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Jeff Aronin and Life Science Concepts

Paragon Biosciences, LLC is an investment firm that aids biotechnology businesses out there. The aim at Paragon Biosciences is to assist human beings with both longevity and wellness. It’s equipped with branches in three different parts of the United States. These are Chicago, Illinois, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and, last but not least, New Jersey. Paragon Biosciences strives to encourage medical discoveries that can accommodate patients who have all kinds of health conditions. The company works alongside a range of partners. Some examples of these are Fidelity Investments, Valor Equity Partners, Debra Austria, Diaderm, Vivo Capital, Twi B, HBM Healthcare Investments, VenBio and Novo Holdings. The crew at Paragon Biosciences works on medications that can transform existences. That’s the reason its staff is so enthusiastic and focused. Jeffrey S. Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company. Other people who work next to Aronin are General Counsel and Legal Affairs Executive Vice President Patrick Morris, Portfolio Management Executive Vice President Babar Ghias, Commercial Vice President Matt Fenske and Portfolio Management Vice President Aris Theologis.


Bioscience Leader

Aronin has had his latest Paragon Biosciences roles since back in 2010. This business is an international biopharmaceutical and medical development entity. He’s served as the Chairman of various businesses that are under the Paragon Biosciences sector ( Examples are Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. The first company is a prescription pharmaceutical business that’s centered on research.


Versatile Head

Aronin used to work for Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He functioned as its Chief Executive Officer and President between the years of 2000 and 2009. Lundbeck, Inc. bought the firm in 2009. Aronin launched it nine years prior to that. Jeff Aronin is equipped with an abundance of talents that assist him within his career. His talent are brand marketing, finance, business development and strategizing.


Key Advisor

Aronin lives in the Chicago, Illinois area now. He’s part of Discover Financial Services’ Board of Directors. He has been since the early summer of 2007, too. Aronin understands all aspects of life science firms these days. That’s how he’s able to provide them with in-depth and thorough guidance any time they need it.