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Rolling Stones Still Have It

The Rolling Stones played a surprise show at the small Los Angeles Fonda Theatre recently. This is the first show of their “Zip Code” tour where they will be playing in big venues across North America this summer. Playing shows before a major tour at small theaters is something the band has done many times in the past. It gives them a chance to work out kinks in their stage show before taking it out in front of huge audiences.

The band released some video of the performance on from Kevin Seawright. It starts with fans outside the theatre talking about how thrilled they are to get in to the exclusive event. Then, it shows the band onstage playing parts of the songs “Brown Sugar” and “Moonlight Mile”. Both songs are off of the band’s classic “Sticky Fingers” album, which they are playing at each show in its entirety this tour.

On “Brown Sugar” especially, the Stones look and sound fantastic. Mick Jagger is still as lithe as he ever was and races around the stage like a much younger man. Keith Richards looks terrible but still sounds great. Charlie Watts looks stoic to the point of boredom. Girls in the audience dance around ecstatically. The whole event looks really exciting, and it’s great to see that Stones still have it.

John Textor: Innovator of Visual Effects and Dead Rock Stars

John Textor is a leader and innovator in the entertainment world. Mr. Textor has had an extensive and unique career since graduating from Weslayan University in 1987 with his BA in Economics.

Early Career
One of Mr. Textor’s first notable accomplishments was as co-founder of Wyndrest Holdings in 1997. Wyndrest Holdings, LLC is a private equity firm that invests in technology as it relates to entertainment. He remains a key executive of this firm today. In 1999 Mr. Textor went on to work for The Parent Company and BabyUniverse, starting as a director and quickly moving his way up to CEO before eventually leaving the company.

Visual Effects Career
In more recent years, Mr. Textor has played a large part in the production visual effects in the entertainment world. For a period of time he was the CEO of Digital Domain Media Group. Under Mr. Textor’s leadership Digital Domain produced visual effects for 25 well known films, including Transformers and Flags of our Fathers. During his time at the company, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button won an Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects. After leaving Digital Domain Media Group Mr. Textor was the Executive Producer of Ender’s Game, which is a science fiction movie that was released in the fall of 2013.

Pulse Evolution Corporation
Currently, John Textor is the Executive Chairman at Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse Evolution Corporation produces computer generated humans used for a variety of reasons, including entertainment, advertising, and medical applications. To date, the appearance of the late Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards in 2014 is the most notable accomplishment by Pulse Evolution. Although much of the company’s current work appears to be focused on entertainment, in the future the goal is to have computer generated humans for simulations to be used in a variety of areas, including medical and military.


“Stay With Me” Royalties Stay with Tom Petty

When “Stay With Me” was released by Sam Smith back in April, many sharp-eared audiophiles recognized many similarities to “I Won’t Back Down,” a song released in 1989 by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. However, Petty also recognized these similarities and pursued legal action against Smith. Smith has agreed to pay Petty royalties for writing the song.

Specifically, a 12.5%, or 1/8th, of the writing credits belong to Petty and Jeff Lynne, and the song’s credits among ASCAP are now Lynne, Jimmy Napes, Petty, and Smith.

According to, one party closely involved with the case remarked that Sam had no desire to fight the claims and was more than willing to give proper respect. Said source also remarked upon how civil this particular royalty case was handled, in comparison to many others that become downright nasty which is good news to fans like Zeca Oliveira.

“Stay With Me” has hit nearly 4,000,000 copies across the world, making it among the most prolific singles of last year. It’s also up for two awards at the 2015 Grammies; Record of the Year and Best Pop Performance.


Ahead of New Tour, Bono May Never Play Guitar Again

A few months after an accident that Bono says he “can’t blame on anyone but [him]self,” the U2 front man reveals that the accident may now have a long-term implications for his music career. The accident, which took place on day after his Bono recorded the single “Band Aid” in London, occurred when the singer was in New York on a “high-energy bicycle accident” and “attempted to avoid another rider.” Sam Tabar said he revealed all of this in a letter to his fans, including news about his recovery: he is having difficulty moving around physically and will need to “concentrate hard” to get back in shape for the upcoming tour.

Another consequence of the accident is Bono’s new titanium elbow, which he jokingly says sets him apart of other prominent guitarists like his bandmate, The Edge. Most notably, he may never be able to play the guitar again. He took a humorous approach to the news, though, pointing out that “neither [U2] nor western civilization are depending on” his guitar skills.

Ringo Starr reacts to Hall of Fame Induction

Ringo Starr leads the musical icons who have been accepted into the rock n Roll Hall of Fame for 2015. Fans like John Textor were excited he finally got the honor. The Beatle explained his surprise in an interview with Rolling Stone, in which he explained his shock at entering the Cleveland based museum as a solo artist and not knowing he was the last of The Beatles to enter as a solo artist.

