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Michael Hagele Has Made A Name For Himself

Michael Hagele believes that every person who is a key player in a company should be invested in that company and care about whether it makes it or not. He was involved in a company where that was not the case and he saw firsthand why that is necessary. This man also believes that all companies should be involved in social media and that they should take advantage of what it offers as they attempt to make their companies successful. He believes that social media can be used to the good of a company as long as it is not overused.

There are ways that exercise can be a positive part of a person’s life, and Michael Hagele believes that it is something that every entrepreneur should take part in. He believes that physical activity sharpens the mind. He feels that taking time away from the office and the work that a person has to get done can refresh them and help them work better when they return. He tries to take time out for exercise every afternoon when he is working. More about of Michael Hagele at weeklyopinion.com

Two things that have helped Michael Hagele to find the success that he has are the way that he never gives up when he is going after something and the way that he will always put his clients first. He believes in following after the ideas that he has and pushing forward with them no matter what. Tenacity is something that is important to him. He also believes that the client’s needs are important, and he looks to meet those needs the best that he can.

Michael Hagele works as general counsel for businesses that are a part of the technology world. He helps those companies that are focused on aerospace, biotechnology, and internet. He has founded and funded many businesses in his lifetime and made a name for himself.

Visit: http://premiergazette.com/2018/07/michael-hagele-advocates-mountain-bike-riding/



Sahm Adrangi is the CIO and Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Under his management, the company has had tremendous profits over the years since it was launched in 2009. Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is mainly a research-oriented firm that gives insights on the performance of various companies in the stock market including their highs and lows.

The company has been able to expose companies with fraudulent activities enabling action to be taken against them by the policymakers. The company mainly deals with offering research insights in various fields, which primarily include mining industry, the biotechnology industry, and telecommunication industry.

Among the most recent reviews given by Sahm Adrangi is the review on Coca (KO), Saratoga Research & Investment Company and that of Luxoft Hldg and Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC.

According to Sahm Adrangi, Saratoga Research & Investment Company has reduced its stakes in Coca (KO) by a percentage of 1.40, which they announced on their latest 2018 Q1 filing with the SEC. The company’s stock has also been declining very fast with a margin of 3.70% having only sold about 9, 347 of its shares. The company’s shares with Coca (KO) is valued at $22.79M having reduced its dividends by 9, 347 from 649,165 to 639,818. However, the reduction of the stakes provided by Saratoga Research & Investment Company has had a minimal effect on the performance of Coca (KO), which has seen its stocks increase by a positive margin to reach $44.865 as noted on the last trading session. Coca KO () has not been doing so well in the stock markets. The company had a downward trend with an estimated decline of 6.63% since mid-2017.

Sahm Adrangi has also observed the excellent performance of his company Kerrisdale Advisers Llc in Luxoft Hldg Inc (LXFT). Based on its recent filing with SEC, Kerrisdale Advisers Llc has increased its stakes by a percentage of 19.27 having bought 118, 600 shares. This brings the total number of shares held by Sahm’s company in Luxoft Hldg to 734, 056 shares. On the other hand, Luxoft Hldg Inc has reported quite a poor performance on the stock markets by reporting a decline of 50.30% since the last session.


Southridge Capital: Cryptos Taking Over

Probably most people have heard of Bitcoin and some of the more popular cryptocurrencies, however, they probably have no real understanding of them. The creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is almost nothing known about this person. The technology that makes Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies revolutionary is the Blockchain technology. Many people were attracted to Bitcoin because there was no regulation or government control of the currencies. Southridge Capital is a company that understands how the cryptocurrencies have been making waves in finance, as well as other industries. It is likely that anyone tuning in to a financial outlet will here some analyst talk about their favorite cryptocurrency. Although most remain ignorant about how cryptocurrencies work, most of the experts feel that cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology are here to stay.


Bitcoin started off slowly until many merchants saw the potential and began to accept it as payment. Then cryptocurrencies became a speculative asset in which the market cap of all the cryptos hit almost $300 billion. The world’s largest financial institutions realized that cryptocurrencies were a game changer and they want to start to utilize them in everyday transactions for themselves and their clients. Some companies wanted their clients to be able to speculate with Bitcoin and some of the other popular cryptos in the futures market. Southridge Capital and other companies feel that cryptocurrencies may make big waves in several industries in the years to come.


