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Genucel by Chamonix, Fighting to erase the signs of domestic abuse

Nearly 25% of women in the United States have suffered from domestic abuse. That is a lot of women, let alone the men and children. And domestic abuse can cause much mental and emotional damage. Most see self-harm and think cutting, and other outward and physical signs. But self-harm can also come from within, in the form of thoughts against oneself. Those harmful thoughts along with the lowered feeling of self worth and lower self esteem are what Genucel by Chamonix is trying to help through the Women Aware program in New Jersey.


There are many therapies to help those who have suffered from domestic abuse to overcome all of the self harm. Practicing self care is part of the road to wellness. Be it creating, exercising or even practicing better care of ones body. Genucel has created ‘beauty bags’ of their skincare items and other basic toiletries to give out to the domestic abuse victims. Based on studies, simple daily hygiene and taking care of oneself help abuse victims to feel better about themselves. Self-affirmations, though they take some time, go hand in hand with creating a healthier person.




Genucel, part of Chamonix, along with Women Aware and others were able to have the first 5k race and charity walk. Move Beyond 5k Race and Charity walk procedes went to benefit Women Aware, but it also showed community support for those who have suffered domestic abuse. Seeing and walking with others who not only were abused but have survived and are thriving is a huge boost to survivors moral. Knowing you are not alone goes a long way, reports


Depression, anxiety and PTSD are very common among those who suffer domestic violence. Getting out and walking helps alleviate some of those symptoms. It also creates health and wellness. It is amazing what a little walking outside in nature can do for the mind and the body. Genucel’s products help the skin look younger and healthier, which helps reverse some of the damage done during domestic abuse. And feeling and looking better is a huge morale boost to these women.


Genucel’s products are designed to erase the signs of aging. Physical signs of aging is something domestic abuse advances due to all of the emotional and mental trauma. Genucel and Women Aware are working hard to improve the lives of domestic abuse sufferers.


Rodrigo Terpins Is a Professional Rally Driver Who Embraces Team Work

To understand more about rallying, you must be dedicated. Unlike any other career, rally driving is not a career where you take on and off breaks as you wish. It may prove difficult to make a living from rally driving. If you are an amateur, you may face many challenges that may even force you to quit. As a result, you must be resilient if you are indeed willing to succeed as a rally driver. As a successful rally driver, you will gain some recognition for your hard work and resilience.

Rodrigo Terpins is among the highly esteemed rally drivers in Brazil. After looking into his background, it is imminent that Rodrigo Terpins emerged from a family that loves sports. To be precise, his father was also a rally driver. Perhaps that is where Rodrigo Terpins drew his inspiration to become a professional rally driver. When it comes to the Brazilian sports industry, Rodrigo Terpins is a household name.

As a professional rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins has taken part in numerous competitions. He is also a go-getter, and that is why he strives to emerge as a winner in every competition that he takes part in. Primarily, Rodrigo Terpins has gained a huge following for being one of the major participants of the Sertoes Rally. Since Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family that loves sports, his passion for becoming a rally driver came about later in life. By being a professional team player, Rodrigo Terpins was also accorded the honor of being a team leader in the Latin America Jewish Council.

Rodrigo Terpins is also the brother to Michel Terpins, a professional rally driver too. They do work as a team. Over the years, they have participated in various rallies together. In each one of the rallies, they were able to emerge as winners. The recent rally driving event that Rodrigo Terpins took part in is the 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally. Fabricio Manchiana was his partner during this rally event. During this specific rally, the rally drivers were racing across two states. The whole journey amounted up to 2600 kilometers. Although Rodrigo Terpins and his partner faced various challenges such as mechanical issues, they took the third position as the event came to an end.


Is Jeunesse Global the right business for you?

If you have been following network marketing companies, you may have heard of Jeunesse Global. The company has been there for decades now, and it has attracted a massive following from different parts of the world. Many who have tried their products recognize the MLM Company. Since their inception, they have been providing personal care and nutrition products to their customers. Those looking for a way to earn extra income can also consider working as a distributor with the company. There are two ways you can earn an income with Jeunesse Global. For example, you can be a distributor, or you can recruit others to join the company as distributors.

