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LimeCrime Loves All Animals

LimeCrime was founded in October 2008. The makeup trend during that time leaned towards a neutral palette. Founder, CEO, and owner Doe Deere was looking for colorful makeup that matched her personality and wardrobe. There was not much color to be found, and that was when her company was born. Her imagination and love for beautiful colors have gotten her millions of followers from all over the world. It was, however, the fact that her products are cruelty-free and vegan that enabled her to create a solid brand.

Animal free

LimeCrime is 100 percent vegan. Their products do not contain any animal products or byproducts. Their makeup does not contain beeswax, whey, carmine, or lanolin. Animals are not used in testing ingredients or in testing the actual product.


Deere’s company is serious about their love for animals. The products have been certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has certified Deere’s products as being cruelty-free and vegan. PETA recognized LimeCrime for being passionate about the proper treatment of animals. Deere’s products are listed in PETA’s shopping guide with other companies that care about the proper treatment of animals.

The Leaping Bunny Program may not be as well known as PETA, but it is equally important. They are responsible for creating the standards for cruelty-free makeup. This program is recognized in the United States, Canada, and Europe. In order to get a certification from the program, the makeup has to go through extensive background testing. Even third-party manufacturers are required to go through the extensive testing to make sure that no animals were ever used in the testing process.

Adoption and volunteer

It does not stop there for Deere and her company’s employees. It is not unusual for the employees to bring their pets to work. The passion for animal welfare is shared by everyone. Many employees volunteer their time to serve as foster parents to animals in need.

Nick Vertucci: A Man on a Mission

Nick Vertucci is a man on a mission. An expert in real estate, Nick is one of many successful individuals who started their lives with humble beginnings. Now a professional in his field, Nick continues to learn new things even as he teaches others how to succeed in the field of real estate.

How He Started

Nick Vertucci is no stranger to hard times. Growing up, his family was far from wealthy. The Vertucci household could barely keep up with the bills that rolled in like clockwork.

To make matters worse, Nick’s family faced even tougher financial times when his father passed away when Nick was only ten years old.

Life took a turn for the better for Nick, however, when he – at the tender age of 18 – started his own business. He was into sales.

Unfortunately, the time he spent selling computer accessories didn’t last long; unforeseen things caused the downfall of his company, and Nick soon found himself in debt.

Nick would find himself in millions of dollars of debt before discovering a new passion: real estate.

The Profession that Worked for Him

Sometimes who you know can be more helpful than what you know. Apparently, Nick knew just the right people.

He tells of being invited to a real estate class. He enrolled in a real estate academy, and the rest is history.

Since taking real estate courses, Nick has begun his own real estate career. He started off strategically purchasing single-family rentals.

His business has since flourished tremendously, even requiring that Nick open up a corporate headquarters and begin a radio show.

His Company

Nick Vertucci opened up a school. It is called the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, or NVREA, for short. In this academy, he teaches aspiring entrepreneurs all they need to know to be successful in the field of real estate.

If one were to visit Nick’s corporate headquarters, however, he would find that Nick Vertucci isn’t simply all work and no play; Nick’s headquarters is very laid back and even offers a mancave and patio space.

How Philanthropy Has Shaped The Life Of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian and Indian native businessman who has challenged conventional wisdom about what a corporation should look like. Where most people would see bottom line revenue and profits as their most important goals, he sees the lives of his company’s customers and his employees as being the most important. Eswaran has not been afraid to give of his own personal time or money if one of his employees is in need, or even other people he knows such as his neighbors. To him, what you do to make personal sacrifices is what you’ll be remembered for, and an honorable legacy is important. Eswaran has also reached out to people in need through RYTHM Foundation where he is currently president.

Vijay Eswaran was exposed to business dealings growing up because his father Vijayratnam was with the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. He also was given a tremendous college education at the London School of Economics where he got his bachelor’s degree, and later he finished his master’s degree at Southern Illinois University. He tried several different business opportunities, but none seemed quite right for him. But he stumbled across multilevel marketing and realized that this could actually help people earn money as a company made money, so he decided to try it out. In 1998 Eswaran established his own multilevel marketing company in QI Group Ltd., that took years to finance and build, but today it’s one of the world’s leading sellers of brands like Olé, AirPure, BioSilver and Bernard H. Mayer through its QNet company. Its also the parent company to QI Asset Management and QI University.

