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The Method of Balancing Life With Lori Senecal

One of the most important things in success is balance. This is especially true for someone who owns a business. Lori Senecal is one of the CEO entrepreneurs that are always involved in some kind of project. When someone owns a business, he has to take on plenty of responsibilities. This can lead to a lot of issues such as burnout and dropped off productivity. Being overworked can also bring forth issues with physical health. This is one of the reasons that Lori Senecal makes sure that she finds time to take care of other responsibilities.


According to Campaignlive, among the responsibilities that Lori Senecal tries to take care of is her physical health. She finds time to get some exercise. One thing that she knows is that physical activity can do a lot of good for her mind as well as her body. This is one of the reasons that she is always coming up with some of the best solutions for her company. She makes sure that she consumes a healthy diet that is filled with nutrients. She also takes care of her body through workouts. She is dedicated to her fitness. For one thing, it helps her maintain her confidence. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Given that she has a background in gymnastics, Lori Senecal has some kind of foundation for her exercises. One of the best things to do for people who have an athletic background is to keep up their athletic lifestyle so that they can be healthy throughout their careers and their lives. For one thing, when one aspect of health fails, then it can carry over into other aspects of the person’s life. It will interfere with her work performance. Lori will either get fired, or she will lose money because of decreased productivity from her illness. This can cause a vicious cycle. Check out advertisingweek to see more.




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Lori Senecal Is One Of Top Creative People In Business, According to Fast Company

Lori Senecal has been named as one of the most creative people in business by Fast Company. She is also known for her innovative methods when it comes to business and marketing strategy. In fact, she is known for turning her employees into entrepreneurs. An entire Fast Company article was dedicated to this. Research was done on how Lori Senecal manages to do this. Researchers discovered that you have to have strategic conversations with your employees. You have to tell them about the goals, but you also have to let them come up with the ideas on how to reach those goals by themselves. You also have to promote employees who become entrepreneurs and come up with innovative ideas for furthering the success of the business.



Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She oversees global growth and expansion, as well as coordination between all ten offices. Advertising Age has named Crispin Porter + Bogusky as one of the Top Creativity Innovators of the Year, and it was mainly because of Lori Senecal’s leadership. In 2016, Lori Senecal herself was named as one of only four Agency Executives to Watch. According to an entry on Blog Web Pedia, under her leadership, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has won deals with top brands and companies, such as American Airlines, Paypal, and Hershey.


Before working as Global CEO at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Lori Senecal was the Global CEO at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners. Under her leadership, it was named as one of the best places to work and was recognized on Ad Age’s exclusive list of Standout Agencies for three years in a row. Under her leadership, it grew from having just two hundred and fifty employees to over nine hundred employees all around the world.


Before that, Lori Senecal was the CEO of McCann Erickson’s New York Office. She was also the Chief Innovative Officer for McCann Worldgroup. She was named by Ad Week as one of their Women to Watch. She was also responsible for starting and developing McCann Erickson’s TAG Ideation Group. She has received many awards and been asked to speak many times. She has been on the board of many organizations.


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