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Unroll Me Frees Up Email Space

Zeal may lead to your excessive signing up for email subscriptions, which may consist of daily deals, alerts, updates, newsletters, and political emails, and which may have the effect of wreaking havoc to your inbox, cluttering it with numerous unwanted emails. Such emails are rarely read, and they just serve to obscure the ones that you do read and are important to you. Reclaiming your inbox has been made easy and simple by Unroll Me, and more importantly, it’s free. With the Unroll Me service, you do not need to scroll through every one of your emails. Unroll Me is simply easy to use it that it has an unbelievably simple web interface. All your email subscriptions can be view with a glance, and you can unsubscribe from them with a simple click of your mouse.

Further, accessing the Unroll Me service cannot be any easier. All you have to do is go to the Unroll Me website and sign in with any of the following: Google, Yahoo, Outlook, or AOL. Alternatively, you may choose to sign in with any of your email addresses. After signing to Unroll Me, a display will appear with a list of all your email subscriptions. Unsubscribing from email subscriptions is made easy with Unroll Me’s simple interface, which is achieved by simply clicking on the unsubscribe button that appears next to those email subscriptions that you do not want to receive email from. The process of keeping those email subscriptions that you do want to continue receiving is just as easy. Just click Add to Rollup. It’s that simple. The emails sent from those email subscriptions retained by you are received daily, every morning, afternoon, or evening depending on your selected time as a daily digest of newsletters. These you can view either as a grid or a list. Unroll Me also makes available to you the option of receiving a monthly notice of all your new email subscriptions

Robert Deignan Helps Fashion the Remote Services Industry

 Robert Deignan is one of the co-founders of ATS Digital Services and they are riding the wave of innovation that is sweeping the world. That wave is the tendency for individuals and businesses to rely upon remote technicians and services to keep their technological devices humming along. This is precisely what ATS does and they are well positioned to steadily grow as the new global economy takes shape. 

The journey of Robert Deignan actually began with football as it was his primary pursuit for many years of his life. He was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and his skill and passion for the game enabled him to secure a full athletic scholarship at Purdue University. He even briefly took his talent to the next level where he played for the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. 

The founding of ATS Digital Services came about when Deignan and his partners realized that there was a need in the marketplace. They were trying to install anti-malware software on a client’s computer system and were blocked by the malware itself. Using a remote technician they overcame the hurdle and the timely lesson wasn’t lost on them. There was a large market for remote services like this and many others which eventually led to the formation of ATS. 

The ability to skillfully analyze important numbers help set apart Robert Deignan as an entrepreneur. He couples that with a total belief in his objective to produce a business acumen that helps power ATS. He’s a firm believer in the right sample size and acting decisively when a concept is sputtering or working well. Properly interpreting the data is a skill that he continually strives to build.

As Deignan’s career began to take off he realized an important principle when building a business from scratch. He believes that finding the right investor is critical to accelerating a company’s growth. The right investor may have an influence that can bring other assets to bear such as lead generation. They may be associated with other companies that can also help with growth and efficiency. The interesting and successful career of Robert Deignan continues to grow

Big discounts on eos Lip Balm for Amazon Prime Day

In the latest news about EOS Lip Balms, an article from recaps how they had a bunch of sales on their products in recognition of Amazon Prime Day. Some famous individuals such as Billie Eilish and now model Emily Ratajkowski have been in support of their items. Some of the discounts included EOS Stick Lip Balm, which was 20 to 28 percent off on 4 different flavors. The sweet mint balm was also on sale with a price tag of just around $2 dollars per balm. People will have to buy four of them for some of the offers.

EOS or what they stand for in Evolution of Smooth are widely regarded for their appearance with lip balms in spherical like containers that can easily be carried around. They promise that their items are organic, chemical-free, and good for the lips. Aside from selling lip balms, they also provide shaving creams and hand lotions. Many of the brands’ popular flavors come from fruit with some being summer fruit, sweet mint, tangerine, and many others.

