Cassio Audi: A Company Executive Fine-tuned for Success

Cassio Audi is a company experienced company executive whose vast experience, solid academic background and multiple skills and talents have fine-tuned him for professional success. He is not only a bilingual with proficiency in Spanish and English; he is also an excellent project planner and strategic planner. His open leadership style and cross-functional team leadership skills make him an excellent corporate leader. He is also an excellent change manager and financial planner with a keen eye for company valuation, valuation and carrying out due diligence.

These skills have enabled him excel as a specialist in startups. His specialization in startups saw him lead the process the restructuring and reorganization of a startup in Brazil. The move saw the company value rise exponentially during his tenure at the company’s financial docket. Cassio Audi’s efforts also saw Gillette (Brazil) increase in value during his tenure at the company, which attracted the attention of P&G. P&G bought the company as a result. He also excelled in his role as a senior financial analyst at Dow Chemical and across various companies where he worked in the financial docket including Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. and JP Morgan Chase where his decades of experience began in 1992.

Academic Background and Interest in Music

Cassio Audi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Universidade Católica de São Paulo where he graduated in 1994. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Universidade de São Paulo where he graduated from in 2000.

Other than corporate management and financial services advisory, Cassio Audi also has a strong passion for music having played the drums for Vipers. He performed with the pop and rock band for close to four years before from 1985 before leaving in 1989. He not only played the drums; he was a song writer and arranger. He joined the band in 2016 in a live performance of one of the songs he helped write, arrange and perform.

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