matter, Omar said that he was proud and happy about it but also gave credit to the 400 employees who work in the 13 units which he manages and even the brand itself. Omar has been working on a franchise for the network while he was only 21 and today owns 13 units which are approximately 10% of the entire brand.

The competition saw the attendance of representatives from about 34 countries which include Brazil, Italy, Mexico Argentina and many others. To determine the winners, the brands were no evaluated instead it was the individual franchisee and the effect that it had on the entire network regarding contributions, motivation to the employees, savings and profits created and even proposed improvements to the brand. In respect to that, the CEO of Sushi Itto said that he considers the awards as a demonstration of collective efforts to provide excellent services, hospitality, and a unique flavor to its clients. Ivan Tamer, a Mexican owner for the franchise known as Prendamex, took the second position due to implementing and providing the necessary tools for the new marketing system which manages the entire brand.

According to the manager, Patricia Campos, Ivan has contributed a lot to the growth of the franchise and has helped establish boundaries which stand out. The Mexican Jury chapter was made up of entrepreneurs of the sector and also representatives of the Universidad Anahuac. For Elizarraras, the awards represent a segment of the economy which has won not only a better place in international levels but also one which shows a lot of growth from the days when Mexican franchises were a local matter.

Who is Omar Yunes?

Omar Yunes is a Mexican entrepreneur who has his name on the global map thanks to his numerous achievements in the business sector. Omar also gains publicity due to his family’s substantial involvement in politics but it’s his success which makes him stand out the most. For instance, at the age of 21, he signed up with the famous brand Sushi Itto as a franchise, and since then, he has made significant contributions which saw him win the best franchisee. In addition to that, his 13 units have risen to become the leading chains in Mexico and are located in different parts such as Puebla and Veracruz. Yunes has bagged numerous awards due to his contributions as an investor. When he is not running his business, Yunes spends most of his time supporting his football clubs namely, Barcelona and Pumas De La UNAM.

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