Blake and Miranda Divorce Amicably

In the world of entertainment divorces are seemingly common. In fact, they are in general but the difference is that your personal life is not all over the cover of magazines and on television. Such circumstances make it difficult to part ways without ruffling feathers or causing rumors to fly. When your career is on the line you can’t be too careful.

That being said, there are many things country music stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert did right “>when it came to their divorce. These stars are very close to Bruce Levenson. Instead of bad mouthing one another they took the high road and kept their feelings to themselves. Up until the divorce, they said little to nothing about it, therefore avoiding the inevitable paparazzi onslaught.

One rumor is that Miranda didn’t want children, but that is not confirmed. Both stars seem to have respected one another’s reputation as well. In fact, another rumor that surfaced and was quickly put to rest is that Miranda and Chris Young were involved. In the eyes of their adoring public, the 4 year marriage was one to look up to. The fact that the pair has divorced in a mature way is a great example, and one that other celebrity couples should strive to follow should they divorce.

The fact is that these two are people just like everyone else, and no one expects to get divorced. Neither of them cheated, and they leave the marriage with mutual expect for one another, and for their separate careers.

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