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Susan McGalla and the Thoughts of Women Empowerment in Corporate Sector

Presence of women in the corporate sector is a widely discussed topic for long. Most researches and studies have shown that all sort of diversification from gender to ethnic in the workplace actually improves the performance of companies significantly. Due to this reason, major companies around the world look for options to improve both ethnic and gender balance in their workforce. When it comes to women in the corporate sector, a significant churn out is visible in the lower and middle management levels.

But, the trend is not visible in the senior management or leadership level. While there are many reasons for this dropout, the solution is most important. This is where the thoughts of Susan McGalla, a prominent woman executive in the U.S., are highly important. She has a history of working with men and surpassing them in the growth ladder with her management skills and hard work. McGalla proved that women could grow seamlessly if they are dedicated, hardworking, and not compromised by obstacles.

McGalla said that women are not able to get the exposure required for their growth. She thinks that women leadership initiatives are not very useful in making them corporate leaders. McGalla thinks that executive sponsorship is an excellent choice for helping women to grow up in the ladder. The women leaders can sponsor career-oriented women and help them to grow in the organization. They can create critical assignments and create opportunities for them. The sponsor would act as the advocate for the aspiring women and can claim incentives for grooming them. It would even encourage male executives to help serious business women, and that can impart to the overall growth of the organization.

Susan McGalla is an executive with more than two decades of experience. She started with American Eagle Outfitters, a leading retail firm, in the year 1994. When she left the company in 2009, McGalla was the President of it.

After leaving American Eagle, she set up P3 Executive Consulting to help financial markets with advisory services. It also provides expert consulting services in the retail sector. McGalla also assumes the role of the Vice President of The Pittsburgh Steelers with responsibilities of business strategy as well as creative development.

Cameron Clokie Delivers Quality Healthcare for the People of Toronto

The Chief Executive Officer and President of Induce Biologics, Cameron Clokie has renowned expertise in delivering medical services pertaining to maxillofacial and oral surgery. Besides, he uses his career as a business venture. With Induce Biologics Inc., he focuses on delivering regenerative medical services to his patients. He has done successful plastic surgeries to improve facial appearances for clients with deformities in such body parts. Additionally, he has done numerous publications in his area of specialization.

Cameron Clokie served at the University of Toronto as the professor in charge of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the institution. In his current hospital rounds, he has involved his clients in discussions about regenerative medicine and possible future advancements in the industry.

Cameron Clokie uses stem cells to cure injuries and mend deformities in his patients in Toronto. These cells are injected into the patients channeling them to the infected areas. Also, he applies various molecules and biological components that suit the damaged areas in the body. Scientists have not yet ventured fully into regenerative medicine hence the slow advancements. Nevertheless, Cameron Clokie is making successful accomplishments and these are shared in many scientific articles and other types of papers. His mode of treatment has materialized in many cases thereby relieving his patients of their pain.

In as much as cells from blood transfusion were the first to be discovered and are very ancient for that matter, he still appreciates and uses them as stem cells if need be. But the use of bone marrows in delivering therapies is more advanced and can help in curing a wide range of illnesses. For instance, bone marrows are transplanted to patients with leukemia. This, therefore, promotes the regeneration of healthy blood cells that are donated by their families.

Lancet Pathologists have identified remedies for providing treatment to chronic diseases and are advising scientists to keep doing more research on the same. The signs of progress that they have made have been felt including the invention of technology. This improvement allows for the transformation of different types of cells to other types. The technology also speeds up the healing of various organs without any recurring medications. His commitments to regenerative medicine have helped in saving many lives in Toronto.\

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Ricardo Tosto, the Brazilian Business Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto is a famous partner and the co-founder of the renowned Brazilian law firm by name Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. His practice is in the areas of bankruptcy, reorganization, commercial law, civil law, election law, Administrative law, business Restructuring, Acquisition Review, and Banking Contracts. He has a lot of experience in the sector and has been recognized for his efforts in the sector. In this law profession, one is required to be hardworking and also is required to be experienced in the field.

Tosto has been on the frontline committing himself to hard work, commitments and also endurance. Lawyers are some of the people who receive higher salaries because of what they go through in their profession.They are required to have attained relevant qualifications before they can be allowed to practice. One must undergo a five-year training for an undergraduate degree before joining a law school for further qualifications.

Ricardo Tosto also happens to be a great lawyer with great credibility and has been the pride of Brazil since he started his practice. He has been on the frontline defending his clients to the last minute and his skills are unmatched with those of anybody else. Tosto is a graduate of the famous Presbyterian University and has been recognized for his efforts in changing the way people practice. He has been recognized for having started from a very humble beginning in a very small office to the great person he is now.