One man who feels confident in the direction of the cryptocurrency market is Stephen Hicks. He also feels that there is money to be made in the emerging cannabis sector. Mr. Hicks currently serves as the CEO of Southridge Capital and he founded the company in 1996. He previously worked in a hedge fund in New York. He has led his company into the direction of growth sectors and they have invested billions into areas he believes have high growth potential. Stephen Hicks has worked in finance for over thirty years and he says that it is experience that has drawn people to seek the advice of his company. For more details you can checkout newswire.com



Visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/279523Z:US-southridge-capital-management-llc


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani And His Journey From The Food Industry To The Real Estate Business

Hussain Sajwani and his company DAMAC have made waves in the Middle East. Specifically, the United Arab Emirates benefits from the real estate developments of DAMAC.

DAMAC wasn’t always a real estate development company. In its early years, still under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC was a food distribution company, even supplying the United States’ troops with food.

DAMAC is lavish, luxurious, and well built. Luxury is definitely the primary goal of DAMAC’s developments. It could even be called the Trump brand of the Middle East. In fact, Hussain and Trump have worked together on multiple projects, once building two golf courses in one year – 2013.

Donald Trump even mentioned Hussain, who was in attendance, at his New Year’s Eve party. Trump mentioned Hussain’s name after shouting out business partners all over the world.

Despite, Hussain’s success in real estate, DAMAC still operates as a food distribution company. Although it does take a backseat to their real estate projects. DAMAC entered the real estate world in 2002 after Dubai legalized the purchase of property by foreigners. This ultimately was a great move by Dubai. Since then the country has become known for its luxurious, expensive life styles. Beginning in the 1980s, DAMAC slowly transformed itself from a supplier and distributor of food to a world leader in real estate.

DAMAC Owner Hussain doesn’t merely focus his efforts on real estate development. He is a philanthropist as well. One of his major contributions was when he teamed up with the Ruler of Dubai to provide relief for disadvantaged children. Hussain Sajwani donated AED two million, which was used to provide clothing for over 50,000 kids.

Moving forward, the entire world is watching as Hussain Sajwani continues his efforts in real estate. We have seen what he has done for Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates, but will he expand to other parts of the world?

Continue reading: http://www.saudiprojects.net/

Matthew H. Fleeger

Matthew H. Fleeger has earned recognition for his work as the Chief Executive Officer and President and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He has an extensive resume in marketing, sales and finance with a background in the industry of gas and oil. He has had an amazing introduction to the corporate world and has much knowledge to share with those who want to follow in his footsteps.

Matthew worked as the President of Gulf Coast Western, Inc for five years before transitioning to Vice President of Kinlaw Oil Company in Texas. He has gained valuable expertise over the years in areas such as mergers, acquisitions and corporate structuring. He’s had some time influential career in experience and was even the Director of Palm Beach Tan, Inc. This company was the largest chain of indoor tanning salons running in the United States.

Matthew H. Fleeger is known today for his contributions in the areas of waste management, tanning industries, and gas and oil. It was a natural progression for Matthew to become one of the top executives of Gulf Coast Western as his dad had already worked hard to establish the company in 1970.

Matthew Fleeger went on to found MedSolutions, Inc in 1993. The company focuses on the disposal, transportation and treatment of medical wastes which comes from healthcare facilities. Matthew worked hard to make sure the company grew and his hard Stericycle, Inc. and he was quickly able to sell his company for over $50 million.

Matthew Fleeger returned to the industry of gas and oil after the sale of his company. Matthew is highly valued for all of his experience in the Gulf Coast organization. Those who are interested in learning more about Matthew H. Fleeger are encouraged to take a look at his online profiles.

