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Robert Ivy Becomes Honoree Of The Lifetime Achievement Award

Who Is Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy, Chief Executive Officer, of the American Institute of Architects, is a respected member of the art community. His colleagues say, he lends a strong knowledge to the art community and is bringing new members to AIA, each year. His eye for detail has helped him spot an enthusiastic new architect.

As a professional membership association, AIA, has their sights on the top architects and designers in the world. They currently have over 1,700 members and many programs that deal with education and policies. AIA is proud to know Ivy, is an honoree of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Recent Business News About Robert Ivy

CEO Robert Ivy stands behind their strong mission at AIA to put an emphasis on the art community and many top designers. His vision is to bring leadership to the art and design community by providing a learning and sharing environment. They adhere to the strongest rules in the art industry and are backed by industry excellence. Ivy, contributes to the goals of their mission statement. Robert Ivy has played a key role in the growth of their institute. He says, his superior membership association is an opportunity for designers, architects, and artist to be creative.

In fact, Ivy is the only architect to ever be nominated for a Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. His high ethical standards and excellence in the art community has caused him to be a recipient of the award. He is proud to be one of the only architects to be honored with the award. Ivy, continues to lend over 25+ years expertise in the industry. His colleagues in the Mississippi art community say, Ivy, is well deserving of the prestigious award. Learn more about becoming a member of the American Institute of Architects by visiting their official website.

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