Can Drinking Coffee Like Organo Gold Actually Lengthen Your Life?

According to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, there is data that suggests drinking coffee on a daily basis is not only harmless, it could actually be beneficial. The risk of many diseases including stroke or heart disease might be reduced by that daily cup and lengthen your life in the process. Visit to know more.

185,000 American coffee drinkers were studied and it was found that whether or not the preference was decaf or regular, these people were at less risk of death due to cancer, stroke, heart and kidney disease or diabetes. People who drank two or three cups per day experienced an 18% decrease in the chances of death via one of these diseases as compared to people who drank no coffee at all during the 16 year study.

African-American, Latino, White and Asian were included in the study and race made no difference in the research. Every five years study subjects reported on their coffee habits, and though it can’t be said for certain that coffee lengthens life, evidence certainly leans in that direction.

In Europe more than half a million people from 10 different countries were studied and results were the same. No matter the race, and taking into account other factors that could affect data, the results closely matched those of America. No one knows why coffee appears to have such major health benefits and the research continues. Follow Organo Gold on

Some coffees are better than others, and if people are going to drink it at all, it may as well be one like Organo Gold. This world-wide company produces some of the best coffee on the planet and also offers opportunities in Independent Distribution. Coffee is a billion dollar industry that isn’t going anywhere, investing time and effort with Organo Gold as a distributor has helped more than one person gain financial independence.

Organo Gold coffee has many dedicated fans. A healthy drink, it’s produced from the herbal suppliment Ganoderma Lucidia. Via multilevel marketing, members of this company move Organo Gold all over the world, with an ever increasing number of people interested in the benefits of what they have to offer.


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    Coming across this piece I still wonder about most of the discoveries that people have made in this life and how important its effects really are on the human society. And I thought this might be useful to a lot of people all round the world if they could really know the benefits of taking coffee has on their health. One special thing that Organo Gold has done is making this discovery known which in turns puts their own special kind of coffee on the road map.

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