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Andy Wirth And The Clean Power Plan

Who is Andy Wirth?

Andrew Wirth, born on July 25, 1963, is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and works in the mountain resort and hotel industry. He has been working in these industries for over 25 years. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University, and used this degree to work as a ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and as a wildlife ranger in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness area. His love for the environment led him to support the Clean Power Plan.

What is the Clean Power Plan?

The Clean Power Plan is a plan to help move our country away from using toxic fossil fuels and begin using smarter technology and to clean renewable energy. This will help make our country cleaner, and can even have a great impact on the world. This plan is in place to benefit both sides of the equation, so that companies willing to switch their ways may earn a profit as well.

Where does Andy Wirth come into play regarding the Clean Power Plan?

Andy Wirth helped support the Clean Power Plan, and released an Op-Ed that the  Reno Gazette-Journal published on September 11, 2015. Wirth states in the Op-Ed that the Reno City Council has brought in their support of the Green Power Plan, and states throughout the Op-Ed that clean power is going to become very important as the years go by, and that we are at a critical point in the condition of your planet, and that we need to act now.

How can we benefit from the Clean Power Plan exactly?

Think about it. Who wouldn’t want a cleaner planet? To not have to worry about what greenhouse gasses are doing to our Ozone Layer? With the Clean Power Plan, this could be the first step to a great change. Everyone can benefit from the Clean Power Plan. Companies that switch can use renewable energy and save money from having to use standard fossil fuels for electricity and to power other things.

Now is the time for change. Now, when it isn’t too late. We can’t depend on later generations to fix our problems for us, like our generation is doing now because of the previous generation, and so on and so forth. This is something that our generation must do, to ensure the future of the next generation, so that their kids will have a clean Earth to live on. Supporting the Clean Power Plan will help us in the long run, and that is exactly is what Andy Wirth is trying to accomplish.

Mr. Andy Wirth And Reno’s Clean Power Plan

The Reno City Council has recently voted to support the Clean Power Plan, which is a vow taken by the city of Reno to distance the city from using coal and other forms of energy that leave a heavy carbon footprint. Mr. Andy Wirth has been at the front of Reno’s push towards clean energy, who is a business executive.

Mr. Andy Wirth is known for being the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is a parent company of other hotel and restaurant management companies. Mr. Wirth attended college at Colorado State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. After CSU, Mr. Wirth decided to attend college at the prestigious Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Andy Wirth started working for Squaw Valley in 2010, when he was asked to step in as CEO behind Mrs. Nancy Cushing. He is still the CEO of the company, and was actually featured on the hit television show Undercover Boss in 2013, where he performed an audit of Squaw Valley. He is currently married to his wife, Karen deRidder, and lives in California with her and his three children.

Mr. Wirth and the Reno City Council have realized that the environment continually changes as humans increase their carbon footprint. One man can’t change the world on his own, but Mr. Wirth is trying to change the views of business owners and politicians who do not understand how important climate change truly is.

Tesla, Microsoft, and Apple are three leading companies that are known to carry out their operations as “green” companies, and Wirth has urged businesses in Reno to follow in these companies’ footsteps to better the environment. Although the effects of an environment changed by humans are not apparent yet, they are looming in Earth’s horizons.

The idea of clean, renewable energy that does not leave a heavy footprint is not on behalf of any religion or political party, which leaves no good reason as to why people not respect clean, green energy. It is almost impossible for all cities to get rid of all coal or petroleum energy, but it is feasible for companies in Reno to start utilizing green energy wherever possible.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal.