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Autism Rocks Concert Raises Money

Autism Awareness Month starts on April 2. A devastating developmental disorder that affects millions of children worldwide. On April 1, Autism Rocks will hold a festival to raise donations for research and awareness for this disorder. Autism Rocks is the organization started by Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark because of their son and a desire to help those afflicted. These popular festivals raise money for research and awareness.

Shah feels like there is a great deal of support for children with special needs. He wants to increase exposure for these children and help to encourage research as to why this disease happens and what can be done to help those afflicted. Since 2014, he has raised 600,000 E with charity concerts, featuring the likes of Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, and Drake. These concerts took place in London and Dubai. This year the line up included Tyga and Flo Rida to help rope in the youth.

This family event to help autism includes live music and fun events, like laser tag, crazy golf, zip line, horse rides, inflatables, petting zoo, and a barbecue. This event will surely raise the donations for this cause and help increase awareness and research.

Autism is a disorder that affects how people communicate and experience the world around them. It’s cause is unknown and there is no cure, it can have devastating effects on families and friends. These concerts can help raise much needed donations to further the research into this mysterious disorder.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital, a boutique financial service firm in London. At the end of 2015, Solo Capital had a net worth of 15.45 billion. Shah owns more than three dozen other companies across London, the British Virgin Islands, Dubai, and Luxembourg.

Sanjay did not start out wanting to be an investor, he started out in medicine. He left medical school to become an accountant at different firms, including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. In 2009, he lost his job and decided to start his own brokerage firm, Solo Capital. Since then, he has been able to make enough money to consider himself retired.


Learn more about Sanjay Shah Denmark:

Dick DeVos Appoints New CEO to The Stow Company

Dick DeVos recently announced he was appointing Phil Dolci as Chief Executive Officer of the Stow Company, one of the private companies controlled by his holding company the Windquest Group. The Stow Company is a large firm in the custom home storage sector. It’s based in Holland. The prior CEO, Frank Newman, is retiring, but will continue to serve the company on advisory boards.

Although just 48 years old, Dolci has many years of experience in the marketing and manufacturing of consumer products. Dolci comes from the Crosman Corporation, where he also served as CEO. Crosman is a leader in the global shooting sports industry. He also worked for U.S. Playing Cards, Kraft Foods, Sanford, ConAgra Foods and Dean Foods. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in economics, and earned his MBA from the Kellog School of Management at Northwestern University.

Visit to know more about Dick DeVos.

The Stow Company was founded in 1984. It has two manufacturing plants, one in Holland and one in Indianapolis. Combined, they employ 280 people. Its sells products under four separate brands: ORG Home, Easy Closets, Easy Track and Distinctive Wine Cellars. DeVos said Dolci would bring the kind of knowledge and experience that would drive the Stow Company to grow in the home organization market in the coming years.

DeVos formed the Windquest Group after leaving Amway as CEO. It owns a portfolio of private companies. Besides the Stow Company, Windquest owns Boxwater, Neurocore and The Reserve, a restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan. The Stow Company is one of the largest companies within the Windquest Group.

Dick DeVos became first known as the son of Richard DeVos, co-founder of the network marketing company Amway. Not counting how he helped ship off packages of products from their basement while he was still a child, he went to work for Amway out of college. He worked his way up, taking over the international section and within just a few years growing it so large its profits almost equalled those the company made in the United States. Eventually he took over as President and CEO from his father. He spent three years as President of the Orlando Magic. DeVos and his wife Betsy are well-known in Michigan.

They are active and generous contributors to various charitable and conservative political causes. DeVos is also a prolific author of books on success in business, including Believe! about Amway and his values.

US Money Reserve New Website

U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and since its launch, they have grown to be one of the world’s biggest companies that privately distributes U.S and foreign gold, silver, and platinum that the government has issued as legal tender products. It is them that many clients across the country, in their thousands, that rely on them when they want to diversify their assets. For those that want their physical assets to be converted into some precious metals such as gold and silver coins, then the number one people to contact are the U.S. Money Reserve.

