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Professor Kamil Idris view on Rigid Tariffs against China

In his article on medium, Professor Kamil pointed out that the recently announced tariffs by President Trump will hit China hard. The Chinese annual theft of American IP has already cost the United States about $225 to $600 billion according to 2017 report by United States Trade Representatives. Professor Kamil added that these fines for IP stealing are among the highest and they will be enforced on imports from China which will be a total of $50 billion. The penalties will be applied as a punishment for the alleged stealing of U.S. intellectual properties. The allegedly stolen intellectual properties include counterfeiting favorite brands, stealing trade secrets and applying pressures on companies to share technologies with Chinese businesses to be able to acquire vast market in the country. He also states that there are many complaints and many cases of violation of intellectual properties by Chinese people and this has caused numerous nations to avoid doing any dealings with the Chinese industries that are based in China. Professor Kamil feels that President Trump has taken long enough to make measures in correcting the situation.

According to Professor Kamil, Trump seems to be fulfilling his promise according to his recent announcement by imposing a 10% tariff on aluminum imports and 25% tariff on steel imports. Trump excluded Canada and Mexico from these tariffs which seem to be a way of extending an olive branch of peace to these countries. His view is a view that the recent announcement by Triumph is an indication that he might impose the consents to the United States allies.

Professor Kamil Idris is an international civil servant, a former diplomat and a Sudanese national. He graduated from Faculty of Law University with LLB honors. He also attended Geneva University in Switzerland and received a Ph.D. in international law. He has doctorate honorary law degrees from 19 universities around the world. From 1997 to 2008 he worked as the General Director of World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and for the Global Union for the Security of New Varieties of Plants. He was also a member of United Nations International Law Commission. He has published many books concerning the issues of development, international law, and intellectual property.

Dr. Saad Saad Takes His Medical Expertise Across the Globe through Medical Practice and Advice

Doctor Saad Saad was given the magnificent opportunity to work for the Saudi Royal as a pediatric surgeon and this was simply because of his ability to speak both English and Arabic and being a board certified pediatric surgeon in the US and at the time he was the only individual with capable of all three at once. Working for the Royal family in Riyadh were 4 and a 1/2 years that he would never take back and thoroughly enjoyed with his family. Although he was one of eight children in a household, all these kids became success stories as one became a teacher, two earned Master Degrees in Engineering, two earned to PhD’s, and three are surgeons showing that education and upbringing truly are the keys to success for family. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad had received his MD from Cairo University in Egypt and was ranked 2nd in his class. He went on to complete his residency in surgery and Pediatric surgery and is now board certified in pediatric surgery. Even though keeping your surgical license is difficult requiring continuous practice and the passing of an extremely hard exam every 10 years he has been able to keep this up while also becoming a respected surgeon.


Some of the respect that Dr. Saad Saad has received was due to his work that landed him a spot in a world class scientific journal as he educated others on how to treat the youngest baby to ever be admitted with aneurysm. He successfully operated the surgery on the baby and gained much notoriety. He has been called to work at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital where he is asked to perform both extremely simple and extremely complex surgeries and due to his work has landed him a spot on the Chief of surgeries confidant list where they often come to him for protocols and his opinions on whether a surgery should be performed or how it should be done. The assistant chief of the hospital trusted Dr. Saad Saad at some point to perform surgery on his son.


Dr. Saad Saad spoke about how he came from an extremely poor family and that the family expectations of him were medical school, which was not an option or choice, but mandatory as being a part of his household.


Within Saudi Arabia and throughout many hospitals he also helps service not just the rich, but also the poor. Serving them who have the most needy and complex pediatric conditions. Dr. Saad Saads upbringing and background established within him the thought that all people are equal and need the same opportunities. The traits that he values most are kindness, honesty, hard work, and a treating all children regardless of differences the same. He has gone on countless missions to different areas in the world to on poor children as an opportunity to serve the poor by giving them his very best especially when they were at their very worst.

Fortress Investment Group, Growth at Its Best

Progress has never hurt, not even in a single day. Fortress Investment Group, as it turns out, is one of the companies in the world that has enjoyed a steady success rate ever since it got established in 1998. Today, the private equity manager is bigger and better all thanks to the efforts put in by the company’s management.

Fortress, having embraced change, has seen a rise in its nets worth. To say the least, Fortress Investment Group currently controls assets worth over forty-three billion dollars. Like they say, fortune favors the bold. Fortress, thanks to its successes, now enjoys a presence on the New York Stock Exchange, something that never comes easy not even in a thousand years.

The corporation, despite being successful, has also gone through a troubling phase. However, the team of young and energetic souls at Fortress Investment Group has ensured that these troubles never double. In short, Fortress has thrived because of its employees. Clients, too, have benefited from the commitment shown by the members of staff.

Beneficiaries of the firm’s great act are none other than private equity companies, hedge funds, and permanent capital firms. Fortress, by offering services in asset investments, capital markets, operations management, and mergers and acquisitions, has ensured that consumers receive everything they deserve in the end.

Did you know that Fortress Investment Group is successful because of its robust leadership? Well, individuals like Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone have taken the company a step further by combining their skills for the greater good of the organization. Excellent management has surely gone a long way in alleviating the position of Fortress in known and unknown markets.

Recall, Fortress is currently on the New York Stock Exchange list. Profiling in such a revered IPO has given the private equity firm all the mileage it needs to achieve its short and long-term goals. Consumers have found a deep respect for the company and in so doing, made the organization a favorite among many. To say the least, Fortress Investment Group’s streak has been nothing short of spectacular since its inception to decades ago.

