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Rebel Wilson’s “Isn’t It Romantic” Now Available On Netflix

“Isn’t It Romantic” has been a great romantic movie during Valentine’s Day. However, global fans of Rebel Wilson and other main characters: Liam Hemsworth, Adam DeVine, and Priyanka Chopra had to wait for more almost half a month in order to see the film.

Fortunately, streaming platform Netflix made the movie available in their site for its subscribers who were not able to catch the movie last February 13.

And as the movie becomes more available for people all around the world, movie reviews started to appear from review sites. “Isn’t It Romantic” movie reception are generally positive, with some reviewers even surprised that the movie is way better than someone would expect.

A review from Wenlei Ma of described it as a satirical and entertaining movie, even for those who don’t like romantic comedies such as the main character, Natalie. Although a lot of people doesn’t like how the movie does the things that it is trying to satirize, the overall feel of the movie is light and keeps on entertaining its viewers. The comedy aspect has been properly portrayed, with Rebel Wilson executing most of the punch line in the film. The movie is described as guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone who watches it.

Viewers also noted that even though the film failed to avoid the romantic comedy tropes that it tried to satirize, it succeeded in poking fun out of the cliches existing in the whole genre itself. Cliches such as rich man to die for, a flamboyant ay friend, a kiss in the rain, and other elements of rom-com are featured with a satiric bite that also serves to add the light-hearted humor of the film. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Although the characters are written with lack of shade, its actors executed their roles perfectly. This is especially true for Rebel Wilson, who managed to take her character to the next level. Playing as Natalie, the awkward character who is not fond of romantic movies, Wilson managed to catch that awkwardness and made it a part of her character’s charm. Wilson also managed to showcase her talent in both acting and performing during her duel with Priyanka Chopra.

In terms of sales, the movie had seen success during its first day, gathering $1.8 million during its first day and $4.4 million during the Valentines Day, which makes it one of the most viewed movie during the season of the hearts. It ranked third at the box office during its first week. Overall, the movie managed to bag $35 million in total domestic sales. This is not a bad number for a romantic comedy movie, which has been very rare in the past few years. CinemaScore rated the movie as “B” while PostTrak reviewers gave it a 50% “definite” recommendation.

Rebel Williams will also appear on other movies this year. She has three other movies: “The Hustle” where she will portray Lonnie, “Jojo Rabbit” where she will portray Fraulein Rahm, and “Cats” where she will portray Jennyanydots. She is also slated to perform as Maureen Folan in the theatrical version of “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” which she will do from November to December this year.

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How Rebel Wilson Became A Successful Actress

Success does not come on a silver platter it is through hard work and commitment that one become successful in his /her career. Rebel is one of the few people who has achieved so much in the film industry despite the challenges she faced. Rebel Wilson who was born in Australia in 1980 is a producer, writer, actress and is successful in television and stage career.

Rebel Wilson is known for playing the role of Fat Amy in pitch perfect, and she now focuses on feature movie projects in united states of America. Before joining the university, Wilson spent one year working with Australia’s rotary international youth program at the age of 17 in 1997. Rebel studied at the University of New South Wales and graduated with a bachelor of laws and bachelor of arts degrees in 2009.

During an interview, Rebel Wilson admits that she had gone through tough challenges in life before she became who she is today. She also says that when she was starting her career, she had no intention of becoming a comedian. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Rebel Wilson is happy and proud to be a successful Hollywood actress and a comedian today. However, she admits that it’s not easy to be a successful female comedian actress in a male-dominated industry. Rebel Wilson is a feminist who is passionate and excited about creating female-driven projects in the future.

When Rebel Wilson was working with the Australia movie theatre in 2003, she released her first movie Fat pizza at the age of 23. Later Rebel got her breakthrough role in 2010 when she played Kristen Wiggs, roommate in Bridesmaids. These made her more famous and opened more doors for her acting career in the film industry. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter and Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList

As years went by rebel became a bigger star, and got more gigs and roles to play. In 2013 Rebel Wilson hosted the MTV awards and also got a lead role in Super Fam Night which was a short-lived television series. Later she got her first starring role in a romantic comedy “isn’t it romantic” in which she plays Natalie who is an architect in New York City.

The romantic comedy is set to be released in 2019 Valentine’s Day. As a star in “isn’t it romantic” rebel got a chance to work with other comedian actors like Liam Hemsworth who plays Blake. Also, Rebel Wilson is a lover of fashion, and in 2015 November she launched a collabo with the plus size brand thus allowing her fans and other fashionistas to feel her taste of style.

Currently, Wilson offers financial support to a school in Tanzania, Africa where she was once a youth ambassador. After being awarded a Nicole –Kidman funded a scholarship to Chicago; Rebel Wilson offers scholarships to youths from the Australian theatre for young people which was where she started her acting career.

Rebel Wilson is an inspiration to many women who are starting their career not only in the film industry but also in other areas. Her advice to young women is that they should work hard and sharpen their skills for them to get to greater heights in their career.