Amicus Therapeutics

Miracles happen every day, and lives are constantly being changed for the greater good. Now they are being helped even more with organizations like Amicus Therapeutics.

Located in Cranbury, New Jersey, Amicus Therapeutics is a biotech company that specializes in the development of treatments for rare and orphan diseases. Amicus has provided its technology for a number of families who all attest that without their research and technology, they would not have been able to lead the normal lives that they are able to. Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Through the years Amicus has gone through several phases of development. From not having a way to manufacture its products, to now manufacturing its products through contract manufacturing, Amicus uses their research and partnerships with other companies to get the necessary treatments out to the public.


Amicus has received grants from such organizations as the Michael J Fox foundation, due to their phenomenal treatment method research that has touched numerous lives effected by such diseases as Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders. So many patients have come forward to tell their stories of how their lives have been altered for the better, even though they live with such illnesses. They pay homage to the research and treatment methods that Amicus Therapeutics works so hard to accomplish every single day. From being stuck in a hospital for years, and then finally being able to leave because of Amicus, to being able to live long term with the illness. Amicus has changed lives for the better. Learn more about the company at

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