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TJ Maloney, a Man of Leadership and Integrity

TJ Maloney is the CEO and Chairman of Lincolnshire Management, Inc., a middle-market private equity investment company with offices in New York City and Chicago. Lincolnshire has a 33-year track record of making impeccable investments. The firm is known for its hands-on operational focus that has created value over the years.

TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire in 1993, after serving as intern CEO of Credentials. Maloney was a perfect fit with his previous experience as a merger, acquisition and securities lawyer in New York City.

Lincolnshire typically invests in acquisitions of private companies and recapitalizations. They do also invest in management buyouts and in companies that need money to grow their companies.

T J Maloney and his team of professionals look for companies that have strong management teams already in place. They also look for companies that have competitive advantages, have diversified customers and growth opportunities.

Lincolnshire is currently worth more than $1.7 billion dollars. They have made more than 85 acquisitions in the last 30 years.

Lincolnshire has a strong team of professionals that are passionate about finding new investment opportunities. TJ Maloney himself in on the Investment Committee and actively participates with the companies that are in their portfolio.

Maloney and his entire team work with management teams to find solutions to operational problems or other challenges they might be facing.

TJ Maloney has lectured extensively and has been asked to guest lecture at many universities. Maloney got his BA at Boston College. Then moved on to Fordham Law School to obtain his law degree, of which he received in 1979.

Maloney has served on the Board of Trustees for Boston College and Fordham University. He previously served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States. He was also on the Board of trustees of The Tilton School.

In 2007, TJ Maloney was honored to receive the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award for his high-moral standards as a leader in the corporate world.

It is no wonder that Lincolnshire has had so many successes with a leader like TJ Maloney at the helm as their leader.

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Impossible Foods Turns To OSI Industries To Solve Scaling-Up Problem

Impossible Foods has had problems meeting demand since at least April 2019. They sell plant-based meat to chain restaurants like Burger King. They also sell to independent restaurants, university cafeterias, sports stadiums, and other places where people get food. They had to stop selling to many places because their production facility was entirely unable to keep up. As a stop-gap measure, they started having their office workers voluntarily work in their food production facility in Oakland. They had 12-hour shifts where it’s kept a constant 38 degrees. They also sped up production by shipping five-pound bricks of fake meat instead of pre-shaped patties. Relief is finally in sight. They signed a co-production agreement with food production giant OSI Industries. OSI, which has 17 food production plants around the world, will start producing Impossible Burgers at one of its locations in the Midwest.

They are getting other plants ready to produce these plant-based burgers as well. OSI Industries has the resources and capacity to solve Impossible Foods production problems and help them scale up. Executives at Impossible Foods initially planned to scale up on their own. They rethought this plan during the spring and summer of 2019. They decided their company would be better off if they partnered with an expert in the food industry. Very successful startups often have growing pains and difficulty meeting demand. On the one hand, it’s a good problem to have. On the other, it frustrates their partners and consumers.

This can lead to lost market share. Like other startups, Impossible Foods needs to take advantage of the demand for plant-based burgers or lose out to competitors like Beyond Meat. Impossible Burgers have been especially in demand since they introduced a new recipe in January 2019. At the time, their burgers were sold in 5,000 locations. They are now sold in 10,000 locations and will be available in 17,000 by the end of the year, thanks to OSI Industries. They will also soon be available in grocery stores. President Dennis Woodside of Impossible Burgers says they decided they didn’t need to go it alone and found their ideal partner in OSI Industries.

Equities First Holdings – Getting Financing Quickly

Equities First Holdings offers stock-based loans and has many branches in various locations around the world. This type of loan is secured with a stock portfolio and is a great option for people who need to borrow quickly and are unable to get approved for a conventional loan. Equities First Holdings has been rendering financial solutions since 2002 and has a proven track record. Read More.


Bhanu Choudhrie Is Working To Increase Diversity In Aviation

2019 saw the 10th Anniversary of the Alpha Aviation Academy that is providing training to pilots in the Philippines. This milestone is an important one for the leading MultiCrew Pilot License system in the Middle East. The company is a subsidiary of C&C Alpha Group which was first founded in 2001 by the native of India Bhanu Choudhrie. Over the years, he has become an expert in the world of aviation and he plans on growing the company even more in the future in order to build recognition of their name. Bhanu Choudhrie considers diversity important through his many business and investment ventures and this is especially true When it comes to Alpha Aviation Academy. The outreach program of the pilot school hopes to enroll students from 65 different countries, including more women.

Currently, Bhanu Choudhrie serves C&C Alpha Group as their Director and he is also a leading philanthropist in London. Throughout the years, he has gained a lot of recognition for his different accomplishments. He obtained an International Marketing and Business degree from Boston University and later attended Harvard studying management techniques. When Bhanu Choudhrie began investing in aviation, he knew that there would be a greater need for licensed pilots as the demand for airline travel increased. It was a considerable challenge to take on, but the new concept managed to pay off and it jumpstarted the aviation industry in India after it had been facing issues due to the economic depression that caused a jump in oil prices.

