Ahead of New Tour, Bono May Never Play Guitar Again

A few months after an accident that Bono says he “can’t blame on anyone but [him]self,” the U2 front man reveals that the accident may now have a long-term implications for his music career. The accident, which took place on day after his Bono recorded the single “Band Aid” in London, occurred when the singer was in New York on a “high-energy bicycle accident” and “attempted to avoid another rider.” Sam Tabar said he revealed all of this in a letter to his fans, including news about his recovery: he is having difficulty moving around physically and will need to “concentrate hard” to get back in shape for the upcoming tour.

Another consequence of the accident is Bono’s new titanium elbow, which he jokingly says sets him apart of other prominent guitarists like his bandmate, The Edge. Most notably, he may never be able to play the guitar again. He took a humorous approach to the news, though, pointing out that “neither [U2] nor western civilization are depending on” his guitar skills.

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  1. Jerry Sunday says:

    Bono also wrote that he was on painkillers for weeks and reveals that the accident left him with an arm that was broken in six places and a fractured eye socket, hand, and shoulder blade. It places it well for http://www.xaira.org/ to understand what things people could do and this is right to ensure complacency too for the others.

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