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How Trabuco Design Advanced Over The Centuries

The Trabuco was a fascinating siege machine which changed the face of war once it was adopted by armies in the Middle Ages. Prior to the time the Trabuco made an appearance on the field of battle the main siege weapon in use was the catapult. A catapult works by getting the energy they need to fling things forward by gravity. The early Trabuco worked the same way but they were far larger, more accurate, and could throw much bigger stones and other projectiles. The Trabuco also has a sling while a catapult just has something resembling a large wooden spoon. The sling magnifies the power of gravity.

These first Trabuco were called Traction Trabuco. Teams of men would pull on a rope which swung the arm forward, launching the projectiles. This was upgraded about 500 years later when the Counterweight Trabuco was unveiled. Instead of relying on human muscle it used a giant counterweight which added immensely more power than what people could deliver. Both Christian and Muslim armies made use of this device according to While the original Trabuco had first appeared in China and then made its way to Europe, the Counterweight Trabuco went the other way.


Trabuco could be up to 100 feet tall or even more. The primary material used to construct them was wood which was tied together using leather, rope, metal, or whatever was on hand at times. Most Trabuco were immobile and so had to be built where they were to be used. The armies only carried the vital parts of a Trabuco that they wouldn’t be able to construct where they were needed.

In order to raise the counterweight of a Trabuco a few methods were employed. Some used treadwheels while other designs used winches. These devices were aided by block and tackle so that the counterweight couldn’t slip down while it was being raised up. The one drawback to a Counterweight Trabuco, as opposed to a Traction Trabuco, is that the former one took longer to fire another round according to This wasn’t that big of a deal in a long siege battle, though, and since they could deliver projectiles ten times as large it was a worthy tradeoff.


Ronald Fowlkes Talks About His Career At FirstSpear

Ronald Fowlkes is an entrepreneur in the law enforcement and military gear industry. He says that he grew up with a strong interest of serving proudly in the Marine Corp. After he hit the right age he applied to the Marines and was accepted. He went through the prestigious yet grueling Army Jump School as part of his training. Once he had served he moved to St. Louis, Minnesota. He joined this city’s SWAT team. It was while he was in the Marines and in the St. Louis police force that he took a liking to the gear he was using which was produced by FirstSpear. He knew their stuff was something special from the first time he was exposed to it.

Since that time Ronald Fowlkes has spent more than 20 years designing and delivering the highest quality equipment to the armed services and police departments. He was an executive at ITW for a number of years as well as Eagle Industries. He ended up with an opportunity to become one of the owners of FirstSpear which he jumped at. He has since handled their business development and helped develop this company’s strategic vision.

Because FirstSpear has customers overseas Ronald Fowlkes says that his job isn’t the typical nine to five shift. As soon as he gets his children going to school he starts working straight away, usually first taking a number of calls. He has said that he powers through the day by drinking a few Mountain Dews during the day. When he was in the military he says he had to drink Folgers instant coffee mixed with some cold water so he definitely appreciates the upgrade.

Ronald Fowlkes says that FirstSpear is based on teamwork. He knows that is how he gets his best ideas. He has a business development team who communicate all the time with the Department of Defense, NATO, as well as state and local law enforcement departments. They establish what requirements they have for gear so that his team can meet them. He says that the FirstSpear team also often gets great ideas from those out working in the field as well as end users which really helps his company develop and grow. One downside to his industry, he says, is that other companies are pretty brazen about stealing ideas. That is why he patents everything his company comes up with.

In his spare time Ronald Fowkles loves following hockey. He coaches in a youth league and follows what is happening in the NHL. He writes a blog about hockey where he recently wrote that fighting is becoming rarer over time. In the current NHL season, a fight occurs in 20% of games while 10 years ago that happened in half of the games.


Expert Advice On How to Prepare for Retirement the Right Way

Have you been focusing on your financial future and your retirement plans? Many people struggle throughout the day with their jobs. They struggle every month to pay off their student debt. However, it is important to take some time to think about retirement and saving up for it. It may not be the first thing on your mind right now, but in a certain number of years, it will definitely be the biggest thing on your mind. It is important to start paying attention to financial experts like David Giertz and follow their advice when it comes to preparing for retirement.

David Giertz has years of experience with financial advisory and wealth management. He advises that you should make the most out of your 401k or other retirement account contributions. If your company has helped you set up a retirement account, ask your boss to channel a portion of your paycheck directly into your retirement account. This is especially important if you are over forty years old and are approaching retirement age. The reason this works is that you don’t have to deal with disciplining yourself as much. If the money goes into your bank account first, many people will find it difficult to budget correctly so that a good portion of their money goes into their retirement account. People will push off contributing to their retirement accounts until their next paycheck, and then until the next paycheck. They will never get around to doing it, and they will find that they do not have any money in their savings accounts when they need it the most.

David Giertz also says that you have to make wise financial decisions. You have to be able to create a budget and stick to it. You should stop spending money on unnecessary purchases. Do not buy a fancy car when you can not afford it. Get a used car instead. Use the money that you saved on your car purchase to pay off your debts and save for retirement. In the future, you will thank yourself for your previous decisions.

Find out more about David Giertz:

Want a happy and easy retirement? Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks” may be the answer

There are all kinds of investment programs out there. One of them is described by a man named Matt Badiali. Badiali has promoted a program on behalf of the Lifetime Income Report known as “Freedom Checks”. These “Freedom Checks” are promoted as a type of investment that is more lucrative than CDs, stocks, or mutual funds, although they work more like dividends. Read this article at

Badiali claims that this investment has been promoted by presidents from Nixon all the way up to Trump as an investment that is used to keep the United States self-sufficient. In fact, Badiali learned of this investment while speaking to legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens. It is codified into law by a statute known as “Statute 26-F”. This statute brings to life an investment that is otherwise known as Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. Master Limited Partnerships are publicly traded partnerships that are used to “pass through” investment profits to shareholders. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


These companies pass most of their profits on to their shareholders in order to avoid federal taxes. Companies such as oil and gas pipe lines as well as any publicly traded company that deals in commodities will utilize this type of arrangement. These “Freedom Checks” are also utilized by real estate investment trusts, or REITs.


Some examples of companies that will give out these “Freedom Checks” to their investors are companies such as SunCoke Energy Partners based out of San Diego, California, and the San Juan Basin Royalty Trust based out of Texas. When Badiali chooses companies, he looks for companies that have at least $1 billion of “in demand assets” available to them. Assets such as oil, natural gas, gold, silver, rare earth minerals and even intellectual properties would be considered. Essentially, anything that is both tangible and a raw material will be considered as a company to look into. The second rule is that this company must have consistent and increasing payments given to their stakeholders. The third rule is that the company must have a track record of making a lot of money for their investors. And the last rule, the company must have very good financials. Badiali looks at cash flow, debt structure and many other factors to determine what companies to recommend to his readers that will pay out these “Freedom Checks”. And customers purchase his newsletters in the hopes of finding the next big play to strengthen their long term investment strategy.


Academy of Art University: Defining the Future

The year 1929 marked the opening of a unique educational institution dedicated to helping its students reach their greatest creative aspirations. The privately owned Academy of Art University, founded by Richard S. Stephens as the Academy of Advertising, is located in San Francisco, California. The main campus is in the South of Market District with student housing available in 17 facilities throughout the city.

The Academy hosts more than 18,000 diverse students from 112 countries in a supportive environment that encourages creativity and innovation. They major in accredited programs in 25 areas of study including the fields of design, communication and the arts. The school offers Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs at the campus and online.

Through the Academy’s School of Fashion participation in the bi-annual New York Fashion Week, students have been exhibiting their creative talents since 2005. In September, 2017, collections from ten recent BFA and MFA graduates were debuted in the school’s 21st runway showcase. A Huffington Post Article focused on the diversity of the designers’ backgrounds and the range of ideas and techniques being presented. Their favorite looks were shown with a short statement from each designer giving the inspiration for their creations and a description of the materials used to create their distinctive designs.

