Beneful Offers Dog Exercise Tips

As the season of Fall slowly rolls away and the weather gets chillier, the nutrition and exercise requirements of dogs change as well. Thankfully, there is Purina Beneful for nutrition of pets but when it comes to exercise, pet parents have to take the initiative to ensure that their furry friends are getting ample exercise everyday. Because Beneful is staffed by dog lovers and experts, there is some helpful information about taking care of dogs that is offered by this pet food brand. Here are some top exercise tips for the colder season for dogs –

Games Make For Fun Activity Time – The best way to ensure that dogs are playing enough at home is by engaging in hide and seek games with them. This can be done using treats where treats are hidden in activity toys or somewhere around the house. The dog’s scenting abilities would also be exercised using these games. A lot of people hide and have their pets find them.

Using Dog Treadmills – During the colder months, the outside temperature could be too low or it might be snowing. Hence, it is important to find ways to get dogs some exercise by staying indoors. Treadmills work great for this purpose. There are treadmills available in the market that are designed specifically for dogs. However, they might be a little expensive for some people and human treadmills can be appropriate replacements for this purpose. However, it is necessary to start with a low speed and observe the dog, using treats as encouragement.

Dog Exercise Classes – Various swimming classes (indoors) are also available for dogs and are usually set by trainers and dog sitters. These classes allow the dog to exercise in a warm pool regularly and get some exercise. Flyball classes are another example of this. The perk of such classes is not just the exercise but also the added opportunity for the dog to socialize with other pets who are enrolled in the classes. Dogs are social animals and they love the interaction. Both the socializing and the pool can be extremely therapeutic for the dog as well.

Spend At Least 30 Minutes On Walks – The bigger breeds cannot get ample exercise by staying indoors alone. Playing in the snow for around half an hour is actually quite fun for dogs. This is why people can try to get their dogs in proper clothing and play outside using a ball or a frisbee. Even taking the dog for a long walk on a daily basis can do wonders for the dog’s disposition and health. Also, it is necessary for dogs to get enough sunshine everyday because it makes them healthy and active.

Teaching Commands – Dogs’ brains needs as much exercise as their body. Staying inside the house can be a great time to teach some new commands to the dog and get them to workout their mind. It is also useful.

Hopefully, the abovementioned tips by Beneful would make dogs healthier and more active even when the temperatures outside are low.

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