The company history

The company deals with nutrition and skincare products, and successful entrepreneurs started it. Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are the experts behind the formation of the company. They joined the effort and formed Jeunesse in 2009, and they have worked hard since then to see the company become a global firm. Apart from being successful in entrepreneurship, they are veterans in network marketing. Since then they have recruited many upcoming entrepreneurs, and they work in unison as one global family. The two have incorporated old school and modern marketing methods to become successful with their company.

If you decide to work as a distributor with Jeunesse Global, you can take advantage of modern marketing techniques. For example, you can use social, medical platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to recruit potential entrepreneurs who want to start earning a living. The best part with Jeunesse Global is that they distribute exceptional products. If you do not want to be a distributor, but you are looking for technologically advanced skincare, weight loss and healthcare products, you should try them from the organization. Luminesce is one of their recognized products globally, and they have used it to push their brand to become successful.

They believe Luminesce to be one of the best modern skincare products in the world. The product is formulated to enhance skin firmness, restore luminosity and make your skin look smooth. The unique formula used to manufacture the product makes you look young.

Heather Parry: Live’s President

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nation Productions. She started her career working at MTV when she was only 21 years old and worked there for more than a decade. She moved onto Happy Madison Productions which is owned by Adam Sandler, and worked as a producer for nearly ten years. Currently, she is involved in two documentaries featuring Lady Gaga and Puff Daddy which are available on Netflix. She has made a solid relationship with Live’s CEO, Guy Oseary and runs many of her ideas through him.

As a producer, Heather Parry is also a visionary and hopes to see many different feature biopic films about music’s most famous people including David Bowie, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Beastie Boys and Stevie Nicks. She wants to showcase the stars and tell their real stories for the masses. She states that there are many musical artists now, so there are even more stories to voice.

Live produced Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born which also features Lady Gaga. It came out within the same year that Lady Gaga’s biopic debuted as well called Gaga: Five Foot Two. With a vast assortment of ventures, Live Nation Productions is involved in multiple movies that will be heading to the big screen or streaming channels that feature many musical artists like Justin Timberlake, French Montana, DJ Khalid and many others.

The next project that she is looking forward to is Imagine Dragons. She enjoys working with such an array of talent from rockers, rappers and everything in between. The documentaries that she helps produce demonsrate the real side that people do not get to see every day about their favorite artist and they are then able to connect with them. Heather Parry loves what she does and brings the real issues of the stars to the ordinary viewer.

Find out more about Heather Parry:

America’s #1 Banking for Businesses Solution at your fingertips

NexBank, a Dallas based financial services institution made public that it has just completed a 54 million dollar fixed to floating rate subordinated notes

to a placement for it’s high net worth investors.Proceeds of the offering will be used for corporate purposes. 283 million of debt and equity has been accrued by NexBank since 2016.


According to banktracker, these private notes have a maturity date of 2027 with a BBB investment grade rating, fixed 6.375% interest rate fore 5 years and non callable for that same time. The notes are not Not registered under the Securities act and cannot be sold in the US prior to meeting appropriate registration requirements. As a financial services institution NexBank serves clients and consumers using Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and Institutional Services and can customize Banking and Financing to suit the need of nation wide corporations, other banking institutions and institutional clients.


Located at 2515 Mckinney Ave, Suite 1100 Dallas, Texas NexBank SSB is a member of the FDIC and provides and delivers tailor made services for it’s client institutions. NexBank also helps to connect clients with broader possibilities. Along with being the largest bank in Texas NexBank also holds the moniker of also being the biggest bank in the nation. As of September 2018 NexBank has been in business 94 years With a B rating Nexbank and a average interest income of 152 billion dollars it has money market rates are 4X the national rates.


Nexbank has a total of four different client accounts available, shares The Savings account with 15% APY, with no minimum. The Checking account with 1.25% APY with no minimum. The CD account with one and two month APY interest starting at 10% on 10K minumum on up thru 12 month at 2.70% on 10K. Then last but not least a Money Market account with a 1.80% APY at 100k minimum.


NexBank Capital also has an impressive website. There page header is Execution, Flexibility and Execution, this is your online port where you can carry out all the aforementioned services. There are also links to learn more about NexBank, personal banking, investor relations, online banking, certificate of deposits (CD) and all contact info.