The Academy fosters a strong creative atmosphere that inspires and encourages students to develop their own style in whatever discipline they choose. Under the present leadership of President Elisa Stephens, the Academy of Art University continues to challenge students, inspiring them to become skilled professional artists and designers. A no-barrier admission policy opens the door for students with a desire to learn and develop their skills. Full and Part-time teachers are career artists with a desire to pass on their knowledge, providing experience, expertise and the understanding of the most recent and advanced trends.


Dr. Dov Rand Uses Rare Therapies To Fight Age-Related Diseases

Dr. Dov Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers located in New Jersey. His centers focus on providing wellness services to patients who suffer from health issues due to aging. Dr. Rand helps improve the quality of life of his patients using protocols that are based on scientific research. He is passionate about regenerative medicine, and is committed to staying on top of the latest developments in the field. Dr. Dov Rand uses therapies that are customized to the patient’s unique needs. He recognizes their need for support in order to live the highest quality of life.

Age-related diseases are Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, osteoporosis, cataracts, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. The Healthy Aging Medical Center can offer services that include anti-aging medicine, regenerative medical treatments, and weight-loss programs. Dr. Dov Rand has created a protocol specifically for women suffering from menopause. His treatment can help decrease night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and low libido.

One successful treatment in particular, is IV Nutrient Therapy that is performed at the Health Aging Medical Center. The customized therapy, gives patients the option of having genetic testing performed, to see if there are contributing factors to their health problems ( It is a vitamin-infused regimen that can help ease the pain associated with chronic diseases.

As a bioidentical hormone specialist, Dr. Rand always strives to provide the best quality of care possible. He helps educate his patients who may be confused about their illness and symptoms. He has valuable resources at his disposal to help each individual make an informed decision about their treatment plan. During every evaluation, Dr. Rand provides his patients with a complete assessment in regards to their illness. This may include monitoring your weight and energy levels. No matter what type of illness you may be suffering from, Dr. Rand and his staff at Healthy Aging Medical Center will help you live your life to the fullest.


Perry Mandera Always Paying It Forward

After graduating from High School in 1975, Perry Mandera served in the U.S Marine Corps Reserves as a motor pool where he first learned to drive trucks. After being honorably discharged, he was on his way to a long career in transportation. By the time he was 23 years old, Mandera had worked for a hand full of transportation companies which led him to start his own business in 1980 of which he later sold five years later.

He was the youngest person elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman in the 26th Ward of Chicago from 1984 to 1988. In 1986, he had started The Custome Companies, Inc, which today serves thousands of customer from family-owned small business to Fortune 100 corporations. His company, as a result, has seen great success, with revenue that exceeds $200 million, employing more several hundred employees across the United States.

In 2000, he was named the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium by the Illinois Transportation Association. As a leader in the community, Perry Mandera has contributed to his time and energy to charitable organizations and causes throughout his career. His focus has been on children, youth, and veterans organizations in addition to Cancer Cures and Prevention. Some of these charities include The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers Organization. Mandera has also supplied transportation and donated 6,500 winter coats for children in need in the Chicagoland county and those surrounding.

When he founded The Custom Companies, Inc. it was on the idea to always do the right thing in giving back to the community. With success they have seen, he has always wanted to pay it forward through their commitment to the community. In doing so, he founded the Customer Cares Charities to further provide support to organizations and individuals in need. It has since become a champion of a diverse set of charities that reflect the values of both Mendera and Customer Cares Charities (

It goes without saying that Perry Mandera has become a man with a bold vision in not only transportation but also in giving back to the community and supporting the advancement of those in need. From humble beginnings, Mandera has continued leaving his mark throughout his years.


Graham Edwards: Pushing Boundaries for Telereal Trillium

The board of directors at Telereal Trillium Ltd. has been selecting only the best people to lead the company. Through the years, the company has been known as one of the leading asset and investment management firms in the United Kingdom ( They have been focusing lately on managing commercial assets because of the greater revenue that it produces. Many people who have experienced the services offered by Telereal Trillium Ltd. have been recommending it to everyone who is looking for the best company which would manage their assets. Today, the company is actively operating in the United Kingdom with their headquarters built in London. Graham Edwards was also named as the newest CEO of the company after they have undergone a restructuring procedure.