The U.S. Money Reserve consists of a team that is highly and uniquely trained. The teams include coin research and numismatic professionals. These teams are equipped with expert knowledge that they use to locate products that give the best returns regarding profits to all potential metal buyers at every level. U.S. Money Reserve has put in place measures that ensure they go above the market and industry standards to ensure all their customers are well served. They are doing this so that they can retain a long term relationship with all their current and future customers. Their headquarters are based in Austin, Texas.

US Money Reserve recently launched their new e-commerce website that is a catalog of for the gold, silver and platinum coins that they have. The new website delivers the ultimate user experience and is very friendly to use. The website has been built to include intuitive functionalities and detailed product information.

The website was officially launched in early 2016 and is the new online face of the company. The website has a new look that reflects the status of the company who are the leaders in the industry. The first impression that one gets when they visit the new website is the core values of the company that is trust and commitment aimed at delivering world-class customer service. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

New impressive photography has been added to the site and one of them is that of Philip N. Diehl U.S. Mint Director and current president of U.S. Money Reserve. One of the things that have been added on the website is information to educate consumers about the benefits of owning the bullion that is issued by the government. It has also been made to enhance the experience of purchasing the precious metals and gold coins. Read more: US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most

According to Ryan Buchanan, the new website is fully responsive and allows the company to generate quality content across all platforms. Besides, they are able to interact with the clients. Customers can access the precious metals through the secure online storefront. The online shop is growing and is providing live competitive pricing for gold and silver bullion.

For more information, visit the CBS 19 website.

Brian Boar Successful Creation of Unique Dinning Experience at Bellamy’s

The best place for a person seeking a memorable dining experience is in San Diego and specifically Escondido. Unlike other places where all restaurants go for an ultra modern and almost sterile look, Escondido offers the old fashioned country look and cuisine. Most reputable is the French laced cuisine from the renowned French Chef Master Patrick Ponsaty.

Ponsaty is one of the two chefs in San Diego who hold the prestigious title Master Chef of France. He describes his style as French. In his career life, he has received honors. He has been responsible for training Gavin Kaysen who became 3rd in rank for the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry in Paris. Ponsaty earned his prestigious title when he was working at Rancho Bernardo Inn.

Patrick Ponsaty is now the chef at Bellamy’s and will move to Ranch at Bandy Canyon upon its completion. These two places are part of the mini-empire that the renowned business leader Brian Bonar is creating. Bonar started with creation of the bistro Bellamy. He sought staff for his restaurant from El Bizcocho at Ranch Bernardo Inn.

El Biz had announced plans for making major changes for its staff and style and Brian Bonar seized the opportunity to acquire the best chefs and staff in town. He had grown fond of the cuisine at this restaurant and thus he sought the renowned chefs. He hired Trevor Da Costa and Mike Reidy as the executive chef. Bellamy offers California cuisine that is laced with French style.

One can expect a great menu and mouth watering dishes at Bellamy’s. An article published in San Diego Magazine with regards to Brian Bonar describes part of the dishes as, corn soup ‘blended with crème and given Basque treatment with espelette peppers, the liquid silk is served cold over a scallop ceviche with ginger, cilantro, lime juice and olive oil.’ The serving includes parsley-cream risotto with poached salmon and shaved summer truffle that is made crunchy with sea salt.

It is only at Bellamy that you can get an exclusive mille-feuille that is topped especially with bruleed apple slices over layers of smoked eel and liver confit in pork fat. This is a creation of Ponsaty and Reidy. The servers at Bellamy’s are courteous and provide a well informing description of the course they serve with some helpful tips on how to perfectly eat a certain meal.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar’s latest project is the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. The ranch is a 144 acre property which dates back to the 1880s. In his remodeling project, Bonar maintained the adobe structures. He aims to turn this property into a four-star event destination. He employed Ponsaty as the marquee chef and Ponsaty is already designing his dream kitchen there. Bonar is a successful entrepreneur and financial executive with a background of Technical Engineering.

