Academy of Art University – The University For All Types of Art Students and All Forms of Art

The Academy of Art University is an art school in California that holds a variety of art degrees to satisfy the creativity that each art student possesses. One of the more popular and well-known degrees among the art students, is fashion.

Fashion brings its own level of creativity to the art world – with imagination, design, precision, and originality. And what better place to showcase one’s fashion ingenuity than during the New York Fashion Week shows! The Academy ofvArt University held their 21st fashion runway show this past fall. Ten of the university’s most talented fashion prospects (both BFA and MFA graduates) received the honor of showcasing their fashion wear for the first time on New York’s fashion runway. Each graduate’s precise detail to fashion has led each of them to express themselves in their work and their designs ultimately come from some aspect of their own lives, which has helped them with their fashion creations. They all realize that their originality and unique outlook on fashion will help them succeed in the fashion industry.

The Academy of Art University not only excels with their fashion degrees (and students) but they also see their other art students succeed in their art fields, such as advertising, acting, graphic design, jewelry, motion pictures, music, and many more.

San Fransisco, California is known for its diverse population and since the Academy of Art University is located there, it admits a large number of students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. This allows the university to see many students succeed in their area of study – because art is diverse in itself. And the university’s reputation will thrive with that of their students – because the student’s artistic persona will thrive and show in themselves. And that is why there are many different forms of art and why they can all be found at the Academy of Art University.


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