Brown Modeling Agency and Ambitious, Capable Individuals

The Brown Agency is a widely known commercial talent and modeling firm that’s headquartered in Austin, Texas. It’s been in the capital of Texas since 2010. It’s a big force in commercial talent and modeling and has been for a while. It’s given many people in the city the opportunity to land assignments with the planet’s most notable brands. Some of these reputable brands are Toyota, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal and Dell. There are many other brands beyond those, too. The Brown Agency has also been able to help many models in the region get the chance to walk down fashion runways. They’ve done this for events such as Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and even New York Fashion Week. Justin Brown works as the President of The Brown Agency. The company is named after him, too.

The Brown Agency helps encourage careers in both commercial talent and modeling. It concentrates on a wide range of diverse fields as well. These fields are print, fashion, commercials and, last but not least, movies. The company used to be known simply as Wilhelmina Austin. It works hard to find talented and hard-working individuals in locations all throughout the vast Central Texas region. That’s the reason the agency puts together routine open calls, too. The point of the open calls is to locate people who may be suitable candidates for rewarding careers in both commercial talent and modeling.

According to MarketWired, the Brown Agency works with many women and men who are part of the theatrical realm. Some of the women who are part of the agency’s theatrical roster are Shannon Shankman, Nikki Zook and Lauren Elliott. Men who are part of the firm’s theatrical roster, on the other hand, include Joel West, Gregory Alexander, Tom Graham and Michael Costilla. The company is constantly trying to grow its roster. It’s perpetually trying to scout out the finest professionals available as well. This is an agency that knows how to identify people who have the ability to do well in commercial talent and modeling. It knows how to recognize ambition that’s unwavering and strong. The team members who work for this firm know all too well how competitive the commercial talent and modeling universes can be. That’s why they’re so dedicated to finding the best and only the best. They’ve had a rock-solid track record in recent years, too. The Brown Agency is not a business that ever accepts results that are in any way, shape or form mediocre or less than ideal.

Female models who are part of The Brown Agency include Doa Jafri, Katie Plunkett, Kristie Mays and Vanadia Badillo. Male models who are part of the agency are Erik Fellows, Kane Soofi and Steve Murray.

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