In fact, EOS has been used by some famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and many others. The team at EOS wanted to be different and worked together to create a special type of packaging, feel, and design. Then, they were able to appeal to the millennial generation and get bloggers and other celebs to sponsor their products. A big part of their success has been from using social media with an Instagram of 1.8 million followers with 7 million followers on Facebook.

Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Watford Football Club and he is known for taking lower-division football clubs into the top flight leagues in each of their home countries. He is one of the most talked-about people in European sports. Gino’s parents were football enthusiasts and in 1986 his father purchased the Udinese sports club in their hometown in Italy. Football became the family’s passion after Gino’s father purchased the sports club and in 2008, the family sold their woodworking business to focus more on the football clubs. In 1993, Gino took over his father’s football club and at the age of 18, Gino moved to the United States. He went to Harvard University and graduated with a Masters degree. Gino has always had a place in the family business and in 2009 he led the family assets of the Granada F.C. The Granada F.C. was 12 million in debt at the time but within two years Gino helped Granada to rise from Segunda B to Primera Liga for the first time in 35 years. In 2012, Gino and his family took over the Watford Club and Gino moved close to it so that he would be able to be involved in operations every day. Ginos is considered “the best owner in the world” and was #4 on Talksport’s 2019 rankings of CEO football owners.

Running a football club is not easy, you do not know what can happen in a year or two.

Gino’s passion for football clubs is what led to his success. He was determined and was present at the training grounds every day to ensure that everything was going right and if there was a problem, he would immediately fix it. He continues to work at Watford’s training grounds, improves Stadiums, recruits signings and invests in the Hornets.

Vijay Eswaran – MLM Genius, Philanthropist and a Renowned Motivational Speaker

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known man in Asia for several reasons as he is a person with multiple talents. Not only is a multi-millionaire, one of the most successful businessmen in Asia, and an entrepreneur, but also a motivational speaker, author, and a philanthropist. Vijay Eswaran doesn’t like to beat around the bush when it comes to managing his business and doesn’t mind taking risks to ensure that he can outsmart the competitors. The business strategies that he has been developing and implementing for years has made QI Group, one of the leading names in the multi-level marketing business. The company has it’s headquarter based in Hong Kong with regional offices spread across Asia at Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Vijay Eswaran is planning to take the business operations of the company further west as well in the time to come, and plans are already underway to realize it soon. As a dynamic business personality, Vijay Eswaran is always looking for opportunities to expand the business operations of QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran has the estimated net worth of more than $500 million, and he continues to give away a massive chunk of his earnings each year towards his philanthropic efforts. As soon as the QI Group was formed in the year 1998, Vijay Eswaran started RHYTHM Foundation and later also established Vijayratnam Foundation, named after his father. The philanthropic organizations that he started works actively in reaching out to people in need and empowering lower-income groups to ensure they have what they need to get out of their difficult situations. Rehabilitating the lower strata of the society is the responsibility of not only the government but also the elite and wealthy people in the community who can afford to make a positive difference. It is what Vijay Eswaran firmly believes, and it is such life principles that he follows has inspired thousands of people across the globe.

Luke Lazarus Provides Clients with The Necessary Skills To Achieve Success

There is no right way to start a business, but there are definitely some factors that will make or break your company. If you don’t take these factors into consideration and act on them, you will not make it for very long. It turns out that the rate of failure is very high among entrepreneurs, especially new ones. In the world of business consultants, Luke Lazarus stands out.

He takes a straightforward and direct approach that really creates results. He does not sugarcoat his message so clients have the opportunity to change their business into long term success. Mr. Lazarus breaks down helping each company into doable steps.

Luke Lazarus considers himself a serial entrepreneur. This term is used when an entrepreneur has started many businesses. They love it so much, they can’t stop. These kinds of entrepreneurs are usually the small percentage of people who succeed in the business world. Mr. Lazarus has been an entrepreneur since he was eight years old.