Dick DeVos To Invest In The Enhancement Of Socializing

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have been generous donors, aspiring politicians, and board members for more than twenty years and have been to countless business functions and charity events. However, the one thing that most of those events have in common is alcohol. And while it nice to enjoy a drink with friends at a social gathering. How much more impressive is it to have your own label being poured at events? Walter Catton III opened the Coppercraft Distillery in 2013. His 9,000 square foot distillery has a 50 seat tasting room and he has been looking for an investment partner, so that he can expand. He may have just found what he was looking for in Dick and Betsy.

When people drink alcohol responsibly, it can add a sense of merriment to the atmosphere of and event. And, in the fund raising world, it also lessens one’s inhibitions when it comes to giving or spending money. Buying into a distillery is a sound business investment for people who socialize in high society as the DeVos’ often do. Their own charitable giving has reaped many benefits from their prior business ventures. Learn more about the DeVos charity efforts by visiting their family foundation’s website here:

Betsy and Dick are the largest donors at Grand Valley State University which is located in Allendale, Michigan. Even the public school districts in Michigan have been benefactors of the DeVos family’s giving, despite the fact that their own children did not attend public schools. Dick did not want the children who attended school in lower income districts to feel like society did not care about them. He said that every child matters and that children should not have to pay in order to participate in extra-curricular activities in their schools. He founded an aviation charter school to support this claim and to instill his own passion for flight in young students of Michigan.

Equally important to the DeVos family is the role that arts and culture play in the enhancement of a community and society as a whole. Rick DeVos has dedicated his life to being a man who lives with passion, conviction, dedication and determination. Always looking to enhance and build up those places at home in Michigan and around the world that need a hand of encouragement and a heart of compassion to accomplish the tasks at hand. They also donate and support the causes of others in their West Michigan community of friends and neighbors. They socialize to be social and give to be charitable, enjoying each interaction with the sincerity of humility. There is an art to socializing.

Learn more about the life and work of Dick via his Facebook or by connecting with him on LinkedIn. You can also read a full history of his work experience by visiting the following link:

Ricardo Guimarães Update

Those living in Brazil are very familiar with Ricardo Guimarães, the President of Banco BMG in Brazil. His reputation is outstanding among his peers. Ricardo Guimarães is also part of one of the wealthiest families of Minas Gerais, which is located in the southeastern part of Brazil. Their family has major investments in cattle, coffee, and cannery. BMG is the countries leading supplier of personal loans an payroll loans since 1998. Their success is based on the fact that they supply low interest rate loans to locals. Thus, reducing their default rate on loans. More on Maquina Do Esporte

Ricardo Guimarães Update
Ricardo Guimaraes received a very special Honors Degree. The ceremony was conducted in the Town Hall. The ceremony was conducted by Daniel Nepomuceno at the request of the president of the house Léo Bourgeois de Castro who supported his work. During the very prestigious ceremony held at the Town Hall, Léo Bourgeois de Castro cited the great and outstanding work performed by Ricardo Guimarães Clube Atlético Mineiro from 2001 to 2006. Another well known leader, Mr Fred Costa, discussed all the fine qualities that he attributed to Ricardo Guimarães. He was one of the leading business men in the country of Brazil. His leadership helped to build a brand name and create loyalty among their customers. He further stated that it was a well known fact that the man also was a big sports fan and supported numerous teams in the region. He generously sponsored teams through his investments and sponsorship.

Ricardo Guimarães was also the driving force behind the Ricardo Soccer BR1, an investment fund created for football teams. The Deputy Governor, Alberto Pinto Coelho, had plenty to say about the businessman. He stated that the honor was whole heartedly deserved. It is the crowning glory for a family that always believed in supporting athletics and developing the sports teams. He stated that the work Ricardo Guimarães has his sealed approval and is a fine example of true commitment to citizenship, before handing him the document and plate.

Ricardo Guimarães thanked everyone that was involved and stated that he would like to continue the tradition that was started by his grandfather. The very prestigious ceremony was attended by numerous local politicians and leaders that wished to honor and pay tribute to this successful business executive. Read more about the ceremony and the people attending the ceremony on the Dino Blog.

