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TJ Maloney, a Man of Leadership and Integrity

TJ Maloney is the CEO and Chairman of Lincolnshire Management, Inc., a middle-market private equity investment company with offices in New York City and Chicago. Lincolnshire has a 33-year track record of making impeccable investments. The firm is known for its hands-on operational focus that has created value over the years.

TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire in 1993, after serving as intern CEO of Credentials. Maloney was a perfect fit with his previous experience as a merger, acquisition and securities lawyer in New York City.

Lincolnshire typically invests in acquisitions of private companies and recapitalizations. They do also invest in management buyouts and in companies that need money to grow their companies.

T J Maloney and his team of professionals look for companies that have strong management teams already in place. They also look for companies that have competitive advantages, have diversified customers and growth opportunities.

Lincolnshire is currently worth more than $1.7 billion dollars. They have made more than 85 acquisitions in the last 30 years.

Lincolnshire has a strong team of professionals that are passionate about finding new investment opportunities. TJ Maloney himself in on the Investment Committee and actively participates with the companies that are in their portfolio.

Maloney and his entire team work with management teams to find solutions to operational problems or other challenges they might be facing.

TJ Maloney has lectured extensively and has been asked to guest lecture at many universities. Maloney got his BA at Boston College. Then moved on to Fordham Law School to obtain his law degree, of which he received in 1979.

Maloney has served on the Board of Trustees for Boston College and Fordham University. He previously served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States. He was also on the Board of trustees of The Tilton School.

In 2007, TJ Maloney was honored to receive the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award for his high-moral standards as a leader in the corporate world.

It is no wonder that Lincolnshire has had so many successes with a leader like TJ Maloney at the helm as their leader.

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Nitin Khanna Wears Many Entrepreneurial Hats

Technology and entrepreneurialism go hand in hand and one foremost practitioner is the noted business figure, Nitin Khanna. He is currently the CEO of MergerTech and his expertise and guidance have brought about many quality transactions that have created a stronger, more capable entity. He has also been an instrumental figure in the burgeoning cannabis industry with his involvement in Cura Cannabis Solutions. He is also an enthusiastic practitioner of philanthropy and is a part of important efforts in this realm.

The entrepreneurial spirit that powers Nitin Khanna has been informed by many of his close family members. He mentions several uncles who were associated with various endeavors such as a motorcycle parts plant. His own journey began when he relocated to the United States and obtained high-level degrees in engineering from Purdue University.

His first foray as the creator of a company was with his brother when they launched Saber Software in 1999. It grew steadily for a decade and became well known for their election software. Eventually, Saber helped 21 states modernize their voting procedures after the Bush vs. Gore election highlighted the imperative need for updated systems.

The key role that Nitin Khanna has often played among the various undertakings throughout his career can be boiled down to two important concepts. He’s highly focused on strategy and vision. Along with these crucial aspects, he’s particularly concerned with having the right people in place to bring about the most productive chemistry.

Time management is an area in which Khanna excels and it has been a primary driver of his success. He does especially well at prioritizing his activities to hone in on the most important and productive things on his plate.

One recreational activity that helps Nitin Khanna unwind is his interest in becoming a DJ. His attendance one year at the Burning Man Festival sparked this passion as he observed a DJ in action. His natural derring-do compelled him to try and he made a bet with a friend that inside of one year he would secure paying gigs. His drive and ambition have helped him accomplish this as well many triumphs in business.

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Michael Nierenberg Creative and Insightful

Michael Nierenberg has over 20 years experience in the investment trust industry, which are utilized to help provide residential mortgage loans to prospective house buyers. Investment trusts are focused on investing in securitized bank products that traditionally have come from the United Kingdom and Japan. The investment trust purchases and trades shares just as any public company may do so. Income provided from the investments are what help provide the residential loans.

Michael Nierenberg has specialized in securitized mortgage products throughout his professional career. Prior to joining New Residential in 2013, he had previous professional experience with Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan and Merril Lynch Bank of America. Since 2013, Michael Nierenberg has been head of leadership with the New Residential mortgage loan entity for over six years. He has forged business relationships within his current capacity as head of leadership, and from his previous professional forays. It is felt along with forming business relationships that insight and creative skill for finding flexible long-term investment capital are what aid Michael Nierenberg in achieving and maintaining his leadership role. New Residential headquarters is based in New York, New York.