He was a straight-A student who showed a world of potential. By the time he went to college, Luke was ready to take on the world of entrepreneurship. The startup business consultant attended Melbourne Business School where he earned a executive Master of Business Administration degree at just 24 years old. This is quite an accomplishment at that age.

With a impressive degree in hand, Luke went out into the world and started creating companies left and right. He would hit another level of success most never achieve. He founded not only one, but four companies in his short career. He sold all four of them and made millions in the process. If this is not pretty impressive, he did this by the age of 35 years old. In 2013, the business consultant founded his own firm that would help others succeed in business. It would be called Luke Lazarus Consulting, after the accomplished entrepreneur.

One of the main factors Mr. Lazarus focuses on is creating an emotional connection between the story of the company and the investors and customers. If you can draw in people with your company’s story, then they will be more willing to support your business rather than your competitors. Luke Lazarus found that his clients lacked several crucial things to be successful in business. It did not matter if they were a struggling multi-million dollar business or small startup company.

These clients lacked the knowledge and skill to run their businesses smoothly. They could have the best business idea in the world and talent coming out of their ears, they did not have these essential skills to become successful. Luke helps his clients break down their business from operations, to financial projections, to a solid business plan, these factors make success achievable.

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Jeremy Goldstein: A Tale of Brilliance and Humility in the Face of Career Success

In everything he does, professional lawyer Jeremy Goldstein puts people and the relationships he forms with them at the center of it. He is the founding partner of New York-based Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates firm that specializes in employment law, specifically executive compensation and corporate governance. Professionally, Jeremy Goldstein focuses on mergers and acquisitions of large corporations and has portfolio contains such names as Verizon Wireless, Phillips Petroleum Company, J.P. Morgan Chase, Miller Brewing Company, and MBNA Corporation among many others.



Born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, the 46-year-old extraordinaire has accumulated an impressive collection of degrees that proves his brilliance and dedication. Before he earned his law degree from the New York University School of Law, Jeremy had graduated with a masters degree from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University, which he earned in 1995.



Jeremy worked with prominent law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions in New York before he founded his own firm. As an upcoming attorney, he observed executive compensation consulting firms breaking off from their parent organizations and becoming independent and realized that it would not be too long before the legal industry suffers the same fate.



This inspired him to start his own law firm to handle only executive compensations, mergers, and acquisitions matters. His firm solves many problems plaguing CEOs and upper management teams such as conflict of interest and contract enforcement. The close relationships he formed with colleagues and clients were the solid network connections that enabled him to land clients after he founded his firm, and to go ahead and become profitable within five years of launch.



It did not take long before Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates stood out from the crowd, and Jeremy himself became a very successful lawyer. This is largely because of his commitment to connect with everyone he interacts with, and to go the extra mile to provide exceptional legal advice, representation and assistance.



Outside the office, Jeremy Goldstein is an active and impactful member of the community. He chairs a sub-commitee within the Business Section of American Bar Association and remains a contributing member of New York University’s Journal of Law and Business and a member of its Professional Advisory Board. He is frequently invited to speak at many professional events and his name appears on professional lists including Chambers USA Guide and The Legal 500 lists. He is also a board member at The Fountain House, a charity for adults with or recovering from mental illnesses.


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The Story of a Legend: Matt Fleeger

A big name is derived from works done. Matt Fleeger is a living legend. The President and CEO of Gulf Western is currently Matt Fleeger. The privately-held company puts its effort on domestic oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast location. Why is Matt Fleeger a legend? Well, this article is ready to provide information on his contribution and about his company.