Ricardo Tosto is known for having more lawyers than anybody else in the profession. He is currently believed to have so many clients and the figure keeps on increasing. He has never been left behind in terms of advancing their career. His law firm is currently one of the biggest, credible and well-known law firms in Brazil.

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Are the Open Society Foundations by George Soros the Answer to Social Injustices?

George Soros has become a popular news items in the recent past. Unfortunately, not everyone has an objective mind when reporting about the activities that he has been carrying out together with the Soros Foundation. There are some news articles that had attempted to link Soros to the Charlottesville accident. This is unfortunate because as a Holocaust survivor, Soros would never think of violence as an answer to social injustice, no matter how deep the injustice is. Here are a few of the things that you may not know about Soros and his foundation.

Soros has a net worth of $25 billion. Of this amount, he has pledged $18 billion to the George Soros Foundation. He is determined to ensure that the work he has been laying the groundwork for all these years continues for many years to come. In a statement that was given when confirming the generous donation, the Soros Foundation said that Soros was considering donating even more to the foundation shortly. The generous donation has put his foundation among the largest in the world. It is not the first time that Soros has donated to charity. In the 30 years that he has been operating from the country, Soros has donated more than $6 billion to different causes.

One of the things that Soros likes is a liberal society where all people regardless of their race, skin color and sexual orientation among other differences, can be treated equally. Soros is not happy about the fact that the country is having conversations about building walls to lock out Mexicans, flagging down passports from Islamic countries at the airport, and firing black players who take a knee to support the black lives matter movement.

Soros was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton. He hoped that she would win the race to the White House because of her progressive agenda. Soros liked the fact that she had special consideration for minority groups and her foreign policy was inclusive as opposed to the combative approach being used by Trump. He contributed more than $25 million towards her election campaign. He was disappointed when she did not make it to the White House. However, he feels that at this point, the Soros Foundation and other similar bodies can help keep checks and balances on the government of the day.

Soros believes that with time, it will be possible to create foundations that are so strong that they can combat the retrogressive politics being played by the conservatives and preserve the values that make America a great nation. He also believes that with time, it will be possible for the country to recover from the many steps it has taken back into the past. Soros has already created a legacy in fighting for equality and social justice. He is hoping that the Foundation will champion his ideas, not only in America but also in Eastern Europe and the many other areas where change is needed. Soros is a genuinely sensational leader. and Follow him

Rick Smith’s Evident Success in Putting Securus Technologies on the Map

Richard “Rick” Smith is the current President and CEO of Securus Technologies. Securus Technology is a profit-based tech company that provides wide-range of services to thousands of corrections, law enforcement, and public safety agencies within North America. Under Rick’s leadership, Securus Technologies has remained focused on offering the corrections community with viable technology and services for communications. Also, the company’s services are used in the investigation, monitoring emergency response, incident management, inmate self-service, and biometric analysis.

Rick Smith studied a bachelor of science in electrical engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Rick Smith also attained a Master’s degree in mathematics from State University of New York at Brockport. Also, he holds an associate degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

Career Profile

Before joining Securus, Rick Smith worked and held different executive positions in various companies. He held a series of posts at Global Crossing North America Inc. from 1972 to 1998. Rick immediately joined Eschelon Telecom Inc and served as the chief financial officer until 2000, when he was appointed the president of the company. Later, he was later promoted to be the CEO, a position he held until 2007. In 2008, Rick Smith was hired as the president and CEO of Securus Technologies and became the company chairman in 2009.

Accomplishments and Achievements

Rick Smith’s performance throughout his professional career has been exemplary. Here are some of his notable accomplishments and achievements:

  • At the time he was the president and CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc. (2000-2003), he raised the company’s revenue from $30 million to a whopping $350 million.
  • In 2005, he led Eschelon Telecom Inc. to a very successful IPO.
  • Under Rick Smith’s leadership, Securus has remained one step ahead of its biggest competitor Global Tel Link. Securus not only has a more extensive set of products and services but also has a high-performing domestic call center that’s managed by highly efficient staff whose performance is 600% better.
  • Smith has overseen the training of many field technicians and has developed the largest VOIP Corrections calling platform in the world.
  • Under Rick Smith’s leadership, Securus had invested more than $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions between 2013 and 2016.

