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Doe Deere Is On A Mission To Make Your World More Colorful

In a recent article featured in Stylist, Lime Crime founder, and entrepreneur, Doe Deere discusses her company and their rise to cult status and creating and maintaining a cruelty-free brand. She recently hosted the Feelunique X Lime Crime pop up shop in London where she answered questions relating to her ambitions, goals, and aspirations for the future of her company.


Doe Deere is also a huge proponent of young entrepreneurs. She has devoted a great deal of time and effort helping aspiring business owners to achieve their dreams. She advises that people stop to analyze any gaps in the market to help them find their niche and get a solid foothold in that area. When she came to this country from Russia, she began exploring the idea of using makeup to help her create a persona in the music industry. She realized that there were not many bold makeup options and began creating them herself and offered them to the color-starved public.


When Doe was asked about any up and coming products on the horizon, she stated that Lime Crime was really focusing on purple hues at the moment. For instance, they are about to release the Venus III Eyeshadow Palette in different shades of purple. Some other hugely popular recent additions to the makeup line include glittery lipstick and hair dyes. All of the products created by Lime Crime are designed to give long-lasting wear and a big pop of color. Their makeup was designed to give the wearer a way to express themselves with unique, pigmented products that stand out.



Doe Deere has remained a fearless entity in the makeup world, and one of the most noteworthy young entrepreneurs on the scene to date. She has worked tirelessly to create a makeup empire that has a devoted fan base and is constantly releasing new and exciting products to appeal to their customers. She has always had a passion for delivering products that are absent from the current makeup market and that give people the means to express themselves through their makeup looks. When she started out in the makeup business, she was creating the products herself and selling them on eBay. In fact, the name of the company, Lime Crime, was her eBay identifier. The name stuck and has cemented itself in the history of the makeup industry.


Eventually, her business grew to proportions that made it necessary to enlist the help of others to create enough makeup products to supply the demand. Since then Lime Crime has become one of the most popular makeup brands on the market. They have branched out to feature hair products and continue to create new, fascinating offerings that no other brand offers. Learn more: