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Matthew H. Fleeger

Matthew H. Fleeger has earned recognition for his work as the Chief Executive Officer and President and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He has an extensive resume in marketing, sales and finance with a background in the industry of gas and oil. He has had an amazing introduction to the corporate world and has much knowledge to share with those who want to follow in his footsteps.

Matthew worked as the President of Gulf Coast Western, Inc for five years before transitioning to Vice President of Kinlaw Oil Company in Texas. He has gained valuable expertise over the years in areas such as mergers, acquisitions and corporate structuring. He’s had some time influential career in experience and was even the Director of Palm Beach Tan, Inc. This company was the largest chain of indoor tanning salons running in the United States.

Matthew H. Fleeger is known today for his contributions in the areas of waste management, tanning industries, and gas and oil. It was a natural progression for Matthew to become one of the top executives of Gulf Coast Western as his dad had already worked hard to establish the company in 1970.

Matthew Fleeger went on to found MedSolutions, Inc in 1993. The company focuses on the disposal, transportation and treatment of medical wastes which comes from healthcare facilities. Matthew worked hard to make sure the company grew and his hard Stericycle, Inc. and he was quickly able to sell his company for over $50 million.

Matthew Fleeger returned to the industry of gas and oil after the sale of his company. Matthew is highly valued for all of his experience in the Gulf Coast organization. Those who are interested in learning more about Matthew H. Fleeger are encouraged to take a look at his online profiles.