Betsy DeVos Continues To Lead The Educational Choice Movement Through Action And Determination

Betsy DeVos began her life in Holland, Michigan, where she was influenced by the Dutch community who lived there. One of the main influences this community had on her was related to educational choice, which is a belief that people should have the right to send their kids to a school they approve of. At that time, and still today, most American students must attend a public school that is chosen for them based on the zip code of where they live. In the meantime, there are countless other educational options available, but they simply cost too much money for the majority of families in the nation.


Betsy DeVos would like to see more legislation passed that would divert tax dollars so they can be used to pay for the costs of charter schools and private schools. She has commented that she is also open to including homeschooling as well as other digital forms of learning. DeVos became inspired to join the movement and become more involved in politics during her time at the private Christian college Calvin College. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics while studying at Calvin, as well, and went on to serve the Michigan Republican Party as its chairman for six years.


Many people refer to Betsy DeVos as a reformer, and that is exactly what she is. It is her hope that more people will join the fight in order to help more young students in the United States get the education they deserve. DeVos has been a part of or has founded many different educational organizations and campaigns that have pushed for change. She now serves the U.S.A. as its secretary of education and has already gotten started on improving the educational system. She has done so through large monetary donations and by supporting charter schools in the state of Florida and Washington. During one of her most recent trips to Washington, she was joined by first lady Melania Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan.


Betsy DeVos became more interested in improving the educational and school system in the U.S. after visiting Potter’s House Christian School. It was there that she saw the reality that so many Americans suffer through every day. The environment at the school was wonderful, according to DeVos, but she was troubled that so many of the families who sent their kids there had to make huge financial sacrifices in order to do so. She first helped out by paying the tuition of specific kids whose family hoped they could attend the school. After this, she realized she could do more by donating directly to Potter’s House Christian School, and this is what she has continued to do for many years.


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