Vijay Eswaran has traveled around the world and has been featured at business leadership conferences, and he’s also been seen with world business leaders and delivered remarks at the World Economic Forum. Eswaran has also been featured several times in Forbes Asia both in their lists of the Asian Market’s top executives and in their top philanthropists. He is a follower traditions that include Hinduism, Buddhism and Vedism and he writes about how his various beliefs can improve your well-being in his books. His most famous book is a 2005 bestseller “In the Sphere of Silence.”

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: http://bookmarketingbuzzblog.blogspot.com/2018/02/author-interview-with-vijay-eswaran.html

Why E-cigs have become more popular.

E-cigs has become more popular nowadays, and more people are embracing the new idea of enjoying their cigarettes. Some of the reasons users prefer e-cigs include; the product is portable and handheld, unlike other brands it contains flavours making the smoking process even better, they are smell free, e-cigs are affordable since they range in many prices, the product is also preferred by users since it is recreational.

There has also been a new entry in the e-cigs sector, O2Pur has been in the industry for few years and has managed to deliver.

some of the major companies in e-cigs production include;

Phillip Morris.

This is also the other leading company in e-cigs, the company is well known for their rechargeable device looking like a pen where a short cigarette is inserted, this product became very popular since it used real tobacco for flavours and not the e-cig vapour.

British America Tobacco.

This company has managed to be one of the largest in the market; they seek to provide new and better solutions for their users and improve the experience. In the bid to give the best British America Tobacco is working on Heat-not-burn, HNB is a new technology that will change e-cigs, the technology intents to heat tobacco and produce a vapour that ensures users receive the nicotine taste as well as the different flavours. Unlike the other version of e-cigs which uses fused nicotine liquid, and will allow users to experience real tobacco.

Understanding the different flavours.

The list of flavours is long, and this guarantees users that their need will be met, the first flavour is regular, it is the most common flavour and gives the user that fresh feeling of tobacco. Menthol, is another flavour it is fresh mint, the flavour is made from a combination of fresh tobacco and the mint and provides that fresh feeling and satisfies the menthol taste.

Peach pit, this flavour allows you to enjoy your cigarette even while enjoying the sweetness, peach pit lasts longer. Apache this is a brand for the bold e-cigs users not afraid to have the experience of a lifetime, people who prefer pipe tobacco or filter-less tobacco this flavour is for you.

The list of flavours is endless, and you can choose from a vast variety, it is also essential to understand the companies behind this great products.

When it comes to different flavours and products one new company that has emerged in the e-cig market with a storm is O2pur.

O2Pur is a new company that also aims at providing their clients with the best experience. O2Pur has received a good audience because of their variety products like e-liquids that are affordable to all users.

Find out more about O2pur: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/things-cigarettes/story?id=23445234

How The Oxford Club Wants To Advise

Investing can be a risky but rewarding world to enter. Those who want to see the most out of their investments are going to want the advice of people who know what they’re doing and have been investing for decades. This is exactly what the Oxford Club is trying to do. Their advice allows people to choose what they want and what they like about the investment world. It introduces things to their mind that they haven’t seen before. Others are hoping to emulate this success with their own portfolios but only time will tell if this happens. Their latest advice focuses on trying to find the best way to buy low and sell high.


The most important thing for any investor to do is to find a way to get into investment when things are cheap, but then to keep it regardless of the harsh conditions that might just come about. That is the essence of what makes a great investor stand out and persevere in the face of all odds. The ability to go about finding the perfect way to handle any situation is a talent that must be developed over time. The experts at the Oxford Club have been able to do this because they spent years honing their skills in order to reach a period in which they would finally be able to eliminate much of what got in their way.


Everyone who wants to develop their talents and skills can rely on the Oxford Club to give them the right advice. That means the Oxford Club is doing something much greater than what might be expected from investor clubs. They aren’t simply giving people some random tidbits of information. This is a solid way to build and develop no matter what you plan on doing. Those who want to make the most out of their investing portfolio are going to want to give this club a shot. There is so much to learn and there simply isn’t a way to find this advice from other investor clubs, but that’s what separates the Oxford Club.

