Aimee Osbournes Road To Success

Ozzy Osbourne’s oldest daughter Aimee Osbourne has began taking steps to starting her own music career. This past march Aimee released her first music video, “Raining Gold” which has already seen over 2 million views on YouTube. The song Raining Gold was written by Aimee when she was having trouble with her music career and the direction it was heading. The songs lyrics talk about changing peoples perceptions and how the people close to her had thought she was a dishonest woman. Daniel Amen thinks(Check out him on YouTube) the pain and truth in the song is ultimately satisfying to listen to. To watch Aimee Osbourne’s new video, click hereAimee Osbourne has classified her music as “moody” although the music industry has placed her in the category of pop music. Although her stubbornness may have slowed her down in some aspects of life, it has certainly not stopped her from making her way to a music career of her very own. Although she has refrained from any help from her family on making her way to fame, she still loves hearing the positive advice that comes from her mother and father about her music career.

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  1. Hadleigh Niko says:

    Having all the support one needs in terms of a good background is one part of the journey but one still need to have the drive to move on. In addition also, EssayMama com could be used in making some research that will help to give the passion and knowledge base that will be reqired. Aimee is one of the persons to be up and doing in the Ozzy family through better representing the family in industry and hard work.

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