George Soros Reveals The Importance Of Germany To The Survival Of The EU

The European Union is facing the biggest crisis of its entire existence, according to the billionaire financial expert George Soros. In an interview detailed by FX Street the respected philanthropist details the four major problems that are placing the future of the European Union at risk. The Holocaust survivor explains the issues facing Europe can only be handled with German Chancellor Angela Merkel remaining the dominant force in European politics she has become over recent years. George Soros explains the German leader has become an important leader in Europe who will remain the key to the European Union remaining as strong as it has become in the 21st century.

George Soros has become an important figure in world finance after the Hungarian born expert moved to London to be educated after World War II; a move to the U.S. after graduating from the London School of Economics led to the creation of a financial empire under the control of George Soros. George Soros has not always been a strong supporter of the leadership of Angela Merkel, but now states her leadership during the recent migrant crisis has forced a change in his position. Soros believes Merkel is correct in her claim that the Syrian migrant crisis could cause the collapse of the European Union.

The migrant crisis is not the only problem facing the European Union, which George Soros has detailed in his recent interviews. George Soros believes the crisis facing the European Union in recent months has been worsened by the financial crisis in Greece. The issue of how to handle the Greek problem was one of the reasons why George Soros has been critical of the role played in the crisis by Germany. To continue the European Union in its current from the mistakes made over Greece must not be repeated when countries like the Ukraine have financial problems.

George Soros believes the European Union is destined to collapse in the near future if the strongest countries of the continent do not remain members. The first major test of the strength of the European Union will come when the planned British referendum takes place; the political climate following the recent migration crisis has seen many changes taking place in the British political classes. Soros believes the fact the U.K. has not joined the Eurozone means the country enjoys many of the benefits of EU membership without being burdened with many of the economic problems. The different approach taken by Prime Minister David Cameron to the problems of the European Union set the country apart from mainland Europe, which George Soros believes is a good reason for the U.K. to back a strong European community.

John Textor’s Michael Jackson

John Textor, being a veteran of the entertainment industry has worked on many projects and has provided plenty of great visual effects for people to enjoy on the big screen. He has founded his company, Pulse Evolution which takes visual effects to the next level. He has progressed the industry towards recreating actual celebrities. He has progressed to creating holograms of late celebrities like Tupac and Michael Jackson. This has definitely presented audiences with a new type of entertainment as they get to see entertainers that they have grown up with, but has passed on. They not only bring out the entertainers, but the different eras of the entertainer.

For instance, a recent show has featured a hologram of Michael Jackson as he was in 1991. This has brought a lot of cheers from crowds. This has also brought forth a new type of tour called the Late Legends tour. Many promoters are contacting John Textor and his company in order to bring out more tours with other late legends. There is clearly a new industry for the great legends of previous eras. Many people wan to know what it was like going to one of their performances, or get to relive their experiences.

Among the people that are being considered for the “resurrection” are Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, and Frank Sinatra. However, they are looking for a stage presence that is based on some kind of a story. They do not intend to have Elvis Presley just singing songs while sitting on a stool. There has to be some kind of creativity present for it to work for the audience. Even if they see their favorite legends, they will walk away if it is a lazy attempt. They want to know that the presenters love and respect the artist as much as they themselves do.

This whole idea for holographic legends tour came forth when they presented Snoop Dogg alongside a holographic Tupac. There are people that go to shows in order to see a celebrity live, but at the same time, it is the experience of sharing music with others that brings the show to life for fans. In the end, it is just about the music and performance for some people. However, nothing is ever going to match the experience of seeing a live artist perform on stage and even have the chance to meet the artist in person.

Smartphones Are Welcome On FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services

What is a smartphone? A smartphone is a very updated phone that tends to be a touchscreen phone, but some smartphones do not have touch screens. In the past, Blackberry made a smartphone that didn’t have a touchscreen. Blackberry came out with one of the first smartphones that didn’t have a touchscreen, and blackberry phones were extremely popular in the past. Nowadays, most people are looking towards Android phones because of the capabilities that they have. Android is one of the most popular smartphone software out there next to the iPhone. All iPhones are considered smartphones, and iPhones are extremely popular, and most cell phone networks can use the iPhones these days.

