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American Addiction Centers ‘ Salute to Recovery Serves Those Who Have Served America

Under the very best of circumstances, military life can be stressful. PTSD and the physical and the emotional pain of being wounded compounds that stress.

It is no wonder that over a six-year period the number of veterans seeking help for addiction increased by over 50%. Substance abuse among service members is rising faster than substance abuse among civilians. Addiction is one of the two leading causes of hospitalization among service personnel.

Salute to Recovery

To aid our veterans in their fight against addiction American Addiction Centers has initiated their Salute to Recovery program.

The program launched In May 2019 to coincide with Military Appreciation Month. Veterans are often reluctant to seek addiction treatment because they see their addiction as a source of shame.

Meeting The Special Needs of Veterans

Suffering from PTSD poses an extra challenge to those recovering from addiction. The Salute to Recovery program is tailored to the special needs of combat vets. Parenthetically, the Salute curriculum can also benefit first responders.

The Salute to Recovery Approach

To better help them manage their disease Salute enrollees are taught to better understand their illness. A variety of therapeutic strategies are employed. Narrative Therapy is about helping an addict rewrite their life story by exploring their talents and strengths.

Classified as a psychotherapy Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing addresses mental health issues. If a Salute to Recovery participant has mental health issues coupled with addiction both conditions are treated. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

Salute places an emphasis on group therapy. The therapy groups consist wholly of veterans and first responders. American Addiction Centers’ Desert Hope Treatment Center is the AAC facility chosen for Salute to Recovery.

A portion of the Desert Hope campus has been set aside exclusively for vets and first responders. This allows those enrolled in Salute to form emotional bonds essential to the recovery process. For veterans, emotional bonds ease the transition to civilian life.

Veterans and Addiction The Statistics

A study by American Addiction Centers found that only half the vets struggling with mental health issues seek treatment. The addiction rate among Vietnam veterans could be as high as 80%. In 2016 drug addiction had rendered 8% of discharged vets unable to work.

American Addiction Centers

Based in New York City and founded by Michael Cartwright American Addiction Centers is a network of treatment facilities across the United States. American Addiction Centers’ treatment centers boast twice the success rate of other drug treatment facilities.

The American Addiction Centers approach to recovery is holistic. While drug addiction and alcoholism are being treated other medical and emotional conditions are also treated. Each treatment program is bespoke for the individual being treated.

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