Gulf Coast Western Is Committed To Excellence In A Number Of Areas:

With a particular speciality in the area of exploration, Gulf Coast Western is a highly successful member of the oil industry. The company focuses on exploration as well as the acquisition of Gulf Coast gas and oil reserves. The company has also garnered a large amount of success by adhering to a policy of building strategic partnerships as well as maintaining a vast network of industry connections that help to ensure that Gulf Coast Western stays on a path towards continued success in its industry.

The gas and oil reserves of regions such as Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Colorado are the primary regions that Gulf Coast Western focuses on in its important exploratory work. Along with the company’s critical partners in the joint venture, Gulf Coast Western is poised to work critical areas that are already earmarked to be developed and turned into actively producing sites. Gulf Coast Western is also always looking to expand its operations to other areas where there are proven plays in the areas of oil and gas. The company was first founded back in 1970 and has since then developed an impressive track record. Based out of the city of Dallas, Texas, Gulf Coast Western continues to maintain outstanding business relationships with an impressive network of partners. These partners proudly testify to the outstanding working relationship that they have developed over the years with the folks at Gulf Coast Western.

Beyond the business end of operations, the team at Gulf Coast Western is completely committed to being active in the community and supporting charitable activities. Gulf Coast Western places a particular emphasis on giving to organizations such as Shriners Hospitals and The Family Place. Doing work that helps families, children and the overall community is at the heart of what Gulf Coast Western does in terms of its philanthropic work.

What helps OSI Group to meet customers’ needs day-in-day-out?

Since Otto Kolchowsky opened a butcher shop in the suburbs of Chicago more than hundred years ago, one this has remained steadfast for the privately held business-its resolute dedication to customer service. OSI Group has built a reputation for building their entire business around their customers.

OSI Group’s products are designed for a select group of customers, which makes it easier for the company to understand their needs. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the company and his team have perfected the art of building deep relationships with customer. This has led to the creation of a winning partnership mindset for both customers and the company.

OSI Group understands that winning partnerships alone cannot build an international brand. That’s why the global meat processor has been engaged in a series of acquisitions around the globe. Furthermore, they opened a new culinary innovation center purely for new product development.

OSI Group takes product development seriously, and it is one of the reasons the company has stayed afloat for more than a century. Their product development team includes experts, suppliers, and customers who offer valuable input to the company.

In 2013, the chairman and CEO of OSI Group launched the supply chain global trading platform. This is one of the most agile global supply chains that enable the company to source materials and distribute their products to their customers spread across 16 nations outside of the U.S. The robust supply chain platform even earned the company the title “Refrigerated Foods Processor of the Year” in 2014.

A full package of food solutions

OSI is the currently the leading processor of hot dogs, dried sausage, lunch meat, sauces, dips, poultry products, bacon, alongside many other healthy and nutritious food items. They produce their products on an as-needed basis, which allows for customization and a lot of flexibility.

Taking competition heads-on

Since its establishment in 1909, OSI has been known to grab the bull by the horns. They stay ahead of their competitors by implementing new processing standards and installing high-tech equipment in their processing facilities. Over the last few years, OSI has focused on re-organizing their organization to offer the speed and flexibility needed to survive the cut-throat competition.

To keep up with the competition, OSI opened a new Culinary Innovation Center (CIC) in 2011. This facility hosts food scientists and expert chefs whose work is to develop new food products that meet the demands of the modern-day consumer.

HCR Wealth Management: Integrity and Good Advice

Far removed from Wall Street, Los Angeles based HCR Wealth Advisors is a beacon for investors who seek guidance. Financial markets these days are becoming unpredictable. Quite the opposite of what we enjoyed during 2017, which was one of the least volatile years in the stock market in history.

It is normal to expect increased volatility following a period of calm. That’s what we have begun to see. Of late, the Dow Jones Industrial Average can shed and recover 400 points in a day. These whipsaws can be bad for investors. That’s where HCR Wealth Advisors can help. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm. They have worked with high net worth individuals for thirty years. HCR Wealth Advisors offers individualized advice designed to help each client meet their financial goals. They take a flexible approach so that regardless of the economic conditions, the client will be in a portfolio that is suitable to their needs and goals.