A smartphone should be able to have high-speed Internet connected to it like FreedomPop, so the person can easily browse the Internet at fast speeds. It’s important for a smartphone to have high Internet speeds, especially if the person will be streaming music, videos, or doing downloads with their cell phone. Many cell phones these days are so advanced that they even have a CPU inside of it, which is the same thing a computer has. The very good smartphones can help a person conduct all their business right from their phone, instead of them having to use a tablet, laptop or a computer.

A smartphone has to have a great cell phone service in order to function properly, and to have a smartphone without a good service is similar to having a stadium without any fans. A smartphone absolutely needs great service to keep up with everything that it can do, especially for the Internet service. Anyone with a smartphone should look up a company, find the phone number, and then dial the phone number they choose right from the Internet. If a person has a great smartphone as well as great service, such as that from FreedomPop, then they are more likely to stick with the service and phone they have. It’s necessary to have great service for a smartphone so that the phone can be used for its intended purpose as well as being fast.

FreedomPop has smartphones for sale, but a person can easily take an existing smartphone and transfer it to the FreedomPop services. Not only does FreedomPop have great cell phone service, but it’s possible to get the service free of charge as well. FreedomPop also has an unlimited cell phone service that can work with most smartphones, and the service includes unlimited talk, text, and data. Those who are looking for a home to switch their cell phone service to, but they don’t want to leave their smartphone behind should consider FreedomPop’s cell phone services, especially the unlimited cell phone service for only $20 monthly.

The Rise and Spinout of CCMP Capital from JP Morgan Chase

CCMP Capital is an American firm whose services focus on growth capital and leveraged buyout areas of equity investment. The firm employs many investment bankers to ensure quality service delivery to its clients. Its offices are in New York, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong. The New York office also serves as the company’s headquarter. As of 2007, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wsj was the 17th largest private equity fund worldwide. Since inception, the firm has invested over $12 billion in growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was founded as Chemical Venture Partners by Chemical Bank in 1984. The firm was to serve as the venture capital and private equity arm of the bank. The first major growth of the firm was in 1996 when Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank. The acquisition provided the firm with an increased client base and new business territories. The firm adopted the name Chase Capital Partners.

In 2000, the group acquired JP Morgan & Co. The private equity firm had to change its name to JP Morgan Partners to reflect the acquisition. Other smaller firms that the group had acquired by that time were Robert Fleming & Co, Manufacturers Hanover, Hambrecht & Quist, and The Beacon Group.

When JP Morgan Chase acquired Bank One in 2004, JP Morgan Partners’ fate changed. The group decided to use Bank One’s One Equity Partners as its private equity investment arm. JP Morgan was faced with a tough choice. The firm decided to spinout of JP Morgan Chase.

The spinout was announced in March 2005, but was completed on July 31, 2006. As a part of the spinout, JP Morgan Chase sold its interest in the company to new investors. At the time of the spinout, JP Morgan Chase’s share in the private equity investment firm was valued at $925 million.

Stephen Murray is one of the JP Morgan Partners that worked hard to ensure successful spinout of the firm from JP Morgan Chase. He joined the firm in 1996 during the acquisition of Chase Manhattan. He became the President and the CEO of CCMP in 2007. He holds an economics degree from Boston College, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

On July 31, 2006, CCMP Capital was born. The acronym represents all the former entities of the company. The firm did a fundraising just after the spinout, and managed to raise a staggering $3.4 billion from institutional investors. Apart from the fundraising, CCMP also sold Medpace in February 2014 for a staggering $900 million.

The company currently has investments in a number of companies such as Renovo, Smurfit Kappa group, Brake Bros Ltd, and Berry Plastics. It has continued to grow exponentially and has successfully established itself as an international private equity investment firm. This has been attributed to its quality services that ensure clients’ investments remain profitable.

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