Securus Technologies’ efforts in assisting law enforcement and corrections agencies to prevent social problems and solve crimes in today’s society have not gone unnoticed. Smith has in the past commented about the company receiving thousands of letters and emails from customers who are very appreciative of the company’s products and services. Smith continued to state that building safety into Securus’ DNA is part of the company’s honor to protect and serve the community.

How Does James Dondero Turn Companies Around?

This last March, James Dondero became the biggest story of Barron’s magazine in which it happened to note his firm, Highland Capital Management was seeing a 29% increase in its Global Allocation fund. Dondero was described in this article as having the ability to deep think and solve problems like a puzzle. Highland Capital’s equities and alternative investments have covered some very complex deals, but one of its first big bets in the foreign funds was Argentina’s sovereign debt, which after its previous president left a mess actually began to climb and Dondero’s speculation on the recovery proved quite right. But he also was most noted for buying the debt of Vistra Energy, a major Texas energy company that had caused Warren Buffet to lose money, and Dondero was able to restructure its debt and soon bring the company back to life. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

James Dondero has built quite a reputable firm in Highland Capital along with co-founder and Chief Investment Officer Mark Okada. The company was started back in 1993 when Dondero and Okada were tasked with building a capital asset management division at Protective Life, and in very little time they grew it into a $2 billion company. After buying up all the company’s shares, Dondero and Okada started turning it into a highly-specialized strategic private equity firm and its key funds have come through collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). These are basically a kind of bond investment that have many different tranches and objectives that offset high-risk investments into businesses with lower-risk funds that stabilize them. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Dondero has also has built Highland Capital’s alternative investment strategies into healthcare, fixed income funds, real estate and long-short equity. He’s not only been on Highland’s executive team, but is also the Chairman of its affiliates in Acis Capital, Nexpoint Advisors and Nexbank. Dondero is also active in philanthropy and in 2016 pledged $1 million in donations matching anyone else who contributed that amount to the Family Place, a domestic violence shelter for women and children in Dallas.


The impacts of Cassio Audi in the economy of Brazil

cassioaudiCassio Audi is a graduate in Business Administration from the University of Pontifical Catholic. Audi went ahead and received His masters in Business Administration from the University of Sao Paul. Audi has since then gained much experience on the management on business and financial matters. However, the educational attainment and skills of Audi was a way out to the economic crisis in Brazil by then. Read more about Cassio Audi at

Audi grew more personate on economic matters and laid some strategies to help elevate the financial status in Brazil. The following are some of the plans Audi came up with:

Economic empowerment in the society

Audi scheduled programs where he mobilized different groups of people in Brazil. In these groups, Audi could teach them how to invest even with the little can they had. Cassio Audi also encountered with a group of people who claimed to have no money. Audi with his comprehensive understanding of investing and finances,he could still advise them on how to generate income. Some of the ways of creating wealth Audi gave to such group of people were to use their skills like making mart and selling them. These empowerment programs enlightened the people in Brazil and started making money and investing thus economic improvement.

Creation of investment avenues

Cassio Audi, as an expert in financial matters, he created different channels for the people to invest on. Some of these investments were in shares, real estate, savings accounts. People could save their money which after some time, it will earn them some interest. Audi built trust with many other investors since every person invested in these platforms still got their returns as agreed.



Business operation and success

Audi has opened up several business companies that specifically deal with investment. Cassio has greatly impacted on these companies by providing strategic plans on how to reach sustainable economic goals. Audis experience from working with the national and multinational firm has also enabled him to open his own investment companies. Cassio trains his employees and works jointly with them to ensure that his investment brand offers satisfactory advice and plans to its clients. most of his clients have registered a high level of satisfaction. Follow Cassio Audi on

Cassio Audi Group

Insights On How To Revolutionize Hospitals From Jorge Moll

Brazil’s healthcare is looking to survive the economic crisis. This offer offers an opportunity for the Brazilian businessperson to remain motivated. The hospital networks, entrepreneurs, and startups, individual developers, venture capitalists, private and public institutions of teaching and research have the opportunity now to advance medical innovation and shape hospital management through engagements and collaborations. Jorge Moll who is a neuroscientist has shared his expertise extensively through conferences. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Innovation allied to health

The benefits that technology has provided any industry the world over are continuous. It is inevitable to overlook Silicon Valley and its neighborhoods in Northern California where digital technology now overflows into the healthcare sector. Brazilian hospitals need to take up these new technologies into their routine use.

