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Nitin Khanna Wears Many Entrepreneurial Hats

Technology and entrepreneurialism go hand in hand and one foremost practitioner is the noted business figure, Nitin Khanna. He is currently the CEO of MergerTech and his expertise and guidance have brought about many quality transactions that have created a stronger, more capable entity. He has also been an instrumental figure in the burgeoning cannabis industry with his involvement in Cura Cannabis Solutions. He is also an enthusiastic practitioner of philanthropy and is a part of important efforts in this realm.

The entrepreneurial spirit that powers Nitin Khanna has been informed by many of his close family members. He mentions several uncles who were associated with various endeavors such as a motorcycle parts plant. His own journey began when he relocated to the United States and obtained high-level degrees in engineering from Purdue University.

His first foray as the creator of a company was with his brother when they launched Saber Software in 1999. It grew steadily for a decade and became well known for their election software. Eventually, Saber helped 21 states modernize their voting procedures after the Bush vs. Gore election highlighted the imperative need for updated systems.

The key role that Nitin Khanna has often played among the various undertakings throughout his career can be boiled down to two important concepts. He’s highly focused on strategy and vision. Along with these crucial aspects, he’s particularly concerned with having the right people in place to bring about the most productive chemistry.

Time management is an area in which Khanna excels and it has been a primary driver of his success. He does especially well at prioritizing his activities to hone in on the most important and productive things on his plate.

One recreational activity that helps Nitin Khanna unwind is his interest in becoming a DJ. His attendance one year at the Burning Man Festival sparked this passion as he observed a DJ in action. His natural derring-do compelled him to try and he made a bet with a friend that inside of one year he would secure paying gigs. His drive and ambition have helped him accomplish this as well many triumphs in business.

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Calculated Risk And Reward: Vinod Gupta’s Path To Success

Born on July 4th, 1946 in Rampur Maniharan, India, Vinod Gupta’s story is nothing short of a dream come true. He earned his degree in agriculture from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. Shortly after, in 1964, Vinod received his commission from the Indian Air Force. He resigned in 1967 after attaining the rank of Squadron Leader. Later that saame year he moved to the United States and attended the University of Nebraska where he would earn his Master’s of Science in Agricultural Engineering and his Master’s of Business Administration. He would eventually receive three honorary doctorate degrees from the Monterey Institute, the University of Nebraska, and IIT Kharagpur.

Graduating from the University of Nebraska in 1971, Vinod Gupta was hired by Commodore Corporation as a market research analyst. He would eventually re-organize a list of every mobile home dealer across the entire United States. Later that year he would be approved for a loan of $100,000. He then used the information he had gathered to invest the money. And in 1972, Vinod Gupta founded American Business Information (ABI).

Over the next 3 and a half decades the success of ABI was nothing short of monumental. In 1997, Vinod Gupta resigned from his position as the company’s chief executive. At the time the company was worth some where in the neighborhood of $650 million. Vinod owned %38 of the company. Shortly after, in 1998, he would resume his former position and rebrand the company infoUSA.

Throughout the next decade Vinod Gupta would acquire more than 45 companies eventually expanding the company all over the globe with offices in China, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Australia and the United States. And would rebrand the company once again, this time naming the company infoGroup. In 2010, info Group was sold for an astronomical $680 million dollars.

Today he heads Everest Group. The company specializes in venture capital investments for startup database technology companies and acquires failing businesses with the goal of turning the company into a success.

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Retired Gymnast Mark Holyoake Was Well Prepared For His Next Journey Following His Career In Professional Gymnastics

Mark Holyoake is a talented gymnast who enjoyed a long and celebrated career. Mark was recognized for his athletic ability and agility as a professional athlete. He realized as a young man that a career in professional sports is not timeless, so he prepared himself in a way that many other athletes do not.

Mark Holyoake set his sights on achieving great triumphs in the sports world, and he has done exactly that. Mark has set records in the world of professional gymnastics. At the 2005 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, he finished in 25th place. The next year, Mark competed in the Commonwealth Games and took 11th place. He broke the previous record when he completed 65 rotations in one minute on the pommel horse. Throughout his career and the fame and glory that accompanied it, he never lost sight of the fact that there would be many years to follow his days as a gymnast. He was capable of focusing and planning well into the future, and it has been well worth his while to have been able to balance his academic and athletic endeavors.

The maturity and forward thinking that Mark displayed has led him to continue his education and learn new skills. With the self discipline of an accomplished athlete, Mark Holyoake prepared for his life after pro sports. He earned his degree in BSc Sport and Exercise Science. He is a graduate of Auckland University. Mark retired from the sport in 2010. He has become a trainer and now helps others achieve their dreams as gymnasts.

Mark was born in 1983 in New Zealand. He participated in gymnastics in his hometown at an early age. At the age of nine, his love for the sport was evident. He quickly began to stand out for his expertise in floor routines, rings, the pommel horse, high bar, parallel bars, and the vault. As a gymnast, Mark did not limit himself to only one specialized activity. Instead, he became highly skilled in all of these challenging gymnastic feats.


JD.Com Outpaces Competitors under Richard Liu’s Leadership

Richard Liu is a businessman who has made a mark in the global business space. He founded the largest retailer in China,, in 2004. This company is also one of the best-performing in the world with a market value of over $60 billion.

Richard Liu has shown his prowess in business for the last two decades by building from scratch, and now it is sitting above many companies started earlier. One of the things that make stand out among the rest is the ability to remain in control of the entire supply chain. The company sources its products from the sellers and sells to the customer while still in charge of the whole process. has an established logistics system that allows customers from all parts of China and abroad to purchase from the site. guarantees its customers the authenticity of the items, an aspect that has earned them trust from the shoppers. The reliability of the process offered by is one of the reasons why online business i doing very well in the country. Before the company came into the picture, many Chinese companies had a bad reputation for selling fake products. is today traded on NASDAQ and is a Global Fortune 500 firm.

JD is now making major innovations that raise the prospects of it becoming the largest company in the world. It is partnering with global leading fashion companies to help shoppers to access a wide range of fashion products under one roof. Fashion is one of the lucrative industries that are expected to perform even better in the coming days, and has positioned itself to benefit maximally from such developments.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is studied at the People’s University of China and graduated with a degree in sociology.

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Adam Milstein Wears Many Hats

Adam Milstein is the Co-Founder of the Adam and Gila Family Foundation which he co-founded with his wife, Gila. The foundation offers charitable and humanitarian services to a wide range of establishments to support the Jewish people, Israel as a state and the relationship between the United States and Israel. He is as well a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties where he oversees the finances, disposition, and management of property at the firm. Adam Milstein has been vocal on issues that affect people adversely especially those based on religion like in the case of radical Muslims who were focused on abolishing and delegitimizing Israel. He was in the forefront to condemn the actions by Radical Muslims of stoning women, killing gays, walking over on minority and human rights as well as despising feminism. With these actions, the few that are involved tarnish the whole Muslim community which is not good for that religion as a whole. Adam Milstein wonders how radical leftists allow such things to happen which fails to help identify the real Muslims and the radicals. He is as well offended by the reference of his home state, Israel as a white supremacist by some students at Tufts University. Israel as well seems to be under siege as New York University seems to share similar sentiments.

Adam Milstein on his part advocates for a good relationship between the United States and Israel and therefore does not understand where the issue of anti-Semitism hails from and why people cannot co-exist irrespective of their origin. The issue of racism and religion seems to have become rampant which is one of Adam Milstein’s concern as the radical Muslims are determined to interfere with the peace of the Jewish people’s homeland; Israel. In that case, he condemns these kinds of premeditated actions which are likely to stir conflicts among religions and people from various origins. Being a Co-Founder of the Israeli-American Council, he is best placed to advocate for peace and bring to an end such actions that deform the relationship that exists between the two states. He is a holder of a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business and economics which means he understands what some kind of actions would do to a state economically.