Company overview

The main focus of the Gulf Coast Western Company is on exploration and lease acquisition activities, especially the ones within the Gulf Coast region. In addition, they have a goal to explore and expand other regions of the United States. The company is blessed to have partners like the Orbit Gulf Exploration, Orbit Energy Partners, Zachry Exploration and many others. In all these, the Gulf Coast Western company has thrived in its operation, leading it to be rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Contributions of Matt Fleeger

He is one of the listed business professionals globally. He is a giant because of his expertise in the oil and gas and not only that but also in waste management and training industries. Matt Fleeger has contributed a lot from his previous companies to the current one.

  1. Founded MedSolutions

This was a diversified company focusing specifically on treatment, transportation, and disposal of medical waste that are from healthcare companies. Apparently, he was the President and CEO for 13 years. Later on, after fulfilling his goals, he sold the company to Stericycle.

  1. Entrepreneur in the tannin industry

In his wisdom, Matt Fleeger assisted two business enterprises in amalgamation, thus combining a revenue of $100 million. Fleeger developed it to one of the largest indoor tanning operations in the nation from a small six-store. At Southern Methodist University Fleeger obtained his degree in business administration.


Fleeger’s main goal is to attribute the success of his company over the coming years to the open and build good relationships with his partners. This is to mean he is yet to contribute more internationally for greater success.

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The Academy of Art University Is The School Of The Future

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, to guide and instruct the next generation of artists. Over the course of over 85 years, that mission has been deemed successful. The Academy of Art University is a big believer in anyone with commitment and passion can learn the skills necessary to become problem solvers and visionary’s of tomorrow. The university is an urban campus which is spanned through the glorious city of San Francisco.

The school provides a professional environment so students can feel comfortable about trying, failing, and succeeding. With an abundance of over 280 full-time professors and roughly over 12,000 students, the university is one of the largest art and design schools in the US. The university has a very transparent admissions rate at 100%. The school has had an exponential amount of growth since first being founded. The University focuses on evolving trends in business and technology.

Alumni have moved on to be hired at major companies that include Sony, EA, Zynga and plenty of others. More recently the school hosted a 2019 Spring Show. The School Of Game Development is a branch of the Art University. The 2019 Spring Show exhibits all of the best projects from all of the different departments. The School of Game Development is committed not only to teaching students how to utilize tech today but, how it could be used for the technology in the future. The teaching of the elements of a game development production pipeline. The Spring Shows main focus is for students to display all of their hard work and also get the chance to chat with industry pros. The event turned out to be a huge success for the Academy of Art University & it’s students, who are on track to be the future leaders of art, design, and technology!

Genucel by Chamonix: Providing you skin care

Recently, the company noticed that the customers of the product Genucel have been asking a lot of questions about the ingredients of the products and they were very curious about the answers from the company. so Genucel decided to launch a website,, on which the customers will ask questions and the company will answer them. The company has just launched the website and the customers have shown a great response. Genucel has been successful in educating the customers about the ingredients used to make the product.

On the website, one of the most frequently asked questions was, “What is Eyeseryl?”. The company responded to the question by informing the customers that it is an ingredient that helps in reducing eye inflammation and dark circles. The company uses 2% of Eyeseryl to provide an instant effect on your skin. Another question was related to the ingredients used in the product. The company responded by telling that in addition to Eyeseryl, the company uses Plant Stem Technology to treat the appearance of eye bags and puffiness on the eyes.

Genucel is an anti-aging cream and it provides you treatment to look younger than your age. Chamonix understands that women are very conscious about their skin and have promised to provide quality products. The introduction of their website has also been successful in providing knowledge to the customers and has hence increased the trust of the customers on the company. Genucel not only provides great quality products but they also provide you instant solutions to the issues of your skin. Genucel is believed to provide relief from the issue in almost 12 hours.

Genucel products are clinically approved so the customers do not need to worry about the products they are using. Genucel has also attracted the customers by providing attractive packaging which captures the eye of the customers. Genucel also uses completely natural ingredients in their products because they care for their customers and they understand that the customers are their biggest asset. They have made all the efforts to make their customers happy and have provided their customers with ultimate products and brilliant services. To see more about Genucel visit

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