In lectures by Dr. Albert Chan, Jorge Moll notes that focus on patient experience has shown how proper implementation of technology can transform how patients’ experience. Among the benefits are more efficient and humane interaction between doctors and patients with attention a hundred percent focused on the patient. Technology will no longer have the doctor divide his time by consulting files or taking notes. Also, improved safety and depth of medical evaluation will be guaranteed and service reviewed by the specialist with the aim to improve productivity and a quality patient experience. Also, Integrating smart phones and tablets into medicine will then allow users to access their history and still make appointments online. Read more about Jorge Moll at

Technical and perceived quality

To retain the patient and keep them loyal, Total Health Management Model is a tool a hospital can use to provide health care without wastage and at a lower cost. In the end, hospitals offer cheaper services than before. This model presented by Jorge Moll will help “serious and respected” health care providers reach out to people who left the health plans and went to the SUS, or worse, changed to plans with less coverage and even with much lower quality. In the model, as Moll presented, there is complete control of the patient, from their entry into the outpatient clinic to the emergency room, inpatient services, and surgical procedures.


Brown Modeling Agency and Ambitious, Capable Individuals

The Brown Agency is a widely known commercial talent and modeling firm that’s headquartered in Austin, Texas. It’s been in the capital of Texas since 2010. It’s a big force in commercial talent and modeling and has been for a while. It’s given many people in the city the opportunity to land assignments with the planet’s most notable brands. Some of these reputable brands are Toyota, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal and Dell. There are many other brands beyond those, too. The Brown Agency has also been able to help many models in the region get the chance to walk down fashion runways. They’ve done this for events such as Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and even New York Fashion Week. Justin Brown works as the President of The Brown Agency. The company is named after him, too.

The Brown Agency helps encourage careers in both commercial talent and modeling. It concentrates on a wide range of diverse fields as well. These fields are print, fashion, commercials and, last but not least, movies. The company used to be known simply as Wilhelmina Austin. It works hard to find talented and hard-working individuals in locations all throughout the vast Central Texas region. That’s the reason the agency puts together routine open calls, too. The point of the open calls is to locate people who may be suitable candidates for rewarding careers in both commercial talent and modeling.

According to MarketWired, the Brown Agency works with many women and men who are part of the theatrical realm. Some of the women who are part of the agency’s theatrical roster are Shannon Shankman, Nikki Zook and Lauren Elliott. Men who are part of the firm’s theatrical roster, on the other hand, include Joel West, Gregory Alexander, Tom Graham and Michael Costilla. The company is constantly trying to grow its roster. It’s perpetually trying to scout out the finest professionals available as well. This is an agency that knows how to identify people who have the ability to do well in commercial talent and modeling. It knows how to recognize ambition that’s unwavering and strong. The team members who work for this firm know all too well how competitive the commercial talent and modeling universes can be. That’s why they’re so dedicated to finding the best and only the best. They’ve had a rock-solid track record in recent years, too. The Brown Agency is not a business that ever accepts results that are in any way, shape or form mediocre or less than ideal.

Female models who are part of The Brown Agency include Doa Jafri, Katie Plunkett, Kristie Mays and Vanadia Badillo. Male models who are part of the agency are Erik Fellows, Kane Soofi and Steve Murray.

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Nathaniel Ru Creates Healthy Salads And A Healthier World

Nathaniel Ru is someone who is leading the way when it comes to healthy foods and the world’s search for food that they can consume that is top quality and good for them. He is someone who is creating food that people can enjoy that supports their bodies and that helps them to stay in good shape. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

Nathaniel Ru is one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen, a company that is known for putting out high-quality salads. Sweetgreen produces food that is top quality and delicious. This company is one that focuses on health in all that it does, and Nathaniel Ru is a great leader in the company. The company is one that is growing fast, and it is one that is becoming very successful as time goes on.

There are some who take the schooling that they receive and choose to do nothing with it, and there are others who use their education to help them get ahead in life. Nathaniel Ru is someone who is using the college education that he received to help him as he leads Sweetgreen.

He studied Finance at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and he learned things that have helped him in the work that he does with Sweetgreens.

He founded the company with a group of individuals who shared his passion for health, and he was able to contribute well to the company because of the schooling that he had received.

Nathaniel Ru had the opportunity to take on another venture in 2010, staring a music and food festival with his partners. This is something that provides entertainment to a variety of people. Sweetlife is a festival that allows people to come together and to enjoy life with one another. It is a festival that is focused on healthy living and all things good.

The festival is meant to help people focus on the things that are important. It is a festival that is all about community and the well-being of those who are a part of it. Nathaniel Ru and his partners want to use the festival to create a healthier world.

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