Established in 1997 as Trillium, the company started to undergo several merger contracts and acquisitions. Many companies and corporations have placed them under control, but their autonomy as a company remained, and they kept on breaking their previous records, much to the delight of their mother companies. Trillium would also undergo a rebranding as Land Securities Inc acquired it. The company changed its name to Telereal Trillium Ltd., and they are still using the name today. Many individuals have also been given a chance to serve the company, and they managed to showcase their talent in management after the board of directors has chosen them at Telereal Trillium Ltd. Graham Edwards is different, as his excellent background is the key for him to be hired. The board of directors was impressed with his accomplishments, and knowing that he will lead the company to the better future, they chose him to become the next CEO.

The board of directors made the best choice, as Telereal Trillium Ltd. started to grow tremendously under the term of Graham Edwards Telereal. Edwards was also responsible for bringing in additional contracts and projects for the company, which has brought them billions of pounds in revenues. Today, Telereal Trillium Ltd. keeps on becoming one of the most competitive companies in the United Kingdom, thanks to their leader who only wanted success for the company.



Glen Wakeman Mentoring Upcoming Investors Using Modern Technology

Glen is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States of America. He has invested in a variety of investments and has achieved considerable success in his career. he has been in the business world for more than two decades and has set up a good record. Glen has also been mentoring many upcoming investors. He has founded many businesses which have been doing so well in the market. he has spent a considerable number of years in the management sector and he fully understands the various dynamism behind the business world.

Glen is the founder and the president of the Nova Four which provides business plans and provide strategic advice and also gives access to capital aimed at developing such companies. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and gives financial advises and coaching to upcoming businesses to improve their financial stability and a command a market share. Glen is also the founder of the which is an online platform which offers online business planning services through their customized website. It applies the digital marketing strategy to reach their many customers. The fundamental mind underlying the success of the activities of Nova Four and are the prime ideas of Glen Wakeman. He brings his rich ideas in business to life through discussing them with other great minds in his company for reassessment.

Glen Wakeman has worked with various companies. He worked for many years with GE Capital. He occupied key management positions including being the general manager, business development officer and the operational manager in the company. He also worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the GE Money Latin America where he achieved great success (Affiliatedork). As the CEO, he was accredited of having built over 1000 branches. He has also worked with many countries across Europe and Asia. Glen is also a great technocrat and he is fascinated by the application of machines learning in the business world. Glen Wakeman attended the University of Chicago where he received his MBA. He also attended the University of Scranton where he received a degree in Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance.




The Stansberry Research Periodical

Porter made a recommendation of investing in a distressed bond of Rite Aid pharmaceuticals and the purchase of its shares to create a synthetic convertible bond position in October. The first recommendation by Stansberry was in March 2008 and was able to earn over 56% return to the investors. The second came in 2009 which encouraged the subscribers to invest in Rite Aid which led to people making 773% returns and becoming one of the best recommendations of the Stansberry Company.

A convertible bond can be able to be changed to shares of a company. The advantage of a traditional bond is that a thousand dollar investment can bring about higher returns. However, not all bonds are convertibles. If the stock of a company is cheap purchasing, it can bring about the same advantage as the convertible. Rite has a history of fast growth and taking in debt, but it always has high returns at the end. One can be able to take advantage of this situation to make capital for themselves (

Stansberry Research is a publishing company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company runs its operations all over the country with additional offices in Oregon, Florida, and California. The firm primarily deals with investment research and helping its subscribers make informed decisions before starting. The company reaches out to the subscribers through newsletters and journals that are in the energy industry, healthcare facilities, and technology. The company has subscribers from all over the globe.

Mr. Porter Stansberry leads the activities of the company as he is also the founder. He was the editor of The Fleet Street Letter before establishing Stansberry Research. Stansberry Research has a publication called True Wealth which was initiated by Steve Sjuggerud in 2001. The company offers unbiased investment plans to investors who have been well researched by Stansberry experts.

The company deals typically in the maximization of incomes, value investment, options, financial market and the analysis of macroeconomics. The Stansberry insight to the market trend has made it one of the best investigative firms in the financial sector (Dailywealth).


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