Bustle’s Blogger Spends a Week with WEN by Chaz

Every morning two things happen without fail and have happened as long as I can remember, one my alarm will always go off way too early and two that first look in the mirror is always one of fear. Every morning I start the day pretending that I’m off a Cosplay convention as my favorite third of a certain wizarding trio. This has been my reality for my entire adult life, with an exception of those few years after college where I thought short hair was the end all be all. Because of this, my bathroom looks like a storage closet at a beauty salon and less like some place a person would get ready in the morning.

One product that has earned its place on the coveted shelf space in my bathroom is my bottle of WEN by Chaz. I’ve spoken about before here many times and each time you’ve heard me sing its praises, so I was very excited when another fellow beauty blogger decided to get in on the action and join the Wen hair wave.

Emily McClure, a beauty blogger writing for the online publication Bustle, recently joined the masses of Facebook bloggers writing about Chaz Dean’s latest addition to the cleansing conditioner trend sweeping across the blogosphere. For one week, the writer ditched her usually hair care routine of using shampoo almost daily and instead replaced it with the cleansing conditioner WEN by Chaz. Within only one week, Emily was able to document that her hair had completely changed within that short time span. Along with pictures she took daily as evidence of the changes, Emily reported how her hair felt and acted each morning with expected result. The blogger was receiving compliments, much as I have after switching, before week’s end.

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Please visit Bustle.com to read the entire piece.

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