Boraie Development LLC, New Jersey’s Finest Real Estate Firm

Boraie Development LLC is one of the finest real estate developing firms in the state of New Jersey, with high concentrations of work in New Brunswick, Newark, and Atlantic City. Boraie Development was co-founded by Mr. Omar Boraie, along with his brother, Wasseem, a man of Egyptian descent who was “brain-drained” to America in hopes of earning a doctorate degree in chemistry. Mr. Boraie was drawn away from the thought of earning his doctorate when he decided to enter the real estate market.

Boraie Development has been wildly successful after making good out of a New Brunswick market who offered the real estate market little room to succeed, turning a stagnant market into a booming market.

Boraie Development LLC purchases existing buildings, apartments, condominiums, and homes as well as funds the construction of new projects. The Boraie brothers have recently funded the construction of a large, high-end skyscraper at One Spring Street. Boraie Development has paired with a very well known, top-of-the-line architect in Costas Kondylis & Partners, which happens to be the very same firm that designs many of Donald Trump’s buildings.

In 2015, officials in Atlantic City came together for a meeting in hopes of advancing the city’s development. Boraie Development has an apartment complex that recently finished up construction in the South Inlet, and is planned to have 250 units. Much like New Brunswick, the Boreia brothers have helped turn Atlantic City’s real estate market around, for the good of the community.

Boraie Development LLC also is active philanthropically. In 2014, Boraie Development donated $25,000 to the Boys & Girls Club in Atlantic City. $25,000 is not the extent of how far Boreia will donate, as they plan to be involved with the Club for the foreseeable future.

Another one of Boraie Development’s housing complexes they have funded is The Aspire. It is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and is seventeen stories tall.

Boraie Development LLC has helped turn the real estate market of New Jersey around, not only for their own success, but for the city and its constituents. Everyone in New Jersey benefits from Boraie Development in one way or another, whether it is the kids that directly benefit from the donations provided to the Boys and Girls Club, or prudent, established investors whose business are brought more business from the large amount of people Boraie Development is responsible for housing.

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