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The Chatter In The Dog Parks Is Pets Are Finally Eating Like Their Owners

Dog and cat food quality is moving up the ladder and is now referred to as ‘gourmet food’ for the pet. Improved meals is good news for pet owners and their pets because they will have healthier, happier companions, with more energy and will live longer. It looks like a win-win for both pets and their owners.

Recapping an article that appeared in the Daily Herald explains this change in pet food. Several pet food manufacturers are adding a gourmet food line to their already established choice of products. The Freshpet manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has a gourmet product that they say “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” This meal is packaged in a plastic sleeve and requires refrigeration, but is made of fresh chicken and turkey, vegetables, added nutrition and antioxidants.

Many companies have already been blending lamb and salmon into their specialty foods, preparing organic foods that pets love and are grain-free. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights produces two specialty dishes, Beef Stroganoff, and Lasagna for the ultra gourmet pet. Big Heart Pet Brands have two new products that have become extremely popular, and they are Grilled Beef Burger Treats and Duck Jerky, produced without artificial flavors or coloring.

One of the largest manufacturers of pet food, Nestle’s Purina Beneful has consistently improved the nutritional aspects of their pet foods. They have hundreds of scientists dedicated to the health and longevity of pets. One area on the Beneful website owners can order special blends of foods for their pets. The owner simply completes a brief questionnaire about their pet’s health, weight, and likes. Beneful then captures these specifications and creates a special blend for that pet and ships it directly to the home. Purina recently bought Merrick Pet Care, adding this certified organic pet food producer to their gourmet agenda. The Backcountry Line is part of this purchase, containing such appetizing entrees as Game Bird and Pacific Catch.

Pet food manufacturers  like Beneful are constantly working to improve their blends of meals for pets while adding more beneficial nutrients for improved health.

The chatter heard in the dog parks translated into English is “We’re eating like our owners.” Ruff Ruff