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Building A Better Tomorrow vis High-Quality Food Products: OSI Industries

What would the world do if there were no food-providing services? This industry rakes in billions every year, and it spans across the globe. One of the top food providers in existence is known as OSI Industries, and this particular business utilizes its extensive supply chain to reach its customers. OSI Industries has spent a lot of time and money over the course of years, but this is necessary for continuous growth. In 2016, the company acquired BAHO Food to its lineup. “By bringing BAHO Food into the system, we are now able to reach a broader base of people,”  David McDonald said, the president of OSI. Thanks to this addition, OSI has been able to reach markets that were once untapped.

Th same thing has repeated itself with the acquisition of Tyson Foods. OSI Industries spent more than $7 million to acquire Tyson Food Plant‘ Chicago based plant. This plant is located in close proximity to some of OSI’s other plants, and it possesses up to 200,000 square-feet of space. Business acquisitions can be a gamechanger if used correctly, and OSI has found a recipe for success. What type of foods does this food giant manufacture? Well, OSI Industries manufacture a myriad of food products, including:


  • Cucumbers


  • Fruit


  • Cooked Sausage Links


  • Pasta


  • Panini


  • Cookies


  • Soups


  • Flatbread


  • Pot Roast


  • Desserts


  • And many others

Of course, this only scratches the surface in totality, but you should have a much better understanding of how productive OSI truly is. OSI Industries has been able to secure good prices while harvesting high quality ingredients. The future looks to be very prosperous, and OSI will continue to lead by example in the years to come.

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Tim Ioannides: On the Sunshine Vitamin

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a well known dermatological surgeon with experience lasting over a decade. Rooted in Florida, Dr. Ioannides is well known for his involvement in Treasure Coast, where he has founded Treasure Coast Dermatology. He associates with prestigious organizations such as the American Medical Association and American Academy of Dermatology. In addition to these, he also plays the role of a Voluntary Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine where he educates students on dermatological and reconstructive surgery. Having a background in dermatology qualifies him to give advice on the topic of dermatology, and in one recent article, Dr. Ioannides discusses his view on a common treatment for skin conditions.

Skin conditions can be irritating, and not to mention hinder one’s daily ability to function due to the unpleasantness of its appearance. Skin conditions can range in physical appearance from being red and itchy to being cracked and leaking liquid. Common ones include Dermatitis, Eczema, and Psoriasis. While each condition is different, the one thing they have in common is that it is quite a task to find a viable treatment.

Vitamin D plays an important role in the body and is vital for having strong bones, and supporting the immune system. While we can get it through the foods we consume, our bodies can also produce it through exposure to the sun. However, some people may have disadvantages such as weak immune systems which disables their ability to self-produce Vitamin D. There are several ways in which a person can become Vitamin D deficient including not eating enough foods with Vitamin D, being overweight, and being elderly. To counteract these problems, Dr. Ioannides recommends taking Vitamin D supplements which can both treat skin conditions, and other issues resulting in a lack of the vitamin.


Watford FC Manager Javi Gracia Is Confident About His Team’s Performance

When it comes to being the underdog, Watford Football Club has seen its fair share in the past years. However, this season might change everything, as the team continues to perform spectacularly in the Premier League. Manager Javi Gracia, who himself was a former football player, believes that his team will achieve something different this season.

Just last month, Watford team managed to clinch the victory against their fight with Cardiff City. It was an overwhelming fight, with Watford dominating the game that ended in the score of 5-1. Forward and occasional Winger Gerard Geulofeo scored the three goals out of five while captain Troy Deeney scored the remaining two. On Cardiff’s side, Sol Bamba scored a goal for his team. Gracia was happy with the outcome of the match, which took place last February 23 and raised their overall standing in the league.

Javi Gracia stated in an interview that his team made him proud because of their good performance, as well as their show of commitment to the sport. While the team is getting better and better in each game, Gracia is committed to improving his team on areas that they lack. Meanwhile, the other team’s manager Neil Warnock believes that if referee Simon Hooper awarded a penalty to Cardiff, the game would’ve turned out differently. His insisted that his team would’ve made a different ball game had the score been 1-1.

The Watford team got another victory in the league after their match against Leicester City which happened a few days ago. During this match, Deeney and Andre Gray both scored a goal for Watford while Jamie Vardy scored a goal for his team. This makes Watford have an overall 43 points, placing them in number 8 in overall standings. Manchester City currently holds the first spot with 71 points while Liverpool follows with 70 points. Manchester City will fight Watford this Sunday.

Watford FC is now solely managed by the Italian business owner Gino Pozzo. He is known to be heavily involved in his team’s day to day activities since he and his father acquired the team last 2012. Last year, sports site Talksport named him as one of the top performing owners in the Premier League.

Rebel Wilson’s “Isn’t It Romantic” Now Available On Netflix

“Isn’t It Romantic” has been a great romantic movie during Valentine’s Day. However, global fans of Rebel Wilson and other main characters: Liam Hemsworth, Adam DeVine, and Priyanka Chopra had to wait for more almost half a month in order to see the film.

Fortunately, streaming platform Netflix made the movie available in their site for its subscribers who were not able to catch the movie last February 13.