Through HCR Wealth Advisors, clients can access different investment strategies. These opportunities carry varying risk profiles and are recommended based on suitability considering a client’s risk tolerance. All suggested investment options are risk appropriate based on client needs. HCR Wealth Advisors believe in transparency when it comes to asset management.

In the wealth management industry, privacy and integrity are necessities. HCR Wealth Advisors wants to develop long-term relationships with each of its clients.  That is why the firm seeks to empower its clients through investor education and openness. An educated client is an enabled client. Each client represents a unique business relationship with HCR Wealth Advisors. When their client succeeds, so do they. That’s the way it should be.

Visit this link: https://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/firm/9605/Hcr-Wealth-Advisors/

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Paul Mampilly’s Prudent Balance between Work and Family

The vast experience that Paul Mampilly has in investment and finance management makes him the best fit to lead the able team at the Banyan Hill Publishing. In this organization, the team there is responsible for advising the Americans from all economic backgrounds on making the best decisions regarding investments and the management of their income. This initiative was brought about by the understanding that most of the low-income and the middle-class earners never get the opportunity to access advice from the investment experts. This is because they do not have enough money to pay for the advice or the portfolio management services from the investment gurus like Paul Mampilly.

This made the poverty level among these groups to remain high while the rich people continued to get richer because their wealth and income were in good hands of the experts. Paul Mampilly and his like-minded investment managers at the Banyan Hill Publishing decided that it would be prudent if they considered the interests of these groups by providing them with the insight that they required at the prices that they could afford. The other aspect that brought about the initiative was the fact that many people had money but lacked the expertise to manage it so that it could transform into wealth. This was because as much as people were educated or learned, investment needs some technical know-how that most of the ordinary citizens lack. This was an excellent opportunity to provide them with the solution.

Before Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill, he had been in employment for several decades, a period when he learned a lot concerning investment strategies and decision-making process. This was because he worked in different organizations and various capacities. What made him even savvier was his agility and passion for learning. Mampilly kept learning while he was still working to enhance his skills and knowledge. Paul Mampilly keeps urging the young enthusiasts of investment management to develop a positive attitude towards reading as that is the only way they can enhance their knowledge and skills. Besides the pleasure of assisting the average citizens in their investment activities, Mampilly is also lucky to have sufficient time to spend with his family at home.

Charlamagne Tha God Not Offended, Rather Honored

Charlamagne Tha God is no stranger to attention. The co-host of The Breakfast Club has been referred to as the “most important voice in hip-hop”, meaning people usually listen to what he says, even if they don’t agree. Recently Charlamagne garnered the attention of Eminem, regarding the national radio host’s comments.


Eminem released his latest album, Kamikaze on August 31st, and he was not shy about addressing some criticism voiced by Charlamagne over his previous album Revival, and his BET Cypher. When initially released, Charlamagne stated that many references simply felt forced, even calling Revival “wack”. In the songs, “Fall” and “The Ringer”, Eminem goes straight at Charlamagne for his previous criticisms. Many wondered how the radio host/TV personality would respond. It did not take long for Charlamagne to address this issue on his radio show and in an interview with Esquire.


While discussing the issue he took no offense, in fact Charlamagne Tha God viewed it with delight. He stated that he felt honored to be mentioned by a rapper who “can actually rap”. He did not necessarily see the music as a diss, just an example of not understanding the difference between criticism and hate.


The bestselling author then went on to provide his view of Eminem’s latest album. Charlamagne Tha God stated that while he has never been a fan of Eminem, simply because he can’t relate to his world views, he has always admired his lyrical skills. He felt Kamikaze was good, much better than Revival, but it won’t leave Eminem without issue. Charlamagne believes “The Ringer” will give Eminem some grief, especially the homophobic remarks regarding Tyler, The Creator.


While Charlamagne did not view this track offensive, he did point out that he is not a member of the LGBT community. Growing up in South Carolina and being used to old school rap, he heard those types of words thrown around, but he is not the issue, rather millions of people around the globe who identify with this community. “People have a right to freedom of speech” stated Charlamagne, “but people also have a right to be offended.” Get Related Information Here

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