How Trabuco Design Advanced Over The Centuries

The Trabuco was a fascinating siege machine which changed the face of war once it was adopted by armies in the Middle Ages. Prior to the time the Trabuco made an appearance on the field of battle the main siege weapon in use was the catapult. A catapult works by getting the energy they need to fling things forward by gravity. The early Trabuco worked the same way but they were far larger, more accurate, and could throw much bigger stones and other projectiles. The Trabuco also has a sling while a catapult just has something resembling a large wooden spoon. The sling magnifies the power of gravity.

These first Trabuco were called Traction Trabuco. Teams of men would pull on a rope which swung the arm forward, launching the projectiles. This was upgraded about 500 years later when the Counterweight Trabuco was unveiled. Instead of relying on human muscle it used a giant counterweight which added immensely more power than what people could deliver. Both Christian and Muslim armies made use of this device according to mercadolivre.com.br. While the original Trabuco had first appeared in China and then made its way to Europe, the Counterweight Trabuco went the other way.

Read more on Sinonimos.com.br

Trabuco could be up to 100 feet tall or even more. The primary material used to construct them was wood which was tied together using leather, rope, metal, or whatever was on hand at times. Most Trabuco were immobile and so had to be built where they were to be used. The armies only carried the vital parts of a Trabuco that they wouldn’t be able to construct where they were needed.

In order to raise the counterweight of a Trabuco a few methods were employed. Some used treadwheels while other designs used winches. These devices were aided by block and tackle so that the counterweight couldn’t slip down while it was being raised up. The one drawback to a Counterweight Trabuco, as opposed to a Traction Trabuco, is that the former one took longer to fire another round according to pt.bab.la. This wasn’t that big of a deal in a long siege battle, though, and since they could deliver projectiles ten times as large it was a worthy tradeoff.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCS7mm_kj7I

Ronald Fowlkes Talks About His Career At FirstSpear

Ronald Fowlkes is an entrepreneur in the law enforcement and military gear industry. He says that he grew up with a strong interest of serving proudly in the Marine Corp. After he hit the right age he applied to the Marines and was accepted. He went through the prestigious yet grueling Army Jump School as part of his training. Once he had served he moved to St. Louis, Minnesota. He joined this city’s SWAT team. It was while he was in the Marines and in the St. Louis police force that he took a liking to the gear he was using which was produced by FirstSpear. He knew their stuff was something special from the first time he was exposed to it.

Since that time Ronald Fowlkes has spent more than 20 years designing and delivering the highest quality equipment to the armed services and police departments. He was an executive at ITW for a number of years as well as Eagle Industries. He ended up with an opportunity to become one of the owners of FirstSpear which he jumped at. He has since handled their business development and helped develop this company’s strategic vision.

Because FirstSpear has customers overseas Ronald Fowlkes says that his job isn’t the typical nine to five shift. As soon as he gets his children going to school he starts working straight away, usually first taking a number of calls. He has said that he powers through the day by drinking a few Mountain Dews during the day. When he was in the military he says he had to drink Folgers instant coffee mixed with some cold water so he definitely appreciates the upgrade.

Ronald Fowlkes says that FirstSpear is based on teamwork. He knows that is how he gets his best ideas. He has a business development team who communicate all the time with the Department of Defense, NATO, as well as state and local law enforcement departments. They establish what requirements they have for gear so that his team can meet them. He says that the FirstSpear team also often gets great ideas from those out working in the field as well as end users which really helps his company develop and grow. One downside to his industry, he says, is that other companies are pretty brazen about stealing ideas. That is why he patents everything his company comes up with.

In his spare time Ronald Fowkles loves following hockey. He coaches in a youth league and follows what is happening in the NHL. He writes a blog about hockey where he recently wrote that fighting is becoming rarer over time. In the current NHL season, a fight occurs in 20% of games while 10 years ago that happened in half of the games.


Expert Advice On How to Prepare for Retirement the Right Way

Have you been focusing on your financial future and your retirement plans? Many people struggle throughout the day with their jobs. They struggle every month to pay off their student debt. However, it is important to take some time to think about retirement and saving up for it. It may not be the first thing on your mind right now, but in a certain number of years, it will definitely be the biggest thing on your mind. It is important to start paying attention to financial experts like David Giertz and follow their advice when it comes to preparing for retirement.