Fortress has in recent years attracted the attention of Softbank without even realizing it. Can we blame the firm? There is a lot of justification why Fortress Investment has become one enviable company, and its successes say it all. Softbank, having seen a lot of potential in Fortress, decided to buy the company for over three billion dollars. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

Spending three billion dollars is a massive gamble for many corporations but as it were, Fortress was and still is a wise investment. Fortress, despite getting sold to the highest bidder, has greater plans for the international community, objectives that its newest manager, Softbank, will have to oversee in the future. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Twenty years might seem to be such a long time but the truth is Fortress has done what other like-minded corporations have failed to do. Therefore, Fortress Investment is the king of the game.

What the US Money Reserve Does to Help Their Clients

The US Money Reserve goes above and beyond for all the customers they have. They aren’t afraid to give customers the special help they need and they know their customers will get the best experiences no matter what they do. For everyone who is a part of the company, they can keep doing things the right way and can keep making sure they’re offering the most positive experiences possible.

It is everything they know how to do and everything they can use to take advantage of the positive options on their own. Between the hard work they put into things and the experiences people can make of them, they know what they need to do. Read more: US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire and  US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

After the US Money Reserve made sure they were helping people, they felt good about the experiences they had. They also felt things would continue getting better because of the way they did business.

Thanks to the hard work they put into the company, people could now see they had other options. Before the US Money Reserve started offering the coin collecting options they have, people had to rely on different companies to get more out of the things that were going on. It was their way of doing things.

By the time the company started showing others the right options they could use on their own, they knew what would get better. They also knew things were better for everyone who had them.

While the company continued offering these options to others, they knew there were things that would happen to them. It was their goal of helping that allowed other people the chance to see what would get better. For everyone who was a part of the company, people could see they were doing things the right way.  Connect with US Money Reverse on LinkedIn

Between their opportunities and the things they did with these opportunities, everyone knew there were positive experiences that would come from the business. They also knew the experiences everyone would use would make things easier on the people who tried things. For the company to do this, they had to make sure things were getting better.

They also had to show others there were positive options they could use on their own. It was their ability that allowed them the chance to do everything that would help them.

Customers saw the positive experiences that came from working with the US  Reserve to get the options they needed.

Ryan Seacrest Highlights

Ryan Seacrest is the new host of ABC’s music competition series American Idol. From producing the hit series,’Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, being an active member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, hosting on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ morning talk show and radio host of ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Ryan has made a permanent impact on the entertainment industry. The producer/tv host Ryan Seacrest, passion has lead to his expansion in the entertainment industry by opening a high fashion men’s clothing line and skincare products that is carried by Macy’s.

The entertainers impressive resume goes on and may seem like it has no end. The award winning host continues to maintain his post on the forefront of the entertainment industry by being honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation and being the head of Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) which is controlling 10 other broadcasting stations. His Humanitarian ambition has gained him a position on the board of the Los Angelese County Museum of Arts (LACMA). Multi-talented with a heart like no other, Ryan Seacrest has also made an impact across the country and in young minds all around by being involved in youth developments.

His annual position as host and Exec. producer of ABC’s New Years Eve programs, has made his peers recognize his impact and importance to both the network and the industry. ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest tops the chart in the country and continues to be the main listen for drive-time shows. More than Iconic, the ambition and personality of R. Seacrest, is one to admire. His acknowledgement and associating companies, such as Netflix, Coca Cola and E! Network also highlights his many friendships and accomplishments. Standing on the front lines, both broadcast and Cable television, Ryan Seacrest his a man that Delivers at his job.

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David McDonald Of OSI Group Has A Continuing Commitment To Company Growth:

From his humble roots growing up on an Iowa farm to his current role as a top executive for one of the world’s largest food processing and distribution company’s, David McDonald has never lost touch with the importance of family. This is an attribute that he has carried with him during his thirty plus year career working for global food giant OSI Group. David McDonald spent his college years in his home state at Iowa State University and earned a degree in animal science. His career in the food business started in 1987 when OSI gave him a project manager position. OSI Group was in a continuous cycle of global expansion and David was charged with the goal of growing the company’s presence in the Asian and Latin American markets. Today David has ascended to the position of President of OSI Group. He is also a sitting member of the company’s Board of Directors.

David McDonald has been spearheading some big expansion moves for OSI Group over the last couple of years. The company has never stopped expanding since its major efforts at global growth began in the 1970s but the last few years have been of particular note. OSI Group has seen big expansion efforts come to fulfilment in Europe, China and Australia over the last decade. David McDonald was beaming with pride at the opening of OSI Group’s recent opening of its tenth Chinese facility, an area that David worked in from very early on in his career with the firm. OSI added two outstanding food operations in Europe to the OSI family in 2016. Dutch operation Baho Food and British operation Flagship Europe were added to the OSI family of brands as they were both outstanding fits for the company and its processing strengths. OSI also made a massive upgrade to its operation in Toledo, Spain in order to ensure that a large boost in chicken production could become possible. Most recently, OSI Group acquired the Australian food company Turi Foods, a move which greatly expands the OSI Group market share in Australia.

On OSI’s home turf in the Chicago area, the company has also recently purchased a food processing operation that was formerly operated under the Tyson banner. It is yet another testament to David McDonald and OSI Group’s constant drive to be able to continue to provide its customers with the legendary OSI Group service.

David McDonald’s OSI Group info:

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