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Susan McGalla: An Inspiration to Working Women Everywhere

Susan P. McGalla is a strong female force in the corporate world. Through many years of hard work and determination, she has become an astronomical success through P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a company for which she is the founder.

However, McGalla wasn’t always a corporate executive. She started out in East Liverpool, Ohio, where she grew up with two brothers and her father, who happened to be the local football coach. Her family did not offer any lenience just because she was a girl; she was raised to work hard and earn her own place in this world. McGalla is a well-educated woman, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Mount Union College.

McGalla has created a successful career for herself, which started out at the well-known retail chain, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters during the year 1994, where she was the only female with an executive position. As she rose through the ranks at this retail chain, Susan McGalla eventually earned the title of Chief Merchandising Officer. This position held her responsible for revenues of more than three billion dollars and assets.

After her long and strengthening career with American Eagle, McGalla on  went on to become a private consultant for various investment opportunities and companies. As she continued to work hard and excel within this career, she earned her place on the Board of Directors. She soon moved on to become the chief executive officer for yet another well-known retail chain: Wet Seal. McGalla has an admirable work ethic that is seen throughout her career, earning her the top positions at prestigious and well liked companies nationwide.

Following these positions, McGalla decided it was time to create her own company. P3 Executive Consulting was the result of her decision. A very prestigious and successful company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC offers financial consulting services to the top people in the Finance industry. With her abundant experience, Susan McGalla is able to provide insight into the world of retail and investments. Her many successes are a result of her ability to work hard, and pursue goals with much determination.

Throughout her career, McGalla has faced large challenges in the business world, simply because of her gender. McGalla has never let this stop her, because she was brought up to work hard regardless of the circumstances. McGalla is an inspiration for aspiring businesswomen all over the world. It is time to consider that people are hardworking and strong, regardless of gender. Anyone can be successful if they dedicate themselves to working hard.


When you hear the story of Andy Wirth, words like courage, bravery and perseverance come to mind. However, he would likely sooner attribute these words to a high class of military personnel. And now his efforts are to aid in assisting them and their families.

In October of 2013 Wirth, an avid skydiver, was making a jump with some friends. Weather conditions forced him to land in a vineyard, where a pole holding up the vines severed his arm. Although he knew he was losing enough blood to put his life in danger, Wirth managed to remain calm until help arrived. He was rushed to a hospital where the arm was miraculously reattached. Then the long journey back to health began.

After three months in the hospital, Wirth was back home in Lake Tahoe and looking to resume his fitness routine. It just so happened that a Navy SEAL team was in his town doing their winter mountain combat training. Wirth quickly befriended many of these men. He credits their spirit and counsel as an integral part of his recovery. Their stories and courage motivated him on the long road back to elite physical shape.

Now, having gotten as close to what he’d call “normal” as he’s been in his whole recovery, Adam has his eye on the Ironman Triathlon. As he trains, he’s got a new cause to motivate him. He’s assembled a team that includes a close friend from college as the cycler, a new Navy SEAL friend as the swimmer and himself as the runner. Calling themselves the Special Warfare Warrior Support Team, they are out to not only win, but raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Established in 2000, the Navy SEAL Foundation provides ongoing support for the Naval Special Warfare Community. Navy SEALS are required to spend much of the year training and serving overseas, leaving their families behind. Many return with lost limbs and illnesses. Some give their lives in sacrifice for their country. The foundation provides critical support for Navy SEAL families in such times. It also develops programs to assist family members with health, welfare and education.

You can help. Adam Wirth and his buddies have a goal of $30,0000 to raise for the Foundation. Visit the Crowdrise web page at and donate today. Your contribution will help to support the members and families of a branch of military that has done so much to protect our everyday life here at home.

Christina Broda, Pioneering Economist

Economists are those who pursue the field of economics either academically or professionally. Economists are also an integral part in developing and deploying a government’s economic policy. There are a myriad of sub-fields within the field of economics. Meaning that an economist can specialize in any number of specific economic studies. The qualifications of an economist have been generally agreed upon as an individual who has attained a Ph.D. in economics, currently teaches or has taught any sub-filed of economics and has had their work in economics published. One such individual is Christian Broda, an exceptional economist.