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Southridge Capital: Cryptos Taking Over

Probably most people have heard of Bitcoin and some of the more popular cryptocurrencies, however, they probably have no real understanding of them. The creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is almost nothing known about this person. The technology that makes Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies revolutionary is the Blockchain technology. Many people were attracted to Bitcoin because there was no regulation or government control of the currencies. Southridge Capital is a company that understands how the cryptocurrencies have been making waves in finance, as well as other industries. It is likely that anyone tuning in to a financial outlet will here some analyst talk about their favorite cryptocurrency. Although most remain ignorant about how cryptocurrencies work, most of the experts feel that cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology are here to stay.


Bitcoin started off slowly until many merchants saw the potential and began to accept it as payment. Then cryptocurrencies became a speculative asset in which the market cap of all the cryptos hit almost $300 billion. The world’s largest financial institutions realized that cryptocurrencies were a game changer and they want to start to utilize them in everyday transactions for themselves and their clients. Some companies wanted their clients to be able to speculate with Bitcoin and some of the other popular cryptos in the futures market. Southridge Capital and other companies feel that cryptocurrencies may make big waves in several industries in the years to come.


One man who feels confident in the direction of the cryptocurrency market is Stephen Hicks. He also feels that there is money to be made in the emerging cannabis sector. Mr. Hicks currently serves as the CEO of Southridge Capital and he founded the company in 1996. He previously worked in a hedge fund in New York. He has led his company into the direction of growth sectors and they have invested billions into areas he believes have high growth potential. Stephen Hicks has worked in finance for over thirty years and he says that it is experience that has drawn people to seek the advice of his company. For more details you can checkout





Fortress Investment Group, Growth at Its Best

Progress has never hurt, not even in a single day. Fortress Investment Group, as it turns out, is one of the companies in the world that has enjoyed a steady success rate ever since it got established in 1998. Today, the private equity manager is bigger and better all thanks to the efforts put in by the company’s management.

Fortress, having embraced change, has seen a rise in its nets worth. To say the least, Fortress Investment Group currently controls assets worth over forty-three billion dollars. Like they say, fortune favors the bold. Fortress, thanks to its successes, now enjoys a presence on the New York Stock Exchange, something that never comes easy not even in a thousand years.

The corporation, despite being successful, has also gone through a troubling phase. However, the team of young and energetic souls at Fortress Investment Group has ensured that these troubles never double. In short, Fortress has thrived because of its employees. Clients, too, have benefited from the commitment shown by the members of staff.

Beneficiaries of the firm’s great act are none other than private equity companies, hedge funds, and permanent capital firms. Fortress, by offering services in asset investments, capital markets, operations management, and mergers and acquisitions, has ensured that consumers receive everything they deserve in the end.

Did you know that Fortress Investment Group is successful because of its robust leadership? Well, individuals like Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone have taken the company a step further by combining their skills for the greater good of the organization. Excellent management has surely gone a long way in alleviating the position of Fortress in known and unknown markets.

Recall, Fortress is currently on the New York Stock Exchange list. Profiling in such a revered IPO has given the private equity firm all the mileage it needs to achieve its short and long-term goals. Consumers have found a deep respect for the company and in so doing, made the organization a favorite among many. To say the least, Fortress Investment Group’s streak has been nothing short of spectacular since its inception to decades ago.

Fortress has in recent years attracted the attention of Softbank without even realizing it. Can we blame the firm? There is a lot of justification why Fortress Investment has become one enviable company, and its successes say it all. Softbank, having seen a lot of potential in Fortress, decided to buy the company for over three billion dollars. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

Spending three billion dollars is a massive gamble for many corporations but as it were, Fortress was and still is a wise investment. Fortress, despite getting sold to the highest bidder, has greater plans for the international community, objectives that its newest manager, Softbank, will have to oversee in the future. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Twenty years might seem to be such a long time but the truth is Fortress has done what other like-minded corporations have failed to do. Therefore, Fortress Investment is the king of the game.

GoBuyside Financial Careers.

GoBuyside is a firm that has focused on working together with private equity companies, hedge funds companies, instructional programs, investment administrators and the Fortune 500 company through various locations and obligations. GoBuyside has influenced the market with the use of technology and having a particular approach; the firm currently is not rivaled by any company regarding sourcing and vetting the top applicants. Read more blogs at

GoBuyside is comprised of devoted team members who are experts due to the vast experience and education in operation and establishing a connection with the clients. Clients have come to confide in the company with human and capital resources. GoBuyside has a broader range of talent network that runs worldwide to more than 10,000 companies through 400 cities around the world.

