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Isabel Dos Santos And Her European Investments

Isabel Dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa, but she is investing in Europe because much of what she does includes industries that she learned about in London when she was in school. She wants to invest her money in as many diverse things as possible, and she is looking for ways that she can improve the lives of women.

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  1. Isabel Dos Santos And Portuguese Investments

She has spent many years working with companies in Portugal as she invests, and she has taken many positions with these companies to serve on the board of directors. She is one of the richest women in the world, and she is very influential because she has so much experience in the investment world.

  1. Why Does She Invest In Women?

Isabel Dos Santos has been investing in women and the businesses they start. She gives her money to many charities in Africa that make it possible for women to start their own companies. She knows that these women need support if they want to make their own money, and she wants these women to have a role model. She often speaks to these things because she knows women need encouragement, and she wants to change the way that certain women think of their future and their dreams.

  1. How Does She Invest In Technology?

Technology in Africa is growing very fast, and it is a very good thing for people to start working on when they are in school. Because of this, there are a lot of people who will be able to go into technology and get a job from a number of people who will change their career path because these technology companies are serving Africa. Isabel Dos Santos invests in these companies because she knows it makes a difference in the lives of the people.

  1. Conclusion

Isabel Dos Santos is using her money and influence to make Africa a better place to live. She wants to change the way people view Africa, and she wants to expand the technology sector why working with companies that serve Africa.

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Fashion Advice from Vogue Brasil Expert Donata Meirelles

When it comes to feeling and looking your best, it is important to get fashion advice from people who know the business. One of the leading fashion professionals in the industry is known as Donata Meirelles. She has been working in the field for decades and is the style and fashion director of Vogue Brasil. Because of her work within the company, she has been able to establish relationships with designers, models and runway experts who all work within the fashion world. For this reason, a lot of people look up to her in order to get sound and solid fashion advice so that they can look their best. You can find out more about this amazing professional through her social media sites.

Along with choosing quality garments over quantity, Donata Meirelles believes in the power of accessorizing. There is never an accessory that is off bounds when it comes to looking great. From scarves and belts to jewelry and handbags, a special accessory can either make or break an outfit. It is a good idea, according to Donata Meirelles, to have a variety of different accessories available so that you can effortlessly pick and choose which one is right for the outfit that you are wearing. This also allows you to completely change out your outfits even if you feel as though you’re wearing the same thing every single day. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Along with being big on accessorizing and fashion, this fashion expert is well known for her home decor tips and tricks. She is a huge lover of scented candles and feels that you can completely change the ambiance of a room by simply lighting a candle. It’s important to always light the candles that you have in your home safely as to not cause a fire. You can pick and choose the scents that you love depending on the mood that you’re looking to create. For example, homey scents like baked items and apple spice can create a home-like and calming atmosphere while floral and musky scents are ideal for creating a romantic environment.

You will love being able to feel and look your best using her tips. You can feel and look great at virtually any age. You can find out more about this amazing professional by seeing her work in Vogue Brasil as well as checking her out on social media. You can also visit her main website if you would like to see the latest projects she is involved with and how to stay connected to see what she is doing next.


Article Title: Agera Energy Creates a Competitive Market
Article Text:

Since Agera Energy was created in 2014, this energy supplier has grown by an estimated 600,000 residential customer equivalents. Agera Energy has been making great strides in competitive energy providers since then. When receiving energy services through Agera Energy both business owners and residential customers will work hand in hand with an Agera Energy representative, so they will get direct advisory on how to meet their energy needs.

After Agera Energy meets with their client, they will both sit down and customize a plan to fit their lifestyle. No matter who the client, each will get the opportunity to design own plan that will save them money and use the same energy provider. One way that Agera Energy ensures they make energy most efficient to the client is by providing them with LED light bulbs. By making this simple switch, it can save the client quite a bit of money every year.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Dominating the World of Venture Capital

Ashley Brasier AKA Ashley Lightspeed is today considered to be one of the most revered and south-after talent in the venture capital industry. Although very humble, Ashley’s accomplishments are one to truly marvel at. After receiving her education from Duke University, she would quickly find a position at Baines and Company as a consultant. While there Ashley would gather a plethora of experience in not only the venture capital world but in the tech world as well. Ashley Lightspeed would go back to school and receive a business degree from Stanford. Her additional knowledge on the tech world and in business then led her to create one of the first women-run venture capital firms in the world. We recently sat down with Ashley Brasier to go a little more in-depth about herself and Lightspeed Venture Capital. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Where did you get the idea for Lightspeed Venture Capital?

Ashley Lightspeed states that the concept for the venture capital firm was first created from the fact that she missed consulting for Thumbtack, her employer before she went off to Stanford. Although her work was first done as a side project of sorts, the introduction of more startups looking for capital quickly began growing into an actual company and something that would consume her life right after she graduated.

What is a typical day for you?

Ashley talks about how she is not exactly a morning person yet loves the time to herself as it allows her to have a moment of peace before emails and telephone calls begin to go crazy. Ashley’s day then follows alternative paths depending on the week and her schedule. She can be found mostly within her San Francisco office, yet sometimes work takes her to cities such as New York. One positive about early commutes to work according to Ashley Lightspeed are the incredible sunsets she’s been able to witness on the San Francisco I-280.


Vinod Gupta: Following a Dream

Being from a small village that didn’t have the common amenities we as Americans have grown so fondly of. Some of these include water and electricity, and toilets. Upon graduating from agricultural engineering he continued his education at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Once in Nebraska, he found a job as a marketing research analyst for mobile homes. Because of his difficulty obtaining the information, he decided to refer to the good ol’ yellow pages, that’s a phonebook for those youngsters, to get the data required for his research in his field. Once he completed the list he gave his employer two options. They could either pay for exclusive rights or receive it free of charge under the terms he was the one selling it to competitors. They took the offer.

He invested burrowed funds in his dream and in less than a month Vinod’s career skyrocketed. His business growth rate was incredible with always keeping the customer’s needs in mind while offering exceptional service.

Having done very well for him and his family, he states that it hasn’t been about the wealth, but in gifting himself with more education. He is very proud of his school of management in India. The school offers several programs and scholarships for specialized individuals who are deserving of world-class management. He expresses once you’ve made you the door is open to help the next ones in line.

Nothing is impossible. If you believe firmly in something you can make it happen. Patience and perseverance are key.

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Jojo Hedaya Brilliant Young Career

The idea of being successful is always accompanied by people expecting you to have gone through a remarkable education journey. Jojo Hedaya, however, is an exception. At 24 years he is the CEO and co-founder of Unroll.Me. He attended a Jewish High School then enrolled at Boston College for a degree program. He did not graduate, however, and only three credits stopped him which he says’ll go back to finish at some point probably.

Jojo Hedaya puts it out clearly that if you have skills you don’t need education as much to be successful. However, he doesn’t advise anyone to skip a degree and go straight to starting a company as there are quite several disappointments along the way. You need a clear plan and work tirelessly to get at the very top level.

Jojo and his colleague started Unroll.Me out of necessity. Their purpose was to create something that would help email users to do away with the subscription mayhem. They wanted to make sure that their mission of simplicity was met and that entailed coming up with a clear course of action. When Unroll.Me was finally launched, Jojo and Josh were more concerned with the response they would get the first time more than getting it right.

As Jojo Hedaya says, the first version did not work quite well and despite the setbacks, Unroll.Me still got featured in Lifehacker and The Next Web. That alone led to thousands of new sign-ups, and that’s when they realized they had made some real progress. Despite their idea not being unique, they managed to stay a level above their competitors thanks to the idea of keeping it simple which Jojo is very enthusiastic about.

Jojo Hedaya is already a successful CEO and urges anyone who wants to carry out a startup to do something they are passionate about and not to worry much about the initial funding. From there they can build on the idea, and if passion is the driver, the exaction should go as planned

Lincolnshire Management Sells Its Stake in Holley Performance Products

After five years of enjoying much success investing in Holley Performance Products, which also entailed a partnership, Lincolnshire Management, Inc. sold all of its stake in Holley Performance Products ending the successful business relationship. The end of the business relationship was officially disclosed to the public on October 29, 2018 by funds that are advised by Lincolnshire Management, Inc. Lincolnshire Management, Inc. sold all of its stake in Holley Performance Products to a subsidiary of Sentinel Capital Partners, who has made it known that Holley Performance Products will be merging with Driven Performance Brands in the offing.

The Lincolnshire Management, Inc.–Holley Performance Products partnership was a great success by all accounts. During the five-year partnership, a strategy of making aggressive acquisitions was implemented and great store was placed on making substantially greater investment in the area of new product development. As a result of this initiatives, Holley Performance Products experienced substantial organic growth.

What originally compelled Lincolnshire Management, Inc. to invest in and partner up with Holley Performance Products when the opportunity materialized were the facts that the company was exceptionally managed, the strength of the Holley Performance Products’ brand, and the brand’s long list of products portfolio which includes DiabloSport , MSD, NOS, ACCEL, Hooker, Earls, Hays, Quick Fuel Technologies, Superchips, Weiand, Edge, Racepak, and Mallory. Holley Performance Products was established in 1903 and has gone on to become America’s cornerstone brand within the American performance car culture. In addition, Holley Performance Products is now the performance automotive aftermarket’s largest designer of branded products, its biggest manufacturer, and its largest marketer.

Lincolnshire Management Inc. is classified as a private equity firm. The firm was founded in 1986. Lincolnshire Management Inc. is primarily headquartered in the city of New York, but it also has a team located in Chicago. Lincolnshire Management Inc. seeks to acquire growing companies with great potential for growth across that falls under the rubric of middle market companies. Lincolnshire Management Inc. also engage in other types of investments, such as acquisitions of private companies, management buyouts, corporate divestitures, growth equity for private and public companies, and recapitalizations. The amount of private equity capital under Lincolnshire Management Inc.’s management exceeds $1.7 billion.

