Beauty Blogger Takes 7-Day WEN Challenge To Boost Limp Locks

We all love a good hair day, and when our tresses fail to perform, it can ruin the entire time. You feel less confident, insecure and just not showing your best self. That’s why WEN By Chaz was developed, to cleanse hair the proper, healthy way and to ensure that your locks look gorgeous.
Emily McClure is a beauty blogger for with fine hair. She was looking to give her mane high shine and a volume boost, so she decided to take a 7-day Wen challenge, documented with photos for the website.

The WEN system has been called revolutionary, because it thoroughly cleanses the hair, conditions it, untangles strands and leaves your locks manageable and all without using shampoo. Popular celebrity stylist Chaz Dean developed the unique cleansing conditioner to allow women to wash their hair without harmful detergents that strip the hair and render it dull and dry.

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Emily chose the Fig cleansing conditioner for her 7-day no-poo challenge. The beauty writer admitted immediately, that she prefers washing her medium-length hair at night since she can get lazy and her schedule busy. She followed directions and began her shower on the morning schedule.

Emily was amazed that 10 pumps of WEN cleansing conditioner was required for her length of hair, but also blown away by how thick and luxurious her locks felt in the shower. She blow-dried, styled her hair and it looked fab.

Emily’s hair was looking glossy each time she used WEN on the same routine, but when she attempted to skip a day of cleansing or showering at night instead, her hair fell flat and greasy.

When Emily returned to her daily no-poo shower cleanse, the results were great and friends even noticed her healthy hair.

WEN works by letting your hair adopt the routine.

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