A compensation study carried out by GoBuysude will allow the member to acquire a private equity compensation arrangement. Structures will enable the candidates to get an annual fund compensation that will be used to fund sizes such compositions include management fees and the size of the team. The community member will have access to thousands of returns review that are on the GoBuyside platform.

One can be able to accurately obtain information on a specific private equity firm through contacting the staff of GoBuyside. The firm offers accurate reviews to more than a thousand clients every year providing a precise assessment of the compensation of capital and providing an investment plan.

Every year a fresh set of banking contenders are taken in the recruitment program. They start to work even before they get past the enrollment of the role at GoBuyside. More than 300 contenders were ranked in consideration of various principles employed in getting them.

Arjun Kapur is the founder of GoBuyside and successfully executes more than a hundred complex activities through more than 40 cities in the US and ten cities abroad including Tokyo and London. Arjun graduated from John Hopkins University with a bachelors degree in economics and later did an MBA at Stanford School of Business. Arjun reputation has grown with the establishment of the platform that disrupts the standard hiring methods in the market. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

The Endless Efforts That Makes Louis Chenevert Achieve For his Business And His Team

The achievements of one man Louis Chenevert has made the UTC Company become one of the most successful companies in the USA, and the company continues to make profound gains in the market share. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert was appointed the CEO of the UTC when the world was facing the hard recession times. His leadership saw the firm’s share price rise from $37 to $117 within a short time after recession period ended seeing a steady payout of dividends to the shareholders. He made the achievements without outsourcing any form of production or skills but made use of his engineers as he ever wants to build a dedicated team by appreciating them and encouraging them that they can perform like every other professional. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

In fact, the UTC never laid off some of its staff like other companies, but Louis Chenevert moved them to Connecticut and applied their skills in commercial and military markets.

Louis Chenevert is ever a dynamic thinker who in issues relating to business. His perception explains the success of the UTC by focussing on the two broad markets of building technology and manufacturing aerospace. He implemented the strategy of combining the diverse UTC member firms to provide a one-stop shop solution for airframe integrators and still does the same for the firms that produce solutions for builders of office towers and transportation hubs. Read more at

The strategy has never failed because he has to lead the UTC to become the family of complementary technologies thus balancing the portfolio of various UTC businesses in different types of users and markets.

Louis Chenevert says that in the world of high competition and rivalry, discipline is an important aspect for one to survive. He reveals that having a long-term vision for the marketplace will foster you to develop a working strategy that will favor your efforts in the long run. He has made his efforts in promoting the nurturing of young scholars to acquire the knowledge they need so that they can become competitive by engaging in innovation and improving the technology. He fosters the integration of students’ practical learning with academic training. This effort has managed to oversee that many young talents have secured jobs in the high demand industries enabling them to achieve better lives for themselves and their families too.


Mike Baur, a Finance Expert Uplifting High Tech Entrepreneurs through Startup Companies Investments

Renowned businessman and entrepreneur Mike Baur was raised in Switzerland, Freiburg. He holds a business degree from both the University of Rochester and Bern University. His banking career kick-started at 16 years of age, and he has acquired valuable skills, building a great impression of himself. He has been a major inspiration in the business world.


In 1991, Mike joined the Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice. He got the opportunity to meet the hiring manager who showed him the paths to maneuver through in the UBS career. It took the double effort of acquired advice and his untiring determination to get him to where he is today.


Mike Baur co-established the Swiss Startup Factory with his two associates, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.He also serves as a managing partner in the company. Prior to his service at Swiss Startup Factory, Mike had an outstanding 20 years in the industry thereby rendering him as a valuable asset to the initiative. Among the major banks he worked for include the Clariden Leu and UBS which he later quit to establish his company. After Baur quit the banking industry, he focused on funding Startup companies and growing them to greater heights.


Mike Baur has earned himself vast titles throughout his career journey. He got the coveted privilege of being part of the START Summiteer jury members, a University of St Gallen’s start-up pitching contest. In January 2016, Mike was made the deputy managing director after Swiss Startup joined CTI to form CTI Invest. In early 2016, Mike chaperoned Swiss Startup Factory through the accelerator program which was associated with the Goldback Group. It is in this year that the company also made partnerships with Fintech Fusion.