In order to ensure that there would be positions for available for the people graduating from the pilot program, Bhanu Choudhrie made partnerships with Boeing, Airbus, Cebu Specific, Jet Airways, and other airlines that need qualified pilots. The aviation school has an extensive outreach program designed to break down the barriers of diversity and gender in the aviation industry. Out of all of the commercial pilots flying today, only around 3% of them happen to be women. Dozens of women have already graduated from their programs and they are working to increase the percentage of women in the industry.

Nitin Khanna Wears Many Entrepreneurial Hats

Technology and entrepreneurialism go hand in hand and one foremost practitioner is the noted business figure, Nitin Khanna. He is currently the CEO of MergerTech and his expertise and guidance have brought about many quality transactions that have created a stronger, more capable entity. He has also been an instrumental figure in the burgeoning cannabis industry with his involvement in Cura Cannabis Solutions. He is also an enthusiastic practitioner of philanthropy and is a part of important efforts in this realm.

The entrepreneurial spirit that powers Nitin Khanna has been informed by many of his close family members. He mentions several uncles who were associated with various endeavors such as a motorcycle parts plant. His own journey began when he relocated to the United States and obtained high-level degrees in engineering from Purdue University.

His first foray as the creator of a company was with his brother when they launched Saber Software in 1999. It grew steadily for a decade and became well known for their election software. Eventually, Saber helped 21 states modernize their voting procedures after the Bush vs. Gore election highlighted the imperative need for updated systems.

The key role that Nitin Khanna has often played among the various undertakings throughout his career can be boiled down to two important concepts. He’s highly focused on strategy and vision. Along with these crucial aspects, he’s particularly concerned with having the right people in place to bring about the most productive chemistry.

Time management is an area in which Khanna excels and it has been a primary driver of his success. He does especially well at prioritizing his activities to hone in on the most important and productive things on his plate.

One recreational activity that helps Nitin Khanna unwind is his interest in becoming a DJ. His attendance one year at the Burning Man Festival sparked this passion as he observed a DJ in action. His natural derring-do compelled him to try and he made a bet with a friend that inside of one year he would secure paying gigs. His drive and ambition have helped him accomplish this as well many triumphs in business.

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James Dondero, Highland Capital Investment, and Dallas

James Dondero

He got his start at JP Morgan. However, before working at JP Morgan, James “Jim” Dondero received a number of degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. He departed four years later when American Express offered him a job. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

He put his degrees to work at American Express. He led their fixed income investment team and eventually started their alternative credit strategies program. He did quite well and experienced immense success. Eventually, this drew the attention of Protective Life, where in 1989 one of their subsidiaries named him their CIO. Four years later, he was running his own investment firm in Dallas, Texas.

Highland Capital Investment.

Today, Highland Capital Investment is one of the largest investment firms in the United States when measures by assets under management—they have $17 billion under management. Currently, they have offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Seoul, New York City, and of course Dallas. Their offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, and Seoul are strategically located for Highland Capital Investment to have greater access and oversight over emerging markets. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Work in Dallas

James Dondero has done significant philanthropic work in the Dallas area. He has been reported as contributing substantial donations to initiatives for improving education, protecting the environment, fighting poverty, and supporting the arts. One such effort has been his work with the Dallas Zoo.

In 2001, the Dallas Zoo had to shut down their prominent hippo exhibit. This was shortly after the death of their beloved elderly hippo named Papa. They pledge that they would not have another hippo exhibit until a suitable habitat could be constructed for them. James Dondero heard of their plans and donated $1 million to help build an improved habitat—that donation proved to be crucial.

Under the direction of James Dondero, Highland Capital Investment has proved to be crucial for the education of many people too. They made a $2 million endowment gift to Southern Methodist University. The endowment was given with the expectation that it would help exceptional students, who are interested in public service, to continue their studies.



Michael Nierenberg Creative and Insightful

Michael Nierenberg has over 20 years experience in the investment trust industry, which are utilized to help provide residential mortgage loans to prospective house buyers. Investment trusts are focused on investing in securitized bank products that traditionally have come from the United Kingdom and Japan. The investment trust purchases and trades shares just as any public company may do so. Income provided from the investments are what help provide the residential loans.

Michael Nierenberg has specialized in securitized mortgage products throughout his professional career. Prior to joining New Residential in 2013, he had previous professional experience with Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan and Merril Lynch Bank of America. Since 2013, Michael Nierenberg has been head of leadership with the New Residential mortgage loan entity for over six years. He has forged business relationships within his current capacity as head of leadership, and from his previous professional forays. It is felt along with forming business relationships that insight and creative skill for finding flexible long-term investment capital are what aid Michael Nierenberg in achieving and maintaining his leadership role. New Residential headquarters is based in New York, New York.