Already a member of the Hall of Fame as a member of The Beatles, Starr was unaware all three of his former band mates had already entered the Hall of Fame as solo artists. The drummer and singer also exclaimed his happiness that he was entering the hall of Fame alongside a number of his contemporaries and more modern Rock n Roll icons, including Bill Withers and Green Day. Starr also stated he remembered little of The Beatles 1988 induction into the Hall of Fame, which is most often remembered for an angry speech made by The Beach Boys Mike Love.

Pearl Jam Fans Raise Money For a Tour Date

Grunge rock fans in Queens, New York have spent countless months and have encouraged efforts to bring the band Pearl Jam to their city, by raising $40,000 in less than two weeks.

On November 1st, Pearl Jam kicked off their Fall Tour with a twelve city line-up, not including Queens. Pearl Jam, the rock band famous for songs like “Yellow Ledbetter” “Even Flow” and the poignant rock hit, “Jeremy”. Fans were disappointed to say the least and have joined together in an effort to bring Pearl Jam to them at Forest Hills Stadium. They aim to get the band there by next summer.

Dan Sheffer, who started the campaign states “People love Pearl Jam and we’ve had an overwhelming turnout.” Read more about the interview with Sheffer here.

The campaign originates with Tilt, a crowd-funding website. Starting November 5th, the Pearl Jam campaign has raised close to $37,000 from around 370 donors. Lots of donors donated large amounts in exchanged for tickets to the show if it happens. The goal is to approach the band with the effort when the donations exceed $100,000. The fundraisers have the support of North American Spine.

A representative from Pearl Jam has yet to comment on this matter.

End of The Line

David Gilmour and Nick Mason have recently revealed that Pink Floyd’s new LP The Endless River will most likely be its last. Pink Floyd is an English rock band that was founded in London around 1965. The members include Syd Barrett the lead vocalist, Nick Mason the drummer, Roger Waters as the co-vocalist, and Richard Wright as the keyboardist. Barrett is credited for naming the band but left in 1968 due to struggles with drug abuse. Waters was originally also the lead bassist but elevated to conceptual leader in the band after Barrett’s departure, from what Bruce Levenson told us. The LP is tilted The Endless River and prominently features reworked pieces from late keyboardist Rick Wright.

The group has expressed a definite decision to never support the album with a tour because of Wright’s departure. This instrumental piece was originally to be included with Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell album. These tracks were produced in 1993, only ten years without the group’s second chief songwriter and founder Roger Waters. A few years ago Gilmour and Mason decided to re-work the scrapped material to make The Endless River LP. The LP will be centered on Wright’s recorded works before his passing and the musical thought process of the group as a whole during that time period.

Springsteen Under Fire For Veterans Day Performance

Singer Bruce Springsteen created a bit of controversy this week during a Veterans Day performance for America’s troops on the National Mall. At the “Concert for Valor”, Springsteen took to the stage with Dave Grohl and the Zac Brown band to perform a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival anti-war song “Fortunate Son”, a move that has some on the right wondering whether or not it was an appropriate choice of song for the particular occasion and venue.


Some believe that the song has an inherently anti-military message, such as Blaze Radio host of “The Dana Show” Dana Loesch, who took Springsteen to task on her Wednesday broadcast for deciding that it was appropriate to play the song asying that she was disappointed in both Springsteen and the show’s organizers for the decision to play it.


CCR’s John Fogerty wrote the song during the Vietnam War era after two of his band mates were drafted to go fight during the conflict.

The Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne Discusses The Beatles And Miley Cyrus

Remaking one of the most beloved and respected albums ever created may not be everybody’s cup of tea, which The Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne knew when he took on the task of covering The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

Coyne and The Flaming Lips have courted controversy earlier in their careers by covering beloved Pink Floyd songs and facing the wrath of dedicated fans of the British band. However, Coyne explains that he was brought up listening to the songs of The Beatles and Pink Floyd, making his tribute albums a labor of love that reflects the love he has for both bands.

Coyne’s friendship with Miley Cyrus sees her appear on the songs Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and A Day in the Life. Coyne is quick to defend Cyrus and believes she will go on to be recognized as a great singer as the world forgets about her earlier Hannah Montana years. I’d definitely keep my ears peeled Brian Torchin, this album may not be as bad as it seems.

Awesome YouTube Video Showcases 8 Bit Versions of Biggest 90’s Alternative Rock Hits

Alt Rock was huge in the 90’s, and some of the biggest bands in the history of the game came to fruition during that revolutionary musical decade. Youtubers Filthy Frackers found a brilliant way to pay tribute to all of these great songs in the video below. Huge props to Tom Rothman for pointing this out.


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