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Steve Lesnard’s Advice to Global Brands on How to Build Strong Customer Relations

Global Brand Consultant, Steve Lesnard grew up in France, spending a lot of time going between the cities of Paris and Corsica. The influence of both cities was significant to him, as they both were instrumental in his decision to go into global brand marketing, particularly athletic brands. He has led notable global sports brand campaigns and was responsible for the inception of several famous products. In fact, he had a hand in making one of the world’s greatest athletic brands what it is today.

Steve Lesnard went to college in Paris, majoring in international business and entrepreneurship, and upon completion of his college courses, he relocated to the United States to get an MBA in Business and Entrepreneurship from Babson College in Massachusetts. After graduating, he entered the business of product marketing, brand building, and general management, where he has over 20 years of experience and success working for a popular, worldwide athletic brand.

Mr. Lesnard began his work in athletic brand marketing by signing professional athletes for product endorsements and creating successful seasonal products. He spent many years developing products for top-level athletes and marketing them. With the experience he gained in brand marketing, he knows who the customers are and what they want.

Steve Lesnard had gotten to know the customers intimately, so he has advice for the sports brands that are new to the marketing business, or who are not so new and are struggling to succeed in the business. Actually, his advice applies to all brands, not just sports brands. He notes that marketers need a plan for the goals they want to achieve and then they need to implement that strategy and stick with it.

As a Global Brand Consultant, Steve Lesnard notes that customers expect more from brands today than they ever have in the past. Customers will not fall for ambiguous marketing strategies, so brands need to be honest and deliver what they promise. Their customer service also needs to be reputable and be on the side of the customer if they want to keep the customers’ business. Mr. Lesnard also stresses the importance of influencer marketing. Brands need to make sure their influencers are reputable and credible if they are interested in building a promising following for their business.

Article Title: Zeco Auriemo Leadership Style in Real Estate Industry

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Real Estate is one of the most lucrative industries around the world right now. Buildings and other billions-worth properties are mushrooming in city centers and their outskirts. This has led to an increase in the number of real estate operating in a single market, which has resulted to extreme competition in the industry. One of the most successful real estate investor, Zeco Auriemo has demonstrated that only leadership skill will enable a company to have a cutting edge.

Leading one of the world’s largest real estate companies, JHSF, Zeco Auriemo is well aware that a slight mistake would cause the company to experience extreme financial challenges. That is why he has placed democratic leadership at the center of the operations of the company. Most of the employees who work under Zeco note that he gives people a chance to express themselves and exploit various opportunities.

Not many leaders of a company, especially those leading huge companies around the world, allow employees to express themselves. In fact, most of them want to be worshiped and to be treated as supernatural beings. However, Zeco Auriemo is a humble leader who works together with other employees in every step of the way. All workers in the company have a chance to express themselves and air their opinion on what they think is working right or wrong.

By using democratic leadership style in his company, Zeco Auriemo has given an opportunity to his employees to be innovative. Employees have been allowed to try their skills and their passion. Most of them have come up with various inventions that have paved the way for the success of the company. Most of the employees of JHSF share the success of the company and have a sense of belonging to the company, thanks to the leadership qualities of Zeco Auriemo.

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Sergey Petrossov’s Vision for JetSmarter App

Based out of South Florida, Sergey Petrossov is a popular tech entrepreneur known for easing jet flight booking process by starting JetSmarter App. He is the CEO and Founder of JetSmarter. He has received several accolades including 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology by Forbes and Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. He has been recognized for coming up with the private and shared jet services company and establishing it to become one of the largest companies in the airline sector. JetSmarter boasts more than 14,000 paid members paying up to $15,000annually for perks ranging from share seats in jets scheduled by others to scheduling flights. With prominent investors such as the Saudi Royal Family and Jay-Z, JetSmarter has grown rapidly to be valued at $1.5 billion.

Sergey Petrossov served at LiveContact, a company he founded, for several years before founding JetSmarter. He held various positions in the company including Vice President of Business Development. Apart from LiveContact, he also helped to found the Federal System of Distance Education. Sergey Petrossov served as a board advisor to a prestigious private jet operator in South Florida. The South Florida-based operator had the largest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet in the world.

Prior to JetSmarter, the process of booking for a private jet flight was cumbersome. Sergey Petrossov experienced it first hand in 2009 when he traveled in a private jet for the first time. He realized that the booking system involved a manual booking process. He saw an opportunity for an app that could ease the booking process and the idea for JetSmarter was born. He put together an app development team composed of developers he had worked with previously. He leveraged his own capital to get the project development going. JetSmarter was developed through a series of releases and in 2013, it was launched officially for public use. Today, JetSmarter is a prominent company with an advisory team, tech team, and management team with more than 100 years of combined experience.

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