Bruce Bent II Entrepreneurial Skills

Bruce Bent II is the current Vice Chairperson of Double Rock Corporation. His entrepreneurial drive motivated Bruce Bent’s idea to invent Double Rock. Bruce developed some of the most relevant and influential products in technological development. Some of the products include an enhanced cash sweep system and improved FDIC insured programs. Bruce Bent’s invention has helped develop the FDIC insured management of funds. Currently, the cash management landscape of FDIC is one of the most successful in the business industry. The cash management receives over $1 trillion.
Bruce Bent II has other leadership positions in Double Rock Corporation. Bruce is the senior executive to each of the subsidiary companies of Double Rock. The subsidiary companies include Access Control Advantage and the Island Intellectual Property. Access Control Advantage group has brought several innovative developments to the retirement market. Island Intellectual Property LLC is a financial service industry that engages in patent licensing. Under the leadership of Bruce Bent II, the two firms have been widely recognized in their specific markets as innovators.
Before establishing Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II was the President of The Reserve. The Reserve’s headquarter in New York. The Reserve was one of the most productive companies in New York. It employed over 300 people including professionals in sales nationwide. Bruce Bent’s management skills provided The Reserve with a platform to improve its product and distribution channels.
Bruce Bent has participated in various entrepreneurial ventures. Bruce has taken part in asset management, financial technologies, business consulting, intellectual property and consumer goods. Bent values working with young people. Bent is a member of a peer networking group known as Young President’s Organization. This organization connects almost 10,000 young business leaders globally. Bruce Bent’s intention is to pass down his entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to young people who will keep the business industry running.
Bruce Bent’s day at work is fantastic. Bruce states that he can be productive from any place as long as he has his phone and computer. Bruce also values teamwork. Bruce is most excited by the communication trend. Bent believes that communication will evolve and be productive over the years.

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