Betsy DeVos Fights for America’s Students

Have you seen the latest with Betsy DeVos on Capitol Hill? It’s been a difficult campaign for educational choice ever since she got into office, but DeVos is used to that. She has been fighting for education reform ever since the 1980s. With President Reagan’s report, many in America realized that schools and reading comprehension weren’t the best. In fact, the United States hasn’t been close to the top 10 in education across the planet since that report was released.


It’s incredible to think that the leading country in the world is ranked below most of the other countries in the world for education. So what does Betsy DeVos want to do about it? As the 11th US Education Secretary, she has been working hard on a number of policies that will help students get a better education. One thing that she has been working to do is help students in underprivileged areas.


With educational choice, students are able to pick where they go to school. They also don’t have to choose private schools or charter schools. While those options are the best to some, there are also magnet programs. Magnet schools are programs at nearby public schools where students may enter a special program in order to attend. This means they may have to apply to a performing arts school or business law program. It’s still supported at the public school.


Students may also go to virtual schools and take online courses. This includes programs for homeschooling if students don’t want to attend their nearby high school. Lastly, students can pick a private school or charter school. How do they pay for tuition? That has been a common issue that Betsy DeVos has had to answer during her time as the US Education Secretary.


She is working with the First Lady Melania Trump to visit different schools and support her campaign. She has donated over $35 million to the educational choice fund, and she has a number of donors who are helping as well, including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft.


It’s no wonder that she has been able to achieve so much through philanthropy. In addition to working on education reform, she’s also the co-founder of Windquest with her husband Dick DeVos.


While DeVos still has a long road to get educational choice approved in all states, she continues to work hard for students and has stated many times that they are her number one priority. In addition, she has been working on campus security and safety training for school shooting situations. There haven’t been any incidents in 2019 so far. She has less than two years to bring more states on board with educational choice.


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