In 2008, Mike Baur switched lanes from working at UBS despite his hard-earned success. After quitting UBS, he was employed at Clariden Leu where he worked for about six years securing high-rank positions. By 2014, he had already made up his mind to focus on growing high tech entrepreneurs. This was due to his exposure to the post-recession banking work conditions which had seemed less appealing.


Mike says that the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is unique compared to most incubators by the fact that it is independent and is not chained to any political or business organization, giving it the free will to operate on its terms. The initiative is also at a greater advantage thanks to its leaders’ financial commitments which has put the company into a better position of getting desirable results. With this in mind, every person in the organization has an assurance of their individual success. Baur also remarks that growing businesses require the willingness to push hard for any progress to be realized.


Swiss Startup Factory also encourages tech startups to get involved with pitching contests. Mike once participated as a juror in the 2014 contest with the competitions being held at a Swiss University. During this event, 30 founders of new enterprises get the opportunity to address the public about their plans, business models, and products. The foundation offers support to firms that are incapable of raising a starting capital of over $1 million. The companies that show genuine determination consequently bag home substantial investments.


Sentient AI Created eCommerce Personalization to Help Businesses

For businesses, the idea of helping their customers is often what drives them to be successful. Sentient AI knew this when they first started the company, and they continue to demonstrate it with things like ecommerce personalization. They want to meet the needs and demands all their customers have so they will be able to show them exactly what they can get from their site. This is what has made them a popular company in the ecommerce field. It has driven them to push harder with the opportunities they can create which, in turn, allows them to offer even more services for all of their customers.


When people visit a site that is using ecommerce personalization, they will see only the things the site chooses for them to see. The information and the products that are listed on what the customer sees will be customized perfectly to their needs. It will allow them to have an easier shopping experience so they only have to worry about getting what they actually need from the site. They won’t be shown useless information that they can’t take advantage of in the areas they are located in.


The way Sentient AI does this is by offering websites the chance to customize through data collection. The sites that use the Sentient AI features will have a chance to see the data that is available to them. They can pick up information from the customers and what they have browsed in the past. Then, when they are able to see all these things, they’ll have a chance to show them exactly what they are looking for on their site. It will correspond almost exactly to the things the customer is interested in and has been looking for since they have been browsing online.


Out of everything Sentient AI offers, ecommerce personalization is one of the most intuitive products. It allows the business to show people what they need without having to worry about all the issues that can come from different types of marketing. It helps companies read what their customers want, and gives the companies a chance to give their customers exactly what they are looking for. All of this adds up and makes sense for the businesses that chose to use the products Sentient AI has available to them. It gives them the opportunities they need to be successful in different areas of business.

OSI Group: The Best In Custom Food Solutions

Did you know that many of your favorite foods that line the shelves of your favorite grocery stores and retailors come from food providers? Most people think that each and every store has it’s own personal farm from which it selects food items, but this notion is far from the truth.

One of the leading food sourcing organizations in the world is located right in the U.S. and it’s known as OSI Group. OSI has over 20,000 employees that work in up to 65 facilities. Also this organization span across 17 countries worldwide making it one of the largest privately held companies in the country.

With so much extensive capabilities, OSI can produce custom food products, supply global chain management, processing as well as distribution. Types of foods? OSI Group can give you pizza, hot dogs, beef patties, vegetables, dough products, pork, fish, and bacon. The options are endless here and if you’re in need of something special, this company can produce the very best in custom foods. There are too many benefits to name, but here are a few to help give you better insight on this extraordinary company.

Top Notch Food Safety & Quality Assurance
Precise Custom Food Solutions
High Quality Culinary Skill
Worldwide (Global) Flavor Knowledge
Innovative Research That Bring Ideas To Life
And many more

OSI Group started out as Otto & Sons nearly a century ago. This once small family meat market was founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. McDonald’s was one of it’s first major clients as the company supplied this eatery with fresh ground beef. As of today, OSI Group has many high profile clients such as KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and many more. Being such business savvy, OSI has made many acquisitions to strengthen it’s network. BAHO Foods, Flagship Europe, and Tyson Food plant are now apart of this global team. The future of food sourcing is much more promising and OSI Group controls most of it.

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