And as the movie becomes more available for people all around the world, movie reviews started to appear from review sites. “Isn’t It Romantic” movie reception are generally positive, with some reviewers even surprised that the movie is way better than someone would expect.

A review from Wenlei Ma of described it as a satirical and entertaining movie, even for those who don’t like romantic comedies such as the main character, Natalie. Although a lot of people doesn’t like how the movie does the things that it is trying to satirize, the overall feel of the movie is light and keeps on entertaining its viewers. The comedy aspect has been properly portrayed, with Rebel Wilson executing most of the punch line in the film. The movie is described as guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone who watches it.

Viewers also noted that even though the film failed to avoid the romantic comedy tropes that it tried to satirize, it succeeded in poking fun out of the cliches existing in the whole genre itself. Cliches such as rich man to die for, a flamboyant ay friend, a kiss in the rain, and other elements of rom-com are featured with a satiric bite that also serves to add the light-hearted humor of the film. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Although the characters are written with lack of shade, its actors executed their roles perfectly. This is especially true for Rebel Wilson, who managed to take her character to the next level. Playing as Natalie, the awkward character who is not fond of romantic movies, Wilson managed to catch that awkwardness and made it a part of her character’s charm. Wilson also managed to showcase her talent in both acting and performing during her duel with Priyanka Chopra.

In terms of sales, the movie had seen success during its first day, gathering $1.8 million during its first day and $4.4 million during the Valentines Day, which makes it one of the most viewed movie during the season of the hearts. It ranked third at the box office during its first week. Overall, the movie managed to bag $35 million in total domestic sales. This is not a bad number for a romantic comedy movie, which has been very rare in the past few years. CinemaScore rated the movie as “B” while PostTrak reviewers gave it a 50% “definite” recommendation.

Rebel Williams will also appear on other movies this year. She has three other movies: “The Hustle” where she will portray Lonnie, “Jojo Rabbit” where she will portray Fraulein Rahm, and “Cats” where she will portray Jennyanydots. She is also slated to perform as Maureen Folan in the theatrical version of “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” which she will do from November to December this year.

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Susan McGalla: A Successful Businesswoman Who Accepted Nothing Less Than Success

Advice is all over on how women can overcome challenges and succeed in their careers. However, much of the information is either too pandering or too generic. Susan McGalla, the Founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, provides consultancy services to her clients on marketing, branding, operational efficiencies, talent management, and more. She serves as an inspiration to many women who are looking to succeed in their endeavors and she has shared her insights through various platforms including the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Susan McGalla is a successful American businesswoman and executive consultant. Previously, she served at Wet Seal Inc., as CEO and American Eagle Outfitters Inc. as President. McGalla is a member of the board of directors of HFF Inc.

Sharing her story through an online platform, Susan McGalla said that most women are now looking for a real perspective that has practical application. Women are tired of buzzwords as well as party lines and they increasingly want to be identified for being professionals rather than mere women.

Susan McGalla grew up in a hard-working family. Her family encouraged her to speak out her ideas without fear and work hard for whatever she wanted in life her gender notwithstanding. Her background helped her to get along well with both women and men comfortably. Her family played a major role in instilling confidence in her without considering that she is a woman. The solid foundation contributed to her success. She holds a BA from Mount Union College. She started working at Joseph Home Company after graduating from college.

While at American Eagle, she was the only women in the company and she worked hard to earn success. She gained a lifetime experience working at the company. She worked her way up to be able to help build a successful aspirational corporate culture. She rose through ranks to become the company’s President and Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Serving in the position, she was responsible for revenues of $3B, the P&L, an e-commerce site, and four brands.

Since then, Susan McGalla maintained a noble career becoming a leading consultant for prominent people in the finance sector whenever they need an insider’s perspective on the retail world. She credits her success to hard work, living her dream and flexibility. According to McGalla, her gender never influenced her career goals. She never felt entitled to anything just because she was a woman. Susan McGalla hopes that women across the world will take up the approach going into the future.

Flavio Maluf bursts Business Myths

Flavio Maluf is the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex. The company manufactures paints and wooden panels. He was born into a wealthy family but worked hard for everything he has today. He learned from a young age the importance of hard work. He did not get favors or special treatment because of his background. He attended Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. He was excited about starting practice after school. However, he soon realized that the urge to be an engineer was not in him. Instead, he developed an interest in the business.

Flavio Maluf pursued business full time after graduation. He became the leader of the family business in 1997. The opportunity taught a lot about business and how to become independent. He states that patience brought him where he is today. He did not know anything when he was starting but was patient to learn from others. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Flavio Maluf also serves as the President of Grandfood Corporation. He advises those who want to become entrepreneurs to proceed with caution. He states that it is a myth to think that you will work less and earn more when you become an entrepreneur. Instead, you will work extra and earn less to improve the business. Being realistic is important when starting a new business. He adds that business to grow; it needs time and dedication.

He disputes the notion that you must have enough money to start a business. This is a myth that prevents many from being entrepreneurs. Rather than waiting until you have a lot of money to start a business, Flavio Maluf wants you to use what you have. You may realize that you did not need a lot of money after all. He tells businesspeople not to overlook creative endeavors. It is prudent to work smart, not just hard.

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