Broda is an economist and financial professional who is based in New York. Broda began his study of economics at the University of San Andres in Argentina. After completing his undergraduate studies he went on to pursue his masters degree in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT. After receiving his masters degree he continued his graduate work at MIT eventually receiving his doctorate. Broda’s intellectual acumen is also apparent his numerous publications regarding economics and economic theory. He continued his academic pursuit while at the same time teaching aspiring economists at the University of Chicago. Broda’s work, in addition to his myriad of publications, deal primarily with economics in how they apply to international finance and trade. The research he has done has garnered much acclaim. His research has been featured in “The American Economic Review”, “The Quarterly Journal of Economics” and has also been featured in mainstream media. His economic acumen has also earned him grant money from the National Science Foundation so that he may continue his research. Broda currently serves as the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management. In the past he has served as Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers and as the Head of International Research at Barclays Capital. He has also spent time at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and at Columbia University. In addition to his publications, Broda served as an associate editor for the “Journal of Development Economics”, he also was a faculty fellow of the “National Bureau of Economic Research”, he acted as co-editor of the IMF Economic Review and was an active member of the “Latin American Association Economia”. Among his other successes are Broda’s awards. Broda was a James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar, awarded multiple grants and served as a member of numerous prestigious economic organizations and journals. Broda’s plethora of experience, research and awards in the field of economics speak volumes about his capabilities. All of Broda’s academic success in addition to his ability to apply his knowledge of economics to the real world illustrate that he is an exemplary economist and financial professional.

Susan McGalla And Talent Management

When a person realizes that he is good at doing a certain thing or in a certain field, the same should be mentored so that it can be put to a better use. Talent management is mostly common in companies and organization especially in the human resource departments as way of improving the business value through strategic planning of human resources. Organization which are keen at achieving its targets take the issue of employees’ affairs very seriously and will go extra miles to ensure that the employees are well taken care off as way of maximizing their work output as well as ensuring that they also enjoy personal growth. It is also a way of retaining employees in the organisation. The organisation therefore saves on the cost of training new entrants by ensuring that the already experienced workers do not leave the company.

Organizations have therefore come up with a system to support talent management which is not only supported by the human resource department but the whole organisation. Managers at all levels of production should ensure that their subordinates are comfortable while undertaking their duties. They should also assist in the sourcing, attracting, training, developing, retaining, promoting and orienting employees into the organisation. An organisation that follows the talent management system benefits through customer satisfaction, increased productivity which results to increased revenue and quality of the products or services offered. The key reason why organisation put more focus on talent management is to ensure that they retain employees who have undergone through training in his field of operation and is good at his job. This cuts the cost of the company especially at these economic times when the cost of production is high. Talent management also assist the employees to utilize their skills to the highest level which increases organization’s productivity.

Susan McGalla is a known businesswoman who was born in Ohio’s East Liverpool and attended school at Mount Onion College where she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the year 1982 to 1986. She is currently the director of strategic planning and growth at Pittsburgh Steelers located in Pennsylvania which she joined in February 2005. She has also worked for other organisations at different positions such as American Eagle Outfitters Inc where she was the president and Wet Seal Inc where she was the chief executive officer. She is also privileged to sit in different boards such as HFF Inc and Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation where she offers advice on marketing and branding. She also advises companies on finance matters which include various ways of marketing products and services as well as branding products so as to attract customers. With her experience and expertise, she is in demand by companies who want to improve their productivity by reaching out to more customers through rebranding and advertisement. She also provides other services to organizations such as team building, sourcing, strategizing, trend analysis and inventory management.

New York City Apartments That Are Worth Moving For

Millions of people live in the New York area. It is one of those cities that has a lot of different personalities. The cultures from a plethora of different races all collide in the melting pot that is affectionately known as the Big Apple. Many people that know to the area are very interested in finding apartments for rent. Fortunately, there is no short of apartment space. There are a wide range of options for anyone that is considering a move. There are even some apartments that lure people to move from one side of town to the next even when they already live in New York.

TOWN Real Estate is responsible for aiding those eager NYC apartment for rent hunters out there. What TOWN has managed to do is provide newcomers and locals with direct access to some of the most upscale apartment rentals that are available. This is a real estate group of professionals that has everything that you need to find the right amenities to fit your lifestyle.

There are literally thousands of apartments to consider in all of New York City, and developments are still underway. It doesn’t matter if a person is planning to relocate to the Upper East Side, Tribeca, Soho or Central Park. There are always rental spaces available. That may be the main reason that so many people are coming to New York. There is a lot to do, and there are a lot of places to live.

When people search for properties they have to realize that New York is geographically smaller than lots of other cities that have a bigger landmass. In other words, many of the apartments are in high rise buildings. There are many people that come to the city and find a wide spectrum between homes in the south and rental properties in the north. There are studio apartments that rent for almost $2,000 a month. This is the low end of the spectrum though. By contrast, many residents in the south may obtain homes with more square footage for the same amount.

The best thing that one can do – before coming to the city – is survey the area. It is going to be beneficial to figure out the money that needs to be allocated to monthly costs of living. Some people find that they are within reason to make a move to NYC. Others may find that they need to save up before they can really afford the apartment rental that they are interested in. There is a wide range of apartments, but the person that moves is always going to be happiest when they figure up what meets their budget.