David Giertz has years of experience with financial advisory and wealth management. He advises that you should make the most out of your 401k or other retirement account contributions. If your company has helped you set up a retirement account, ask your boss to channel a portion of your paycheck directly into your retirement account. This is especially important if you are over forty years old and are approaching retirement age. The reason this works is that you don’t have to deal with disciplining yourself as much. If the money goes into your bank account first, many people will find it difficult to budget correctly so that a good portion of their money goes into their retirement account. People will push off contributing to their retirement accounts until their next paycheck, and then until the next paycheck. They will never get around to doing it, and they will find that they do not have any money in their savings accounts when they need it the most.

David Giertz also says that you have to make wise financial decisions. You have to be able to create a budget and stick to it. You should stop spending money on unnecessary purchases. Do not buy a fancy car when you can not afford it. Get a used car instead. Use the money that you saved on your car purchase to pay off your debts and save for retirement. In the future, you will thank yourself for your previous decisions.

Find out more about David Giertz: https://www.slideshare.net/DavidGiertz2/david-giertz-long-form-biography

Want a happy and easy retirement? Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks” may be the answer

There are all kinds of investment programs out there. One of them is described by a man named Matt Badiali. Badiali has promoted a program on behalf of the Lifetime Income Report known as “Freedom Checks”. These “Freedom Checks” are promoted as a type of investment that is more lucrative than CDs, stocks, or mutual funds, although they work more like dividends. Read this article at metropolismag.com.

Badiali claims that this investment has been promoted by presidents from Nixon all the way up to Trump as an investment that is used to keep the United States self-sufficient. In fact, Badiali learned of this investment while speaking to legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens. It is codified into law by a statute known as “Statute 26-F”. This statute brings to life an investment that is otherwise known as Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. Master Limited Partnerships are publicly traded partnerships that are used to “pass through” investment profits to shareholders. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


These companies pass most of their profits on to their shareholders in order to avoid federal taxes. Companies such as oil and gas pipe lines as well as any publicly traded company that deals in commodities will utilize this type of arrangement. These “Freedom Checks” are also utilized by real estate investment trusts, or REITs.


Some examples of companies that will give out these “Freedom Checks” to their investors are companies such as SunCoke Energy Partners based out of San Diego, California, and the San Juan Basin Royalty Trust based out of Texas. When Badiali chooses companies, he looks for companies that have at least $1 billion of “in demand assets” available to them. Assets such as oil, natural gas, gold, silver, rare earth minerals and even intellectual properties would be considered. Essentially, anything that is both tangible and a raw material will be considered as a company to look into. The second rule is that this company must have consistent and increasing payments given to their stakeholders. The third rule is that the company must have a track record of making a lot of money for their investors. And the last rule, the company must have very good financials. Badiali looks at cash flow, debt structure and many other factors to determine what companies to recommend to his readers that will pay out these “Freedom Checks”. And customers purchase his newsletters in the hopes of finding the next big play to strengthen their long term investment strategy.

Visit: https://kennedyaccounts.com/about-freedom-checks/

Academy of Art University: Defining the Future

The year 1929 marked the opening of a unique educational institution dedicated to helping its students reach their greatest creative aspirations. The privately owned Academy of Art University, founded by Richard S. Stephens as the Academy of Advertising, is located in San Francisco, California. The main campus is in the South of Market District with student housing available in 17 facilities throughout the city.

The Academy hosts more than 18,000 diverse students from 112 countries in a supportive environment that encourages creativity and innovation. They major in accredited programs in 25 areas of study including the fields of design, communication and the arts. The school offers Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs at the campus and online.

Through the Academy’s School of Fashion participation in the bi-annual New York Fashion Week, students have been exhibiting their creative talents since 2005. In September, 2017, collections from ten recent BFA and MFA graduates were debuted in the school’s 21st runway showcase. A Huffington Post Article focused on the diversity of the designers’ backgrounds and the range of ideas and techniques being presented. Their favorite looks were shown with a short statement from each designer giving the inspiration for their creations and a description of the materials used to create their distinctive designs.

The Academy fosters a strong creative atmosphere that inspires and encourages students to develop their own style in whatever discipline they choose. Under the present leadership of President Elisa Stephens, the Academy of Art University continues to challenge students, inspiring them to become skilled professional artists and designers. A no-barrier admission policy opens the door for students with a desire to learn and develop their skills. Full and Part-time teachers are career artists with a desire to pass on their knowledge, providing experience, expertise and the understanding of the most recent and advanced trends.


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