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Lincolnshire Management Sells Its Stake in Holley Performance Products

After five years of enjoying much success investing in Holley Performance Products, which also entailed a partnership, Lincolnshire Management, Inc. sold all of its stake in Holley Performance Products ending the successful business relationship. The end of the business relationship was officially disclosed to the public on October 29, 2018 by funds that are advised by Lincolnshire Management, Inc. Lincolnshire Management, Inc. sold all of its stake in Holley Performance Products to a subsidiary of Sentinel Capital Partners, who has made it known that Holley Performance Products will be merging with Driven Performance Brands in the offing.

The Lincolnshire Management, Inc.–Holley Performance Products partnership was a great success by all accounts. During the five-year partnership, a strategy of making aggressive acquisitions was implemented and great store was placed on making substantially greater investment in the area of new product development. As a result of this initiatives, Holley Performance Products experienced substantial organic growth.

What originally compelled Lincolnshire Management, Inc. to invest in and partner up with Holley Performance Products when the opportunity materialized were the facts that the company was exceptionally managed, the strength of the Holley Performance Products’ brand, and the brand’s long list of products portfolio which includes DiabloSport , MSD, NOS, ACCEL, Hooker, Earls, Hays, Quick Fuel Technologies, Superchips, Weiand, Edge, Racepak, and Mallory. Holley Performance Products was established in 1903 and has gone on to become America’s cornerstone brand within the American performance car culture. In addition, Holley Performance Products is now the performance automotive aftermarket’s largest designer of branded products, its biggest manufacturer, and its largest marketer.

Lincolnshire Management Inc. is classified as a private equity firm. The firm was founded in 1986. Lincolnshire Management Inc. is primarily headquartered in the city of New York, but it also has a team located in Chicago. Lincolnshire Management Inc. seeks to acquire growing companies with great potential for growth across that falls under the rubric of middle market companies. Lincolnshire Management Inc. also engage in other types of investments, such as acquisitions of private companies, management buyouts, corporate divestitures, growth equity for private and public companies, and recapitalizations. The amount of private equity capital under Lincolnshire Management Inc.’s management exceeds $1.7 billion.

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Sergey Petrossov’s Vision for JetSmarter App

Based out of South Florida, Sergey Petrossov is a popular tech entrepreneur known for easing jet flight booking process by starting JetSmarter App. He is the CEO and Founder of JetSmarter. He has received several accolades including 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology by Forbes and Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. He has been recognized for coming up with the private and shared jet services company and establishing it to become one of the largest companies in the airline sector. JetSmarter boasts more than 14,000 paid members paying up to $15,000annually for perks ranging from share seats in jets scheduled by others to scheduling flights. With prominent investors such as the Saudi Royal Family and Jay-Z, JetSmarter has grown rapidly to be valued at $1.5 billion.

Sergey Petrossov served at LiveContact, a company he founded, for several years before founding JetSmarter. He held various positions in the company including Vice President of Business Development. Apart from LiveContact, he also helped to found the Federal System of Distance Education. Sergey Petrossov served as a board advisor to a prestigious private jet operator in South Florida. The South Florida-based operator had the largest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet in the world.

Prior to JetSmarter, the process of booking for a private jet flight was cumbersome. Sergey Petrossov experienced it first hand in 2009 when he traveled in a private jet for the first time. He realized that the booking system involved a manual booking process. He saw an opportunity for an app that could ease the booking process and the idea for JetSmarter was born. He put together an app development team composed of developers he had worked with previously. He leveraged his own capital to get the project development going. JetSmarter was developed through a series of releases and in 2013, it was launched officially for public use. Today, JetSmarter is a prominent company with an advisory team, tech team, and management team with more than 100 years of combined experience.

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The Successful Career Of Nitin Khanna  


Nitin Khanna is a budding entrepreneur and leader. He is one of the most established businessmen, and his career has proved to be a successful one, thanks to his commitment and hard work. As the chief executive officer of MergerTech, he has paid a close focus towards helping his clients acquire other companies and grow their total assets. The contributions of Nitin Khanna have seen him travel miles in his venture, and he is today among the most respected and sought out entrepreneurs of all time. He continues to pay attention to the needs of his clients, and his principal target is to enable each of them achieves success in their ventures.

Nitin Khanna believes that showing respect to his clients is one of the dominant traits that has  enabled him to achieve success in the industry. He has learnt to pay attention to everything that his clients have to say with the target of identifying the best way to handle their issues as well as address their demands. Nitin Khanna ability to offer his clients the exact type of products and services that the demand has seen many of them keep coming back for more. Besides, Nitin Khanna also seeks to benefit the brand that his venture offers and his strategies have played a jet role in meeting all his targets. The ability of the duo to apply his expertise in the company for the benefit of all his clients has highly boosted the growth of his company.

Additionally, Nitin Khanna has also adopted a unique way of immersing himself fully in his work and being a leader that shows exemplary behavior, he does not leave all the work to his employees, as he always takes up his roles and completes them on time. By doing so, Nitin Khanna has also acquired a better chance to identify the problem areas in the firm and thus come up with the best solutions to handle them. Nitin Khanna earned his passion for entrepreneurship form his family members who were fully involved in the field. The various business trips that he took with his relatives enabled him to gain an insight into the competitive field and over the years, he has continued to pursue his passion.

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