Alien 5: Hicks Survival

It has been established that Hicks has been killed off in Alien 3. However, that decision has been met with a lot of criticism due to it being the abrupt ending of an iconic character. Alien 3 has been criticized not for its dark tone, but for it being a mess when it came to the narrative and the skout structure. The assembly cut has smoothed out some of the issues. However, David Fincher has disowned the movie and refuses to do anything to put together an actual director’s cut.

One theory that is looked at is that Hicks was awoken from stasis to fight off an attack. During the fight, he accidentally ejected Ripley and Newt from the ship. There are issues with the problem. If Hicks was awoken from stasis, then who’s body was crushed on the ship. There is a lot of speculation as to how Neill Blomkamp is going to resurrect Hicks, especially since the time between Aliens and Alien 3 isn’t enough to age them more than 20 years.

How the mystery unfolds remains to be seen until the movie is finally released.

Foo Fighters Front Man Breaks Leg and Keeps On Rockin’

Musician Dave Grohl has proven dedication to his craft. The Foo Fighters front man fell at a recent concert, fracturing his leg.

The band was just two songs into their set at a Gothenburg, Sweden concert when the singer-guitarist stumbled and broke his leg. Grohl proved to be a trooper when he picked up the microphone and addressed the audience at the Gravity4 reliant stadium regarding the accident.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Grohl said smoothly. “I think I really broke my leg, but I promise you that the Foo Fighters will go on!”

Grohl, also the former drummer of the grudge band Nirvana, reassured the audience that the show would go on. The super-trooper was taken to a nearby hospital emergency room where he was treated and released in under an hour.

Drummer Taylor Hawkins took over vocals while Grohl was treated. The band performed a number of cover songs during Grohl’s absence. Grohl, keeping to his promise, returned to the stage an hour later. With the assistance of paramedics, the hard rockin’ performer took a seat center stage and the band continued to deliver a full-length concert.

Grohl later shared photos of the incident and x-ray on his social media accounts. The x-rays revealed a simple, but complete fracture of his lower leg.

“Thank you, Gothenburg,” he later stated on Twitter.

The incident may not have kept the Foo Fighters grounded that evening, but the injury lead to the cancellation of two following shows in Sweden.

Spotify looks to fight the relaunched Apple music

The announcement that Apple was looking to make changes to its music section in a bid to battle the growing might of Spotify has led to a battle beginning over the course streaming services will take in the future. A growing market is becoming even more crowded with the introduction of Apple’s newly revised music streaming service, but the executives at Spotify hope their 20 million paying subscribers will stay loyal and keep them at the head of the race, The Verge reports. The latest figures released by Spotify show it now has 20 million paid subscribers from a total of 75 million active users in total using the service stated FreedomPop.

Apple recently announced it was launching a new subscription service to directly take on Spotify priced at $9.99 per month, which would provide almost the same services as the existing music streaming service does for its millions of subscribers. Spotify has also been trying to improve its image as a high quality service by releasing details of its royalty payments and the $526 million it has reserved to fight the expected onslaught from Apple Music. Many major artists, such as Taylor Swift have bemoaned the low royalty payments made by Spotify, prompting the service to reveal it has paid out $300 million in royalties to artists in the first three months of 2015.

Choosing Wine With Dinner

Wine is a highly complex beverage. People have been sampling and enjoying wine for many centuries. The right wine can help people relax as well as provide them with a sense of happiness. Producing, creating and drinking wine is a field that may appear initially intimidating at first. However, with help and study, many people are pleased to discover their ability to fully understand and embrace all aspects of wine. This is one way of picking out the right wine for any occasion. Knowledge of wine can also help people increase their appreciation of all aspects of wine as well as help enhance their enjoyment of food.

Wine of all kinds in general can be drunk alone or with food. A sweet wine such as port will often be ideal as a pre-dinner drink to help people begin a meal. Many other kinds of wine are also best when eaten with foods. The right wine can bring many kinds of subtle flavors to any meal. A fruity note in a glass of merlot is often just the right thing to help show off the sweet flavors of a classic sauce or a piece of dark chocolate. The same is true of a understated glass of white wine that may be paired with various kinds of cheeses.

One of the best ways to help learn about wine is with the assistance of a skilled company. One such company is the Antique Wine Company, a company that specializes in assisting people to learn more about wine. This company has been serving satisfied customers for over three decades. In that time, customers around the world have used their services to learn more about many aspects of wine. Under their tutelage, customers are have been able to learn more about wine of all kinds.

People are have been able to take classes in order to become more confident when ordering wines at a restaurant or buying bottles at a wine store. This can be a great way to feel comfortable when they are going to out to eat with friends or business associates. A person who knows what kind of wine they want will be able to pick the best possible choices from a wide variety of wines that are presented on a typical wine menu. Taking such classes can help the customer feel better and have the right wine for their meal.